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Saturn Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Saturn Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the saturn room. Good luck and have fun!

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Saturn Walkthrough


lets do this!

still loading...

got a key and something that could hold 3 objects?

Have a key, two metal parts, a tube and a paper hint

Two keys now and i put two parts in the holder, missing one part.

Found third part and have a sort of screwdriver now, and another paper.

solution for puzzle

need third part! have a clockwork winding thing from puzzle

I solved the puzzle in the wall panel and have got another tool.
The numbers must be 15 in each row and column.

im stuk!!! i only had 1 key but used it now ive got paper with 123 on, 2 other things and summit with 3 shapes in help

The thing from puzzle goes on the tube.

ahh a fuse

I have to leave for a while, good luck everybody so far...brb

numbers in those box things mean anything there's a 9, 2 and 3

looks like a zero on that other puzzle too

hey e.b


got it! third part on tube base

has anyone solved that block shading puzzle yet? I've already done the fuse, and have three paper hints... but nothing seems to make sense for this puzzle.

where does fuse go?

Where are the second and third parts? Also I put in the code, and the top comes down, then what?

turn the clynder where we found the fuse & u get one peace for the 3shapes box

I am back for a short time, i wanna solve this before i have to leave.
Where does fuse go ?

you need to open the number coded box in order to place the fuse.

Where did you guys find the fuse?

Fuse goes into the panel we opened with number code.

You need to open the canister to get the fuse. So nobody has solved the shading block puzzle yet?

Joining in :)

Fuse is in cylinder

damii i had 0 and 2 wrong way round!

Are we suppose to be able to open that cylinder we picked up somehow? I got it and have no idea how to open it to get the third part or the fuse.

Cannot crack the block puzzle...

Jayce click on bottom to turn it upside down, there is a part.

to open it you need another thing which you have to put on top, but i cannot remember where it was.

cant even see any clues!

Hi! I'm joining for a while. I only have two paarts for the box. What block puzzle do you mean? The one in the box with a zero? Solved that one. Press the middle one first then the others starting from upper left and go counterclockwise. Thats the order the "papers" are put on top of each other.

I kinda understand the puzzle, now I'm gonna try to solve the other one

Does anyone remember where they found the three parts for the box?

Hi all,
I solved the Puzzle: First klick the middle square and then the left upper, follow the rest agaist clockwise

aie: for bloks: there are 9 squares u must click theme from the most on top to the most on botom

doh! i tried all the buttons with the big one last clockwise and counter

Ellie !!!!!!!!! You are a genius !!
I am out :)

To open the cylinder you need the "key" that you get when you solve the "make all rows add to 15" puzzle.

Now i have to prepare the BBQ.....good luck !

where is the peace with 4 edges?

thank you guys!!

& out thnx e.b

I found my third part now :) It was in a "pillar", when i clicked on the round part of it.

I think the block puzzle he means, is the one in the first view, click right in the middle, you'll have to open the box with a key (found in the other box)

The puzzle is the very known puzzle where you have to fill in the box with numbers from 1 to 9 and make sure that every line (horizontal or vertical and even diagonal) adds up to 15

And out as well!

Damn I'm slow today...
Should have pressed the button after animation..
(I'm now going to bang my head on a wall :)

@randomness: need help?

@randomness, I got the three pieces from:
1) turn the cylindar around.
2) press the lower round button on the pillar to the left in the view where you see the red cross on the door on the right part of the screen.
3)Inside the locker with number 9 (below and to the right from where you see the green switch high up on the wall)

The key to the number 9 locker is if you zoom on the card reader (in the view with the redd door cross to the left), and then zoom once more to the right of the button below the card reader.

Pls , how to push the buttons clockwise ? I can't push them as on the picture :))

I have opened the 2 ends of the cylinder, solved the magical square puzzle, and I don't know where to put the fuse. And what about the puzzle with grey or white shapes ?

You have to put the fuse where the code pad is..the code is 9302,then above you have to open the panel with the screwdriver

maybe you got the squares by now, but here is a screen shot with the order if you didn't get it yet:

Click here to see how to push the grey squares

excellent game!

marija_perovska, thank you ! I can see the code pad (a 4 digits code is needed), but no place to put the fuse in.

I also tried to put the fuse in the other code box (the magic square box), but no way, the fuse goes nowhere. Can anybody please explain where EXACTLY it goes ?

I finally understood that I had to type the code BEFORE I could see the place where the fuse goes !
I saw the answer for the shapes puzzle... But how were we supposed to guess this without hint ?!

well look, when you put the code, you have to push the panel above,and open it with the screwriver,and that is the place where the fuse goes

yes,i have problem with the shapes puzzle too

Finally figured what Ellie meant with hint about order of those gray squares... (I just used another hint when playing but this puzzle still bothered me :)
I feel stupid now. :(

I need help to find the key to open the locker to get my third piece to the box to open it and get the screw driver

found key: beside machine (left side) next to the card slider. zoom in on card slider, and click off to the right and down

Anybody know in which order slider puzzle has to be pushed ?!

@marija_perovska, Start in the middle and then push the upper left one. Move counter-clockwise from there.

Evil evil evil evil canister... i thought i had clicked EVERYWHERE looking for the middle piece on the box... til someone says "click the bottom" so I try one more time and it works. I was about to lose my mind clicking that stupid canister. thanks for saving my from inevitable insanity.

I found the second piece when I was playing yesterday, but can't find it today, any help?

Out no help! Woo!

I know there's a video walkthrough, but I'm making a text one anyway...cuz I'm bored...


Start screen: Click on door collect box and blue key. Note the #3. Back out; go left.

Keycard scene: Zoom in on keycard slot and click near the bottom pipe for another view. Collect Orange Key. Zoom out; go right x2.

Switch scene: Click the lower-right door located on the wall adjacent to the Switch. Use Orange Key, collect note & puzzle piece. Note the #9. Zoom out; go left and click wall adjacent to small door.

Start Scene: Use Blue Key. Note puzzle. Read note. Solve puzzle by making all vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines = 15....or just follow the note to solve it...yeah, too easy. Collect key when solved. Zoom out; go left x2.

Red X scene: Click the lower white cap on device and collect puzzle piece. Click wall next to the device. Open door and collect Canister and Note. Also note the #2. Zoom out.

Check bottom of Canister in View Mode and click the center to collect puzzle piece. Place all pieces on box and collect Ratchet (no, it's not a screwdriver). Use key on Canister and collect Fuse.

Click on door directly ahead. Click the button and note the squares. All these squares overlap the other. Now check your new note. It tells you to click the squares in order from Top-most to Bottom, with 1 = Top-most/Center square.

Solution is easy. Starting from Center, click on the top-left square and work your way around in a counter-clockwise motion till all squares are clicked. When solved, collect keycard. Also note the #0. Zoom out; go Right.

Keycard scene: Use keycard on the slot. Zoom out and click number pad. The order of the numbers are located in a counter-clockwise direction starting from the number located near the Switch on the wall. So it will be 9,3,0,2. Enter this into the keypad and click on the panel to lower it. Use Ratchet, remove panel, use Fuse, replace Panel. Zoom out; click button under Keycard slot.

Enjoy the end. You're out! :)


PROLOGUE/DISCLAIMER: Do not let the title offend this case I am the *dummy* and the solutions would have bitten my nose *need I say more* know those days when the answer is so easy it is ludicrous, and to add insult to injury, it is glaring directly at you... if only your brain could add 2+2 and get 4 instead of all numbers EXCEPT!!! Well, today has been one of those days for me so what better way to deal with a meltdown than to write a is!!!! I must thank Zazie and Ellie for POP...somehow my addled brain managed to catch on to your clues ;) So, without further ado...follows the Walkthrough! :)

WALKTHROUGH FOR DUMMIES: lol...*referring to self, of course*

- your little adventure begins by opening some heavy double doors and watching *dare I guess what that object is* follow you through the door! you notice a pillar and just to the bottom right is a door *partially hidden by pillar* ...LOCKED...haha!!! of course it is will have to work for that key!
- zoom back out and click on the door to the right...oh key needed and inside is a #3, a box requiring three shapes and ... yay!!!! a little blue key :)
- go to that locked door and use the blue key to open it...GEEEZ!!! a Sudoku puzzle... NOTE: there is a clue to tell you the answer to this puzzle but I pulled the correct numbers out of thin air...don't ask because I still have no idea how I managed to pull off this feat of *temporary* brilliance...the key word being *temporary*...but I digress...onward...
- notice the numbers on the puzzle panel:
4 - 8
- - -
- - 6
- turn right and notice a green lever high up on the wall...well you know this will need to be flipped down at some point, but for now you need to find the missing numbers...
- when you zoom in on the door to the right of the *green lever* wall...yes I know....*groan* you notice you will need to find yet another little key, not to mention the three pieces for that box you have in your inventory!!!!
- zooming out from the box, turn right and the bottom *knob-like* decoration on the pillar will reveal the first of the 3 box pieces... just click on the knob, then click on the piece found underneath... okay cool!
- now everyone has their own methods of madness, but I immediately insert first piece in the it superstition...!
- to the right of the *knob* pillar, click on the door and remove a paper with a hint *the pointing hand seems to be a dead giveaway* ... something about 1,2,3 ?? also remove a cylinder and make note of the #2 written inside door..
- now the cylinder is tricky, and, as someone commented, zoomed view click on bottom of this mischievous apparatus and VOILA! a second piece to insert in the box...once again, call it superstition...insert the piece in the box!
- also notice that the top of the cylinder requires a key so....another key to find...GAH!
- zoom out, turn right and click to open the the button and various sizes of squares ? pop up...okay this is where my IQ started to drop...logically, you know the *1-2-3* hint is telling you how to solve this puzzle; however, had it not been for Ellie, I would still be clicking the!


- click the middle box first, then, beginning with the top left box, click all remaining boxes counterclockwise...this is supposed to represent what that *1-2-3* paper indicates but ... did I mention I would still be clicking boxes??! :)
- meanwhile, back at the completed puzzle, a key card drops down; also note the *zero* below the know this is going to be part of a code...
- zoom out, continue to your right and zoom in on key card slot then click bottom pipe by button to locate an orange key...
-zoom back out and notice a keypad on the will need to enter a far you have found #'s 3,2 and 0; you need to use the orange key to get the last number so continue to the right, past the double doors and zoom in on lower right door...*just below green lever wall*...
- open the door and retrieve the 3rd and final box piece, another paper with the answer to the Sudoku puzzle and notice the *9* inside the door
- insert the final piece in the box and ...yay...what every gamer needs.... a ratchet!
- zoom out and go left, then click on the door by the pillar *I call them with it ;)* and fill in the blank areas with the numbers from the note

- rows and columns need to add up to 15...remember I said I pulled the solution to this one out of thin!!!! the correct order is:
4 3 8
9 5 1
2 7 6
- click on the blank areas to enter the numbers; after puzzle is finished, a key falls down...
- now to the matter of the cylindrical object in your inventory...insert the key in the top and click...after lid opens click again and a handy dandy fuse appears in your inventory!
- realizing you are just about out of here, you excitedly run to the code panel to enter the you have four numbers: 9,3,0,2 *this also happens to be the correct order :)*
- enter *9302* in code panel, click on top part of panel and it opens to reveal some bolts that need *undoing*...
- using the ratchet, take the bolts off and...insert the fuse...hmmm...something is telling you that the green lever will now work...
- but wait!...go to key card slot and insert card...OMG!!!!!
- the *object* just zoomed into the machine...YIKES!!!! push the button under the key card slot and....geez, electricity zaps the device and when the doors open.....
IT ... IS...... ALIVE!!!!!!
- Frankenalien just happens to be tall enough to reach the green lever...once the lever is in the down position you walk casually out the door *like you didn't see what just happened*!

@Ellie & @Zazie...POP :) thanks so much for the help ... some days it is just more difficult to unstick my!!!! Ellie...I still have to finish Wooden to the very end and the math shorted out my!!! The solution is easy but I was up all night Friday, so brain just went dead... *sigh* Thank you again!!!!!!! great walkthrough :) I prefer text walkthroughs...they have more *personality* :)
I decided to do a WT also; I don't know what the character limit is for comments, but I had to divide my walkthrough into two!!!! I think they are trying to tell me I am a bit verbose...haha!!!!!

Irish! lol

I try my best to drive straight to the point. However I found it hilarious that the note for the Sudoku puzzle was an exact solution! lol

I LOVE these games. This game maker is so good. The graphics are always impressive. I could imagine it takes a while to make them but I do wish there were more by this creator.

I love this series. Out with help with the block puzzle. I didn't realize I had to click the middle first. Thanks Ellie!

Great walkthroughs, Catalyste and Irish. I read both just for fun :D

Still great 7 years later. Took quite a while to figure out I had to click all block pieces, not just 1-3.

Agree, Tiquer, still great, games are like songs. There are many of them that you will forget, but there are also some songs, which are as good or even better in 10, 20 or 40 years.

Anyway, I did not understand the order of the numbers. Why 9032, not 2309 or 3290? Was there a hint for the direction and the starting point?

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