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Beaver Escape Walkthrough

Beaver Escape

EscapeFever Beaver Escape is another point and click room escape game from Escape Fever. In this game, you have to collect the items in the room and use them wisely in order to escape. Can you able to escape the room? Good luck and have fun!

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Nice, another escape game!
Let's give it a try...anyone there to join me?

Went in to have a look and got a beaver! (In the white trash can in a corner).
Also found a chiesel in the plant to the left of the door.

Got a beaver, chisel (plant pot by TV) and hammer (under courtains)
Stuck now.

Got a hammer by clicking on the floor below the window (same view as the beaver trash can). I didn't see the hammer, got it by luck.

Hey Jamie, you were just a little faster! :D Let's try to escape this room

Combined chisel and hammer in inventory.
Now looking for a spot to hit.

...or to chew.

Hey all just starting

there's another beaver under the lieft side fo the window

Combined hammer and chiesel in the inventory.

lol @Edgar... I'm right behind you :)

Beaver goes to the plant (right where it was found)... got a piece of wood.

where did you find the hammer?
There is another beaver at the window

Use combined hammer and chisel on piece of wood (in inventory)

Lol @Ellie.
Thanks @annaby for that other beaver.

Code panel in the roof! Zoom in the upper corner behind the rocking chair.

Found it :) thx to Ellie

make a sqare with the tools... sorry for my english :S

@Lina, the hammer is on the floor, to the right of the lower right part of the white curtains. Same color as the floor.

@Lina, hammer under right courtain.

@Edgar, I tried to use the beaver there, but can't. Zoomed on lower or upper part of plant? Which branch?

Second beaver (window) goes to one of the table legs.

got something out of the right speaker - sandpaper belt?

Just starting, will try to catch up

Thanks @Ellie. So we need 4 squared wooden pieces? I got 2 so far.

Hm, I can zoom behind the couch, but there's nothing there... yet?

The beaver worked on the plant for me now. Zoomed on lower part, middle branch.

Thaks Edgar - finally was able to place the beaver

got another beaver at the right of couch in first view dont think it was there before

Thx Ellie & Edgar, but I had found it ;)

sorry to left of couch cant tell the difference between left and right lol

thanks again @annaby! Use hammer/chisel on right speaker :D

To get the paper from the speaker, use the hammer and chiesel on the lower part of it - right speaker. Thanks @annaby!

What is the third for I wonder?

My second beaver isn't hungry, I guess. Can;t find a spot for him.

No @Edgar, we only need three.
Put the wood above the vent (zoom on the upper part of the vent). Use sand paper on the wood first.
Need another beaver lol.

Sandpaper is for using on the wooden pieces. They go into the holes in air conditioning.
I only need one more.

where exactly keldos? I can't find it

all of a sudden, I can zoom on the table.

Thanks @keldos! I haven't got it yet but know where to look now.

Can't find that third beaver keldos :(

use the paper on the wooden blocks then place in the air conditioning on wall where to use 3rd beaver?

still can't place second beaver - anyone remember the spot?

and out

My second beaver ate from one of the table legs.

got it - back left leg near top

i dont know what i done to make it appear sorry it was just there

lol @keldos, first you've got to give us that third beaver!

@cross78 where did you place the third beaver?

@Edgar: zoom under the table next to the chair, another beaver will appear at your right side (next to the sofa - on the floor)

Three blocks and maybe a code, where's the exit... hmm..

I'm still missing the third beaver, the one by the couch. Does anyone know the hotspot to find it? Or if there is something else that needs to be done before?

nevermind found it under chair

Well, I can only find 1 zoomable view on the couch. Hope we're talking of the same one... and hope it will eventually come to me.

Beavers: behind curtain
Below table
Right side of couch

And out

one beaver under rocking chair one under table one on middle plant.

Found the third beaver!! You zoom under the table to the left of the couch!

Place the 3rd beaver under the wooden chair (the bottom of the chair at the back) - right in front of you

This is ridiculous - I went back a second time and now the beaver was there

@Lina, thank you!!!

Thanks @Lina. My comments show very slow right now yours wasn't there until now.

My third beaver is way too exigent :(
It won't eat from others did!!

*from where other did, that is. :S

@Ellie: if I'm not mistaken, I had put the wooden pieces on the vent and then went back to look for it: make sure you zoom under the table (the one next to the sofa), normally that's where it appeared, then use that beaver under the chair (next to that little table)

Use the third beaver below the chair... on the middle part of wood

where do you use the 3rd beaver?

@Edgar: you're welcome

I had trouble using the third beaver under the rocking chair. The hotspot is on the back part, in the middle (a little left) of the wood, above the bricks.

Books and speakers are not on its diet... maybe I need to sharp its teeth before?

I have the same problem Ellie

I just replayed to see how the 3rd beaver comes out but now the wee bugger is not there

Out as well!

After you put the three pieces of wood in the vent, you see flashing lines on the front side of the vent. Count them for code in the ceiling.

finally out. Thanks all. I would have given up on this one without your help.

I'm kinda stuck, I've placed those wooden pieces on the vent, now I get some green light flashing out of the vent and now I'm stuck

Thx @Ellie, forgot about the code in the ceiling

Well my 3rd beaver will not appear. I have sanded and place 2 blocks. Zoomed in under table on left of couch, zoomed in on floor to the right of the couch. Zoomed in on everything zoomable in the room. hmmmmmmmm.

OK, third beaver eats from under the chair (no legs)

POP...there are two zoomable spots under the table. One under the table, and one WAY under the table. lol

And out, code for ceiling is on the vents :D

Yippeee....a code that I actually figured out all by myself. Thanks for the help. Out.

the place I always forget to check.
Thanks @Ellie :)

Where did you zoom to get the ceiling Ellie?

And now that I've replayed, I can see that third beaver there from the very beginning!
There are acutally 2 zoomable views on the table. The beaver is taken zooming in on the lowest of them.

@lina count how many lines are lit up in each column then you will get the code

i think my 3rd beaver left before me , CANT FIND IT and reloaded the game 4 times darn

@Lina, count the green flashing lights in columns to get four numbers.
Insert them in the code panel in the ceiling (zoom in the upper corner above the rocking chair).

Thanks for the explanation @SunshineRR4. But I still give this game a bad rating

Found it already, thanks Ellie!

For the ceiling: (view with the wooden chair and table), zoom right under your 3rd itembox in your inventory

Thanks keldos, but I couldn't find that ceiling lol

@Lina - in the corner with the chair

Is it just me or everyone has problems with the comments?
I sometimes only see mine here!

Melissa: I think you're zooming in the wrong spot: when you're zooming, try zooming under the table by pointing your mouse on the floor and not in the middle of the table

comments not only slow, but disappear and reappear

@Melissafj, for the third beaver zoom on the floor in front of the small table to the left of the couch.

No Edgar, I've got the same problem, sometimes I have to refresh my page twice or even thrice to see other people's comments

@Edgar, I only see my comments sometimes. And they are the least interesting to me :)

@Edgar - glad I'm not the only one having comment problems

Well, I had luck playing this one live, but that comments issue took away half the fun :(
Hope it gets better soon.

wow 3rd beaver appeard suddenly, could click UNDER table not in the middle kinda wierd, just click a bit more INFRONT OF THE TABLE on the floor.

I think @Melissafj can't read us because of the comments not appearing.

Thsnks ellie just figured it out was clicking actually on the bottom of the table not under

I sometimes don't see my comments at all.
All others show up fine.
And just miraculously they appear out of nowhere again.
Software problem I presume..

lol @Ellie, and I can see yours just now!
Mine were good for me too :P
And there's Melissafj too! Finally!

code was the easy pasrt, finally out

Now to think of it.
At the moment comments are lagging *way* behind..

comments are comming slow, maybe the beavers are eating them too


• (view with the wooden chair and little table) 1st beaver: zoom under the table, on the floor (there are 2 places to zoom; one inside the table, one under the table, by pointing to the floor)
• (view with the sofa, ventilator and window) 2nd beaver: zoom on the windowsill (right side)
• (view with the flowerpot) 3rd beaver: zoom in the white trash can + pick up the hammer on the right side of the long curtains on the floor
• (view with the television) zoom on the flowerpot and pick up the chisel

- Now combine the chisel with the hammer in your inventory

• Go back to the wooden chair and use your 1st beaver under the wooden chair, on the chair's bottom, right in front of you (so not its legs)
• Go back to the little table and zoom inside the table: use your 2nd beaver on the second table-leg counting from the left
• Go to the white flowerpot next to the trash bin and use your 3rd beaver on the middle stem

- Now you have 3 wooden blocks: use your combined hammer and chisel on each wooden block
- Now go to the speaker (right side of the television) and use your combined hammer in the left right corner of the speaker and take out the sandpaper (lower part of the speaker)
- Now use the sandpaper on every wooden block and go to the ventilator
- Place the wooden blocks on the ventilator and you’ll see green light flashing out.
- Count the flashing lights in each row, starting from the left side (the code = 4521)
- Now go back to the view with the wooden chair and click on the wall (it's actually the ceiling), left side of the chair, right under the 3rd box in your inventory and put in your code
- Take the key and use it on the door

You're out!
Thanks to everyone here for making this walkthrough possible!

And thanks to you too @Lina, for taking the time to both, sharing the fun with us first and writing it afterwards.

It was my pleasure ;)

Thanks @Lina! Great walkthrough!!

This was such a weird game

This comment has been removed by the author.

out with help. Thanks, lina!

Thank you everyone for the great help! Haha.

Thanks to Sunshine. I was reading and reading and STILL couldn't find that dang 3rd beaver. No one was clear that is was a different spot than the second chewed! finally found him after a million tries!

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