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🖳 Dwarfs in Spring Walkthrough

🖳 Dwarfs in Spring

[REPLAY] Dwarfs in Spring is another Japanese point and click type adventure game by Nekonote. In this game, you try to find 10 dwarfs in the farm by searching and using items. Use your point and click skills to search around and find dwarfs. Good luck and have fun!

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Dwarfs in Spring Video Walkthrough

[This is for all the players who have been experiencing arctic weather. Think spring!]

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About to go to sleep, I've decided to play this game...yihaaa! lol

want some help, Ginger?

6 dwarfs, knife (used), shovel, color clue....and stuck. :)

I only have 5 . . . hmmmm.

Cut the apple for another dwarf and red # clue. At 7 now.

Cut the apple for dwarf & red # clue. Have 7 now. Stabbed all the chicks, lol, nothing.

shovel used top right of pond to get key from frog

Right...seven dwarfs, a knife (used), a shovel (used), and green and red number clues...and stuck lol

after the frog gives you the key, click on him twice more to get the green number

hi everyone! where do we use the shovel?


Use the shovel where the arrow on top of the lake is pointing to, and you'll find a...


Click that froggie, and it'll jump into the lake...click it once more, and it'll jump out, and show his back to you (veeeery impolite lol), with a number on it...the greeeen number clue...

I found all of the numbers but I think I am still missing some little guys.

i'm not seeing where you are saying to use the shovel.. what am i missing?

Jessica, clues on the numbers?

Knock all of the orange weed over muhlisuh, and they will form an ....... arrow.

oh!! thanks so much!

cant get the big chicken out of the way

Blue number: what's blue? What does it show?
And yellow? Howmany?

Opened safe and found them all after



Oke, 7 dwarfs , a knife (used) , a shovel (used) , a key, 2 number (red n green) , colour clue.. then,, stuck :(

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:42 PM  

Finally made it out!

where'd u get the code?

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:43 PM  

Finally out!

Open cupboard with code, find Japanese sweets, put those on the plate with the chicks outside, momma or dadda chick will reveal a chest, use the pink key on it, and find some magical powder in it...to be continued lol

how ? > ImBecky2U

yeah what to do with the jar from the chest?

thx a lot ginger .. still stuck .. hahaha

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:47 PM  

muhlisuh....select the jar and click the tree top that the chicks are under.

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:48 PM  

udayapu...do you have the whole code yet?

thanks imbecky2u! now i am just missing one dwarf

use the magical powder to the tree,, it changed to pink!

Help momma or dadda chick feed the sweets to the little ones, have her or him eat one too, and tada...another dwarf...use the magical powder on the tree, and yeah...another one...

Now missing the tenth dwarf...anyone?

7263 ? > ImBecky2U

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:51 PM  

check under the tree...can't remember if that's where I found final dwarf

Laura, read the posts above...the answers are there...

Ooo Finally I knew whre the code come from.. 7 from the apple, 2 from the yellow flowers in front of the house, 6 from the frog, 3 from the clock.. lol..

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:53 PM  

yes udayapu....7263...red apple (7)...yellow tulips (2), green 6 (frog), and blue clock (3).

I'm at 9 dwarfs too ginger.
Shovel and knife are still available. hmmm?
What about the picture? It moves, but no dwarf that I can see.

yeah still missing the last dwarf... anyone have a list of all the locations of all of them?

where is the final dwarf?

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 6:55 PM  

there is a dwarf under left bottom side of picture

ImBecky...already found that one...need the tenth! lol...please try hard to remember where you found it?

Yeah I got the final dwarf! It is behind the picture in the house

somebody, what to do next, I have 8 dwarfs, knife and shovel used already and have code from apple= red 7 and frog= green 6. Have a pink key but don't know where or how to use it-help please :D

10 dwarfs.. what next??

Thanks for hints about where to use shovel. I found all 10 dwarves after turned tree pink and out.

Laura...I repeat...read the posts above...you'll find the answers there...

Ahum...where'z number 10...tadomteedom...

Count the yellow flower in front of the house, u'll get 2 for the yellow code
Look at the clock,u'll get 3 for the blue code.
Get the code for the cupboard _7263_
get the japanese sweet
Put the japanese sweet on the chick's plate
use the key for the chest
get the magical powder, use it for the top of tree
back to the bottom of tree,, u'll get the little dwarf

       Anonymous  4/5/10, 7:00 PM  

ginger...did you find the one on the cow (one of her spots)?

10 dwarfs ,, then? Exit? or what?

Got the one behind the picture, and the one under the pink tree...where'z dwarfie number ten, hm?

1. Spot on cow
2. By color code note in grass
3. Behind yellow weed at pond.
4. Under corner of picnic blanket.
5. In pink flower.
6. Behind pink pig.
7. Inside apple.
8. Under Pink Tree
9. On the candy in Chicks hand.

never mind - figured it out and now out! :)

Hey ImBecky...thanx! Found 'em all now...yiiiihaaa! lol

thanks for all the help everyone!

Udayapu...just leave through the exit...you'll get your reward there!

See ya guys & galls

Sunshine, please let me add another one to your spotthrough:

behind the painting in the house...

now that's what I was missing. The spot on the Cow! Thanks Sunshine.

Thanks everyone who posted for all the comments; it's the only way I finished this game. But for all who come later and don't have the patience to read all the posts, here's a walkthrough.

Get gray dwarf (1) from big cow, it's one of his spots.
Click small cow to move it, click paper for dwarf (2) and code (red, yellow, green, blue)

Click house, get dwarf (3) from behind left flower and note that there are 2 yellow flowers.
Enter house, move piggy bank for dwarf (4)
Click bottom left of wall painting for dwarf (5)
Note that the blue clock is set for 3 o'clock

Click pond, then move rocks at top left to find knife.
Click each of the bamboo shoots at bottom left to knock them down and find dwarf (6)

Click tree trunk to see chicks picnicking. Use knife on rope to get shovel.
Click bottom left of blanket to get dwarf (7)

Back to pond, knock the top right bamboo shoots down and you'll see an arrow. Use your shovel to dig where it points. Click frog and he brings you a key.
Take key, click back out, then come back to pond again to click frog once more. He leaves pond.
Click him again to see that green is 6.

Back to house, use knife on apple to get dwarf (8) and see number 7.
Now you have red 7, yellow 2, green 6 and blue 3. Enter code to open cabinet (it doesn't tell you it's open, you have to hit the back button to see it) and retrieve candy.

Take candy to the picnicking chicks, and put it on the plate.
Click big chick, then little chicks to have them each eat a piece, and you can now get dwarf (9) (the brown ball of candy).
Click big chick to eat the last piece, and use key to open chest. You'll get magical powder.
Click back out and put magical powder on tree. Click back to chicks to find last dwarf (10).

Click the exit button by pond to escape.

@zilifool: thanks for the good walkthrough!

Thanks for the walkthrough. Harder than usual, but I love the dwarfs!

Yay! I got them all. The hardest part was the color code. I wasn't sure if the yellow was the number of chikens or what, so it took some trial and error.

@@zilifool nice walkthrough :)

I love to find these dwarfs!

Great walkthrough @zilifool, thank you for describing so well what to do! I couldnt find where to use the shovel since i went blind after knocking the bamboo shots down and didn't see the arrow lol. Thanks again!

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