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Knives Room 7 Walkthrough

Knives Room 7

Knives Room 7 is the seventh episode of Knives Room point and click hidden objects type room escape game. Time to reach for your glasses, find missing knives from this room. Good luck and have fun!

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Found 5 so far

HI all...

only have 3 :(

Hey Kez&Danielle

Got 9 now. There is a knife almost everywhere you can zoom

Hi Lina, got 11...now really stuck

I must be blind!!

I have 5 from 1st room (turning right), 4 from 2nd, 2 from 3rd and only 1 from 4th

I have found 2 cupboards that you need another knife to open to get yet another knife

@ Danielle, do you still only have 3??

Hmm,is there one somewhere next the closet?


1. Next to that ’IN-OUT’thing
2. Flowerpot
3. Wall
4. Under the desk
5. With those pens
6. Under the big dining table
7. Above the bed
8. Behind the mirror
9. That little table left from the door

What am I missing?

Under desk, you have to use the red knife

I think next room, tall cabinet also use red knife

Credenza next to door, you also use red knife...

What cupboards Kez?

I am missing 11 and 14. Where did you find the one above the bed, I can zoom in but not find anything

The tall cupboard is in the room after the 'pens' to the right

Oh no... I have to go out but will check back in about 15 mins....sorry and only 2 knives to go....

I’ve only got 10 so far where do you mean exactly under the desk and next to the door cauz I already found the one next to the door without the red knife and another one under the desk also without the red knife :s

Click on top of the bed you see that bleu shadow against the wall there you’ll see something sticking out like 3 nails or sth. It’s more to the right against the bricks exactly on the line (between the bricks and the blue shadow)

I’m missing (knives)nr. 3, 7 and 11!

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 7:28 PM  

missing 1 3 7 11 and 13

There’re 15 knives in total and I’m still missing 3 knives
Danielle are you still stuck?

Found nr.3 it’s right above that round mirror exactly on top of it

Got all but # 1 in the inventory. Any clues as to where?

Knife # 11 - In view with door, zoom plant, edge of leaf. Can't remember which leaf, but it's there.

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 7:37 PM  

hello everyone

Knife # 14 - Bed view, zoom top of bed canopy, at wall by bedpost w/round ball - knife w/5 "blades" - needed to find knife placement area.

@Bumjelly: first knife is in the first room (one with desk and 2 windows). Look on the wall above the flowerpot (a little bit to the left) between the 4th and 5th brick counting from the ceiling down

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 7:43 PM  

#1 is in the view of the desk. on the wall in the middle somewhere in the cracks.

Knife # 4 - zoom under desk, left side where carpet and desk meet - silver handle knife w/polka dots.

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 7:47 PM  

# 11 is in the potted plant on the right side where the two leaves meet on top. (view with door)

Can’t find it Bumjelly, do you remember whether it was the top of the leaf or the stem? Did you use a knife perhaps? And where did you find #7?

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 7:48 PM  

missing #7. any help?

#7 was in inventory, but don't recall which room/scene

@ Lina and jem, Thanks! Got knife #1 and out.
I'll hang around for a little bit if anyone wants specifics...Thanks all...

clicking all over plant for #11, but don't see it

Omg, finally!

Now let's look for #7,any clues?

thx jem&bumjelly

Knife # 7 - "Ghost in inventory bar, 1 scene, zoom into cup on desk. Small red knife.(Not the swiss army knife though)

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 7:56 PM  


@Bumjelly Thanks!
I’m out too now!

still need help for #11 please

Anita,i had to zoom in to see number 11.

@Anita zoom on that plant: between the 2 lower right leafs (the upper leaf’s right edge)

Knife # 11 - Very hard to see - View 3 w/door, zoom plant, there are 3 leaves on right side, knife is at top edge of middle leaf, close to upper part of lower leaf.
I only found it @ 400% zoom - it's brown w/ blue stripes...

Thanks much Trev, Lina, and Bumjelly! I zoomed 200%. Gosh! I was about to cry! LOL!

View 1 (Desk and Chair)- 5 knives
View 2 (Large Table) - 4 knives
View 3 (Door) - 3 knives
View 4 (Bed) - 3 knives

       Anonymous  4/13/10, 8:17 PM  

where the heck is the last knife? ?!?!!

#1-Scene 1, above plant, high on wall, 5th mortar line down.
#2-Scene 2, base of low brown cabinet, light spot in front of left door.
#3-Scene 4, top of mirror
#4-Scene 1, zoom under desk, left side where carpet and desk meet.
#5-Scene 1, zoom in/out box, it's where the letter i should be.
#6-Scene 1, in cup on desk.
#7-Scene ghost in inventory when zoomed in on cup.
#8-Scene 2, under table, right side,farthest right leg.
#9-Scene 2, zoom tall cabinet in corner, use red swiss army knife on door handles.
#10-Scene 2, zoom plant, in dirt at front lip of pot.
#11-Scene 3, zoom plant, top edge of middle leaf on right.
#12-Scene 3, zoom writing desk, behind rear leg.
#13-Scene 4, zoom right edge of mirror
#14-Scene 4, zoom corner, top of bed canopy, against wall by bedpost .
#15-Scene 3, zoom writing desk, use red swiss army knife on upper drawer.
Use knife 14 on door for placement and out!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Started to plat the game late but here you have the visual complement to Bumjelly's written WT:
Knives Room 7 - PeektureThrough

Edgar, Your "Peekture Through" is WAY cool! Very well done indeed.

Thanks @Bumjelly, It's been a long while since I did one like these (Olympic Room series)
It feels quite fine to go back to some basics... sort of, lol!

@Edgar,thanks for the PeektureThrough, it's so neat and organized!Very Impressive! ^o^

       Anonymous  4/14/10, 1:55 AM  

I hate these - need a microscope LOL. But there's nothing else to play so I plodded through it - couldn't have done it without Bumjelly (for most of them..) and Edgar (for No. .13 which I just couldn't find until I saw the peekture), so big thanks to both!

Where is cece to say it is easy (and make me feel blind)? lol

She rocks at these!

yikes! I am in total shock. I actually found them all on my own! @_@

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!

wow, Edgar. I had to look at your peekture through after all the compliments, and you more than deserve them. You are getting so fancy! awesome job!

I cant find were to put the knifes on the door. It doesnt come to a close view for me +

@ sherry12, place 5 bladed knife, #14, on door...

well, after finding all the knives I didn't even bother placing them on the door I was so angry at the games maker. I could see #2 but it still took me over 40 clicks to get it, and don't even get me started on #11.
What a ridiculous waste of time - and I was stupid enough to play it!
Never again.

@ zoz, Never again?
Yeah, you say that now. You have too much time invested in the trenches of the escape games for any of us to believe that.

I agree that the #11 knife location was kinda different. For a while a lot were along the baseboard running the perimiter of the room and then a lot of "ghosts" in the inventory.

There seems to be a new trend now for a lot of these type of games to require extreme zooming to find things. Not too sure if I like it.
My pet peeve lately is the small game windows that aren't zoomable in the browser.
Oh well, I need to chill now...

Lol @Bumjelly. You've got my number, for sure!

lol, what can I say? Thanks all for the nice words! :D

Started a huge catch up marathon (missed 20 games in 2 days lol) by hunting for invisible knives that took forever to find. Thanks @Bumjelly and @Edgar! I would never have found them all without your help. For number 11 I looked at the pic through and started clicking... about 50 times before i got it.

@zoz, I almost never bother to place the knives (or other stuff) on the door. I'm satisfied once i find them all lol.

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