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Bored Shed Escape Walkthrough

Bored Shed Escape

Shed Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Bored.com. Find and use the items to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Let's see what we got here...

mind if I join in, Bumjelly?

I'm gonna escape the shed...hopefully someone helps me!

Small game windows, without zoom ability are not player friendly, especially for us old farts.

joining in :)

Hey Trisana, wondered when you were going to show up...

so far pliers and a power drill with no bits...

found drill bits on wall, but can't get them

Drill I can't use,
magnifing glass

Scewdriver, drill, pliers and magnifier so far

allen key under lawn mower

found screwdriver, opend liquid nitrogen, doesn't help

sorry to be late, bumjelly, I was eating lunch.

Anyone else think that the pliers ought to be able to cut the tie on the cupboard?

sticky stuff under bored poster

tried that a few times Trisana

have sticky stuff, allen wrench, screwdriver, pliers, and drill

where is the magnifying glass?

can use allen key to open the chuck on the power drill, but I don't have a bit...

I think they should be able to cut that! What a maze of hot spots.

okay, i must be blind, but I've looked everywhere twice, and I can't find the magnifying glass or the screwdriver. Zazie, help?

Magnifier is left side of shelf with lamp on it

SD is in the zoomed view with white box under table, click right side of white squared box on the brown spot

thanks, zazie!

put sticky tack in drill bit form on wall,
put blue bit in liquid nitrogen
put hardened bit into drill

got a jigsaw blade, on the, well, i'm not sure what it is. the machinery with the horizontal lines on the cutting surface.

sticky is now a blue stick

ARG! Power blipped off for a sec. Have to start over.

Stick in N and now is a rock

cory, where's the sticky stuff?

I used the sticky stuff on the drill bits on wall to get a blue one.

@Cory thanks. I kept trying to put the unmolded blue stuff in the liquid nitrogen. Just because it sounded like fun :D

ah, found it. Yay PoP (for anyone looking, it's the bottom right corner of the poster)

My hardened drill bit won´t go into the drill, what i am missing ?

sticky stuff under lower right corner of bored poster

@Trisana under the corner of the bored poster

I CAN use drill!

Sticky stuff is behind corner of poster.

Zazie - use the allen key on the chuck first

so I have lots of stuff, but no idea where to use any of it!@

power drill with bit
jigsaw...I think we need to attach something to it

you have to use the allen key to open the chuck before you can put a bit in

@cece where?

@Zazie you must use the allen wrench to open the drill top where the bit goes

you need to straighten the jigsaw blade with the pliers

Where is allen key ???

@KKF thank you! thought I had tried that...guess I didn't!

@Trisana by the way, thank you for the blade. I missed it.

allen key under lawn mower

OK, back on track. I'm about at the same place as most of y'all.
Can't figure out what to do to get the blue drill bit into the drill.

@Trisana, fyi, machine is a Milling Machine and I thought for sure the pliers would work on the tied cabinet doors. Go figure...

so excited at straightening the jigsaw, but it doesn't cut open the cupboard!

no problem, KKF. Just the product of clicking incessantly. :)

Zazie - under the lawnmower

@Zazie under the electric lawn mower

Is that what it's called? Thanks for the info, bumjelly.

Oh, you need the hex key to open the drill to stick the bit in.

grrr..I thought the jigsaw blade would cut the rope. I even tried sharpening them on the sandpaper on the shelf. No luck :(

Thx Annaby and KKF !!!
Now looking for the blade

       Anonymous  4/14/10, 10:23 AM  

O HAI GUYS! My first live game! =D

can't find anything to cut with the blade

I want to know where to use that drill. We went through so much trouble to put it together . . . Any ideas? And where's the jigsaw that the blade goes to?

welcome @sushface

Maybe you can help us get out! :)

@zazie, thanks for the SD hint. I never would have found it.
The location of the screwdriver was a bit obscure and hard to see too...

Acckk! Hit refresh on the game, not the comments! Too late to start over, I have to go.

good luck everyone!

Yeah, konnichiwa, sushface. Here's hoping you can help.

So I have:
drill (assembled)
hex key (allen key)
magnifying glass
straightened jigsaw blade

any ideas, guys? I can't get anything to work!

       Anonymous  4/14/10, 10:27 AM  

Hammer "stuck to the wall for some reason"

@sushface Welcome !!!!

@Bumjelly you are welcome :)

@cece how did you use the drill and where ?

hi sushface

Small hole to the left of exit door. Use frozen drill bit in drill on hole

you would think we would be out be now just because we would have drilled and sawed the shed to bits by now! sheesh!

Evening/Morning/Afternoon all. Just got home from work and fancied a little bit of DIY :o)

@jammers excellent work! I now have a working jigsaw!

jammers, can you be more specific? I don't see a hole . . .

wow jammers! - I never would have seen that

Any idea what to do from there? Jigsaw doesn't seem to do anything...

hi Rambler!

its a small black dot, next to that grey panel

Thx jammers, i never would have found this spot !

now use magnifying glass on cord

where is the blade at?

KKF, you'd think we'd be out by now because we have you and Zazie on the case.

Welcome, Rambler!

@Trisana zoom in on the dark sqaure left of the door. once zoomed in, you will see a tiny spot against the left edge of the screen. Click it, and you have a new view. Use the drill on the itty bitty pixel in that view to see the light!

and the magnifying glass?

huh. never expected to burn the cord.

Okay, I think I've caught up. Thanks jammers, got the working jigsaw.

dumb jigsaw can't cut the door lock, chair, or hammer. I need to buy better tools!

KKF is jigsaw the blade ?
It doesn´t anything on the cupboard lock...

Thanks, KKF and jammers. I thought it was a speck on my screen.

OK i have got it lol

no worries, i found that by accident:) Now i'm stuck, jigsaw seems useless!

@Pooter zazie found the magnifing glass for me. Zoom on the shelves with the light on them and then keep clicking left to see the left edge of the shelves

lol use jigsaw on the drilled dot to escape!

yeah, KKF, we do need better tools.

Zazie, after you drill the hole near the door, you use the magnifying glass to focus the light to burn the rope holding the cupboard closed. that gets you the jigsaw, minus blade (which we straightened out earlier)

At least one of these things should work on the 'pretty tough lock'.

thanks for the help everyone. I would still be stuck otherwise!

Yay, OUT. Thanks kkf. You rock.

       Anonymous  4/14/10, 10:40 AM  

thanks guys!

i'll see what i can do to help but you guys are ahead of me already =(

KKF, of course. Since we already know that the panel was weak. That was a good game, getting us to focus on the lock (like good experienced escapers) rather than other ways out.

Who gets walkthrough?

and out - thanks kkf!

LOL @KKF i used the jigsaw everywhere but there !!!
Thx you saved me again...

And thx also to everybody else who helped me :)

Thanks all for where to drill. I thought my screen was dirty too.

Small point to make: Drills NEVER use an allen wrench. They use a chuck key.
Most jigsaws, unless they are the quick release type, use allen wrenches. Just saying...

I was blinded by my industrial work background knowing these facts...

Somehow i was fixed on this stupid hammer, but it didn´t want come down the wall :)

Hey everyone!

Let's try this new game!

@ bumjelly - thanks for the quick tutorial on machinery. I didn't know that. It's cool that you do. :)

Is this normal? It takes forever to load?:s

No Lina for me it loaded rather quickly

@ Trisana, Thanks.
I still don't like these itty bitty game windows.
The dark inventory was a pain for me, but with the usual good help from all, disaster was averted again!
Until next time, fellow addicts...

Bumjelly - just goes to show a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing

Zoom in on tools on the wall
Get the pliers from right of the hammer
Get the drill from the wall as well
Zoom under the table (zoom on the white box)
Click the floor right of the white box (against the wall) to see a new view
Get the screwdriver -- it is the light gray speck peeking out from behind a box in the lit area of the floor of this view (against the dark shadow edge)
Back all the way out and turn right 2 times
Zoom on the lawnmower
Get the allen key by the near back wheel
Look up
Zoom on the poster
Click the bottom right corner and get the sticky stuff
Turn right
Zoom in on the shelf
Click the bowl against the left edge of the screen to move left
Now click the little shelves against the left edge of the screen -- get the magnifying glass (thanks Zazie!)
Look up and turn right
Zoom in on the milling tool on the table by the corner -- get the light gray jigsaw blade behind the white part with lines on it (right of center) -- thanks, Trisana
Click the blade and see it is bent
Use the pliers to straighten it
Note the cupboard is tied
Turn right
Zoom on the box on the wall -- it should hold drill bits, but it is empty
Use the sticky stuff in there to get a mold of drill bit, but it is soft (thanks, Cory!)
Zoom on the tank in the corner
Use the screwdriver to open the top
Put the blue sticky stuff drill bit in there to freeze it solid in the liquid nitrogen
Click the drill in your inventory
Use the allen wrench to open the chuck of the drill (on the black dot on the gray tip of the drill)
Place the bit in the open chuck
Turn right 2 times so you are facing the corner to the left of the door
Zoom in on the dark gray square left of the door
Now look at the left edge of your screen -- there is a tiny dot less than half way up the screen (thanks, jammers!)
Click it for a new view
In this new view, use the drill on the dot (it is right of the middle dark line and about in line with the bottom of the top rectangle of the door)
Once you drill there, it will let in light
Turn left 2 times and zoom in on the black cabinet
Use the magnifier in the light to burn the rope
Then click the broken rope
Get the jigsaw
Click it in your inventory
Add the blade to get it working
Turn right 3 times to the door
Zoom in on the dot with the light
Use the jigsaw to escape!

Thanks for the shout-out in there, KKF. Great wt!

thanks for the lesson @bumjelly :) -- my drill doesn't need tools (which I don't like because holding the silly thing while tightening the drill bit hurts my hand)

by the way, someday I will get up the courage to ask what bumjelly means, but I fear the answer!

It would have been a good game if not for the pixel hunt for the spot.

@Trisana I try to give credit for those who help me, but sometimes I forget. :/

People sometimes mistakenly think I make it out of games all on my own just because I do the walkthroughs. lol little do they know!

You really rock KKF, i am always astonished how quick you are with your WTs !!

That was a nice game and moderately easy.
As always, great WT @KKF.

(Now back to watching 'YGOTAS' and laughing my ass off :)

@Zazie thanks! It is nice to know it seems fast. I always feel slow because I think of some poor person waiting and all confused.

@ kitkatfox, Thanks. Since you inquired...

No need to fret as to the nature of the name. It does not have anything to do with erotic biological functions of hobos or the homeless.

Years ago we had two dogs, black and chocolate labs, and the kids named them.
One was called "Bum" and the other name came from from the fact that the second dog was very jealous of any attention given to "Bum" and was named "Jelly". So, Bumjelly.
Thanks for asking...

Hahaha, I thought that that small little dot next to the grey wall was sth from my screen, I kept on cleening it, but it wouldn't go away hahahaha, Now I see why looll

sooo sophisticated...dont like it :((

@Bumjelly Glad to know the meaning! I really was afraid what the answer would be lol

How cute about the dogs. Labs are great if a little excitable! :D Kids come up with the funniest pet names sometimes!

@Lina if it wasn't for escape games my screen would be a lot dirtier. Glad you didn't keep trying to clean it. You'd have a hole in it by now!

Nice walkthrough KKF!

I don't really get the function of the magnifing glass :s

Sometimes I find these escape games funny, cauz I would have drilled everywhere to get out haha and I would most probably have gone out

@Lina It was supposed to focus the sunlight to start a fire and burn through the rope. Now, why that would work but using the saw blade wouldn't is a question only the game maker can answer.

I agree, we would have torn that shed to pieces with saws and drills lol

Glad they were all cordless tools. :)

i cant find the jigsaw blade x

@lil_nixon2004 I'll make a screenshot

I now see you are probably gone, but here it is in case you come back

Jigsaw blade location

Stuck after collecting the useless tools. Thanks @jammers for the pixel on the wall!

It didn't feel quite like I escaped since I got a glipse of the nature from outside, but then the end screen took me back inside.

Nice walkthrough @kitkatfox!

how do you put the stuff in the drill

I'm new

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