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Dare House Escape

[REPLAY] Dare House Escape is another new point and click room escape type house escape game from EscapeGames24. It's raining. A boy finds a shelter on the roadside to stay away from rain. Suddenly, a car comes near the boy and a stranger gets down the car. The stranger looks around utilizes the situation by kidnapping the boy and trapped him in a mystery house. The house is very huge and new to that boy. Daring to Escape from Dare House. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Dare House Escape Walkthrough

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Hi hope im not alone

Hope this isn't hard!

finally in from the beginning. Hi all!

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:28 AM  

hey all

there's a KEY under pillow. Use it in toy car.

Afternoon all...let's see what we got here...

Newspaper bit under mirror table.

Now, where did my toy car go?

got a note thats says 24x7 but the answer does not work in the wall locker

fun fun! and we should get some people from the Minoto game, now that we got out of there!

tried every combo ok dates and ages i could think of on the locker no go

lol @Tris, you're right. Got out of Minoto and loading this one now.

Piggy bank on shelves (sofa view), do we need something to light there?

Edgar, the toy car is under the desk - it pushed the paper out.

yeah, took a while to load. hopefully I have time to catch up. :)

Go into the bathroom (right door in bed view) to find a NOTE inside the toilet... yes, I know :S

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:34 AM  

hi everyone

hello everbody :D

@Tzechuk, yes. That's what the car did.

Hm, it took a while to load. I think I caught up now, but temporarly stuck lol.

Anybody figured out the code for the wall locker?

Stuck on that too keldos, and what's with the piggy bank?

Stuck with 2 piece of paper. Very few hotspots. What to do?

interesting that the 24x7 piece of paper is usable. but with what?

where are ale the geniuses like zaze kitkatfox!?

Why do the inventories have navigational arrows as if we were supposed to habe a tons of items!! lol

@Edgar - oh thought you asked where your toy car went.

I did Tzechuk, thanks again. I went a little confused becuase it seemed the car went to the opposite direction to me.

@Ray, I'm not including in your geniuses lists myself, but there's Ellie and Trisana here... I'll pretend I didn't read you ;)

*head banging desk*

Edgar! :"> I'm not! I just brute force stuff, really.

haha sorry edgar how about i generalize it as "the usual above average escapers that are good at this code stuff"

All ready clicked everywhere a 1000 times,
and im almost out.... :S :S

something tells me brute force is a very last case scenario here....1 11 111 1111

Rofl @Edgar, I'm not feeling in a very geniously way right now!
But I know that Tris will take us out of here soon.
Now, I'll go back to trying wrong numbers...

@Ray, that sounds better I think, hahaha!

this newspaper article with dates and ages HAS to be a clue...

There are too many possibilities...
Tried birth years, ages in different combinations, adding together, combining with 24x7... you name it.

yeah, has to be. . . and 24x7 could mean all day every day . . . so maybe not a multiplication clue?

well back to the drawing board....2 22 222 2222

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:48 AM  

all i have is 2 pieces of paper and don't where to go from there

Tried digital game time as code, nope!
Tried 7, 24 times, nope!
Tried 24, 7 times, nope!
What to do, what to do, what to do...

yeah, it would be nice to know how many digits the code had.

is the key next to the c a 0 or the letter o meaning ok?

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:50 AM  

maybe the note that has 24x7 could it mean 24 hrs and 7 days a week

Hm, maybe this is to continuing part of the nightmare from yesterday... aha!!!

i even googled the date just in case lol

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:52 AM  

i think its a 0

I am off to bed.

Good luck everyone!

I´ve tried the years backwards...:)

Maybe the digital lock will open at a certain time and all we have to do is wait here for 24 hours the next 7 days.

Dear escapers,
here is a key a car two worthless pieces of paper a few hot spots and a lock screw you
Games 2 rule

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:56 AM  

well with the comments i read, seems like i'm stuck with the rest of you

lol @Ray!!

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:58 AM  

hey why don't we just break down the door with brutal force that should get us all out lol

it isn't the 1st of april is it?
we must look like fools, to stay in such a game for so long without any clues

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 10:59 AM  

hi edgar

It would be easier to find a screwdriver and just unscrew the latch......

just to throw nmore jumbles into the works i went backand watched the intro video te car plate had a number no go also 47 7 365 and 24 7 51 no go

Did anyone notice that the name "tom" is not capitalized?

quick some one dust they keys and try the combination with the numbers that have finger prints! lol

HI there @Michelle! Feel welcome into the stuck and dazzled escapers club house!

The paper with 24x7 was found under one of the kids pillow? The information we have about the kids are their names and ages in a certain year...

Have seen that brett4501 but have no idea why

@Ray, I did that but too late. You have all been there and clicked every key so now there's a mess of fingerprints.


One, that piggy bank that we can hardly see may be useful. So can I please light one of these scraps of paper on fire? PLEASE?????

2, there are those lines on the 24x7 paper, that remind me of creases. has it been folded?

3, it shouldn't be this hard to get out of this room!

Anyone who has a clue about how many numbers we have to put in to the lock?

4, there are a handful of typos in the newspaper article.

yes a mess of tiny 1cm index finger prints lol

Lol! @redactie.hildegard I think I can only ask for help here... I can't offer much help

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 11:05 AM  

@thnnk you Edgar, i feel welcome already lol

I feel somewhat better that everyone else is stuck at the same spot as me and yet I realize that is not a good thing lol

think ive clicked everywhere about a thousand times and put in dont no how many codes and still stuck its so annoying

wait, if you zoom in on the locker, the door isn't even barred! What's up with THAT?!

Well, I think giving us YET another broken game is the way for Games2Rule to give us something to do for a long time in this dry weekend... so thanks a lot, G2R!!!

@Ellie we need your smart brain now...
I´m so desperate that I´ve start to try my own codes for bankcard and so on...LOL

what about the pigsafe?

yeah, i'm about to give up for now. G2R doesn't even have it on their site, so I guess they don't think it's a good enough game for their standards? Maybe come back tomorrow, see if it's been fixed.

any one care to join me in fetal position?

I bet noone else has tried to escape through the toilet yet...

lol @Madde, this game doesn't need a smart brain. It needs more clues! And a bunch of luck...

Anyone? Feel free to be the Hero of today and solve the code!

aren´t there water in the bathtube? Maybe we can drown ourselves and get out of here.

Oh yes @Edgar, I tried that long ago. Now I'm just lying comfortable on the couch.

maybe this is a sign for us to get off of our computers and go outside and enjoy the weather

Hi all,

I thought maybee that (when you look too the ages of the children one 11,18 and 35)when you make the som of 24X7=168
1957 is the year that they died. 19-18=1
but what with 35?

       Anonymous  4/10/10, 11:15 AM  

no Edgar we haven't escape trough the toilet yet lol

@Ellie, is it comfty? Is it ok if I join you there and see the rest going one way to the other for a while?

I thought Harry was 13. does it say 18???

can I just smash the piggy bank out of frustration?

Good thinking @lydia, but to me it looks like Harry is 13 years.

@Edgar, you're welcome to join me (but I do smell a bit from trying to dive into the toilet).

@lydia, wasn't Harry 13 when he died? I'm not thinking over it since quite a while though...

Did anyone else notice the 24x7 paper is removable? like its supposed to go somewhere instead of being looked at? but i dont know im begining to think this game is broken

It's good to see that i am not the only who gets stuck with a escape game. lol

Harry was 13

haha maybee i dont see it right and is harry 13 but it seems to me like 18

It's ok to me Ellie, I do too... along with all of us inside the room!
Hm, can everybody please go out of the bathroom? uhm, kind of an emergency here!!

I thought their ages add up 24...

The game has around 100 comments now, and all we did was to use a key on a car and pick up two pieces of paper.

East - yes, I've tried putting the piece of paper everywhere with no results

Tried relating relevant words to telephone pad #'s, but no go...
Dare House, Open, Nicholas,etc...

Did anyone noticed that the 24x7 paper is the same color as the paper?
if i open the newspaper i can drag the 24x7 over it maybe a clue?

Ok... maybe it makes no sence :D

ggggggaaaaahhhhaa i hate this game!!!!!!!!

guys, I hate to say it, but I need to run. I need lunch, then I have homework to work on. If I come up with anything brilliant, though, i'll come back and give it a try. Good luck!

what of we arnt supposed to wind the car what if its a red herring?

Hint for locker: 13 1957 (use a number for space between 13 and 1957)

@Feminin21 I've tried it all over the newpaper no luck

@Ray, don't try to take away the only thing we were actually able to do.

Hang in there Ray. Something has to give sooner or later...It's a stumper for sure.
Another hour of my pathetic life wasted, and counting...why, why, why...

Got it, thanks Yalçin :D

well 3 33 333 3333

Thank you Yalcin! got it finally

in next room

13_1957? well i tried 0,1,2,3,c..

@yalcin - GOT IT! thanks!

I could have SWORN I did that! Thanks, Yalcin!

Thanks a lot @Yalcin!!
That wasn't very logical :)

@blackcat... continue to try, you're soon there.

BOTTLE OF ACID under leftmost chair in dining table.

1351957, who'da thunk it?

got a bottle under dining table

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pressed a book in the upper painting, don't know why.

neat, in the painting above the black and white photo, click the book in the man's hand

found a bottle of acid in the dining room. Hmm, this could get fun. :)

wow! it took so long an d no w seems so obvious!

found a bottle of acid under the dinningroom table
(to the left, under the chair)

got a cork from kitchen

you can press a light switch on kitchen wall, dont know why either.

anyone want to make a walkthrough with me?

The cork is on the floor in the kitche, by the left end of the stove.

@Madde, help on the cork please?

A key from the stairs.

clicked on book in upper painting and it disappeared, but not in inventory...odd

in the kitchen, there's a switch that looks like an outlet

you can move the clockarms but don´t know to ehat time. Ideas?

What was the logic behind that number?
*me baffled*

Thanks @Ellie!

Used key to open the door to the left of the stairs but its dark in there.

hey, you guys all abandoned me just before I joined Minoto :o{
anyway, gotta go do some work! see ev1 later!

weird.. i touched the ball on the stairs.. and it turned

upstairs we have 2 more doors with locks. :(

after you click the book in the painting, go upstairs to the library. you can pick it up, open it. there's two scales (1-30) where you can slide an arrow. Remember that paper we got from the WC? yeah, use that, you'll get a key.

the switch in the kitchen operates the elavator

key on the stairs

ellie, where's the key on the stairs?

i can't go up the stairs D:
(ps, the key goes to the far left door)

key from book opens a lab upstairs.

..oh.. so you click the ball thing.. then turn left

Zoom on the stairs when downstairs, but above the panel, on the left side of the stairs.


there's a clock showing 10:08 ~ 10:09 upstairs

In the lab upstairs i got a fingerprint and a fuse from the table, and a piece of wood to the right on the floor by the back wall.
Will try to make stuff here now.

so from the library, i got a red book on the bottom shelf.. and all the clocks are different

Use finger print in scanner to get into the garage.

what happened to suicune i hant seen him on here in ages...

ah, thanks, Ellie, I never would have found that on my own.

Have any of you gotten into the garage yet? I can't figure out what to do with the wires.

In garage take 2 more PIECES OF WOOD and a L-SHAPE ROD (zoom twice on stairs)... and car safe needs a key :(

Where is the key to lab? In what book?

@Edgar, how did you use the finger print? It doesn't work for me.

Oh a PETROL CAN too behind the car... wires @Trisana??

Also in lab (front left bottom of center table) fuse wired. connects to fuse. Use the print to get to the garage and get two more pieces of wood. Also, see a screwdriver you can't pick up. >:{

Ehm...@Edgar, where is the scanner?

from the lab i got a fuse, fingerprint, and a piece of wood

turn right - near top right edge of screen, Edgar.

@Ellie, just dragged it into the scanner... nothing too complicated.

The book is in the library upstairs, somwhere in the lower right corner of the book cases.

@Ellie, scanner door is the rightmost of living room view.
Thank @Trisana, looking now for those.

@Edgar and @Tris, I don't know where to find the scanner, I didn't connect the fuse and I don't have wires.

@Ellie I found that book but no key. Only lines with numbers 1-30 twice...

Found the scanner!!!
Its downstairs when you look at the stairs, click to the far richt in that scene.

Madde - you can move the arrows in the book

@Trisana, the only thing I could do there was to pull the lever.
My fuse in inventory can be opened in a window, so maybe we need to make it operative, but nothing I have combines to it yet.

madde, remember that 24x7 paper we picked up ages ago?

edgar - the wire for the fuse is in the laboratory. bottom front left corner of the table.

@Madde, move the thing on the lines to point at the numbers you have on the note in your inventory, the first one 24 and the second 7 i think.

metal piece, 2 pieces of wood in the garage

TY Trisana! Feel like a fool

piece of metal under the car

Thanks for the wire @Tris!

thanks trisana, going there.

no problem. Now, if someone could tell me what to do with the basin in the lab, i would be in your debt. I want to try the acid on the metal plate! Which can't be done unless they let me use the cork in that hole!

Once you have the wires on the fuse you can put it in the fusebox in the garage

so maybe we need the sd now.

Got an L-shaped rod from the garage by zooming twice on the stairs.

Where's fuse box?

does anyone else have the really cool painting in the upstairs hall? (from top of stairs, right then left). It just appeared - it wasn't there before.

@Ellie, look for a navigation arrow in upper right corner of garage view.

fuse in, lever down, that dark room lights up!

No @Trisana, I don't have the painting yet. Did you connect your fuse somewhere? I can't find the fusebox.

Hi all, just joining in. Hopefully I can catch up and help. Not likely though, but I'll give it a go.

Thanks @Edgar!!

anyone found a lighter? or matches? I want to light my candle!

Trisana - right then left takes me to the secret way. Do you have a picture there now?

where is fuse please.

in the dark room there is a key in the display case but i cant get to it

break the glass with the L-shape rod for a key

Way late. I couldn't get game to load. Could some one explain door code to me. Read Yaclin hints and your comments but I am still so clueless. Thanks.
Or just tell me cause my math skills .... well I don't have any.

Ellie - did you rotate the newel post? Because I know it wasn't there before that, and it's the only thing I can't reverse.

annaby, yes.

Kylann, in the laboratory. you need the key from the red book.

Used the L-shaped rod in the room to the left of the stairs on the glass cabinet to get a key.

@kylann, its on the table in the laboratory.

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