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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Walkthrough

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

[REPLAY] Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by ChokoChai. In this game, you are trapped in a fantasy room populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures from the tale «Alice in Wonderland». Your aim is now to escape from this strange place by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles you'll discover on the go. Let the three cats help you in your task. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Hi Ellie!

live game!!1 im first :)

ok..not 1st :P

Hi @cece!

Hi all just starting


Hi @ella too :)!

hey ellie :)

Just starting. Hi all!!

Got a key from the painting, matches from drawer and a colorful candle..

Placed the candle on the table and lit it. Now stuck lol.

same, used candle and matches. and i dont know if i used the key or it just disappeared!!

Me too ellie placed the candle on the table with the glass ball and lit it my key disappeared and now stuck

there is a little mouse hole under dresser

put the candle beside the glass ball on table lit it n stuck

everyone seems to be stuck at the same place
language doesn't help

Click on the hat, then the cat in the inventory. I always forget about that helpful cat :)

       Anonymous  4/30/10, 8:28 AM  

You can also click the hat with your bottom cat and then there are three cats.

key was used to open drawer

Get a string from the hat and use it on the crystal ball.

ah thx ellie for that!

Just loading, i finished the other game lol

I drank something from the bottle, and could get something to eat from the mouse hole under the drawers.

       Anonymous  4/30/10, 8:29 AM  

The left cat can take the hat down and the rope you can use on your candle

pressed can got rope..tied to ball n got drink

Got a key from the lamp after eating but it doesn't work on the small door...

ate cake..became big found key in chandelier

       Anonymous  4/30/10, 8:31 AM  

Key works on small door but you have to drink again first.

Oh, I had to drink again to be able to use the key on the small door :)

And I ate a mushroom outside lol.

Got a trumpet after answering a riddle from a cat outside.

Stuck with key from lamp.

answered cat

       Anonymous  4/30/10, 8:34 AM  

For the right answer to the cat you have to look at the letters of those countries.

stuck in the second room..wat does the handkerchief mean?? its a code for that secret locker

For tea box, see numbers over box

There is a paper with code behind the green rose bow

Hi all - I was out cleaning my gutters and see I missed a bunch of new games. Hope you haven't finished yet.

@Zazie, drink again to use that key.

Got a hankershief from above the flowers by the guard outside, and a watch from using the trumpet.

What is the answer to the cat´s question ?

       Anonymous  4/30/10, 8:36 AM  

Give trumpet to rabbit and get watch.
Got to go now, good luck all.

got a pocket watch now wat?

Almost out, now I have a fan with nothing but Japanese symbols.

The code you can turn around : from...to

@Zazie, the answer to the question is a letter.


What is the right answer please ?

Pint roses acording the wacht

Thx Ellie, stupid me :)

How do we open the wall safe ?

Hm, I don't get the code box outside or the safe... I thought I used the paper clue in the right way but I must be thinking very wrong lol.

i painted the roses..bt didnt help..wat to do?

Hi all. Caught up now. What do we paint and how to open wall safe?

Stuck in 2nd room

@Ellie for the wooden box, reed the green numbers above box from left to right.

Of course lol, POP got the wall safe now. I was overthinking. From white to white did it.

The code is simple. Follow the symbols from white box to white box. So you start with white tab on left, that's your first and the leading tab to the next symbol until you reach white again.


Stuck in last door with cards!!

Thanks @Zazie!! I didn't see those numbers :)

I need the orange paint... hoping for POP.


Stuck at door with cards too. Got the fan, turned out to be a matching game, but some symbols were left over. This must be indicative of the code. I am not making a connection.

The only inventory item still available is the wall safe key, so that must have something to do with the order of the cards and must coincide with those left over symbols on fan.


POP got it lol. Use the yellow paint first, then the red for orange.

I'm with you jared, waiting

Still don´t get the wall save, can you explain more exactly how to click ?

wat to do with pocket watch??

@Zazie, I posted the order for you. If you want it.

However if you want to figure it out for yourself simply do this.

On the sheet you have with the playing card symbols and color tabs.

Start at the symbol that has a white tab on the left. Then the symbol with a corresponding tab from to the color on the right and so on until you get back to white again.

@Zazie, do you mean the one with the card symbols?
Jared posted a spoiler at 17:47.
H=heart, C=clove, D=diamond, S=spade.

through the door - is that it - doesn't say out?

@ella, after you painted the flowers you get to a trail. Use the cats again and a "ninja cat" kicks a hole for you to get to a tea table. Give the watch to the rabbit there.

Thank you Jared !!! It worked :)

You're very welcome :)

lol..that was cute ninja shot..thx ellie

With C in my comment above i didn't mean clove, but club :)

@ellie my cats don't want to come - where do you summon them - I am through the flower-door

I wish ninja cat would come back and kick this door down lol

Outside & stuck

Click the little crack left in the fence

any ideas on that fan?

have a fan left with some symbols on it and im outside but have no clue what to do with them...... very stuck and feeling really stupid at this point

solved the fan. click on matching symbols and they disappear to reveal code for door.

@SwissMiss, after i went through the flower door I clicked on the cat and then on the road I think. I tried clicking on many places in that vie. Try the road, grass, wood...

The cats put the next door up for me and I have a code from the fan, but I don't know how to use it or what to do with the door.

once you solve fan. click cat and dirt spots at bottom of door. the rest is easy! Out!

@Jewels, when you click on all of the similar symbols you get a code... "spade six" and so on..
Don't know how to use it on the door.

got the code from the fan but can't do anything with the door

did you go down one screen and get the doorknob from the bush on right. It will bring up suits on door.

lol, I found the door knob in the grass now.

And out!

@thanks Zazie and Ellie

finally out!!! thx everyone for the help!

Out! I didn't have one match taken out. Haha, I'm sitting here trying to figure it out all complicated.

Good game.

That was a really nice game! Thanks all for the great help and company!!

how to use the code??

can't find the doorknob

TY evans. OUT

Can´t find knob in right bush

@annaby, get down one screen from the door. It is in one of the bushes? flowers? to the upper right by the trail.

@ella, you use the code after you have the door knob in the door. Click on the cards to give them the right numbers.

my favorite part of these games is the kitty credits.

They are so cute!

Out with a ton of hints from you all. Thanks!

cant use code on door

When you can't find the door knob, did you raise the door first? the cats have to dig two holes and put the door up.

and out too

@ella do you not have the code, not have the door upright, or not have the cards on the door?

LOL Ellie, i missed this, thank you soo much !

@Ellie - that was the problem - thanks

ive got 3 numbers only..

You're welcome @Zazie and @annaby! Glad to be able to help.

@Zazie what is your avatar picture?

@ella your kitten is adorable

And out, thx everybody for the help !!!

@ella, when you solve the fan you should have four numbers, one for each card. Is that where you have your numbers?

@Ellie are you doing the walkthrough or am I?

kitkatfox, my avatar is a pic i made with my eye :) but it is too small, click on my profile to see it bigger.

yea..its on the fan..cant figure our out the number for red

@Zazie I see it now. Cool! :)

It was:

Spade 6
Heart 1
Club 5
Diamond 3

@kitkatfox, I started on a wt right now.

@ella my numbers were spade six, heart one, club five and diamond three.

Thx@kitkatfox :)

@ella you don't need to read the symbols. Just click one and then its match. You won't use them all, but when you have finished matching them, it will tell you the numbers in English.

ive done that..yet cant get the number :(

@Ellie good. If I did a walkthrough where I thanked everyone who helped me in this, the walkthrough would be twice as long as it should be!

I will have a break, now i am hungry :)

Cu all later

@ella you can't read the numbers in the pink box that appears?

i dont see any pink box

Annaby, match the same-coloured symbols on the fan...

lol..stupid me..1 block was left..thanx tonne!!!!

Don't understand the code for the wall safe.
Can't find the yellow paint.
Cat won't help - lol.

Sorry Sunshine...can't remember where I found the yellow paint...in the wooden safe perhaps?

I don't know what to do with the watch.

I suppose that the watch is a hint for the colour of the flowers, but I have only yellow paint.

@Sunshine, there are hints for the wall safe in the comments above. For example Jared posted a spoiler at 17:47. You get the yellow paint from there.

@Pascale, use the colors on the watch to paint the roses by the guard, then look at my comment from 17:55 for using the watch after passing the guard.

Oh... the code for the box was "written" by the vines !

@Pascale, you get the red paint from the code box, use the numbers you see on the wall behind the box.

Thank you Ellie ! The flowers are painted, now !

I got from the fan

spade 6
heart 1
club 5
diamond 3

but it doesn´t work on my door.
What to do after arrange the cards?
The door opens by itself?

Forget it!
As a good card player I was mixing clubs and hearts!!

Thanks Ellie....finally found the Jared clue. Previous hint said 17:17. I'm curious how he knew to start at white tab, but I understand how it works now. Thanks!

@Sunshine, the clue on the back of the note tells you to go from white to white color. You see the back of the note when you click on the right side of it.

I might as well apologize now for any left/right mistakes I might have done :)
Thanks a lot for the help and company @everyone!

First room
Click on the painting, then on the name tag of it to drop a key on the floor.
Back up and take the key.

Turn right.
Take the colorful candle.
Use the key to open the lower left drawer and get matches.
Click on the hat, then on the cat that you have in the lower left part below the game screen.
This should make three cats appear in the room.
Click on the left cat then on the hat to make it fall down.
Click on the hat and get the string from it.

Turn left.
Zoom on the table.
Place the candle on the golden plate.
Use the matches on the candle to lit it.
Put the string on the globe.
Zoom out and zoom back in to get a bottle of liquid from the globe.
Open the bottle with ”about item” and click on it. Answer ”yes” to drink it.
This will make you shrink.

Turn right.
Zoom under the drawers to see a mouse hole.
Zoom on the hole and get a bag of food.
Open the food with ”about item”, click on it and answer ”yes”.
This makes you really tall.

Turn left and zoom up in the ceiling.
Get a key from the lamp.
Click down arrow.
Drink from the bottle again to get small.
Use the key in the small door to get outside.

Take the mushroom with white dots.
Open it and eat (and you’ll be able to talk to a cat).

Turn right.
Click on the cat and you’ll get a riddle to answer (if you ate the mushroom).
Solution below.
Get a trumpet.
Click on the box and write the four digit code (thanks @Zazie!).
Solution below.
Get red paint from the box.

Turn left.
Use the trumpet on the rabbit and get a watch.
Zoom on the card guard.
Take a white note from behind him (upper left part of the green bush).
Open the note in ”about item” and use it to open the wall safe. You can click on the right side of the note to turn it around for another clue.
Solution below.
Get yellow paint from the wall safe.
Zoom on the card guard and use the paint on the roses to make him disappear (you need to zoom out after painting them). (Thanks @cece!)
Solution below.
When the guard is gone, you can pass through the door.

Outside the building
Note a crack in the wood in the railing to the left.
Click on the crack and then on the cat below your screen to make the three cats appear.
Click on the middle cat and then on the crack to make him do a ninja jump and kick the wood.
Click on the grass in the upper left corner to get to a tea table.
Give the watch to the rabbit and get a fan.
Go back to the trail.

Go up, to a door on the ground.
Click on the brown circles on the ground below the door and then on your inventory cat to make them appear.
Click on the small black cat and then on the left circle in the sand to make him dig.
Click on the right cat, then on the door and the cats will raise the door.

Go down to the trail again.
Take a door handle from the top right bush.
Go up to the door, and use the handle on it.
Open the fan with ”about item” and click on it twice.
Solve the puzzle to get a code.
Solution below.
Change the cards that appear on the door.
Solution below.

Click on the handle to escape!

Cat riddle
In the middle of the words AmeRica and AustRalia is the letter R.
Write R in the answer box and click OK.

Box outside
You see four numbers in the green bushes on the wall if you look carefully.
Use them from left to right on the box.
Code: 8632

Wall safe
On the back of the clue note you read ”from white square to white square”.
Look at the colors under the card symbols on the note.
Arrange them from left to right, starting with the hart in the upper middle square (that has white color to the left and red color to the right). After this heart the heart in the lower left corner of the note follows, because the red color matches the red by the previous heart.
Order or the symbols to press on the wall safe:
heart, heart, club, diamond, club, spade, diamond, heart, spade
Click on the handle to the left after clicking the symbols.

Painting roses
Paint them as the colors on the watch.
The roses at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock should be red.
The roses at 10 and 2 o’clock should be yellow.
The roses at 11 and 1 o’clock should be orange.
For orange paint use the yellow paint on the roses first, then the red paint.

Fan puzzle
Click on the similar symbols to remove them.
When you took away all of the pairs you’ll get a pop-up box with the names of card colors and numbers. Here is a screen shot with all of the pairs to remove marked as yellow: Pairs to remove
Spade six
Heart one
Club five
Diamond three

Cards on the door
Change the cards like in the fan clue.
Upper left: spade, should be 6
Upper right: heart, should be 1
Lower left: club, should be 5
Lower right: diamond, should be 3

Brilliant game whoever makes these games are very clever, and thanks to all of you who do the great walkthroughs

       Anonymous  5/2/10, 6:04 AM  

I love these games! Soooo cute, and the pics of the real kitties at the end are heartwarming! Thanks!

       Anonymous  10/2/18, 11:53 PM  

caught this one from the random section
(I just ♥ that category! ☻)
& decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, CC ☺
& thx Ellie for your WT

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  10/3/18, 9:16 AM  

plz contact me re this topic (click my nick for my email address or use one of the contact links on the side) - thx

Thanks for posting this for replay, that was fun!
Reading the comments was kind of like lurking on a live game. :)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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