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Escape the Haunted House Walkthrough

Escape the Haunted House

Escape from the Haunted House is another point and click room escape type house escape game. In this game, you are locked in a haunted house and you have to find a way to escape from the haunted house. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Nmh]

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this game looks familiar

Easy out and not much to it

thought I escaped...but seems like I killed by ghosts outside !!!...any other ending?

found a green key in bathroom but it doesn´t open any door

I am out and killed by the ghosts outside :)
Maybe there is another end ?

Killed also - don't go out front door before getting all the keys. going to restart

killed by the ghosts outside... :(

This can't be the end, but there's not much more room on the inventory side

Restartet and i have 3 keys, lighter and paper with code, my inventory is full....
So what to do ?

stuck in same place. Don't remember whether inventory slots were there in the beginning or if they're added as you pick up keys

They were at the beginning i think.

Been around several times and can't find any more hot spots. Surely there must be something else

yes, slots were there at the beginning so I guess there's no escape

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 5:13 AM  

What a pitty if this is all, this good have been a very nice game

I opened the main door and stayed inside looking for back button but there wasn´t any...killed again

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 5:17 AM  

Yep.. got out and got killed too. Unhappy ending.

lol Zazie - me too

where is the lighter please?

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 5:19 AM  

The lighter is inside a diary - yellow book on bookshelves in the room with the brown door, I think.

Well, I almost caught a live game...and I am getting killed by ghosts also...I thought it looked promising...but...Cheers Everyone !

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 5:34 AM  

Strange, there are still some unopened doors, (use your tabkey) but no more hotspots around.

Use YOUR keys, @Full...LOL

This Is Stanley's house

Who is Stanley???

@ MrString: i just wanted to say the same, lol
It's seems to be the same game, only with a lot less possibilities..... and NO (proper) END...
I remember that we could go outside in the yard too, and all doors had to be used.

BTW: I am playing on FF and posting on Safari....
They still didn't manage to get those comment issues sorted out!!!!
It just won't let me post on FF (mac user..)
REALLY annoying!!!!!!!!

Key Pad code 5142

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 5:47 AM  

@Debra, do you think i´m blond? Ofcourse i tried the keys of my avatar (they don´t work though);-)

Worse then the first.

saintj You have been playing games for a long time Its good to see Im not the only one Stanley's house was all about key's cheers

any one notice this house was used before like dr something others escape i remember it had an old man and a dead burglar

the was worse rhan an early gazzy i hate this game

yes - I remember this house. Every door had a color coded key

I died too, but refused to go back and replay. Once I die, that's it :P

hahaha, who is the author?

Dr. Stanley's House is the famous old game.

Yeah, I think either someone copied the old game's layout, or the original creator of Stanley's House got bored and recycled the graphics. I tend to think it was the former, since this is a pretty lame game.

very easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o u t

little game for kids!

took the very final way out -- I died. So the house wasn't haunted, the outside was. Not a good game.

@Xenon and others -- I remember that other game. I liked it a lot more.

Me too KKF. I thought this was a great disappointment. Dr Stan was much better.

I think I played this before...but this one was way shorter.

lol NMH! Thanks for the game. :D

I got killed by ghosts.... >:( And thanks for posting it Yalcin! :)

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 11:52 AM  

hi everyone

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 12:39 PM  

looks like i'm totally stuck with the rest of you escapers, so what do we do now

@Michelle - Animallover it looks like there is no "happy ending." At least we couldn't find one

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 1:24 PM  

Dr. Stanley? Why is this game remade?

Hm, it might be a very easy game, but not for me. I could only find two keys, even with the help of tab. So, could someone please tell where to find the third one so that I can get killed by those ghosts as well?

The ones I found were on the pipe above the toilet and under the couch.

@Ellie, I'll do a walkthrough. Give me a minute to replay since I can't remember.

@kitkatfox, that would be very appreciated :) Take your time, POP didn't help lol.

@Ellie, you missed a view in the kitchen

When you enter the gray door, you have the choice of going left to the candle or right to the stove.

Go right -- it's on the window sill

Note the white door needs a code for the codebox
Turn right 3 times
Click the dark teal door at the top of the stairs to enter the bathroom
Zoom in on the pipe bracket
Get the green key
Use the X to close the screen and click the door to leave
Click the eyeball to go downstairs
Turn left and then go down to go back to the white door
Click the green door to enter
Get the gray key from under the couch
Leave the room
Go right 2 times
Enter the gray door
Go left and note the candle
Go right and to see the gray door again, but don’t leave out it
Instead, click the eye against the right edge of the screen
Get the gold key from over the stove
Go left and click the gray door to leave
Go up the stair and click the bottom eye to turn around
There is the gold door so enter it
Click the books on the shelf to zoom in
Get the brown book in the middle -- the diary
Open it and find the lighter
Leave the room
Go left, down the stairs, and into the gray room
Go left
Click the candle to light it
Get the paper airplane from the box
Click it in your inventory to see the code
Go right, click the gray door, go left, and turn around
Zoom in on the code box
Enter the code, the box will flash and the door opens
Click out it, and die!


Hahaha... that one wasn't very hidden! Thanks a lot @kitkatfox! :D

your welcome @Ellie. Your brain just didn't want you to die, so it blocked you for seeing it. :D

Sad to see a good game become this. Next they will redo Dream House as "find the kittens." Only 3 rooms will be unlocked. :/

And the whole walkthrough is there already. You are just great @kitkatfox!

I feel the craving for sour cream and chives getting stronger...

lol Ellie. You really need to install fluorescent bulbs!

lol @kitkatfox! I'll have to try the earlier version of this game as well. I wish that my brain wants me to die over there.
Ordering those fluorescent bulbs right away, hope it's not too late :)

Hey!If you don't wanna die in the end,then don't escape from that house(duh!)

This game was horrible. And if vkacademy is right, that someone stole the files from another game and re-used it, it's even worse. How does that happen? Someone apparently did that to another game recently, see Yalcin's post on the Dreamy Island game.

But to Xenon, thanks for the link to the REAL game, Dr. Stanley's House. I hadn't played it before, but I just did. It was great! And easily one of the best escape game endings ever! Thanks for pointing it out.

Play it here:

Ack! Sorry, Xenon! It was YOUR comment on the Dreamy Island game.

OK. the Green key goes to the green door by the front door. The keys are colored coded.

Bit of a dumb game if u die at the end,
when the aim is to stay alive

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