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Archery Escape

Archery Escape is another point and click room escape game from Boredcom. In this game, Can you escape the room by finding the crossbow and using your archery skills to escape? Good luck and have fun!

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Anybody here?

new game hope its a good one.


im in...

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three darts (now on dart board), headphones, magnet, wire cutters (used)

combined headphones and magnet to get red key and arrow

This game is toooooo buggy

ok so far: 2 darts, screwdriver (used), magnet and some kind of working scissors (sorry, dont know the word)...

Sorry about triple posts. Having a real hard time posting. Wont let me trash them. Lots of error messages. Wont let me sign in to my google account.

@ Larue, I tried that once but it didn't work so I gave up. Thanks for posting it, tried again and got it now!

where are the headphones?anyone?

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 7:42 AM  

hey all

there is a clue for the pyramid riddle behind the lamp in the corner, dont know if this was said already..

@MarieInDaGame use wire cutters on wires in wall, stops fan, get third dart

Where is the SD?

where are the headphones please??

@MarieInDaGame, use the cutters on the exposed wire in the wall, stops fan, get third dart

where is sd?

refreshing page doesnt work for me...im sorry if repeat myself

headphones are bottom shelf of night stand

Where to place the darts?

Where is the screwdriver? I thought I had it once but now its gone!!!!!!

Headphone shelf nightstand

The headphones r in the table beside the bed

In the cubboard next to the bed. How do you get the yellow key down?

In the cubboard next to the bed.

I am having trouble posting. Is anyone else?

Out. Good game. Their games always are. Reminds me of Crimson Room.

next to the bed, by the thing that looks like a music player

headphones on end table next to bed (ear bud style) attached to MP3 player.

headphones were by i-pod
my game went black~darn

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 7:55 AM  

connected to the mp3 under the night stand in the bedroom

@adivarwoman... having a tough time commenting?
LOL This game looks like it could be fun, but it is too dark to find anything...and after the dart DIDN"T pop the balloon...Ha! I give up!!!LOL

welcome Jo-Ann!!!

I'm out but left one cabinet door locked, could not get the key. So I'm not sure I got the best ending.

that was easy

@Hielke: thanks a lot ;)

Sorry for triple posts. this comment page is messing up. I cant figure out sliding safe code. where did you find crossbow?

@jo-ann: thx ,too

Where is the third dart? Used the magnet and headphones, wirecutters, screwdriver, red key and put two darts in two of the three numbers I think we need.

Moved the dartboard for key

how do you get the yellow key?

I should say I got the dart on the chair and the one on the fan.

yes, susana i am too!!!
and i think all the headphone comments that don't show up right away proves others are too!

out! great game. kneat and easy

@jo-ann: thought i had sd in my inventory from the beginning, but i also kept clicking around like crazy, im not sure where i got it, sorry

Sorry I couldn't respond debra, couldn't post. I cant find 3rd dart/ crossbow/open safe. Too buggy will wait for walkthrough.

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 8:07 AM  

3rd dart to the right of the tv

Okay, I looked at the walkthrough and found it even though I'd clicked it that spot a ton of times


Cant find the screwdriver Help!!

I swear I clicked there a 1000 times. Thanks Phoenix. Its always the POP factor.

@phoenix, thanks got the third dart and key from the dartboard... found the code in the hole in the wall, now stuck again...

POP doesnt work today ;)its too hard to post !

Sd was at foot of bed left side.

nevermind!! Found it in the bed frame

This comment has been removed by the author.

headphones on are bottom shelf of bedside table attached to the ipod.

have 2 darts and an arrow? apparently that's different from the darts...

Out:). Posting was not good

Used screwdriver to open vent near safe...can see lines I think but I'm not sure what to do with them

anyone know how to open the safe?

finally escaped!

to open safe go to walkthrough. Hints in game are useless. Thats how I finally escaped.

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 8:22 AM  

use SD on vent use binoculars to look in vent clue for code is in there

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Dani
thx for the third dart

i'm out

@adivawoman thanks, the clues are relly bad, would never have gotten it without the walktrough. out!

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 8:25 AM  

@Eod ur welcome

found 3rd dart in corner on floor to the right of tv stand. used the 3 darts on the dart board...numbers you can figure out by looking at the drawing on wall behind the lamp and the house of cards

got key from dartboard to open other cabinet under tv, got binoculars to use in vent to see code for the safe. In safe is cross bow

didnt like this one...waiting for the next ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Where to Find Essential Items & Clues

Magnet under plant on floor
Wire Cutters on white chair
Clue for placement of darts behind floor lamp in corner, on the wall
Head Phones on bottom shelf of bedside table
Screwdriver in second cubbyhole from left, head of bed
Darts under bed, to the right of cabinet under tv, on top of ceiling fan (after cutting wires)
Red Key in hole on top of cabinet under tv (combine magnet with headphones)
Arrow in right side of cabinet (unlock with red key)
Yellow Key behind dartboard (after placing darts)
Binoculars (or "bincoluars") in left side of cabinet (unlock with yellow key)
Clue for Opening Safe inside air duct (after removing grill with screwdriver, view with binoculars)
Crossbow inside safe
Door Key attached to balloon above door; shoot the balloon with the crossbow and arrow

Funny, never found the arrow, but combining the magnet with the crossbow did result in a crossbow with arrow... so I'm out

I clicked the unloaded crossbow, and it loads? That's one bad game glitch.

Thanks for the screwdriver location, zoz!

replayed to get the red key just so I don't feel guilty for the very easy out.

Short and straightforward game. Nice to play! I didnt find any bugs, but thats probably because I got the crossbow as last item and didnt try anything else than using the arrow on it.

I can't say it was a very logical game since I could get a dart from the fan which could have fell down before when that one was on.
Didn't find any glitches but took me a while to use the crossbow... silly me, forgot about the balloon for a moment!!


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