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Diamond Room Escape 2 Walkthrough

Diamond Room Escape 2

Diamond Room Escape 2 is another point and click hidden object type room escape game. Solve all riddles to get all hidden diamonds, then search for the key, unlock door and escape the room! Good luck and have fun!

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Diamond Room Escape 2 Video Walkthrough

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First? For my first time posting.

Hot darn! I finally figured out how to post. I have been reading you regular posters for several months, and it is nice to finally meet you all!!

Blue key in third drawer of wardrobe. Knocked 2 white shirts off the hangers.

Hot darn! I finally figured out how to post. I have been reading you regular posters for several months, and it is nice to finally meet you all!!

I love these games.
I can actually solve them

I cant find the last/fourth diamond.

Okay, so how do I erase a duplicate comment?

Got them all and out.

@Pesky, just click the little trash can below ur comment to delete it.

Thank you Saima

And out! Btw, @ Saima, there is no little trash can below my comment :(

@Pesky: it's probably because of the web browser you're using. You should see it only below your own comments.

Longer but easier... nice Gongtats for bedtime :)

Good to have you with the gang @pesky, be welcome! :D

Nite @Saima, @Sunshine, @Verito.

easy game

Nite @Edgar!

Well, that was easier than the Sealed Livingroom escape!! :D

OMG me too!!! I've been playing these for the past 5 months and wanting to comment/ask questions. Finally I can do so!!!

Welcome to posting @pesky and @Amanda!

Easy game but "ETHDAW" (Even This Game Deservs A Walkthrough).

Move right.
Colors are changeable on the cupboards.

Move right.
- Get a blue key from the third drawer from top.

Move right.
Still nothing to do…

Move right.
- Click several times on the big white cupboard to move it.
You can turn the colorful wheels, the orange lever resets them.
Since you don’t know how to do this…

Move right.
- Click on the painting.
- Get a clue from the small note (lower right corner where the painting was before).
- Make the line of blue circles look like the clue.
- Get a diamond and a number note.

Move left.
- Solve the wheels with the help of the number note (click the amount of times told).
- Get a diamond and a color note.

Move right twice.
There are 10 clickable/movable boards on the wall.
- Find a diamond behind one (the one by the upper right corner of the TV).

Move right.
A few things to move, nothing to get.

Move right twice.
- Solve the cupboards, using your color note.
- Get a diamond.

Move left or right four times.
- Use the key on the door.
- Click on the door to escape and enjoy the flying diamonds.


Rather easy this time

Yeaaaa @ Amanda too! Thank you very much @ Verito! My browser probably IS the culprit. Thanks for the warm welcome @ Edgar!!

very easy game, but worth playing for the gongtats!

Belated hello and welcome to @pesky and @Amanda!

made it out without help. surprising

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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