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June 27, 2017

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Ant Hill Trap Escape Walkthrough

Ant Hill Trap Escape

[REPLAY] 123Bee - Ant Hill Trap Escape is another point and click escape game developed by 123 Bee. Due to the heavy shower of rain, the water level in the ground has risen. All the ants have escaped the ant hill except for one. Use the objects and the clues hidden and save the ant as well as the ant eggs hidden in the anthill. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Ant Hill Trap Walkthrough


Cant seem to get it to load goes to a black screen after the ants have a party for the 150th on line game.

I have 4 circle pieces(think i need 5 to put on picture hanging up), have backpack, and shovel.. dont know what to do now

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:45 AM  

Hi, anyone else here?

Haaaa an escape one !!
Still loading .... Black screen

hey all

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:49 AM  

Placed 5 coins in portrait to get key - now have hammer, walnuts and hard clay...

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hai good evening everyone

Used hammer in tunnel to get into supply room, picked up a few things in there but stuck now

Went into the right tunnel after clearing the cupboard out. Used hammer on right door

ants celebrating... is game over even b4 starting?

Now stuck in lavatory

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:52 AM  

got into the bathroom - got another key

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:53 AM  

used shovel on fruit bowl to get a key


hehe game loaded.. got 5 coins, placed them, got a key, a bag and shovel so far....

put soap in bucket to get another key

placed roundy thing on keys opened locker n got some stuff

my key from coin frame doesnt open any room???

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:56 AM  

hmmm, stuck now after kitchen - have a lot of things in my inventory

Gave milk to snake, goot key

opened cupboard n got hammar, coin, nuts,, some bubbles comingout.. is this normal?

@Nanthini, it opens the cupboard in the same room

Diamond in the Jelly?

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:58 AM  

@melly - how did you get the milk - i can't take it?

How did u picked up the milk?

where is fruit bowl?
am struck with gold coin, hard clay, shovel, hammer, bag and wallnuts

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 4:59 AM  

nevermind - got it :-)

Fruit bowl is in the supply room

ahhh, lost my secret scroll!

Not sure what happened, i somehow turned the diamond into a caged snake, gave it milk and got a 5th key. Don't know where to put it though.

successfully entered kitchen got a scroll and struck!!

@Justin, how did u got the milk?

found a snake in cage with a key inside
cant open it


Saima - take the bowl of milk next to the carton not the carton itself

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:04 AM  

very stuck now with a lot of things...

Oops, got it?

You need to use the bowl with milk, he take the bowl to the screen, the cage appears

how to get milk?

This one is buggy. Lost my knife but somehow it cut the jelly ;)
Where's the snake ?!

Anybody know what to do with the hook and rope? or anything else for that matter!

got the key from nskae

what diamond??? cant cut jelly

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:07 AM  

go in the left tunnel and use cart with ant

In inventory, i put diamond on milk and got a snake ....

justin - 5th key opens door on left tunnel.
can see the throne with the crown placed rope and hook but can't swing over the river...

where is the rope?

@Nanthine, click on the milk, next to it must be a little bowl with milk

where is the knife?

Where is the rope?

nvm goty it

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:08 AM  

surely the trolley is to go down the other tunnel?

Can't go in left tunnel, don't have rope .

Stuck in scene with throne, crown and mud on the right side.

Still need hope and can't get into the left tunnel

i cant even enter left tunnel how did u do it?

rope in bathroom next to hot tub

I wonder if it is a bug. I can't enter the left tunnel

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:11 AM  

used clay on rope then used shovel on mud on right side

Thanks susana got rope

i used my diamond on the potrait n got a there another diamond?

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:11 AM  

can't enter left tunnel either... @ pixelhunter - what scene is that that you're in?

i got snake not by putting diamond on milk... i opened scroll over a candle and it showed pic of a bee and pointer to its left eye.. i clicked right picture on wall and clicked left eye of bee and the picture opened and the cage snake was under it

Ok, thanks for the rope :)

but left tunnel is still not reachable

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:12 AM  


Turn to your left (behind you)

Get 5 coins – 1 on the sofa, 2 (zoom) behind the flowers, 3 on table between tea pot and cup, 4 (zoom) on floor left of cupboard, 5 on top of left picture

Get shovel from behind sofa

Get bag off of wall

Put coins into right picture (they only fit in one spot) and get key

Use key on cupboard (zoom) and get hammer, walnuts, gold coin, and hard clay

Turn back and go into the right tunnel

Go to the rightmost door (Storage room) and use hammer on the stick locking the door

Zoom in on fruit bowl and use shovel to get a coin

Get trolley

Zoom in on cupboard and get key and hook

Go back and go to the leftmost door (Lavatory room) and use key

Get soap from back shelf

Zoom in on bucket and use soap in water to get a key

Zoom in on hot tub screen to get rope

Go back and go to center door (Dining room) and use key

Get knife from center of table

Use knife on jelly in front of table to get a red diamond

Use diamond on left picture of ant king and get another gold coin

Get milk bowl next to milk bottle

Zoom in to middle cup on right side of the table and get a secret scroll

Zoom into candle on right side of the table and put secret scroll behind the candle, an arrow will point to the left on the ant’s face

Zoom in to the right picture of an ant with a gun and click on the right side of his face and get a snake in a cage

Click on snake cage in inventory and put milk bowl in front of snake to get key

Zoom out 3 times and go into tunnel on the left

Put trolley in front of ant to escape the oncoming flood

Click on the hole once the ant is done riding the trolley to continue to the next room

Zoom into the door and put the ant coin where the handle is, then use key

Click on hook in inventory (this will open a new screen) and attach rope

Attach hook and rope to the loop of rock in the ceiling on the left

Attach hard clay to the other end of the rope on the ground

Click on the rope and it will block the rushing water automatically

Use shovel on the mud pile on the right to dry up the river

Put gold coins into the circles on the king’s throne to get boxes of eggs

Put bag on right side of king’s throne and click eggs to put into bag

Recollect bag and go into tunnel in front of you
Put walnuts into walnut box

Click on exit and You’re Out!

Any certain spot where to use the shovel on the mud?

ok..snake is the water puddlt scene near the hole

After putting diamond on picture i'm able to go into left tunnel !

cant use hammer on any doors. cant do nothing. help please

oh jus got rope.. i could enter the tunnel after getting rope

nice ride for the ant hehehe

Ok, out. Thanks for the walkthrough :-)

Out too, but very buggy !

and out... thanks for help on hook and rope.. didnt strike to me.. and for the rope part too where to find it.... thanks and bye alll!!!!!!!

and out

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:21 AM  

Sweetgirl - you don't use the hammer on the first doors you see, go down the righthand tunnel.

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:22 AM  

Out.. with help - I missed the rope on the hot tub, held me up for ages - I was so pleased to see the walkthrough when I came to look for help :o) thank you, @silverfairy!

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 5:23 AM  

Ah I see I wasn't alone in missing the rope... makes me feel better LOL out..nice game

Nice one Walnuts, out in 8mins...

I can't tie my rope, where exactly do i tie it?

       Anonymous  5/24/10, 8:00 AM  

Haha, very funny game. a bit buggy but nice...

Nice walkthrough Silverfairy77, well done..

Way too buggy!
My knife dissapear using it on the armed ant painting and all of a sudden the jelly was cut.
The snake appeared only by clicking on the bowl of milk... and made all of the candle-scroll procedure a useless one! And, what's the point of having a caged snake that can easily go out to get milk?
And about that left tunnel, I couldn't go there having everything in inventory and done everything possible necessary, but until the hundredth time I tried!
Got out but following the last steps of the Walkthroug... wasn't on the mood to keep trying on my own after all the mentioned above. Nice game? Nah!!

@Edgar you know you're better then that game was , and that comment OUT in 8 minutes hehe Come on the pixel hunt on this one?? took me 8 minutes to get in that left tunnel , let alone feed the cobra lol ...Thanks for the last part of the walkthrough I did need it

and @frank... about the "hard to believe part"? Well, I meant that thinking on an only/first try... and I still might be wrong, I'm just talking based on my own limitations, which are many. Hope you won't take it too personal.

What happens with the comments???
There was supposed to be another one before the one above!!

Anyway, if it shows up later I'll see it eventually, if not, it was like this:

"@Clee, I'm not sure if you're refering to me with the 8 minutes comment. @frank said he did it, although a bit hard to believe. As for me, it took more than 40 minutes to escape, trying on my own the first 30 before coming to the comments for some help. I used the WT for the final steps and without feeling like playing by myself."

hm, or so.

beautifullllllllllllll !!!!!

Edgar, thank you, always you!!

@Babalu... me?

Hmm... And you're you thanking me for... being always beautiful?

*Ahem* Well, You're welcome! :p

I love playing these kind of escape games!!!


annnnnd OUT!

Edgar, is for you to be very intelligent and pass their knowledge to everyone.

out with help with the dining room table. I had the hardest time getting objects from it.

@silverfairy77 thank you for the walkthrough. :)

a little buggy but a good game

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah does it mean they are back again???

Hey all join it and we will be a team

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