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Escape Space

[REPLAY] Space Escape is another point and click room escape game. You are located on a spacecraft somewhere in space. You are unaware how you got here. Collect items and use them to get back to earth. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Space Escape Walkthrough
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Agreed, first time ever I comment here, though I have been using this site for quite a while.

Let's do this!

In and stuck already.......

Used Fork on the side of the computer machine thinge to open it..

Hide the map if you have it open and take the light bulb at over the sink. Go back to the computer and put it in the empty hole.

First timer here also!

i have a ruby

stuck on the code

Go through the door which now is unlocked, look around the next rooms and when you get to the room with a big screen, click on it and you will be able to select colors on 4 stars. To get the right color-code, leave the screen and to the left in the same room there is a scope or whatever, use it and then put the stars with the same colors in the screen. Take the smallest first.

Yellow, Blue, Green and Red is the correct order.

After entering the correct code for the stars, go through the door, keep going, then when you go back you should come to a room with a keypad. We got the code earlier.

9431 is the code for the keypad.

Fork on grey thing with key pad

got that one there's another code

wow I'm way behind

(You get the code from looking at the security camera screens, there's numbers in the corners on every screen.)

thank shadow

Sorry if I'm to quick or explaining bad. Just ask if you're stuck. :3

OMGGGGGGGG I just completed an escape game on my own. ha ha im so happy and easily amused. God i need a life. lol.

good job crash!!

Not bad. Out with no help needed.

To the right of the security camera screens you can click a button to activate the other screen. If you click the screen you will be able to insert another kind of code with "yellow blocks". You can search around for the answer which is somewhere on a blue triangle thing...

The correct code for the yellow blocks:

3 at the top
2 in the middle
4 at the bottom


Can't find the place where to put in the code to get the yellow gem, i have the code already

Where to put second code?

you get the last code with the night vision goggles on the aquariums.

What aquariums?

Oh right, fond it. :P

glass boxes in c or o room

Still can't find where to put yellow block code

Where do you enter the aquarium code?

there are 2 aquariums, well they look like aquarium in the center part, with the goggles you can see the code and a strange creature on the left one.

Carrieg: At the security camera room where you got the code (9431) there's another screen. You can activate it by pushing the buttons below it, and then enter the code.

I cant find what to do with the aquarium code either..

Thanks marnad but where are the goggles

does anyone know how to get the red wire from the camara?

the creature moves in a triangle shape, it looks like the back of the blue chairs, I'm getting desperate here.

goggles in the lockers

Carlos, please share.

Ahh you get the red wire from the camera in the first room using the pliers.

never mind, got it and out.

Don't forget to use googles

Yea!!! @Selfdefiant...TY for making us another escape game!!!
Just starting....Hi all!

thanks, shadowfied (: hmmm where are the pilers haha sorry!

Ty for help,trying to get the hang of posting and playing!

pliers next to plant in right side hallway

The pliers are right next to the little bush / tree or whatever in the jar / pot or whatever. You can only see it from one angle though.

ah got it thanks!

Seriously what do you do with the aquarium code? I've looked everywhere like 50 times now... >.<

Aquarium code: to be free

how do you get the goggles in the locker. It wont open for me

nvm I got it opened tx

Ah got it...At the security room screens you can move the left chair and find a key behind it. Use the key at the room with an "I" at the top in the keyhole. The green crystal or whatever will appear.

the green lockers in the last part

Seems to be a lot of newbies here...

wait I feel like an idoit haha the plant by hallway "I" lol

Ok I got out. :P I'd love to stay but it's 3 AM here and I seriously need to go. Good luck, you will all finish it soon. Good luck & have fun. Night.

Oh, man... it took me forever to find the red gem. DUH. LOL!

Don't feel bad,i play these games all the time and when i decide to post something I have nothing to contribute but questions

That was a good sunday night game before going back to work. No wait, I'm on vacation this week I can sleep in all week.

How to get the yellow gem?

I found it hahaha I was looking by the wrong plant

Never mind.

Comments are bugging out again.

Cyberjar88, go right and use goggles you'll see a new button on the wall to get the key.

Another game I play semi-live (read very-late) and got out with help from @Shadowfied on the green crystal, so thanks!

Good to see lots of new faces around :)

to get yellow gem: put the night vision goggles on in room "s" and you will find a button by the door press it and you find a yellow key that will open the case with the yellow gem

oh nvm somebody posted before me lol

.....and out (= thanks for the help I dont think I'd ever find thoes pesky pilers haha bye!

Lovely game!
Is it too early for a walkthrough???
Are you game @edgar?
Thanks everyone for great clues!!!
Hello to all you first time commenters...great players!

got all the stones, but the green stone. does anyone remember what room the green stone is in please

nvm I find the green stone. Thanks for all your help, or I wouldnt have find any of the stones.

Have all stones but where to i enter the code i got from the fish tank while wearing goggles Plz

This comment has been removed by the author.

good morning!! great i missed only 1 gasm,e while on travel.. cooll!!!!!

Oh hi @nokra!! Well, yes. I was working on one. Are you too? I should have let told maybe. The game is great. Only a few corrections I need to do first :)

Meant *I NEEDED to do :P

Escape Space… Tab Shift Ctrl? - Through

A Take light bulb; go left
B Take map; use it if you want (recommended); go left
C Drag the pillow away and take Red Gem; go left
D Take fork; notice a red (stuck) red wire; go left twice
B Zoom in left side of the computer and use the fork to open the panel;
 place the light bulb into the slot; zoom out and go right
A Open the door and move forward
E Open the door and move forward (again)
I Note the switch left from the door needs a key. You could open the
 door now, but you won’t go any further so go left instead
J Take a look into the periscope and see four stars out there
 (notice sizes and colors); zoom out and click on the computer monitor;
 enter the colors code to unlock the door in this view and go inside.
K Open the door and move forward (yet again)
M Take the orange gem and go back
L A numeric keypad on the side of the big cabinet requires
 a 4-digits code you don’t have yet; move forward
H Notice the numbers on the left monitors, from left to right, top to
 bottom… the code we need for the keypad? Well, yes… but first, click
 on the left chair to move it away and take the gray key; go right (to G) and forward.
F Memorize the pattern of yellow squares on the pyramid and go back
I Use the key in the switch and get the green gem; go right
H Click on the green button of the right control panel and zoom in
 the monitor; click on the 3 yellow buttons to match the pattern found on
 the pyramid; zoom out and go through the (now-unlocked) door
N Open the door and move forward (yes, I know!)
P Collect the blue gem and go back
O Take the pliers; move forward 3 times and 1 backward
L Zoom in the keypad and enter the code (the 4 numbers you saw in the
 monitors, the order was already told); take the blue wire, zoom
 out and move forward [H], right [G], forward twice [F C] and left.
D Use the pliers to take the red wire; go left [A] and forward
 2 times
Q Zoom in the panel right from the door and put both wires in it;
 zoom out and enter the door
U Find and take the night vision goggles from the 4 locker;
 go left twice
S Use the goggles (click on them in inventory) and see a button that
 it wasn’t visible before; press it and get the yellow key; go left.
T Zoom in the crystal cabinet’s lock and use the key there;
 collect the yellow gem; go left twice
V Zoom in the central panel, open it by the right handle and place
 all of the 5 gems in their slots (this has unlocked the door in [U] but…);
 go left [S] and forward twice
G Use the goggles again and see the now visible symbols on the left
 tank; turn around [I] and go forward twice
U Well, make that thrice
W Zoom in the left monitor and arrange the symbols to match the ones
 found on the tank; green light on, zoom out; click on the space ship.
Congratulations! You have made it back to Earth!

and hi to you too @Nanthini :)

easy game.. just missed the button for yellow key.....

hai @edgar.. up early morning or up late night there???? lol

Space...the final frontier...
Oh, not that...
Escape Space

First scene, get light bulb and put it in inventory box at bottom of screen. (any one will do)You will do this with all things collected.

Go left, click on map to activate it...click map sign to use or put away. Very helpful, this map.

Check out thing left of window...it need something...

Go left,move pillow, get red gem.

Left again, grab fork from the floor. Why do I eat on the floor? lol try to get red wire...not yet...

Left twice and let's see if we can get this computer going...click box at left and use fork, then put in bulb...voila! it works! Now...what does it do???

Okay! So, the doors are open now...go through 3 doors and see the 4th one needs ...a wire?
Let's find something to get that wire!

Go back and see 2 large , empty aquariums, go left and see 2 desks. Close map and make note of the 4 monitor #'s.((((((9431)))))

Push green button on right desk and click screen. If you click the yellow button it makes squares on the screen. If you don't know what to do, go right and go through door between tanks and replicate the pattern you see on blue pyramid.

Now, door between the desks is open. Go through 2 doors and find a blue stone!

Turn around and get pliers next to plant...what can I do with those, you say? Yeah, that darn wire in the first room...but first...go through the door and see a periscope, and another computer. Look at scope...then click computer screen...change stars according to those out the window small to big.((((YBGR))))

Another door open, that wire will have to wait a little longer...through 2 doors and get orange gem.
turn around, look , a # pad...we have a 4 digit code...use it, get blue wire.

Through door, click bottom of left chair to move it, get key!

Go left, use key in pad left of doorway, get green gem!

Go through doorway, click grey box by locked door, put in blue wire...door still locked... need red one too.

Back out, through 2 doors, left, use pliers on wire, take wire, go left.

Through 3 doors, put red wire in box, back up. Door is open, go through.

open lockers to get night vision glasses. Go left...Look! a place for all those gems...we need one more.

Put on NVG's and go left, push button right of door, another key!

Go left, use key to get last gem!!! Left twice, put last gem...door between lockers is open!

Now what??!! I need a code? I could brute force it ...or ...use the NVG's...

Put em on, back up, go through 2 doors...What is that in the tank? What is that under the tank? We got it!!!

Left twice, through 3 doors...arrange the code...Green Light!!

Click Space Capsule...and away we go back to earth!!!Yea!!!you're out!!!

Hey @edgar, and @nanthini...that seemed to take me forever...ha ha ha ...now we have 2 WT's

know what!! i saw sunrise over sea first time ever at 5 30 am here today while on travel to my home town... it was a fantabulous sight for the half an hour....

hai @nokra good morning....

lol @nokra, yes!
I was expecting you to do one... and hoping to see it, lol.
It's ok if the game has 2 WTs... it sure deserves them! :)

Now I am off to bed...good night or morning, whichever the case may be!!!

@Nanthini, sorry for missing your post earlier. It's night here now. Bedtime soon for me.
Hey, you have another follower in me. And let me say you have a very cute little boy :)

Hm, I've been thinking on changing my avatar as well.


Hello again! As I mentioned in the last game "First" (oh how appropriate!) I'm new here. Thought I'd introduce myself and thank you for taking the time to make WTs! What a great, fun, respectful gaming community! It is nice to 'meet' all of you. AND....I must say I love SelfDefiant games--this one in particular because I was actually able to solve it without any hints!!!!! First time for everything! Thanks again, and I look forward to catching some live games soon! :)

goodmorning @shazzie..and welcome!!!

Out - very, very nice game!

Finally played the game!!! yep..it was a nice game :))

I'm going in,...
... and see I just missed @alkmar, again!!!!

Welcome to the club @Shazzie!!!
Hope you have lots of fun here.

and out, with help for blue wire.
What a great game!!

I'll add my 2 cents...I loved this game. Always love Flonga games!! Thanks for posting it!

Somehow I got out without needing the blue wire...

I absolutely loved this one! Needed a tiny bit of help. The hand made me think of motas.

Great game. Needed a couple hints though (thanks @Edgar for the WT)

Normally I forget I have a map in Selfdefiant games, and I get lost.

This time, I keep the map up, and forgot to close it to see the monitors. Oops!! Today just isn't my day >.<

Thanks Shadowfied for noting the monitors for me.

@Edgar and @Nokra Great walkthroughs

@all the new people -- belated welcome!!!

@Selfdefiant excellent game as always!

@kitkatfox phew! That was a lot of people to mention!

thanks u all were a big help :)

out! just missed out on the yellow key. thanks for the tip :)

thanks edgar!!!! i am out!!!!!!!!!!

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