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Circus Tent Escape Walkthrough

Circus Tent Escape

Circus Tent Escape is another point and click room escape game from 123bee. This time, you’ve gone to see a circus performance. Unfortunately, you slept in your seat. You come to know only after you wake up that you have been trapped inside that huge tent. Now try to escape from that place by using the hints and objects Good luck and have fun!

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Circus Tent Escape Video Walkthrough
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a live one - anyone playing

I should be going in a minute but will give this one a try :)))

have pliers, candlestick and bottle

So far a green bottle; I broke it on the right pillar

Hi, I'm here. used bottle on right stage. broken bottle on tent.

got bottle, candle holder and cutter...really need a SD

@ilda where is hotspot for bottle, klicking like mad

put candle holder to dark hold. but where is candle?

Cut tent with broken bottle, right hand (zoomed view)

SwissMiss right side low

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Hi all, where did you find pliers?

Gnouche bottom right side of cupboard

POP found them but don't know where to use

I'm outside the tent now!

@ilda: what do you mean with "dark hold"?

@ilda - doesn't work for me - you mean that little round thing in the middle? up close view??

@Gnouche - at the bottom of the cubbard - zoom close - right side

@andy - I think we need to find the missing step first

Have now a spoke used as key!


Grr buggy. Had to restart 2 times, items stuck in inventory :(

help - cannot find hotspot for braking bottle

@ SwissMiss, break the bottle on the right pillar. Pick the broken bottle, use it on the tent in 2nd screen and put the candle stand there.

Any use for pliers?

ahh finally got it

I tried this before... now I found the hotspot to cut the tent

Oh and u have to click the lower part of the right pillar once to break the bottle

@thanks Saima

yes...following you Stu :))

use pliers on bike behind the little tent.
Found now scissors, used to get a whip (?)

SwissMiss:break bottle on right pillar
Andy: cut tent with broken bottle, right side

@SwissMiss... how did u get out? do we need a candle???

Ah - used whip to get another key!

what to do with a whip ???

Cannot get out of the tent either

@Andy - I am not OUT - just found the bl.. spot for breaking the bottle

thanks Stu...now trying to figure out what to do with the whip :)

How did u guys got out from the tent?

How to get out of the tent?

Used the key for drawer to get a hammer and a box. Used hammer on chest to get next key.
Whip is used where the weight is/was hanging.

Used the next key to get ah........ the SD!!!
Have now pistol and a pink key!

@Stu - where is key for drawer?? my brain is not up to speed this morning

@Stu: Can u give us a hint, how to get out of the tent? Placed candle holder and stuck now

@Stu..you re great..thanks


All I have are pliers and rod don't know whre to use, so stuck in that tent!!!

@ Andy
Do you have the candle and matches?

@Gnouche: where did u find the rod? I think you have to use it on the ladder

and out...thanks to Stu :)))

you can break the vase with the rod, then you get a key for the long chest. there is a candle and another rod.
i have to find matches now to light the candle

@ Gnouche:
use the rod on the vase with flowers!

neither, stu

Rod is on ladder

where are the matches?

finally getting somewhere, took a rod from the ladder, broke the vase and found my first key!!!

out of the tent

Finally out, thank you guys for your help!!

after having found the rod it was pretty easy

thank you all

OUT... thx to all of u

Out too. Easy once you know where the rod is ...

i feel really dumb this time, have 2 rods, but still no matches?!?

oh, i am stupid! i have TWO rods, now i can make the ladder......how stupid can i be

I cannot light the candle with the matches, how ?

POP got it

@Zazie you have to take a match out first, then light it, then light the candle

Have the key and the locked box, but key doesn't work on box nor on outside gate.. where do I use it to get SD?? Everything seems to be unlocked!

Oh POP missed the drawer in the stage!!

And finally shot the lock off the gate :o). Thanks for all the hints!


typical america soultion. shoot when you can't get out

I don't know where to use the screwdriver.

use it on the clown picture (the tie)

I am glad you are all out but you weren't much help. Where is the bottle?
The only answer Right side low is useless!

where to use the whip?

Pascale, I think you use the screwdriver on the clown picture where you cut the tent... where to use the scissors to get whip though??

To those of you wondering about the whip, go to the view where you used the scissors and use the whip there... :) The rest is pretty easy after that...

Don't know where to use Spokes -.-

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ok, I'm dumb, zoom in can help :P

i have the cutters left. i went outside the tent now what? its too dark to see and i cant find anything. i still have a locked chest a locked shelf and two locked drawers. no screwdriver no whip and scissors. no nothing.

evans you have to zoom in low to the right pillar to break the bottle.

WHERE are the bullets?

Use the whip on the beam in front of the curtain where the pillars are. Use spoke on left drawer.

Where are the farking bullets? People are so rude to leave without being ANY help.

Well, stuck with locked box and a gun that needs bullets. Since there are no considerate people here, gonna leave this one and come back later hoping someone new will leave a comment.

Once you have the pistol and pink key from the clown picture, use the pink key on the box in your inventory - the bullets are inside.

I just figured that out and now I'm OUT too. The pink key in on the edge of the clowns hat/hair.

@Muse, u'll get two thing from the clown painting, a gun and a purple key. Use the purple key to open the little box and u'll get bullets

anybody need help?

I need help. where the heck are the matches???

does anybody need help still ive been trying to post but nothing showed up

matches are up the ladder you have to take the rod from the ladder and break the vase first

I'm posting... it's showing up, at least for me... I'm about to set fire to my computer the light the stupid candle :(

Ah... got it, thanks :)

after you break the vase you'll get a key for the box on the floor in the first scene and you'll get two more rods for the ladder

Abigail, take the rod from the stairs and use it to break the vase, and then use the key on the chest in first screen to get another rod. use both rods on ladder, climb up and u'll get the matches.

no problem

Zoom in on the set of 3 green bottles. Zoom out and then zoom in on the bottom of the right pillar. Take bottle from inventory and drag it to the bottom of the pillar and it will break. Cleick the broken bottle to put it back in inventory. Zoom out and then zoom in on the ladder. Click the 5th rung from the bottom. Zoom out and turn right. Zoom in on the vase on the cabimet. Take rung from inventory and smash the vase and get a key. Zoom out and then zoom in on candle holder. Click on the candle holder then zoom out. Zoom in on the back wall of the tent. Take the broken bottle and cut the right panel of the tent and then place candle holder. Zoom out and go back left. Zoom in on the long crate and use the key to get another rung for the ladder and a candle. Zoom out and then zoom back in on the ladder. Place the rungs on the ladder and go up to get matches. Click on the matches in the inventory, open the box and then click on a match. Take it from inventory and strike it on the match box to light it. Click on candle, then the match and light the candle. Zoom out and go right. Click the bottom right of the cabinet and click the right side where you'll get the pliers. Zoom out and then zoom in on the candle holder. Place candle in the candle holder. Step outside. Look to the back of the left tent by zooming in twice to get to the bike tire. Use pliers on bike tire to get spoke. Zoom out 4 times and then zoom in on the left drawer of cabinet. USe spoke and get scissors. Zoom out and go left. Zoom in on weight and use scissors to cut down weight. Zoom out and then zoom in on the broken stand to get whip. Zoom out and then back in on the red curtain and use the whip. A key will appear in inventory. Zoom out, go right and zoom in on right drawer on cabinet. Use key to get box and hammer. Zoom out and then zoom in on the chest. Use hammer to break lock to get another key. Zoom out and go back left. Zoom in twice on the locked drawer on the bottom right of the stage. Use key to get screwdriver. Zoom out twice and go right. Zoom in on clown picture. Use screwdriver on the inner 2 screws (on bow tie). Remove pistol and then look at where the clowns hat and flower come together - there is a pink key there. Take the key. Click on the box in inventory, use pink key to get 2 bullets. Close the box by clicking the X then zoom out. Click on the pistol, load the bullets and then click the tumbler to make it spin and close. Go forward outside 3 times heading to the lock on the gate. Shoot the lock and you're out.

Thank you Pooter !! I don't know how I missed that key! Thanks for taking the time to write your nicely done walkthrough too :)

You're welcome.

out with the hint to take apart a ladder I was trying to repair. I didn't think to check it :P

hmmm...the comments for this game seem to be a bit angry :S

Yes, they are. Because I have played these games for a long time...and I never try to be anything I'm not...UNLIKE some people who prefer to steal the spotlight than play an honest game! I have seen some not even be involved in the live game and then come in at the end and write the walkthrough.
I figured out the clue (FOR ONCE) in a HARD game. I only missed it by a 5 and not a 2, but the CONCEPT was there.
IN FACT, I didn't even need the mirror that was needed to get it.
I was told that I ALMOST got it by the one getting the props. So someone...ech...took the credit for MY knowledge and YES, that is very hurtful. I was humble but it didn't matter...I ALMOST solved it...BULLSHIT! I had the concept but was missing a number! HOW many times has that happened? How about all those who give clues but don't tell the answer??? It is not about the the answer but about the acknowledgment and I WILL NEVER GIVE HELP AGAIN! Sorry
I have a shadow over my games now because I hate drama but that's bullshit!

the rung off the ladder was ridiculous.

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