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Warsaw's Mission: Bielany - The Final Battle Walkthrough

Warsaw's Mission: Bielany - The Final Battle

Warsaw's Mission: Bielany Episode 3 - The Final Battle is the third episode of Warsaw's Mission point and click type adventure game by Nitreal. You play as an Agent of Mayor's Office Protection Squad (MOPS). During your missions you explore many different locations of the Bielany District, while investigating a dangerous and elusive criminal, The Dark Character. Good luck and have fun!

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Looking for computer code. Does it have anything to do with the seats?

i loved the previous ones!!!!!!

you're way ahead of me dayamayii, my game is still loading...

me too das

I loved the previous ones too. Waiting for second communicator location to load. Whee.

u need to look at the stadium through sunglasses

Now how is number One wearing her sunglasses when I've got them. She must have spares.

aww she took em back that's why :(

i'm totally stuck, dyamayii have you got into the computer yet?

Hil, as Das mentioned, you have to look at the stadium through the sunglasses.

yes, i have done that and saw a number, what now?
(btw i still have my sunglasses, found a floppy but it doesn't go into the computer, found a wire)

Hil, the floppy worked on the computer for me. You have to put it on the exclamation mark.

I seem to be going in circles trying to find another hose or a way to stretch this one, or a way through the gate. I have a bag of sand, a wrapped anvil, a rope, an inflated balloon as well as the hose. Why I can't use this bunch of things to dive in the pool I have no idea!!

thanks dayamayii, it works now, i hate it, but i have to go now
good luck with the mission

is anyone else still here?

you need a piece of tube from the italian cemetery if i remember well. Then, combine balloon, tube and sand bag.
And splash

Thanks Romain,

Maybe one day soon I'll find my way into the cemetery. :) Not today though. bedtime.

aghhhhhhhhhrrrgggghhhh! It takes so long to load....I haven't even begun to look for anything yet and it's loaded 4 or 5 different screens :(

I really like these games but I really don't like that it has sooooooooo many scenes that have to load.... :(

computerpassnumber : 2419

Romain, how to get into the cemetery?

nevermind, now I have what I need

i haven't actualy played yet.. every click means waiting for a scene to load.....

where is the notebook?

sac of sand? hose? gate? what are you guys talking about? i'm running around for an hour, have a copper wire, balloon filled with oxygen and a pole. Have to find a notebook for the man and i am not allowed into the swimmingpool without my bathingsuit? please help

Hil, go to Deby Nature Reserve, choosse path and look up.

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 11:28 AM  

hi eveyone,

thank you niccky, had looked up but not that high

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 11:30 AM  

this game is taking to long to load grrrrr

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 11:30 AM  

nvm i'm in, now to see if i can catch up

Jesus, this loading stuff is tedious, hopefully it'll get quicker as the game is played.

The graphics are awesome though.

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 11:38 AM  

hi Rambler, is your game still loading

Hi michelle, I've loaded the game okay, but every time I hit a forward arrow, it's like I'm loading another game!

Can someone tell me where the pole is please?

Fred, to get the pole you need to accept challenges from the works in the sports hall. Ultimately you'd be given a pole.

where's the pole please?

ok tyvm

how do i run faster?

Hmmm.. now the loading is jamming up for me. Guess I'll finish this later.

pole at the workers in gym

can anyone tell me where to train to run faster?

I am stuck with carbattery, anvil, notebook and rope.
cannot get the box in Bielany park

Blimey, I found something :o)

Got some copper wire in lecture hall behind the desk.

run : in physiology center

Push-ups in Mlocinski park

ah yes...i'm an idiot. thanks tosca

THX Rambler Finally.

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 12:09 PM  

I don't know if i'm going to be able to catch up with u guys

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 12:11 PM  

so much for playing in the sandbox lol

Oh my god, I've just realised you can look up and down as well as side to side lol

@Tosca, do you mean I helped?

Bloody hell :o)

Use vault pole in moklinskie nature reserve.
Look UP in the trees.

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 12:15 PM  

good luck everyone with the game, i don't have patient for this type of game

@michelle, somehow I dont't think this ones a race. I'm just going to take my time and try to enjoy it.

@:Rambler I was able to make an electromagnet to receive a box with isotope anddistorsion device.

@tosca, so I DID help (hugs self) lol

I started this morning all by myself.
Now while I am waiting fot the download, I can help other people, I hope

where did you get the car battery?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

i have given de dvd to the guardian, got nothing, he only let me in the cemetary? and jozef gave something else (cannot remember anymore)

Have you looked in teh catacombs

oh no, can't look any further, game freezed....

Wow if you reach Arcelor Steel, there is a lot to download.
And SLOW pfffft

This is seriously getting on my t*ts. Grrrr

In fact, I think I'm going to iron some work shirts. It might be more fun!!!

Hill It also stopped by me.
A download stopped at 41% .
I had this before and opened another window to play another game meanwwhile.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes it started again

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 12:57 PM  

Ramble i'm back, going to give it another try, i'm going to need alot of help in this one

       Anonymous  4/27/10, 1:07 PM  

going to play this game later, have birds cage to clean

sure don't know where your finding everything but all i've got is the copper wire and can't do anything else

Hey guys, Got tape from catacombs. Am I missing something else in there? Thanks in advance.

Get battery from guard's car. Combine anvil, wire and battery = electromagnet. Attach rope to that.

Okay, I've finished ironing my shirts now - and my mum is very proud of me :o)

Let's give it another go. I'm pretty much the same place as you kara. Let's go find stuff.

sure rambler but your all the hope i got so hope you find something i've been on here for 2 hours off and on so good luck lol

Me too kara, my first post was at 20.36 lol

im going back to every place i've been already

find anything??? I wish people would say where they found things the previous posts suck lol

I'm just going round in circles here.

Every time I get to a new area I can't find anything and end up clicking on the communicator and find myself back at the start.

Tosca, write a walkthrough. Help us poor lost souls.

Go with the broken rod to prof Quark

@tosca all we have is the copper wire and can't find anything else or do anything

yes please WALKTHROUGH would be nice please i'm begging lol I've bbeen on here forever and no housework done lol

I've used the wrong item on the dark charakter and now I am in strange frozen place, where I can't do nothing:( I have only Spacetime Distortion Device. Is the end for me?

I managed to get another rod, then I found the black character, I threw the spacetime distortion device in his face and I woke up in the snow on a roof.
Happy that there is no dying in the battle, just retry.

sorry migdale can't help yah i can't get past getting the copper wire

@tosca, a hint through would suffice.

@migdale : I go now into the lobby

Grrr loading time again

Cloackroom and exit in lobby, but waiting for the loading

rambler im going to go look see if i can find some help else where be right back

Found keycard on desk in underground garage

@Rambler: I started this morning and I really dont remember al the things I did.
Just ask a proper question and I will try to answer.

@kara, GH and Nordinho don't have it. :o(

wheres the sunglasses

now i need another keycard apparently

Out of lobby and now I have to clean the snow, but with what ?
Where are you Rambler ?

It's ok, Kara. I exit the game after playing a few hours. I don't know how to retry, Tosca.
Good luck for every one.
Here, where I am it's almost midnight... I hope the dark charakter won't be in my dream:)

@ tosca. Some of the things you've found. Battery etc, where way thay?
Also, I know that I've got to do some exercises - according to the gym guy, but when I access the particular scene I can't seem to do anything. Hence my plea for a hint through.

tosca, check out the bathroom upstairs in the auditorium...

kara : skip the sunglasses. You need them to know the computercode.
I posted that code earlier.

Hairdryre in rest room in auditorium maximus

extension cord in sound room that you open with keycard

Sorry, I mean where were they? lol

I think I'm getting tired.

wow...i finished! who needs help?

ok tosca but im in the same boat as rambler we can't do anything after finding the copper wire can't do any execises can't find rod,balloon or even comp disk

@Shane can you give us a walkthough or something?

@Shane me and karla for a start, and I guess there are many others.

Congratulations anyway. Or should that be Gongats :o)

Copper wire guys - did you track down the photo from your communicator?

i'm trying to remember where the floppy disk was. it is in the first school somewhere somewhere. i started over to try and find it again. i fear that a walkthrough would take an hour to write because of load times.

Rambler have you done yuor running and situp exercices ? I explained earlier where you have to go. It was the physology class and some park. Then you get a vault pole to discover sometjghin in the tress in a park.
I posted that before

shane did you find the outlet to put the extension cord ??

Oh put the extension cord on hairdryer.
No need for an outlet.

disk is in graduates alley beyond the stadium. first you will need to examine one of the photos in the entrance to the lecture hall

I found the photo. It's in a corridor somewhere.

The first set of exercises are in the park. But you can't get there til after you've looked at the computer. I think the floppy was with the sunglasses. First you need to go to "lecture hall". The glass case from your communicator is there somewhere. I think you need to see it before you can find the sunglasses & floppy.

Meantime, any clues as to what i might have missed - haven't found insulation tape or dvd - would be appreciated.

@tosca, that's where I'm struggling. I know what to do regarding the exercises, but the blooming game won't let me do it. Gah

I found the communicator and went talking to agent number one and I got a new mission !!!!!!!!
This is a never ending story.

rambler you need to do the pull-ups first, and to do that you need to get to the park. the walking machine comes later.

the pics were in the history hall/lecture hall

yes, kara, they were in the entry area into the lecture hall.

dayamayii - have do you have the ballon, hose, and empty bag? you need to return the skull to it's rightful place for the dvd...

shane i have filled balloon, hose, and bag of sand

check the pool...

Incidentally for those early on in the game, especially about to play, it's really worth registering and logging in because if something goes wrong and a load gets stuck you can come back to where you were with a reload.

I'm whacked. I'll try this in the morning.
Goodnight all and thanks for the help.
I'm sure there's a good game just trying to burst out here

Rambler : in the parks , there is something to be found on the ground, Maybe is that it.
I think you played only 1/4 of the game.
I am sorry that I did not took notice.
It is really a long game.

Shane I've looked at the pool, I know about the skull, but I need something more before I can dive for it.

make sure you combine the ballon, hose, and sandbag :)

oh man, i thought i'd tried all those combinations! hose to balloon. thanks!

i gotta run...good luck all! and be prepared for a REALLY long game...

night rambler thanks for the help

I was looking forward to this one because it would BE a really long game, and one which I could come back to (as now). Good on the Bielany people for doing this. I certainly would feel nostalgic enough about this mammoth game series to check it out - if I ever make it to Warsaw.

what do I do with the elctromagnet? where to use it?

well i looked at the pictures on the wall in the history hall and looked on the ground for something unknown in the parks and stadiums and can't find anything to further myself in this game so i guess im giving up till maybe a walkthrough comes out or something

To enter the dean's room : upgrade your keycard by agent number one

After getting the steel rod in the deazn's office, gring it to agent 1, and another mission now.

@ fabienne: electromagnet with cupper wire, from behind desk + rope to get metal box in some hole.
I was stuck thereto because I did not have the cupper wire.

Kara, if you're still there, you go to the lecture hall, but stay in the foyer room, and look around the glass cases. You may have to examine the photo in your communicator first.

loading area stuck again.
This will be again 15 min waiting or more

This mill is a maze!

I am still waiting for 1 page to download. I think they are making the game as I progress.
I am at Bielanys district office now and there are many pages to download.
Sorry guys but I dont want to replay this ..... to make a walkthrough right now, I am playing since this morning.

DAYAMAYII and RAMBLER thanks for the tip Daya and RAMBLER go to the pictures again and there is a picture that you scroll over and then you can click on it now daya said to open picture from comunicator 1st don't know if that helped or not

Oh no! The Dark Character alarm! No time to call for backup, but enough time to wander around this place aimlessly like a loon.

one hour later
page not loading anymore
so bye

Looks like the Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski University is much better funded than the phys ed one we started at!

that's when i reload, tosca. It only happened once, thankfully
but very glad i registered

Woohoo! Finally completed. Long game. Will stay around for a while in case someone needs help.

Hi guys, I'm at the steel plant and I don't know where I'm supposed to go. I've been everywhere and nothing is happening, and nothing to interact with. Wassup?

defeatd the Shadow...love this type of adventure game!!


depending where you are in the game, the broken torch is fixed by the Professor so click on MOPS HQ and receive further info

to reiterate what Tosca said...get the keycard used to enter Sound Room @ University upgraded by Agent One and then you can enter the Dean's office

don't forget that the time device you have can be used to *speed* things up...i.e., when you receive the queue # at University with #9999 on it, go to the monitor and use device to change number from 0001 to 9999 :)

hair dryer found in restroom in University attached to *longer than Panama Canal* extension cord to melt snow which reveals your communicator

Will go through game again after resting my eyes and attempt to create a WT that will make sense :)

Wonderful wonderful game!!!!!

Mr. Slawek welcomes you to the rolling mill. UGH!

@JillyDoc...you will need to go to the rolling mill where there are several levels and places to go...don't forget to look up high enough, as some of the stairs arrows are sometimes above the game screen...the rod is made at the rolling mill...find the control room then machinery and the workers make the rod...I hope that makes sense :) investigate everything...sometimes I found items that were used in other places but it does begin to make sense, and don't forget to call on Agent One and the *absent-minded* professor to help you fix things *the broken torch* and upgrading the access pass once you reach the University :)

Thanks Irish. I was in the control room at the rolling mill. then you have to go back to the steelworks next to the orange wall or one arrow away, I found a technician. Glory be!!!

Aha! If you get to the machinery behind control room in rolling mill and you cannot interact, you have to wander at the steelworks until you meet technicians. after this you can interact with machinery.

Just started the game and can not find sun glass, can someone tell me the exact location, thanks in advance:)

Hi Clare, make sure you do this in order:
look at the photo in your communicator
from the university map go "to the lecture hall", it'll tell you you're in the right area. Look left and at the glass case. Run your mouse over the photos til you find the right one (it's of agent number 1)

Once you've seen that,the sunglasses are in a path off Graduates Alley.. to get there from the map.. Sports Hall, Stadium, Graduates Alley, then there's another arrow marked Graduates Alley I think.

Er, sorry, May. The previous post was for you. I'm baffled where I got Clare from!

i've landed in a white screen, all i can see is the sky, what do i have to do here? i can't do anything??

i'm sorry, i've started over again and now i can move around.....seems that i "hung"

Hi all Have read all comments but can not find the torch Please where is it???

@Grec: it's in the machinery after you spoke to Slawek in the controllroom

I must be dumb but I can't work out how to get the car battery. Is it from the guards car at the cemetery? Because if it is, I can't figure out how to get it. If it isn't, where do I find it??

@TerryJ...in order to get the battery from the guard, you first need to get a CD with another season of the TV show he is watching, then he will hand over the battery :) I will need to replay to write a WT and I am sorry I cannot remmeber exactly where to get that CD, but I hope that helps a little :)

@dayamayii, thank you very much, you're so kind!^^

Ok I am still stuck have found Slawek just says welcome found technians Im VIP! still unable to do anything in machinery what else do I need to do someone plz

@Greg...did you go to Steelworks? When you are there, go upstairs and give Isotope 42 to the technician...a few hours will go by and then you receive another message that the rod should be ready at the Rolling Mill...follow arrow to Bridge then to Control Room then to Machinery and the worker down below gives you a *malfunction* message...then you talk to Slawek up in the Control Room ... hope this will help :)

@Greg...do you have broken torch in your inventory yet? If you do...Professor Quark needs to fix it for you so you can give it to the technicians at the Rolling Mill and receive the completed Steel Rod :)

@Irish Thank you wasn't given isotope over doh!! out now great game except for loading times.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I have written a WT for this cool game...it is, of course, tradition that each game have one or more walkthroughs for the edification and release from frustration that we loyal gamers often experience ... ;) I hope this will be of help to all those who have yet to experience this awesome game :) Remember that the navigation moves from side to side and up and down :) Okay...whew!!! here we go!



- you have followed the *Dark Character* this far...suddenly, you receive an ominous call from the devil himself and your communicator is in emergency mode...oh no, not the auspicious beginning you had in mind for this final mission but ... at least that stupid Jack As...I mean donkey named Frank isn't here to taunt and laugh at you!!!
- but I digress...check your communicator and notice a large photograph and the University of Physical Education location...
- click on the photo and notice a glass case? this has to be a clue...
- but to business...click on University location ... a hidden terminal will reveal the emergency MOPS HQ, well... that is the Conventional Wisdom at this point!


- turn left and enter the Interior... notice Map and zoom in...Let's begin!
- click to go to the Physiology Department ...notice the Oxygen Cylinders...hmmm, you know this will be used for something :)... continue left and notice that although you turned the computer on, the screen is blank...looks like it needs a floppy disk...
- continuing left notice the Treadmill... a little voice tells you that you haven't seen the last of this machine :)
- return to map and click on the Anthropology Dept.
- turn left and notice that a valuable human skull is MIA...that must have been a wild party!
- check Corridor and notice the view of the Stadium from the window...turn left and go back to the map
Lecture Hall:
- next stop, the Lecture Hall...hmmmm...photos!
- turn left and zoom in on the photos in the case...same photo case seen in communicator and...wait! you see a photo of Agent One and click on it..she is pointing to some trees! Eureka...deja vu...didn't you find One's shades in this very spot? zoom out and go to Lecture Hall
- check the chair in front of student seats and VOILA! a Copper Wire...go back to the map
- click on Swimming Pool only to discover you...ahem...don't have a swimming suit...*apparently wild parties are allowed but skinny dipping is a no-no* lol! well fine...return to the map and click on Sports Hall
Sports Hall:
- talk to Sports workers only to get laughed at *I think they adopted Frank the Donkey*...geez...no respect...well okay, you have been challenged to complete 100 pull-ups...*mental note to get super vitamins and energy drink*
- after leaving Sports workers, check out the Sandbox...somehow you get the feeling you will need to visit again
- exit to Stadium area, continue to Graduate's Alley and follow to the area in the photo of Agent One...look! a box containing One's Sunglasses and also an old Floppy Disk
- you race back to the Sport's Hall, remembering that One's glasses allowed you to view a code from that window overlooking the Stadium area
- on your way back to the Anthropology Dept you stop by to talk with the Sports workers but they only mock you ... seems you have some exercising to do before you can meet their challenges! *groan*
Corridor in Anthropology Dept:
- look out of the window, put on One's glasses and a code appears on the field *2419*...remove glasses and head back to Physiology Dept and the computer!
Physiology Dept:
- insert Floppy Disk into computer and enter the code *2419*...read secret message and learn disk will self-destruct...hmmm *this mission, should you decide to accept it*...okay Mr. Phelps...a new location has been added
- before leaving ... click on Treadmill and learn you aren't ready for this exercise just yet...



- your mission is to locate Bruhl's Palace, the secret home of MOPS HQ
- go down path and turn left to find a Deflated Balloon lying on the bench
- continue left and notice the bar...okay, you said you would do pull-ups so this is the perfect place to practice! after 2 hours of strenuous exercise you decide enough is enough...turn left and continue on path
- you reach the gate from whence you started...turn around and click on path to the left, continue straight and discover Bruhl's Palace and MOPS HQ
- Agent One greets you and beckons you follow...dang...she took her cool shades back! Oh well!
- EECK! Professor Quark...ummm...words fail ou so instead you just listen...OH GOOD GRIEF...the Professor has a memory problem but on the bright side...you now have a new location added to your communicator...it seems the hapless Professor misplaced his notebook and needs it found...


- go down the proverbial *garden path* and arrive at some type of grave/monument.
- turn around and look high *we are talking way high* and notice something is hanging from a tree branch...if you were 10 feet tall you might have a chance but...obviously you need to find something *say a Pole* to reach the object!
- an idea pops into your mind...so you head back to the University for more exercise!


- go to the Sports Hall to talk with the workers again...these guys STILL aren't impressed and now challenge you to run the 100 metres in record time...you are officially in hell!
- you go to the Track outside to run...huffing and puffing...but you finished so you talk to the workers once again...WHAT...not fast enough!!! hmpffff!!! further action is required, so....
- back to the Physiology Dept...this time you spend time running on the Treadmill
- before leaving, fill that Balloon with Oxygen
- sprint back to the Sports Hall and those workers and finally...SUCCESS!!! you have run track in great time and the workers have given you a Pole...now it's time to go back to the Nature Preserve


- once again, go down the path...this time gaze high up in the trees and use your Pole to retreive a .... huh? Professor Quark's Bag....
- rush back to MOPS secret HQ in MLOCINSKIE PARK and hand Bag to the Professor...
- you are rendered mute when the Professor presents you with his *used* Swimsuit...plus his notes are in another location after all...you swallow several Exedrin Xtra Strength!
- at least now you have new locations to explore
- according to the Professor his notes are underneath a potted plant in the ITALIAN ARMY CEMETARY, plus a metal box needs to be retrieved...okay, for now though...back to the UNIVERSITY

UNIVERSITY...Sports Hall:

- this empty Bag is just begging to be filled with...ah yes...SAND! fill it up from the SANDBOX
- now head for the Pool...


- put the *ICKKKKK* used swimsuit on and enter the Pool...notice that the missing Human Skull is at the bottom of the Pool...geez...what kind of a party was this...lol!
- you are unable to dive right now, so....out of the *shiver* swimsuit and on to the CEMETARY



- oh what a surprise...the gate is locked and of course the guard is so busy watching *DR FLAT*...hmmm...distant cousin of *HOUSE*...back to business; turn left from Guard House
- shorten the Garden Hose...hehe!
- amazingly, you combine the Balloon, Hose and Sand Bag :)
- you waste a few hours wandering about and notice a new location...HUTNIK SPORT CLUB


- go to the fence in front of you and find...are you ready for this...an Anvil buried beneath the hay ??
- amazingly, you combine the Anvil and Copper Wire...go back and speak with Mister Joseph only to discover he is on to you and needs to patch up your *artwork* on his hose...oops!
- turn left after conversation with Mister Joseph and notice the seats in the bleachers...one in particular has a Rope to *borrow*
- time to visit the UNIVERSITY again...

UNIVERSITY...Swimming Pool:

- enter Pool area and use your nifty Balloon-Hose-Sand Bag combo to help you dive for that rare Human Skull
- go to Anthropology Dept and replace the skull in the glass case and ... holy DVD's!!! the entire 5th season of Dr. Flat on DVD...
- you make like the wind and rush to the CEMETARY


- you present the guard with the DVD and he is so excited, he opens the gates....but wait...talk to the guard again and he allows you to borrow his car Battery!
- go through the Cemetary gate, turn left and right to check under the Potted Plants...shoot! you need a Tool to dig...
- head to the Catacombs and discover some Insulating Tape on the window ledge...Mister Joseph will like this! *snicker*
- while you're here...might as well combine the Battery with the Anvil with the Rope...WOW! Mike the Duck made more of an impression on you than first suspected...hehe!
- back to the Sports Club to see Mister Joseph...


- Mister Joseph is ecstatic to receive the Insulating Tape...now his hose is repaired *and you are off the hook...this time*
- BIELANY FORT is added to your communicator!


- turn left and leaning against a stone wall is ... ta duh... a Shovel!
- before leaving...look above the stone wall and locate a small shaft...hmmm...a metal box is down yonder
- it's the old Anvil on the Rope trick...the Anvil brings the metal box up to the surface and carefully, you remove *Isotope 42* and a *SPACETIME DISTORTION DEVICE*...WHOA!
- done here but the CEMETARY sounds like a good idea...*you dig*...ahem!


- turn right and use the Shovel to dig under the first Potted Plant ... finally! SUCCESS! the elusive Notebook


- after digging up the Notebook, you rush back to MOPS
- Professor Quark examines the Notebook and you learn Isotope 42 and the SPACETIME DISTORTION DEVICE were created to defeat Mister Devil Dark Character
- after speaking with Agent One you learn that she has friends at the ARCELORMITTAL WARSAW STEEL PLANT where Isotope 42 will be used to prepare a special Steel Rod...so off the the Steel Plant you go...with all good wishes of course...pftt!



- upon arrival, head to the Steelworks, turn left until you see an arrow pointing *Upstairs*
- find the technician Upstairs and hand him the Isotope 42...a few hours pass and you are informed that the Rod is ready at the Rolling Mill...talk to a Mr. Slawek in the Control Room at the Mill
- turn left, go downstairs, go to the Furnace area and Rolling Mill is a left turn from there...


- at Mill, turn right to Bridge, continue to Control Room then left to Machinery and...NOOOOO!!!!! MALFUNCTION...WHAT?! technician informs you that a malfunction has occurred and you are left with a Broken Torch....GAH!
- ever the nauseating optimist, you decide to fix the problem...first, though, look up and enter Control Room to talk with Mr. Slaweck...he suggests you investigate the problem...great!
- MUST I DO EVERYTHING!!!!! there is only one way to remedy this dilemma...


- in spite of his memory loss and a strange facial tic, Professor Quark manages to repair the Broken Torch
- you rush back to the Steel Plant...


- you return to the Machinery area and hand the technician the repaired Torch...
- once again, go up into the Control Room and talk with Mr. Slaweck and receive the Special Rod!
- WHAT....ALARM...ALARM!!!! Dark Character is in the vicinity
- on the way back to Bridge you encounter the Dark Character in the Rolling Mill *danger Will Robinson*...the Dark one is engulfed in an electromagnetic anomaly...
- you throw the Rod more than once and it isn't working...SUDDENLY, a stroke of genius...you hurl the SPACE DISTORTION DEVICE and all goes blank...


- another fine mess ... no communicator! nothing but blue sky *you feel a song...stop!* you look down toward your feet and see snow and a door in front of you...you enter the Interior and learn it has been 4 months since the Steel Plant *incident*...


- you exit the front door and hear the ringtone of your Communicator...then it fades
- underneath the snow, somewhere, is your Communicator so you now must find a way to dig it up...
- turn left and enter AUDITORIUM MAXIMUS...oh you should really leave that one alone...!


- you walk to the Lecture Hall...after reaching the Hall, you use the Upper Exit and discover a Sound Room...of course it is locked!
- turn left into the Hall, then turn right and spot a restroom *well 4 months is a long time*...in the restroom you find, of all things, a Hair Dryer in the sink..
- back in the Lecture Hall, use the Lower Exit and then exit the AUDITORIUM....




- you go to the Cloakroom, then the Underground Garage...turn right and go *round the corner*...WOOT! old furniture and inside a drawer is a Key Card!!


- excitedly you run slipping and sliding to the AUDITORIUM MAXIMUS, straight to the Lecture Room and then to the Sound Room up the stairs...
- with trembling fingers you insert the Key Card and open the door...inside you find an Extension Cord the length of the Amazon...conveniently you can combine
the Dryer and XX-Large Cord and head outside to thaw some snow!
- these modern inventions boggle the mind...after melting the snow and finding your Communicator, you *dial home* and speak with Agent One, only to learn that your trip *back to the future* has landed you in a disaster...with Dark Spawn of the Devil in control.
- One uploads a special program which will allow you to detect your missing Rod...it’s late!!!!!
- loud beeping indicates the Rod is located somewhere in this building...
- heading to the Lecture Hall you go upstairs and turn left to the Hall and ......SNAP! signal is going crazy and it is pointing to the Dean’s Office but ... CRUD...locked! you need a higher access permission


- Agent One updates your Key Card ... now you speed back to the Dean’s Office in the AUDITORIUM MAXIMUS, insert the upgraded Key Card where you find the Rod in a candy basket...okay...you stopped asking silly questions months ago...
- no time to waste wondering....heading back to MOPS you hand the Rod to One and you finally learn about the Dark Character...Wonderful, Dark Dude is the evil side of Professor Quark’s mind and after wearing Agent One’s shades, Mr. Bad Boy has access to your mind as well....momma told me there would be days like this!!!!!!
- suddenly, you are astral-projected to BIELANY DISTRICT OFFICE....*is this real* One says the Final Battle will take place here so ....here we go!
- you notice that a new device...a QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT DEVICE has been added to your arsenal...okay....now or never....
- GAME ON!!!!


- you walk down the Hall and notice a #0001 on the overhead screen
- back in the Lobby you notice a TouchScreen that issues queue numbers
- knowing Dark Dude is on the 5th floor, you ride the elevator to the office...the secretary asks if you have an appointment with the Master....oh REALLY!!!!!
- you ride the elevator back to the Lobby and go to the TouchScreen to get a number....oh can this day get any worse!!! PFTTTT!!!! Number 9999!!!!! your scheming little mind suddenly sprouts an idea....yes...that will work...hehe!!!!
- you saunter back down the Hall and aim that cool SPACETIME DISTORTION DEVICE at the overhead screen and ....the number changes from 0001 to 9999...
- you take the elevator back to the 5th floor, hand the queue number to the secretary and are admitted to *The Master’s* chamber


- at first you don’t see Dark Dude but turn left and there he is .... O M G! he is mocking you so you fling the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT DEVICE at him but it isn’t working...after several more failed attempts you finally realize that perhaps the SPACETIME DISTORTION DEVICE would work *DUH* so you fling it at DD...
- suddenly...you are both transported back to the Steel Plant at the exact time of the anomaly...you hurl the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT DEVICE at the Dark Character and he is finally defeated!!!!!!

Number One promotes you to Number Two...you take a long vacation to some remote island and sip Mojitos all day...in fact, you seem to still be *missing*...lol!!!!

WHEW!!!! That was a long one but I hope you have fun reading it and hopefully it will help :)

Well this sux.....I had retrieved the skull (and everything else to that point), given the dvd to the guard and was about to enter the cemetery when it froze up whilst loading it so I went to bed....tonight I come back and it's waaaaayyyy back in the game. The stupid skull is still in the pool, my sandbag is empty....aaaagggghhh....frustrating considering how long you have to wait for it to load every scene!

Thank you so much @ irishenigma :) What a fantastic game, now I want to go and visit Poland! :)

@beebee...you are so welcome :) i am hoping Nitreal will create more adventure games of this type :) the graphics were absolutely amazing and I also want to visit Poland! what a fantastic 3-game series this was! :)

This game was excellent. A well-done finale to the fantastic first two. Loved it! Like beebee and irish, I too now want to visit Poland. Especially since I noticed in almost all the scenes the sky was so beautifully clear. Maybe they don't have as much air traffic leaving contrails as we do in the States? And after the success of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code novel, I heard that the Louvre Museum was offering 'Da Vinci Code' tours, featuring all the locations from the book. I absolutely want a 'Warsaw Mission' tour of Bielany!

Irish, I want to tell you how great your walkthrough is. Very entertaining, and I enjoyed reading your perspective all the way through. Not to mention that I did need some hints here and there. I know that took you a while to write, and I'm sure many other lurkers also appreciate it as much as I do. Thanks so much.

       Anonymous  5/1/10, 9:59 AM  

Yes, I usually a lurker, mostly because I'm too late to play a good game like this live.
Irish: Wonderful WT - very brilliant and funny! I had many good laughs reading it. I hope you write more. In fact, you could write a book - I'd buy it!

Excellent game - wish there were more like this rather than those boring find the numbers and letters - I don't play those - they're not escape games!

Thanks for all your efforts in getting great games like this to those of us who really appreciate true escape games!!!

@Zilifool...thank you so much for the compliment :D I know you understand how long the WT's for this series take :) *wipes brow* you mentioned in the Mystery House game that some gamers didn't think your WT's were specific enough...well, I DISAGREE!!!! your walkthroughs are very thorough and you have helped me many times! keep them coming :D

@Zoe...thank you! I am so glad the WT helped, but more than that, I enjoyed injecting my slightly *skewed* sense of humour in the WT...lol!!!

Zilifool and BeeBee...let's start planning our trip to Warsaw :D

       Anonymous  5/13/10, 3:31 PM  

I wonder if they will make more games like super sneaky spy has I really enjoyed this game

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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