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Bored Oasis Escape Walkthrough

Bored Oasis Escape

Bored Oasis Escape is another point and click room escape game created by Escape Factory and sponsored by Bored. It's a sunny day. it's quiet and cool, you are locked in a quiet place, there is a fresh swimming pool with comfortable deckchairs, take one or two minute to relax, but don't forget to look for the exit. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:17 AM  

First one here?

Well, the navigation is really difficult and annoying. I've found and used the ladder, picked up the pickaxe handle and found a picture code on the side of one of the benches. Can't find the code for the door to get in the control room.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:24 AM  

Same here

How did you place the ladder,agree with you the navigation is difficult

Me neither ....


Look for two holes near the swimming pool.

One end of the pool (one of the narrow ends by the palm trees) there is a view with two post holes for the ladder. You can't go in the pool (I presume you need to get into the control room and drain the water so you can get at the car).

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:32 AM  

navigation's awful
can't find anything besides the ladder

Tried 7912 (7 benches, 9 red folder, 1 red chair and 2 bins) but don't work

Need a screw driver ...

Ah got it - it's 7942 (count all chairs)

Thanks will give it a go

Got the code on the side of the one bench - count the numbers of each objects.


My pool is now empty!!!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:40 AM  

am in the pool now, got a red tool, but don't know what to do now


What did you do?

combine the red tool with the handle from one of the benches and find a patch of grass to dig up. :)


Please tell me HOW you did thing in stead * I got or whatever* ...

Look in the folders and put the handle like the picutres show

Okay, I have the panel on the bench open and have a code. The place of the star in the pool diagram in the building changed, but it looks like the bench with the code. I have no idea where to put the new code.

Non of the folders will open for me what am I doing wrong

@Kitty, look at the covers of the folders. They tell you how to place the valves and one has a diagram that shows which ones are where once you figure the patterns out.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:50 AM  

i agree with you phoenix, the star shows where to do things (like where to dig) but what to do with that new code?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:51 AM  

there's also a "ring" on the floor in the office, did anyone use it?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:52 AM  

Where did you dig?
Between the benches?
Can't find it.

I really really really dont understand the whole valvy thing ... please explain it e bit more understandable?

Found screwdriver in scene with the two benches (used hoe)

small-tool, I dug between benches 2 and 3 on the long side of the pool near where you got the handle for the pick axe. I didn't see the "ring" on the floor, will go look.

Still stuck with a code and nowhere to put it

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:54 AM  

Look at the numers around the code on the Bench (1234)
Click on the corners in order on the frame of the picture with the star

OMGosh .... it is really simple!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:55 AM  

@small-tool yes between the 2 benches opposite the office
the map with the star shows where exactly

Have a hook now

And out!
Good game!!

Tbone, thank you soooo very much for that. I figured you had to click something in that order, but never figured it was the picture frame. D'oh! After that, nice and simple. Now I'm out.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:57 AM  

thx @tbone

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 4:57 AM  

Not Too bad
Once you open the picture - you will know what to do with the ring on the floor

Thankyou nolwenn finally managed to empty the pool

Annd OUT

cannot find the tool for the handle..pleaseeeeee heeeeelp

jus got to play this one... navigation horrible!!!! jus got a pool laddder and a stick


@Delight - the tool for the handle is under a cover at the bottom of the pool. The pool has to be drained first so you can get down into it. Small-tool's post at 13.56 explains about draining the pool if you've not already done it.

Twin2..cannot thank you enough..was really nervous for that.. I was looking for the tool between the benches :P silly me...Cheers again :)))))

stupid game.. navigation sucks!!!!

and out....Thanks again Twin2...I know its only a game but sometimes gets on my nerves when I miss a small detail :))))

I totally agree with you Nanthini...

@Delight - my pleasure. I can usually only get out of these games with help/hints from others !

Is everybody gone?....I cannot find a place for the ladder...navigation SUCKS!!!!!
The idea is good...just make moving around possible and it would be a pretty good game...
@nanthihi...TY for sharing your sunrise..I was wondering how is your trip going...

the game just crashed my browser...I won't open it again...then I had to refresh this 5 times before I could comment because the comment box was filled with ads. LOL
See y'all next game...

I still can't get the code for behind the star

It's the word you saw, where you also saw the order for the corners.
Upside down it's a number

oops - I thought you could only enter 4 of the 5 numbers. Got hook

I got the stick and the red tool, how do I put them together?

@carolinadancer, the valves are set according to a combination of the round "clock position" clues on the red folders and the square/rectangle diagram on the last folder. I had a hard time making the valves move past the nine o'clock position, but finally managed.
Set them like so:

@flowy, highlight the stick in inventory, then add the red tool

Where to use hook?

@DJ, when you're in the hut facing the door, there's a down arrow. Look on the floor, then click on the handle, and use the hook there.

the "navigation" in this game makes it impossible to write a decent walkthrough, imho
@Full, how about a Video WT???

Arrrggg - Thanks zoz. Had it all up to that point...

I really can't combine the stick with the red tool ... wtf?

@flowy, click on the questionmark by the stick to open it from inventory, then drag the red tool to the stick.

Wow, that was an annoying navigation!
Thanks @Tbone! I didn't have patience enough to find out how to use the numbers from the bench on my own.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 11:33 AM  

I agree about the navigation - a map might have been good...

AH, I didn't knew about the question mark... Thank you :)

The navigation in this game is something special! I dont know if a walkthrough for this game will only make it more confusing, but then there is the option of not using it :)
There are two different ways of turning around: using the arrows (at left and right side of the scene) or by putting the mouse cursor in the middle of the scene (or to the left or right), making it look like a pointing hand instead of an open hand. So, when I say ”turn with arrow” or ”turn with hand” that are different things, and will take you to different views.

Swallow a pill for motion sickness.

Turn left with the hand (zoom once on the building).
Turn right with the hand (zoom once more on the building).
Click on the door to have a look inside.
Click on the red square to the right of the door to open it and see a code panel (but you don’t have a code yet).
Click down arrow.

Turn right with the hand (gate to the left in the view).
Turn left with the arrow (single bench).
Click to the right of the bench to see a clue:
*bench, folder, chair, bin*
Click down arrow.
Turn left with the arrow (house from side).
Take the pool ladder from the right side of the house.
Turn right with the hand (put it just to the left of the building).
Click on the red square to the left of the door to open it and zoom again.
Enter the code and press the green button.
(You’ll need to look around on your own for a while to find out the code (four digits). Use the clue by the side of the bench. Solution below).
Click down arrow.

Click on the door to enter.
Zoom on the red files at the table.
Click on all files one at a time and write down the clues.
Click down arrow.
Turn left with the arrow (drain valves).
Change the valves to drain the pool.
(Solution below).
Turn left with the arrow.
Zoom on the painting and note that it moves when you click on the corners.
Click down arrow.
Click on the door to get outside.

Turn left with the hand (see a small part of the car in the lower left corner).
Click inside the pool (car from behind).
Place the pool ladder at the end of the pool.
Click on the car to zoom.
Click on the front wheel of the car to move it forward.
Click on the drain hole behind the car (that used to be under the car).
Click one more time to remove the lid.
Take the red tool.
Click on down arrow.
Turn left with the arrow.

Click on the ladder.
Turn right with the arrow (pool in lower left corner).
Turn left with the hand (gate to the right of the scene).
Turn right with the arrow (two benches).
Click on the left bench to get a pickaxe handle.
Click on the questionmark by the handle in the inventory, and drag the red tool to the handle to combine them – you have a hoe.
Use the hoe on the grass between the two benches.
Zoom on the hole you dug and take a screwdriver.
Click down arrow.

Turn left with the arrow (gate to the right in the scene).
Turn left with the hand (side of building).
Turn right with the arrow (single bench).
Zoom on the right side of the bench.
Use the screwdriver on all four screws.
Click on the panel to remove it and note the numbers.
Click down arrow.

Get back inside of the building, and zoom on the painting.
(left arrow, then click right with the hand at the left side of the building).
Click on the corners of the painting to remove it and zoom on the code panel (thanks @Tbone!).
Enter the code and click on the green button.
(Solutions below).
Get a hook.
Click down arrow twice (zoom on floor).
Click on the metal ring to zoom.
Use the hook on the ring.
Click in the water to escape.


Door code
Count the number of:
benches: 7
folders (look through the door of the house): 9
chairs: 4
bins: 2
Code: 7942

Drain valves
Look at the placement and numbers on the circles of the files.
If you put them together they look like this:
Turn the valves to point at the same ”numbers” like the time in a clock:

Move painting
Look at the numbers behind the panel on the bench.
Click the corners in that order:
lower left
upper right
lower right
upper left

Code behind painting
Use the numbers from behind the panel on the bench,
but they are upside down.
Code: 53045

Wow, @Ellie, nice job! I wouldn't have dared to attempt that, but you wrote an excellent WT!

Thanks @zoz! Ehm... I just had to try because of your earlier post, telling that it would be impossible. Yes, I am that stuped lol.

@Ellie, with all the typos i've made today with codes and such, it's a very good thing I didn't attempt a WT on this one. Everyone would still be going in circles, lol!

Ellie this is a excellent WT, like zoz says it's a crazy attempt but you did it.

@Ellie if I had only read your warning about motion sickness in time.

Bah! This games navigation was terrible! I had the hardest time counting things because I didn't know if I had already counted it or not.

Nice to see the return of clickable picture frame in a game.

Thanks for leaving comments for me to follow everyone. I needed them!

this was easy once you know how

       Anonymous  6/3/10, 8:15 AM  

how do you figure out where to dig?

Does anyone know when the second part of this game is coming out?

THAT SUCKED! the navigation is absolutley horrible, it nearly made me dizzy

i beat that sh*t easy!!!!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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