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November 10, 2018

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CES Plump Escape Walkthrough

CES Plump Escape

[REPLAY] CES Plump Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this game, the dog Wan put on too much weight, so that he couldn't help his feline friend Nyan. Therefore he decided to exercise. Explore the environment, find and use items and discover hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter in the room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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game loading....

found code behind picture

got 3 ducks, opened blue box and got DVD

exercised and lost some weight

I'm here as well. 5 ducks and the TV is on

Paper, 3 ducks, 2 batteries and i took the pic from the wall.

looking for band

out... is there another end?

Where is hint for blue box ?

I'm on the third DVD and I need some bands! Can't find them let though

HI!!! move the picture as the "c"'s on the tree.
The picture falls and there is a no code at the back

Got the box open

Finished. I am now slimly! Nice and easy
Have fun

i turned on the tv , put the cd but now stuck, there is a 3.1415 at the back of the cd

Anyone else having difficulty posting?

Now i opened the pink box, got remote and looking TV

Hi fab
how did you open blue box?
got also 3 ducks plus 2 batteries

Got a second CD from postbox

3rd CD from red box which gave me the second postbox.

got the dvd - need tv remote

Got 3 chicks, turned on tv with remote, but I can't find the dvd.

where is the code for the pink box? and the painting?

I can't understand how I can use the second DVD

It is behind the painting, code to remove painting is given by the flowerpot

@tesen, look at the plant's odd looking leaves for the pic.

hwo do i open the pink box?

pull the 1 circle and you can get the 2nd dvd at the back a.bcbd

@tesen87 for the picture see the thing next to the armchair

And out... not to hard this time

Haha, I'm doing some exercises now.

@ Zazie any ideas how to use the second DVD?

what is the code for the pink box?

where is the bands??

teasen87 there is a plant with "c"'s on it near an armchair. Zoom at the painting and click 1st up 2nd right etc as the "c"'s on the plant

Also opened the blue box, and got 2 batteries and a note. Any idea for the code for the pink box? And the painting?

Just put the DVD in player and look at TV

The funny looking plant gives the code for the painting which gives the code for the pink box

code for the painting is on the plant ( directions of the leaves)..But couldnt get the code for the pink box

I am stuck after looking at the 3rd DVD, it says i need bands, but i cannot find them.

after you put the 2nd dvd you can pull the 2nd circle

silly the code for the pink box :)

Anyone there??
where is tv remote??

And out. Easy after you place the chicks.

Anybody there?

3145 gives you the 3rd dvd

remote is in the pink box

Remote is in red box from the postbox.

Where are the bands ???

Got it...

@ Rambler. Congratulations for escaping!!!! Do you think that you have the time to help?

Found them on the bottom of red box.

thanks got it :) but now i need bands... were can i find it?

And out, nice game !

For bands look closer at the red box.

check the red box again for the bands

@ Maria Thanks!!!

@peppiduck, what do you need to know?

Hi everyone! How do you make him exercise? I play the dvd but he is still fat! LOL have first mailbox...

@debra, you need 3 dvd's in total.

Ah, you're on your way I see.

Look at all DVDs and after looking each go and weight him.

@ Rambler. Thank you very much. Maria's comment helped me. Thanks anyway

debra - I have same problem

tesen87 - check the red box again

- Get duck on chair
- Look at plant for picyure hint
Up Right Left Right Down Left Right
- Use it on picture it fels turn it see code
Turn left
- Get duck on scales
Turn left
- Get batterie & duck above plant pot
Turn let
- Moove plant get paper hint "5 in all"
- get 2nd batterie on shelves next to red box
- Use 3 ducks next to the 2 on shelves get password
- Imput 3107 code on red box get clicker
- Use the 2 batteries in
- Imput billy code on blue box ge DVD
Turn right
- Use clicker on tv
- Impute DVD 1
Turn righ
- Use cat & dog o orange ring ge DVD 2
Turn left
- Use DVD 2 on tv
Turn right
- Use dog on red rind get box
- Look at DVD 1 back side see 3.1415
- Look at DVD 2 back side see ABCBD
Box code ABCD so 3145
- Get DVD 3
Turn left
- Imput DVD 3 on tv see "bands are necessary"
Turn righ
- Open again red box get bands
Turn left
- Imput DVD 3 on tv
- Use bands with dog
Turn right
- Put dog on scales and weight it
It's done!

That's wat we're all here for peppi, to help each other. God knows I've needed help from here many, many times :o)

Does anyone need help? I will try Gold room escape 3. Fresh new!!!

now I could pull the ring. Didn't work before

Finally finished....that band crap was lame

can't play... :( it says "time over"

Thanks Everyone! good game and good WT @pitxun!

I'm new. Let's try.... slimly...

A great game as always when it comes to Wan & Nyan! A bit short and quite easy, but so cute :)

@Pitxun...thanks so much for taking the time to write a walkthrough :) we leave no game before writing at least one or two WT's lol!!!! ;)

I love Nyan and Wan...such a mischievous!!! This was fun and easy and I didn't have to peek...lolol!!!! I was a bit disconcerted would seem that too much beef jerky *especially hanging out of one's teeth* leads to *i ate myself*...rofl!!!!! I'm looking forward to their next adventure :)

easy, but Wan and Nyan are always fun. I can't believe that cogitoergosum got 1 million hits. WOW!

       Anonymous  11/10/18, 12:05 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion from 1 of our staff members (responsible for replays) - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, CES ☺
& thx pitxun for the WT

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