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Obama Pigsaw Revenge Walkthrough

Obama Pigsaw Revenge

Obama y la Venganza de Pigsaw - Obama Pigsaw Revenge is a new point and click type adventure game by Inkagames. The evil puppet has kidnapped Michelle, Sasha and Malia again, and is forcing Obama to play his wicked sick game. To rescue his family, Obama will have to travel in time, facing great dangers through prehistory, the wild west and the future. Good luck and have fun!

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Obama Pigsaw Revenge Video Walkthrough
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hot_shot has been waiting for this one! @hot_shot hellllooooooo?

Hi all im stuck in the room with the machine

I don't know what to do with the remote. I pressed "control" and tried using the picture to point it in different directions, but nothing happened. now when i click the remote I just get "finish"

got it, send puppet to other room and use it to keep door open

The remote controls the doll when you are in the room with doll click control then you can move the doll by clicking where you want it to go

Hi! I'll get in and try to catch up :)

After you click control, you can just click the floor where you want the puppet to go or click objects that it might control (like the gamma ray machine in the next room)

Ok i turned into hulk obama and cant do anything mite be a bug tho.

And a final one before bed.

My god, we've been treated today :o)

In and catchin up!

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 3:32 PM  

In the machine room, you have to stand on the X and then let the joker operate the machine.
After that talk to him (use the remote) and you become the hulk and go out in the second room (where you found the remote).

Dont know what to do once i have turned into hulk

Lisa, turn into Hulk Obama in the room with the tv (use the puppet there to insult him) go into the room to the right and bust through the brick wall

ah the E's are here, and Rambler and keldos and ev1 - we'll be out in no time! (but we still need hot_shot)

Hi Edgar and zoz, ellie and Keldos and Cate.

Hi @Rambler!
I'm not having my brightest day lol.
Finally turned into a hulk. Thanks @small-tool for the hint to talk using the remote :)

yes, thanks @ Cate and small-tool for what to do with the remote and the hulk!

Haha, now I'm a yellow chicken!

Hi @rambler and all!
Opened the safe and now Obama is wearing a Big Bird costume. lol.

To open the safe, use the clue from the wall poster in the room with the brick wall. The hands show you how to turn it.

Talked to the scientist and got a time machine.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 3:41 PM  

Found a lot of things in the Wild West.

ok so been to jurasic stage and cant get past dinosaur also need money to buy gun in the wil west stage think i have ti dig with the pick but might need a metal detector

I went to the Jurassic era. Picked up a stone outside the house and caught a bird (wearing the costume) so far.

I'm in a bad spot in the Jurassic era

Ok, trying pre-historic age first :P

Oops, got eaten by a dinosaur :S

@Keldos--there is a map to the right behind the gun shop in the Wild West that will help you find the gold.

In Pre-history use the Big Bird costume to retrieve Fred Flintstone's bird pet and to have a bowling ball.

The dinosaur obviously likes chicken as well...

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 3:45 PM  

to get the gold in the cave you need your axe but also a paper from behind the weapon shop.

Thanks cate didnt see that

To get past the dinosaur, you have to put the stone from in front of Fred's house on the ground near the red line, put the shovel on top of that(from the cart in the Wild West), and then put the bowling ball on the shovel. Click the other end of the shovel and the bowling ball will knock out the dinosaur.

I don't beleive it, I just fell asleep at my computer lol.

I think I'll try this in the morning before I go to work. Goodnight all.

Hm, stuck and unable to get past the dinosaur. maybe the time for another time, lol.

Thanks @Cate! I'm in the Old West and got the shovel... going to explore here for a while before going back to the dinosaur.

lol@Rambler, I've done that before! and, yes, it is a sure sign that you should get some rest.

Had to leave the dinosaur.
In the wild west I've got a shovel, a pick axe (from wagon), got shot in the killer bar, used the pick axe in the cave to get some gold to buy the gun (after finding the map). Use the pick axe in the right part of the cave, above the two darker rocks.

Thanks @kate, will go and try the dinosaur again.

ive rescued sasha cant seem to shoot the guys fast enough at the wild west

Nite Rambler. Hope to see you soon playinf live.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 3:54 PM  

don't shoot the guys, shoot the lamp above them.

lol @keldos, I'm not fast enough either. Tried to shoot the lamp instead to kill them both, then the beer to distract them... nothing works.

nevermind got it shoot the chandalier

Oh @small-tool... really? I must be the worst shooter in the wild west! Will try the lamp again in a while. Visiting the dinosaur now.

Took me a few tries to get the chandelier... You have to shoot near the rope holding it, pretty high up actually.

In the Wild West you can't be fast enough to kill the two gunmen... but shot up to the chandelier!

oh I should refresh more often lol.

I cant shoot the lamp my gun disappears

after rescuing the lady at the bar i opened the closet in the white house and got a green... pillow??

I finally got past the dino!!
Lisa, shoot on the wire above chandelier.

@Lisa, you need to shoot at the rope, above the lamp. The gun won't disappear when you are at the right spot.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:03 PM  

you need the green pillow in the jurassic time to let the girl jump.
I'm stuck in the future.

Use the green pillow to rescue Sasha from the tree.

Use the green "cojín" for Sasha can jump safe in "Prehistoria"

Thanks @small-tool :)

Thanks guys finally got it lol

got the First Lady and Sasha, now where is Malia?

Buff! And finish! This game works me sloow!

@zoz, you can go to the future now.

@cece-- how did you get past the imperial guard??

hmm, it seems Jabba may know the whereabouts of Malia

so, now I need to go to the past to find Jabbas son? Or did I get the translation wrong...?

Ellie, you do have to find Jabba's son. He's in the prehistoric age for some reason (in the scene with the dinosaur towards the house).

lol @cece! Congratulations!

It seems that it is not appropriate to wear a chicken costume in the future...

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:10 PM  

How did you talk to Jabba?

Hm, how to communicate to Jabba?

Use banana peel for imperial guard

Thanks @Cate! Found him :)

yeah kicked darth vaders ass and rescued all the family and thats me done

lol, C3-PO will do!

Cece-- I tried but I can't seem to find the right place to click. Any hints?

Edgar and small-tool, Ask C3PO if he knows how to speak Jabba's language...

Talk to Jabba with robot

@small-tool and @Edgar, you need to bring the yellow robot to jabba.

Peel banana infont door (guard is walking) and enter quickly again at the room

Thanks cece!!!

Gave the robot to the left in the future some tequila fro mthe bar and got a Rubic's cube for Yoda.

Ah, thanks @Ellie!

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:18 PM  

I'm completely stuck.
Can't find Jabba's son and can't find the drink for the robot.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:19 PM  

Nevermind. Found Jabba's son at the house behind the dino.

jabbas son is in the jurassic stage where the dinosaur is up to the right of the houses and the drink is on the shelf at the inn in the wil west i think it was a red bottle

@small-tool, the dring for the robot is in the killer bar, to the right.

Hm, I don't have the combination to open the door after i took the space ship.

Jabba's son: scene with dino, enter garden house, is far and near house

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:22 PM  

I figured that out too Ellie (about the drink), but thanks.
And I think Jabba gave the code but I wasn't looking and now we can't talk anymore (something with 5-8).

For door: loock simbols in wall between windows

5-8-11-? No importan

Ha, Beat Vader! yeah!

@small-tool, I almost missed that conversation as well, but that was coordinates we got: 5-8-11-1

Thanks @cece! I don't understand the symbols :(

Apparently no @cece... btw, did you play the game in Spanish too? No es más divertido? lol!

Where exactly do i need to put the peel please

You must have a paper with symbols Ellie

lol got the symbols... I didn't know I had the paper with the alphabets :)

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:28 PM  

Ellie, you've got a code paper in your inventory for those symbols.

NM Found it lol

Thanks @small-tool!

The banana peel is placed on Obamas feet when you enter the room with the guard. Then leave quickly.

For those having problems with where to put the banana skin, do it on the floor at Obama's feet. Do it fast and return before the guard turns back.

It took me a while to realise that I should take the costume from the fallen guard. Must have gotten killed almost ten times by those robots first. You'd think I learnt a lesson after the first couple of times.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:38 PM  

Finally out, but fighting in the end was hard and no fun at all.
Anyway thanks all for the help.

I say the same as small-tool :)

I found the final fight easy but I agree it wasn't fun at all. It was a good game anyways as usual. I love the series!

i love obama hulk!!

i wanted to see obama kiss michelle when he saved her :(

aww, I got a couple of long phone calls and missed the rest of the game. Anyway, it sounds as thought everyone had fun and that's a good thing! Catch you all on the next one!

@zoz, it was nice to have you here as long as it lasted :) It's a good thing to have people calling most of the time, but they should know not to call in the middle of a live game!
See you!

malia is the only family member who looks ok....sasha looks chubbier than she is and michelle just plain doesnt look like that lol

Okay, I have shot at the chandelier rope 132 times. Gun either disappears, or won't shoot. Must be bug in game. Outta here.

I've also shot the chandelier over and over and over again but it's doesn't want to work.. what was the secret?

@gjaredtaeloriden, don't shoot the chandelier, shoot the rope, just select the gun and then click the rope.

This screen shot might help someone to find how to use the gun on the chandelier. Good luck!
Click here for a picture of where to use the gun


No one would ever try to stop you @hot_shot! I'm glad that you found the game :) Looking forward to your walkthrough!

WALKTHROUGH:(part 1 of 4)

Open the closet and tell Obama....well any of the 3 choices.You will see Pigsaw in the TV.Tell him what does he want.Go right.Take the controller and book.Look at the poster on the wall with the fingers pointing left and right.Use controller to control the puppet.Make him go outside the room.Go outside and control him to step on the red tile.Click the controller and click Finish.Go inside the room you just unlocked.Read the book and go to page 2(the title page isn't page 1).Read the information written in that page. Close the book and control the Pigsaw puppet NEAR the lever.Stop controlling him and step on the X(you're playing as Obama this time).Control Pigsaw again to pull the lever.After that,stop controlling him then make him talk.Go outside the room,go right destroy the brick wall.You'll have to do all those within 10 seconds.Open the safe according to the wall poster.Go right and talk to the scientist.Tell him that you need to travel in time to rescue your family.

WALKTHROUGH:(part 2 of 4)

Put on the costume and talk to the bird.Tell him "My son!I found you at last!".Go inside the house and give Fred the bird.Go outside and take the triangle stone near the house.Go to the wild west and take shovel and pick axe from the wheelbarrow.Go back to the Jurassic Age and go right.Put the stone NEAR the ground,then put shovel on the stone then put bowling ball on the shovel and click the other side of the shovel.Go right and go back to the Oval Office.Open closet and say anything so he could just open the closet.Take pillow and go back to the Jurassic Age.Put pillow under the branch.

WALKTHROUGH:(part 3 of 4)

Go to right and take the piece of paper behind the gun shop.Go right and go to the forgotten mine.Look at the piece of paper and you will see where the gold is hidden(I think it's in the right side of the mine).Somewhere in the middle-right part of the mine and it's between the two rocks on the right side of the mine.Go outside and go left and go into Smith and Wesson's gun shop.Give them the gold and take the gun.Go outside then go left.Go inside the bar and SHOOT THE ROPE OF THE CHANDELIER QUICK!!!!!!(thank you Ellie for helping me with that)Then go back to the Wild West and take banana and tequila(the red bottle).

I almost forgot to thank Cate for telling us where to find the triangle-shaped stone!!!!Thanks!!!

@hot_shot, I am sooooo glad you found the game! I know you've been waiting for this one. And excellent job on the first 3 parts of the WT! Your WT's are getting ever more sophisticated :o)


WALKTHROUGH:(part 4 of 4)

Go to the future and talk to Yoda.Ask him why is he upset and ask him for a lightsaber.Go left twice.Talk to Bender thrice and give ask him if he wants Tequila.Take the Rubix Cube and go left twice.Give Yoda the cube.Go left and talk to Jabba(the big green slimeball)and you can't understand a word he says.Go left and ask C3PO if he can speak Hutt and ask him if he can help you talk to Jabba.Go left and talk to Jabba.Skip all the nonsense dialog and C3PO will say that Jabba's baby is missing and he is somewhere in the past.Go back to the Jurassic Age and go left and take Baby Jabba beside the house.Go back to the future and give Jabba his baby.Go right and take the ship.There are some Huttese letters on the wall.Look at the piece of paper given to you by C3PO.When it is L,it means left and if R,it means right.Use the R2D2 remote to control Artoo(where did you get that remote anyway?).Go to the lock and move the lock according to what's written on the wall.Finish controlling him and eat the banana and go right.PUT THE BANANA PEEL NEAR THE ENTRANCE DOOR AND GO BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!Go right and take his suit.Equip the suit and go right.Tell them that you're gonna give 'em a nice cup of coffee.Take of the suit and go right.Now you're gonna battle Dark Vader.You're on your own on that one!

See?I told you I'll write a walkthrough!


I still can't take the rope down with the gun. :(
Not even with the walkthrough from hot_shot.

Finally out!
Thx hot_shot!

where is the cube you said hot shot with bender

i cant fin the code to unlock the door where the robot is

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