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Find the Escape-Men 8 in the Hotel Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 8 in the Hotel

Find the Escape Men 8 in the Hotel is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. This game has two ends. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:22 PM  

hrmmm stuck w/ 6 green guys and a bunch of stuff ...

Hey my first live game!

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:27 PM  

k now 7 green guys, a flashlight, a hammer, a screwdrver and a mold that is full

Got eight. Stuck now.

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:30 PM  

there is a key on the right side of the desk that I can't get yet

How did you fill the mold, and where did you find the screwdriver?

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:35 PM  

k got 8 now ... use sd on round thing on pillow and I put the mold into the fridge

Anybody here?

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:37 PM  

9 now mold finished ... screwdriver was between bed and tall closet ... I think I got a green tube like thing from the end of the flash light or screwdriver ... sorry can't remember ... then click on mold and put green tube in it

Open the window, zoom into the books and use hammer on the mirror to the right of the red book.

I have flashlight,hammer,mold,water and opener. What's with the S & L at the end of flashlight?

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:39 PM  

green tube thing might have been in the end of the hammer too ... check everything ... stuck w/ 9 men, flashlight and hammer

Now this is one Hidden Object Game I am always happy to play!

The green tube was in the end of the bottle opener.

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:41 PM  

oh thx martin for the last guy I was missing in the mirror :D now I have 1 escape guy and the flashlight

Use the flashlight on the One remaining exit guy

Then he will go get the key for you... and out

yw Evl...shhh I'm not here.

Stuck with screwdriver, torch (that has an S & L on the end) and one more to find.

I've got 9 guys, a frustrating key, and a chalk outline of a dead escape man by some books. Someone give me a push, please!

What's the other ending?

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:47 PM  

melitza you got out? please tell how you got the key?

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:48 PM  

lol martin ... use that screwdriver on the round thing on the side of the pillow :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think the chalk outline is the "reflection" of the one hiding behind the mirror.

Smash the mirror (at the end next to the books) and get the one behind it

Never gave me a key. After I made the mold I think I combined it with the flashlight and it played a green man exiting the door.

Oh, I used the flashlight on the Escape Man and he didn't get any key for me... just knocked down the door!
Maybe the S-L mode on flishlight makes the difference? Wonder...

green tube is in the sd - put the tube in the water then pour into the shape and place in the fridge to set :)


see my post at 06.44

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:53 PM  

aha!!! face the door, set flashlight on L click on man in inventory to bring up then use flashlight on man and voila you're out :)

I'm so slow. The S & L stands for small & large. Duhh!!

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:54 PM  

got large end ... is there another?

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:55 PM  

lol melitza I am slower because I didn't realize that hahahaha

Short End must be the one where little Escape Man brings over the key for you.

(S)mall end uses key, (L)arge end knocks down door. Thanks for the last one Evl.

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 9:59 PM  

you're welcome martin and yeah I figured out that the s uses the key :P

Oh,I get it...one large end and a small one...LOL

Played it again and chose the small version. A lil' green guy gets the key and pushes it forward. Cute game. - EvlWmn

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 10:05 PM  

thx for the help everyone :D
now its off to bed for me

How come I can't see any reflection on the mirrow...?

I have 9 guys, how do I get out now???

I got 9 guys, can't find 10th anywhere....

Nevermind just beat it!

Maybe I can help. What's left in ur inventory?

I have 9 green men, a screw driver and a tourch

Please, where are the bottle opener ??
I can`t find it !!

Thank you !!

Size Matters - Through

Open the top drawer. Take Man #1.
Open the bottom drawer; take the flashlight.
Go left.

Zoom in the lower right part of the desk and see the exit key, which you’re unable to take.
Open the right door of cupboard and take the cage. Notice another man trapped inside.
Open the left door of cupboard; take the bottle opener and Man #2 with it; before closing the opener view, click on the lower part of it to take the gelatin.
Open the fridge and take the mold.
Also take the water container; remove the lid and find Man #3. Do not close the water view yet, but select the gelatin in inventory and put it into the water.
Now magnify the mold and pour the water in it; place the mold inside the fridge. We’ll come back later for it.
Go left twice. There’s nothing to do in the door view.

Open the right door of the closet and take the hammer.
Zoom in between the bed and the closet to get a screwdriver.
Magnify the cage and click on the top part of it; use the screwdriver to set Man #4 free.
Go left.

Zoom in the bed’s (electric) pillow, click on the rectangular cover to remove it and take a battery.
Do not zoom out, select the screwdriver instead and use it on the circle of the pillow; get Man #5.
Zoom under the left part of the bed to find Man #6 and an alarm clock; turn the clock around (click on it), remove the battery cover and place yours in it. Put the cover back on, turn the clock back around and grab the Man #7.
Go left.

Zoom in the window and click on the blinds repeatedly to get Man #8.
Important: Leave the blinds open.
Go left.

Back to the starting scene, zoom in the books on the left side of the desk and see the reflection of another man hiding behind the mirror (due to the light from the open window). Use the hammer to break the mirror and collect Man #9.
Go left.

Open the fridge again… Man #10 is ready to be taken out from the mold.
Once the 10 Men are gathered, they merge into a single Escape Man, and now it’s your decision to choose which of both endings you'd like to have.
Magnify the flashlight and click on the right end to see it’s set on S (small mode). Notice that by clicking on it you can change it to L (Large mode)

Use the flashlight set on S mode on the Escape Man to shrink it… he will get the door key for you. Take it, use it on the door and escape with Ending 1 – Small END, or…

Use the flashlight set on L mode on the Escape Man to enlarge it… he will knock the door down to let you escape (no key required) with Ending 2 – Large END (my personal favorite, lol)


How cute, that small green man getting the key for me...
going for 2nd ending now

Hahaha, Small and Large endings. Very cute! lol

out with help. Thanks, Edgar. I missed the gelatin.

My green guy is just standing there next to the desk. :/

This comment has been removed by the author.

this is probably because he wants to get the key from right of the desk. If you click exactly right of the desk, you can see the key though out of reach. (between the right side of the desk and the wall)

I really love the large end! :D

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