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First Escape Game

First Escape Game is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Suzumushi. Try to escape the room by finding items and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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First Escape Game Video Walkthrough

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Oh! If you turn off the light, the girl disappears!

turn off the light and throw the white bottle into the small hole ....get an S after you turn on the light

brown bottle is glue, put on stick and get R from shelf

thanks Shuchun!

Good morning all
one letter missing - has anyone a clue what is written on the paper??

we probably need this clue for the "safe" next to the window

hello - still anyone there??
clue takes letters and numbers!

Not a clue SwissMiss, but I'll bet it has something to do with opening that little blue box near the window

seems we have to wait for a japanese speaker - I wish those game writers would translate clues into english!!

Yes, or at least have an option for choosing a language

I think I am leaving this - no way to solve - everyone still asleep I guess.... shall be back later

same here... I've clicked and combined everything I can... I think it's all about translating that paper now... later!

found 3 letters.. found the "I" on the window.

Miss the letter T .. have tried everything... stuck stuck stuck!

how to pick up that R? Does it need a tool?

looking for somewhere to put a sticky stick

@dayamayii you almost there.. use the sticky stick to get the R down

Cant find that elusive T anywhere.

Stick makes a noise when I hit the girl with it

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 12:51 AM  

Hello everyone!! I'm brand new here and thought I'd jump in and introduce myself. I think I'm pretty much stuck where most of you are...the blue wall safe. I have the F I R S, now only waiting for the T hidden behind the mysterious numbers that no doubt are disguised in the Japanese clue. It's nice to 'meet' all of you and I look forward to many more games! :)

The note says something like "how many characters are in the introduction on the main website?"

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 12:55 AM  

I thought perhaps the safe numbers had something to do with the color purple, like the girl's eyes, the number 1 left on the wall, the number of legs on the table..but no such luck. It seems the code to the safe has 4 numbers and brute force will just take too long (1000, 1001, 1002...) GAH!

I think we killed the server, but I'll try back later on this one.

That wall safe takes letters as well as numbers

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 1:03 AM  

Finally clicked on the blue link at the bottom of the page which brought me to the main page. Clicked on the yellow button for characters and counted 6 of them. But of course, everything else was in Japanese...so I don't know if I'm being of any help.

count how many characters there are ...i thought 13 but not the answer is

12 so you can got a T

Thx Signor [my friend] gave out the correct answer

argh! Got my T (Thanks Suchun) and looked at the resulting thing in "About Items" and it seems to be stuck in there with no way back! DId I miss something?

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 1:14 AM  

Shuchun! Thank you so much. It's after 3am here and I couldn't go to sleep without finishing the game! You have allowed me to drift off to dreamland :) (oh, but which "characters" did you count? Characters as in personas, or letters?) Thanks again!

It's only 12 because the first two characters are the same right? (I'm too lazy to read exactly the story is, but they have the same name at least)

thx Suchun... I thought 13 too.. and was trying to brute force... going the wrong way.

Phew finally out though... thought i was gonna be stuck there all day.

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 1:16 AM  

dayamayii...I didn't look at the object in "about items". I just gave whatever the thing was to the girl and *poof* I was out.

Thanks Shuchun. It's a pain when you need to read the note and it's only in one language.

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 1:27 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

and out ! thanks Shuchun

hai good evening!! am bak aftr a short nap to finish old games and wait for new ones.. jus going inside this

this game uses flash! they do not work with flash!!!!!!!! RAOTFLOL

need the S cant find it help

@sherry12. for the S you switch off light and go to the crack on wall (it hilights once the light is off) put the white bottle (first in your inventory) inside the crack(hole) and then the S comes out. once you switch back the light on you can pick it up

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 6:35 AM  

out !

@Shazzie, welcome! We need all the help we can get here!
and @Shuchun, thanks for posting the game and especially for leading us all to the "T"!

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 7:51 AM  

Cute game...to be continued.

Just came on and got to the dreaded t part, so thanks Shuchun for the answer! Also...HI Shazzie!!! I see you are addicted too...nice to meetcha :) See you at the next one I hope. Bye all

no problem. Glad to help in time.

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 10:16 AM  

Yay! Thanks Zoz and Muse for the warm welcome. You'll be seeing me often in these here parts :)

I know I am very late to the game...but it was at capacity this morning and I couldn't get in...Not having any idea what is going on here..(language) I used the thing (that went in the hole after turning out light) on the girl and it made her cry!!!LOL...I wonder what the heck I did to her????
Anyway, it was fun...TY @Shuchun!

actually, I wasn't first, but I couldn't resist the chance to use the game's name to post that

- Pick up stick (you can swing it at the girl, but she doesn't even flinch. Some kind of Ninja, I suppose).
- Click on cardboard box and take the paper with writing on it. (according to @Saradin, it says something like "how many characters are in the introduction on the main website?").
- look in the urn on the left and take the brown thing with red on top, which turns out to be glue.
- The girl is not the least bit interested in the glue or the paper so Go Left.
- Take the purple F (which stands for FIRST! ) from the picture on the wall.
- Take the, er, unusual white thing off the shelf. ( Whatever it is, it is apparently either capable of inflicting physical pain and/or emotional distress, since giving it to the girl causes her to cry, or possibly sweat profusely. So much for my guess that she's a Ninja. She's actually quite the sissy.) and thanks @nokra for the crying girl tip. We're all a bunch of sadists, aren't we?
- Once you are done torturing the girl, Go Left or Right Twice (or go left once if you opted not to go back and prod the girl with the unusual white thing).
- There is a purple R on the wall, but you can't get it. Unless, that is, you are a very clever gamer, like @Anita, who knew to put the glue on the stick and then use the "sticky stick" to grab the purple R.
- Go Left and take the purple I from the window, just at the base of the second bar from the left side.
- Have a look at the wall safe. Remember the note on the white paper about the number of characters in the introduction on the main website? Well, according to @Shuchun, her friend told her there are 12 . Could the safe code be so simple? Try it and see. And while you're at it, help yourself to a purple T .
- Now you just need an "S", assuming you want to spell FIRST!
- Go to the scene with the girl and turn out the light. She disappears (the little wimp is afraid of the dark in addition to being a crybaby), but you can Go Left Twice and see that the hole in the wall is glowing.
- Take the unusual white thing (which actually kind of looks like someone showing you their middle finger - Maybe that hurt the sissy-girl's feelings?) and put it in the glowing hole.
- Go back and turn on the light, then return to the hole and take the purple S
- I'm sure you know what to do from here, but I'll tell you anyway, because I'm the FIRST! to do a Walkthrough for this game.
- Put the purple letters on the safe on the shelf (in a way, of course, so they spell FIRST !)
- Open the safe and take the thing that looks sort of like a green dreidel with a pink bow on it .
- Give the thing to the girl.
- She conveniently disappears so you can go OUT!
if you want to, you can scroll through the next few screens, then click on the box that says "Title", which will take you back to the title screen, which, of course says FIRST!

Its gonna to be a long weekend , you can find some good games in the archives. Some I never finished and some i didnt get to play. Also take note of the absence of hidden object and hidden numbers and letters

lol was that chick a ghost or a vampire, cuz the garlic scared her pretty bad but the scroll banished her

Bizare Drawings...

I mean: "BizaRRE"

@zoz funny walkthrough, as always!

Out with help from Shuchun and Shuchun's friend.

Was the weird white thing stinky cheese since I gave it to the mouse? It looks more like garlic, but normally you don't think of mice liking that. All well, another mystery that I can't solve.

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