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Warsaw's Mission: Bielany - Episode 1 Walkthrough

Warsaw's Mission: Bielany - Episode 1

Warsaw's Mission: Bielany - The Search for Professor Quark is the first episode of Warsaw's Mission series point and click type adventure game by Nitreal. You play as an Agent of Mayor's Office Protection Squad (MOPS). During your missions you explore many different locations of the Bielany District, while investigating a dangerous and elusive criminal, The Dark Character. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay! New game!

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 7:15 PM  

hi Trisana

wow, takes a while to load. You've all been warned.

HI All

Hi Kez! And Hi to you too, Michelle.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the centers info to distract the guard. My phone won't do anything.

Hmmmm interesting game.....

Oh, nevermind! You drag the phone to the ! icon.

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 7:23 PM  

they just posted episode 2

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 7:26 PM  

I'm not crazy about this game good luck everyone with the game

Oooooh... I LOVE the 3D environment!

Feel really dumb..but where is the key at the start???

Kez - you can turn left and right. but first you need to distract the guard. Try finding the center's contact info.

sorry, should have said that you see more ! if you turn right and left (drag on the screen)

Oh my gosh.....thanks Trisana....i so missed that...

no problem, Kez. :)

Very visual game. You can also look up and down (useful for finding you instructions from Agent Number One).

yeah. Oh - apparently, chewing gum is better than glue.

the commentary is cute. I quite enjoy it. Oh, make sure you get the cookie at the tourist center. (where you start)

yeah, loading does take a while, Zilifool. And there's lots of areas, too. But it's a good chance to check what y'all are saying.

I'll let this one pass and wait for a good one.

You're so right, Tris (it is Tris, right? I seem to recall you posting elsewhere that you prefer Tris?). That's a great way to look at it... loading time in the game means you actually have time for comments.

yeah, Tris is great. And Jared, this one is AMAZING. The most gorgeous game I've played in a while - including the ones I pay for (for my Wii). You're missing out on great fun.

Jared, I don't know what to tell you. This game IS the good one, the kind we wait for. It's 3D immersive virtual reality panoramas. The graphics and interface are phenomenal. And so far, the clues and storyline have all been intuitive. This is a great game!

and if we get stuck, it offers hints without making it too obvious. It's better than Navi! (from legend of zelda)

I liked the graphics but the navigation made me dizzy. Took 2 long to load between scenes. Got boring fast.Great idea, just needs to be refined some.

Oh no... I suck at poker. Gave them the bunny as a bet, and I have a 9, 4, King, and 2 6s. Which do I keep?

Hahaha! I wasn't actually playing poker at all! Turns out I was only hiding a card up my sleeve! Nice little fake out.

Yes, I'm slow... So yes, you are playing poker. You'll lose a few hands. You want to click the Ace of Spades if you get it, so that you hide it in your sleeve. Then play as many hands as you have to until you get the 10, Jack, Queen, King of spades and you can pull out your ace.

hold on to the ace of spades when you see it. otherwise, it doesn't matter.

Tris have you pressed the letters on the memorial? Was there a clue that I missed as to the order?

Once again, the Power of Posting!

I thought all letters had to be pressed, but no. Only the ones seen on Quark's photo.

yeah. now, if you find a place to fill a mug with water, that would be helpful.

For adivawoman, the navigation is only as fast or as slow as you make it. It only zooms or moves based on your mouse clicks, so if you want to slow the movement, just move your mouse a small bit, and the game will move slowly.

I can't understand why 4 people rated this game low. It's easily a 5-star game. There's even a hint button that gives gentle nudges without spelling it out for you.

Tris, I'm sorry I'm not caught up to you. (taking my time, enjoying every bit). I'm standing in the middle of the circle of seniors after giving them the music. This is too cute! I love how the game maker went to so many locations, and got such great photos of it all.

that's fine. i'm working on homework, too, so that'll give you a chance to catch up. I just can't find a place with enough water . . . well, clickable water.

Hmm - my sticky stick disappeared! Any ideas?

if you used it on the mailbox, that's all you needed it for.

Duscharoo, your stick disappeared after you retrieved the letter. That was all you needed it for.

Tris, I seem to recall seeing a water cooler earlier, but now I can't find it again. I've been to all locations, and hint says nothing left to do there. Tried getting water from the fountain at the church, the ponds, the streams, and no luck. It tells me to put the CD in the computer, but I haven't found a way to distract the guard yet.

ah - to make the compass, combine mug and compass head in an area with a lot of water - don't actually need to click on the water.

POP! I didn't need to distract the guard, just needed to drag the CD to the laptop.

done. catch y'all later, i need to finish a pre-lab for tomorrow.

       Anonymous  4/7/10, 9:23 PM  

cant find the grave site....please help!

Irsman200, use the compass on one of the arrows and it'll take you right to it. Once there, move your mouse around a tree trunk to find the hidden spot.

Thanks for your help with the compass, Tris. It was fun playing with you.

This was truly an excellent game. I'd do a walkthrough, but you really don't need one. There are no pixel-hunts, and the in-game hint system works beautifully. On to episode two!

Still having trouble getting the angler to talk to me so I can find his lure... not sure what to do from here on out.

Bekbeks, you'll get the lure once you give the float back to the other angler. You'll get the float once you play poker. You'll play poker at one of the other locations (a forest, I think?)

Loved the game! Have to wait til tomorrow to play the 2nd one- long game but worth it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finished this game and I can say that it was not too bad... kidding!!!

It's one of the greatest games I've ever played!!!
Only a few problems with occasional slow loadings, but the game sure worth it... and that rubber duck was really hard to find!
Can't wait to go on chapter 2, but unfortunately it's past midnight-bedtime since a while ago and work awaits.

Good night all!! Have fun and keep the searching, cracking, solving, decoding and escaping going on! LOL!

Help ~ >< I'm still not sure how to get the compass. Can't get the water anywhere ><

can't find the lights?

where is that yellow glass that fits on the bridge?

way too buggy for me... tired of constantly restarting because it locks up when i click on an arrow... or because chewing gum doesnt add to my inventory when i buy it... or now brostman ponds didnt add as location to my communicator

seemed like fun what i could do of it ... but not restarting again thx

Where is the compass head?

I didn't like this game at all the first minutes but it turned out to be an excellent game (once I got a clue on how to navigate without motion sickness)! Great in all possible ways! The loading might be slow sometimes, but it's worth it!

@sygurl, to make the compass you need to combine the nail (crocodile tooth) and the cork, then add it to your cup in any view with lots of water according to comments above. I added it in the view with the broken glass on the bridge.

@Hil, I don't know which lights you mean. At the beginning after you found the communicator? Use your night vision goggles if thats what you mean.

@Joshua, you get the yellow glass after making a donation in the church with a special coin that you get when you find the frog (i think).

@Urban, you get the crocodile tooth from the cultural center in the exhibition room (use nippers) and the cork from opening the bottle you buy in the store at Platnicza Street (opener found on a bench in a forest if I'm not totally wrong). Combine these items and you have the compass head.

Thanks Ellie, totally forgot about the crocodile. Great game.

@Ellie ~ Thanks for your help :) ~ Now im stuck at the 2nd episode of this game.

i love this game, but have to start over and over because i lose my items.....

@Hil, i found out that on some computers the items might not be visible all the time, but will eventually show up again. I don't know if that will happen for you, but I hope you manage to keep them there from now on somehow. Good luck :)

I just read on Gamer's Hood that the game is experiencing very heavy traffic, more than the developers expected, and that the site slow down is causing some of those bugs and slow loads. They're already working on fixing it, so try back tomorrow. The game is absolutely worth it.

The game blocked. Loading area forever

I have the same problem as Joshua. cant find the yellow glass.
The solution Ellie gives doesn't work.

@godefroy, did you find the frog and get the old coin? Then enter the church through the front side, click on the magnifier to the right and use your coin on the exclamation mark on the donation slot. This should give you the piece of broken glass and an electronic lure.

@Ellie, I've been with the frog in the back garden of the church but I didn't found or get a coin. so I don't know what to do.

I can't buy the bottle in the shop after using the coin to buy the chewing gum, am I missing something?

The loading of each is much too long, I could have liked this game but I must give up.

I meant : the loading of each scene.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Elizabeth Ann, when you bought the chewing-gum you get some change. When you go to the store again you get the bottle.
Well, that is how it should be going.

@godefroy, I don't know why it doesn't work for you. You should see an exclamation mark below the statue in the backyard and press this to get the coin.
Did you click on the photo of the frog in the communicator to see that you need to find it?
Or, it is something else that you need to do first. I'm playing again to have a look, but it will take a while since I work at the same time :)

LOL Ellie.
I've been with the frog with the photo. I pressed the exclamation mark but I didn't find a coin. As a matter of fact I forgot what I got there.
They only thing I can do is go to the church where they ask me to give a donation and to the bridge where they ask for the piece of glass.
I think its a bug then because there in no photo in the communicator anymore so I'm afraid I have to play the game again to end it.

@godefroy, I'm afraid that you are right. Due to the heavy traffic on the game is experiencing right now, it's unplayable. You keep loosing things, items you pick up doesn't add to your inventory and the game freezes.
I hope the problem is solved soon.

Nothing makes sense from the beginning. There is nothing but a phone, night vision thing, a hint magnifying glass - hint: The doors are locked, look for key.

How???? The night vision things cannot be used nor can the phone. This is just the first area. Now I know why this game is getting such low ratings.

need walkthrough please! I can't get the secret compartment open to get the agents note, and i can't get a nail from the crocodile, and where's the cork?

Maybe my game is frozen. I can't get out of the room anymore and there are no more magnifying zoom icons in the room.

@4red3s an @ Mrs. W, I'm afraid you're both impatient.
Use the phone to call the guard and you will get the key.
Just click the compartment to open it.
To get the crocs tooth you need a pliers. Its in an other room near the guards desk.
However there are bugs in the game so its possible things don't work and you have to start allover.

@4red3s and @Mrs.W,
godefroy is right, the game is not possible to play right now, and for that reason a walkthrough is not possible to write either.

I have played the game on and off during the day, and almost finished a WT, but there are still a bit too many things that I haven't got in detail to post it. I will finish it whenever I can play the game again. Taking a break after about 30 restarts (I know the beginning pretty well by now lol).

This game plays lot better with CHROME

The game has some problems according to heavy traffic. I restarted at least fifty times to finish this, and I found just as many different ways not to be able to finish the game. I did find some ways to overcome a few of the obstacles though. If your navigation arrows disappear, try to click on the communicator and choose the location again a few times. When picking something up or combining something, don’t click on the text that appears until the thing you want shows in your inventory, even if it takes some time.

To navigate:
Left click on your mouse and move the mouse to turn around and to look up and down. Do this when I tell you to turn around.
Click on navigation arrows when they exist.
Click on the curved arrow in the lower right corner to go back.

To interact with things:
Click on magnifiers to zoom into those areas.
Click on exclamation marks to get information.

Click on items in your inventory to select them and use them on the exclamation marks or on other things in the inventory.
I will use the abbreviation EM for exclamation marks from now on.

Hold your cursor over the directional arrows or the magnifiers to see the names of the places they will take you to. I will tell the names, not exactly where to find the arrows or magnifiers.

Bielany Cultural Centre
Move to the café (magnifier).
Take the white mug from the counter.
Click on the EM (exclamation mark) to get a cookie.
Go back (bent arrow in the lower right corner).

Turn around to the right (drag the screen with your mouse) to see a guard.
The right magnifier on the counter will show you keys, but you need to distract the guard to get them.
Keep moving to the right.
Zoom on Centre’s Contact Information.
Click on the Mobile Phone in your inventory and then on the EM on the information board to make a phone call to the guard. This distracts him.
Go back.
Zoom on the key using the magnifier on the counter and take it.
Go back.
Turn left and move forward to the Art Exhibition.
Click on the key and use it on the EM on the door to unlock it.

Enter the Exhibition.
You can zoom on the crocodile and cut your finger on the teeth but you don’t have to.
Instead, turn left and zoom on the bunnies.
Click on the EM to get a wooden bunnie.
Go back.
Turn until you see the door and a piano.
Move down (look at the floor) to see a Very Secret Hiding Place.
Click to open and get a communicator.
Read that you should go to Platnicza Street.
Click on the Photo of the Dark Character.
Then click on the arrow to exit the communicator.

Suddenly it’s all dark.
Luckily you brought your Night Vision Goggles (in the inventory).
Use them on the directional arrow to see again.
Turn around to the left and go into the corridor.
Click on the EM to get to the fuses.
Turn all fuses green to go on.
There are many ways of doing this, one way is to click fuses in this order:
Click on the EM to find out you are not alone.
Go back and you’ll wake up after being attacked by the Dark Character.

Turn left and enter the Performance Room that is now open.
Find out that Seniors Club don’t have music for the Party.
Turn left and enter the Side Room.
Move forward to enter the next Side Room.
Take pliers from the wall.
Go back.
Turn right and go back to the lobby.

Enter the Art Exhibition once again, and zoom on the crocodile, then on the teeth.
Use the pliers on the EM to get a crocodile tooth.
Go back.

Nothing more to do at the Cultural Centre at the moment.
Click on your Map & Communicator in the upper left corner.
Chose to go to Platnicza Street.

Platnicza Street
Use the right arrow.
You hear a sound of rolling metal.
Turn around to face the arrow to Confederation Square.
Move down to look at the ground to see a coin. Take it.
Go to Confederation Square.

Move forward to the Store.
Use the coin on the EM.
Choose to buy chewing gum (the only possible choice).
Use the change you receive on the EM to get a very cheap bottle of sparkling fluid.
Go back.

Use the left arrow.
Move forward to the Shrine.
Click on the magnifier to zoom and take the stick from the ground.
Go back.
Click on the photo in your inventory and use it on the EM by the house (the left side of the street when facing the arrow to the Shrine).
You found the place where the picture was taken, and the EM changed to a magnifier.
Zoom on the mailbox (magnifier).
Find out that you don’t reach the mail.
Combine the chewing gum with the stick in your inventory.
Use it on the EM to get the letter.
St. Mary Magdalene’s Church is now added to your map.
Open your Map & Communicator and go there.

St. Mary Magdalene’s Church.
Inside of the church you could have made a donation if you had a coin.
You don’t have anything valuable so go to the back of the church instead.
Use your invitation card on the EM and get a notebook.
See that it’s time to contact Agent Number One.
Open your Map & Communicator.
Brustman’s Ponds is now added to your map.

Brustman’s Ponds
Click on the Map of Bielany to the right of the agent.
Go to Brustman’s Ponds.
Give the notebook to the EM by the agent.
Learn that you need to find a special device to enter the mind of the Dark Character.
Get a photograph uploaded to your communicator.
Click on the photo to see that you need to find the where the frog is located.

Click to go back twice and you are at Brustman’s Ponds.
Go to the chessboard table to find out that you loose.
Try your items in the inventory on the EM and see that you’ll need to open the bottle before you will win.
Go back.

Go to the Pier.
Turn right and see a magnifier by the edge.
Click on it to see a duck that you decide to call Mike.
Give Mike your cookie to get a magnet.
Combine the “crocodile tooth” with the magnet to get a magnetised nail.

Go to the Angler.
Click on the EM on the man to find out that he wants his float back from his friend.
Go to the Pier again.
Turn left and go back to West Bridge.
Turn around and move into the Bushes.
Click on the EM on the man to find out that he lost a lure to his friend.
Click on the EM again to see that he doesn’t have the float anymore, it should be in Bielanski Forest (and this location is added to your map).
Open the Map & Communicator to go to this forest.

Bielanski Forest
There is nothing by Rudawka Stream yet.
Turn right and go to Crossroads.
Turn left and go to this part of Rudawka Stream.
Look down by your feet to see a rubber ducky that you unfortunately loose when clicking on it.
Turn left and go back to Crossroads.
There is nothing to do by the Symbolic Grave yet.

Go to Bielanski Terrace.
Click on the elderly people to learn that to make a compass you need to combine a magnetised needle, a cork and a bowl of water.
Move forward to Bielanski Terrace.
Zoom on the rubbish bin to get a shovel blade.
Turn left and go to Bielanski Stream.
Move forward to the Benches.
Get a bottle opener.
Use it on your bottle to get a cork in the inventory.
Combine the cork and the magnetised nail.
Go back, turn around and move to Bielanski Terrace.
Go to Rudawka Stream to find your lost yellow rubber ducky.
Go back.

Turn left and go to Dewajtis Street.
Go left to Kartograje.
Look down to see a dog in the grass.
Click on the EM to see that it chews on a shovel handle. You need to distract its attention to get the handle.
Use the yellow rubber ducky on the EM on the dog and get the shovel handle.
Combine the shovel blade and the handle to get a shovel.

Zoom on the poker players.
Click on the EM to see that you have a possibility to win the float for the angler but that you need to bet one of your items.
What do they want? Try different things on the EM and you’ll see that the only accepted item is the wooden bunny.

To play the poker:
Click on the EM to see if you won. You can keep doing that but will never win in this way. You need to cheat by clicking on a card and putting it aside. Click on the EM again to get new cards. Click on any other card to change your hidden one.
There might be different hands that will make you win, but one way that works is:
Put aside the ace of spades when you get it.
Keep clicking on the EM until you get a hand with 10, J, Q, K of spades and another card. Exchange the other card for the Ace of spades, and you’ll win the float.

Nothing more to do in the Bielanski forest at the moment.
You better go and give that float back, so click on the Map & Communicator and go to Brustman’s Ponds.

Brustman’s Ponds
Go to the Pier.
Turn right and go to the Angler.
Give the float to the EM on the angler and get the lure in exchange.
Go to the Pier, turn left and go to the West Bridge.
Turn around and go to the Bushes.
Give the lure to the EM on the man, and read that you’ll be allowed to use his fishing rod anytime you like.
While looking at the water, put your cork/magnetised nail in your mug to build a magnet. This works in any view with a lot of water.

Go to West Bridge.
Turn right and zoom on the chessboard table.
Put your opened bottle on the EM by the board and get a cassette with musical hits.
How to use this one? Who needs music?
Right, the Seniors Club at the Bielany Cultural Centre!
Open the Map & Communicator and go there.

Bielany Cultural Centre
Turn left and enter the Performance Room.
Give the old hits cassette to the EM by the Seniors Club people.
You get a CD in return.
Go to the Lobby.
Click on the magnifier to the right to zoom in the Room’s Interior.
Put the CD on the EM on the computer.
A new location, Keller’s Pond, has been added to your map.
You can go there to examine the place if you want, but you’ll need to come back later on.

The next thing you need to do is to find that frog that you’re looking for. Remember the picture on the communicator?
You can choose to go to every view and have a look for it, or you can keep reading for the answer how to find it.

Go to St. Mary Magdalene’s Church.
Go to the Back of the Church.
Turn right and go to the Backyard.
Move your mouse pointer over the rocks below the statue to find an EM where the frog is (you probably need to have clicked on the frog picture in the communicator before the frog is visible).
Click on the EM to get a coin and another photograph in your communicator.
Go back.
Turn right and go to the Front of the Church.
Enter the church.
Click on the magnifier to the right.
Put your coin on the EM on the donation slot.
Get a strange piece of glass and an electronic lure.

Click on the Map & Communicator to have a look at the new photo.
Click on the photo to see that you should locate this grave plate.
Where have you seen a gravesite before?
Somewhere in the Bielanski Forest.
Use the communicator to go there.

Bielanski Forest
Turn right and go to the Crossroads.
Turn right and go to the Symbolic grave.
Move your mouse pointer over the grave and see an EM on the grave plate.
Click on the EM to get a box of matches and a new location, Wawrzyszew Cemetery, added to your map.
Click on the Map & Communicator to see a new photograph with a monument to visit. Choose to go to the Cemetery.

Wawrzyszew Cemetery
Turn left to see an arrow pointing to a memorial.
Click on it and then on the magnifier to zoom some more.
Use the matches on the left EM to light the candle and hear a mechanism powering up.
Click on the EM on the monument to see six letters. You need to press some of them in the right order.Which ones and how?
The photo in the communicator gives you the clue you need.
When correct, a Hidden Compartment will get unlocked.


Click on the EM over the hidden compartment in the lower right corner to get a pair of lenses.

How about using that electronic lure now?
Remember that you are allowed to borrow the fishing rod at any time?
Go to Brustman’s Ponds.
Turn around and go to the Bushes.
Use the electronic lure on the EM on the man to get a mechanical fish with a memory card inside.

You still have a location that you haven’t been to.
Use the Map & Communicator to go to Keller’s Ponds.
Go to the Bridge.
Click on the Artistic Designs to see some broken glass.
Place your strange piece of glass from your inventory on the EM to get an image projected on the bridge.
Click on the EM to see that it is a map of the Mlocinski Forest. The location is added to your map and you need to go there to find Professor Quark’s device.

Mlocinski Forest
Go forward to the Crossroads.
You’ll need to find the correct grave, and the hidden device should be there.
You can choose the left or the right path but you will find yourself getting lost until you use the compass on the directional arrow to get to the grave (did you combine the nail/cork with the cup while in an area with a lot of water to build the compass?).

When at the grave, move your mouse cursor over the trees to find an arrow below the thickest tree to the left.
Click on the arrow and use your shovel on the EM to get a pair of strange goggles.

Combine the strange goggles, the lenses and the memory card to finish the device (Professor’s Goggles).
You need to find a location that the Dark Character visited in the past.
Well, you know that you were attacked in the Bielany Cultural Centre, so go there.

When at the Bielany Cultural Centre, click on the Professor’s Goggles to connect with the mind of the Dark Character.
Click on the EM’s and arrows to finally see the place where the Professor is hidden.

After taking the Goggles off a new location is added to the map, Abandoned House. Go there.

Abandoned House
Choose the Path to the right then go further to the Back of the House.
Get a metal saw from there.
Go to the Front of the House again and choose to go to the Windows.
Use the Metal Saw, and you are done!!

Now, there is a part two to play...

wow, Ellie! Great job!

I haven't played this yet since people said it was glitching, but it must be quite a game.

I'll probably need your walkthrough, too.

@Ellie: I haven't played this game yet just like kitkatfox, but looking at your Walkthrough, this game must be really long. However, that Walkthrough is just AMAZING !!!


Very great job Ellie.
To late for me .I am out.

Thanks @kitkatfox :)
I suggest that you wait to play it until it works better than today. And you'll need to get used to the game. I almost quit after a few minutes, but it's worth to go on!

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Thank you very much @Prid and @Tosca for your compliments as well :)

Congratulations @tosca for being out!!

Found rubber ducky in stream. Got shovel handle and combined with shovel head. Dug at grave site and got googles and combined with memery card and lenses. Went to street and used googles. After using googles, went to back of house to get saw. Front of house and used saw on window. End of game.

I have to admit that i hope this is the way the escape games go. This game was brilliant. I love the interaction of it and the 360degree angle of the location. Ill wait till tomorrow to do part 2 as its 2 in the morning here. Thank you for the tips when i got stuck.

@ellie...you are amazing :) what a fantastic walkthrough, and this game is one of the more intricate adventures to write "how to" instructions...thank you for posting this incredible guide! i was failing miserably at poker and the rubber ducky was in a place i hadn't looked at yet, so thank you thank you for helping me continue on this fun adventure! i had to refresh the game several times...once to get my matches back in inventory *i was getting ready to cry because the hint was telling me i was finished in the forest but i couldn't find the matches!!! lol!* i can't wait to play the next two episodes...this is an awesome series :)

@Prid...i know you will enjoy this game :) i could play this type of adventure game everyday...!

It's worth registering at the website, it's a tourism one so can't find any reason not to, and that way it autosaves so if you do get a glitch you can restart from where it happened.

ugh... I accidentally exited from the game (trying to exit from the map) and it didn't ask "are you sure" it just WHAM gone... all gone... I was a little over halfway done I think. thinking it's not worth it to start all over... although the whole reason I was clicking around was because I had no crocodile tooth in my inventory (even though it said I was the proud owner) and the pliers were gone... probably had to restart anyway!

boo! the site is still having issues. I registered so it would allow me to easily restart if it glitched. Not only did it glitch, but then it lost my account. :(

This is in spite of the fact that the site says "04/09/2010: A new build (engine version 1.5.1) of Episode One has been uploaded, which fixes issues related to missing items, as well as optimises area transition triggers. Episode Two has been temporarily removed, pending engine update."

hope they are able to fix it soon! it's so much better than most of the escape games out there

@kitkatfox are you using safari? I was thinking it just might be my browser and I might try with firefox

@Allie I tried with IE. I have firefox set to accept no cookies. Maybe I will try it from FF later and allowing cookies.

Let me know if FF works!

@kitkatfox and @Allie,
When I tried to play the game yesterday the only possibility for me was to use FF. In IE i got stuck almost immediately, and using Chrome the game didn't even load.
On the other hand tosca said that the game worked better with Chrome. I guess it depends on the computer and your settings as well.

Allie, I just want you to know that I played the game in Safari, all the way through, and with no problems whatsoever. So it definitely isn't your browser. However, I think I was one of the first people in, and when I played it was late at night for me (USA, Pacific West Coast time) at least after 10pm, and it's possible that there aren't many others on at that time (it would be after 1 am East Coast time) since I rarely have problems with games loading when I play late at night (like for example, Sakura games are notoriously hard to get into when they're newly posted and everyone's trying to play.)

I think that since both episode 1 and 2 were posted here, and at other sites, at the same time, there were too many people trying to play at once. Since each location within the game required loading, items disappeared and caused problems loading when their server was overwhelmed with too much traffic. On the one hand, it is a problem with the developers forcing each scene to load, which caused excess traffic, but since the fully-immersive environments are such large files, I really don't know if they could've done it any other way. To try to load the whole game into one file would be massive.

With all that said, it truly is one of the best games I have ever played, and I've bookmarked it. I will go back to it in a month or so, hoping that traffic will have died down, and play it again, and probably again. If you can't get in now, I definitely recommend you try again in a few weeks.

@zilifool I'll try to play it later. I know people have said it is a very good game, and I want to play.

*Off to search in vents and under couches for patience. I'm sure it is around here somewhere, but I lost it years ago! ;)*

       Anonymous  4/11/10, 8:45 AM  

I agree that this was a great game, but I did have trouble with the navigation and loading of scenes. That "dampened" my experience a little (kind of boring waiting...waiting for scenes to load).

Thanks, Ellie, for the WT. I could not have completed this without it. The rubber duck thing I wouldn't even have known about it w/out the WT, so thanks again!

yw @Zoe! That ducky was the hardest part, I found it just by luck:)

It seems like the game works now! Its still a bit slow loading the scenes (at least the first time for every new scene), but I played it again and nothing disappeared from the inventory, nor did the game freeze. It's the second time I was able to finish it all the way to the end scene lol.

I was able to finish the game over a couple of nights. There weren't any issues. Excellent game, and out with the hint on finding the ducky.

Rubber ducky, you're the one! You make bath time twice as fun!

@Ellie Thank you so much for your wonderful walkthrough! Without your help I would still be trying to get the key from the guard! Yes I am that slow. lol
This is a fantastic game! I feel as though I've been on a holiday to Poland. Great fun.

Could not have finished without Ellie's great walkthrough. Great game after I took some Dramamine!

       Anonymous  5/12/10, 6:02 PM  

I really like this game (:

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