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The Sealed Living Room Escape Walkthrough

The Sealed Living Room Escape

The Sealed Living Room Escape is another point and click room escape game from Games2escape. "I must drunk a lot at the party with my friends yestoday, and I had a big headache since waking up. When preparing to go to work, I realized I was locked in a strange house, with the weird door which has no handle and lockhole. I didn't know how to open it, so I shouted loudly for help,but nobody came. So I had to handle this only by myself." Good luck and enjoy it!

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hello, stuck with 8 coins, a lemon and a few codes. i don't know how i can move the jigsaw puzzle:S

The loading is sloooooow

Loading is somewhat slow.

Saw blade from sailboat cuts rusty padlock,
Get crowbar.

found a saw in the small picture i guess, used it at the wardrobe, now i have a crowbar

So far 9 coins, lemons, a screw, square and round thing (put them together), saw blade, and blue thing looking like a key (it's a clock handle)

Hi Mel
there I thought finally a new escape game and what do we get - another hidden objects game pixelhunting for coins!!
I think this homepage should be renamed to hidenobjectgames24.com!!

"Clock Finger" behind table lamp.

Got 9 gold coins and a lemon, but @ Mel, missed the codes... What's with the floorboard?

use crowbar on the ground

well - at least it is a bit of an escape game

where did u find the lemon?

a code box under the bed, clock code, puzzle jigsaw code and code in drawer at couch side

Plug the hair dryer under the desk. Screw is on the "thing" on the desk

@ bettina
To the right of the couch on the floor

little bit late..but it is still alive...I guess :))

Numbers behind painting but don't get it...

does anyone know how to move the puzzle-pieces - I cannot move mine??

@ drisana
can't plug in the hairdryer, it has no plug...

thanx, can combine round thing, cube thing and skrew, but don't know for what

jigsaw puzzle on cupboard under mirror

Mine has no plug too :) But i plugged it :)

Can combine square and round thing but can't combine screw with it ?!

Once assembled, put the key in hole beside SLIDER puzzle.

hoo ! there is 2 square thing !

@drisana, you have to turn it, then put screw in the hole

thanks @drisana. worked, but don't know what it does yet. Where's the round thing you were talking about?

two questions: 1) i think i know where to use the crowbar on the floor (under the window???), but can't seem to get my crowbar to work there.
2) how did you combine the blue disc with the blue square? I also found a pale blue square on the sofa arm rest that looks as though the blue square would eventually fit into. thanks for any help here!!!

knock picture off wall - figures for a clue behind it

Use crowbar in the left side i think. You have to cobine square and round thing, then put it in the square "box" then turn it and put the screw.

Yipeee! Slider puzzle!

I bet it should look like painting.

Click bottom of painting to raise,
and at the top to lower.

hard jigsaw :( Don't see what the hole picture has to be...

still haven't found round thing to combine with square yet...

How many coins does everyone have by now? I have 14


Click floor below window, drag crowbar to lefternmost part of line on floor.

Get blow drier.

13 coins. I hate sliders - it's bad enough when you know what it's supposed to look like.

Oooh, some vault behind big painting above bed!

I found only 11 coins, a round blue thing, a clock hand, a saw blade and lemons. I don't find anything else. After many tries, I found also a bunch of numbers behind the painting... sigh...

... and a square blue thing under the chair (random clicking).

@elske, round thing is down from the bed, behind the left mleg from the bed

@alkmar THANKS! was getting unpleasantly frustrated :D

thanks @drisana and @upnatm!

Egads, The slider puzzle resets whenever you leave it to look at the painting!!!!

I can't handle that!

Oh, wait! just open game again in another tab, and go back & forth.

ohh...cant turn the blue thing for the screw...

lol..I can..fixed it :)

hi alll!! this stil live or am i joining too late?

I hate sliders too, and especially this one that doesn't work. I'm giving up.

@pascal..use the square thing, it is the key for the slider

hmmmmmm... i think that my puzzl eis right but still saying "wasn't solved correectly" ... :-(

three cheers for slider puzzles if you love them.......NOT! but finally finished it and got into cupboard ugh!

anybody a clue for the puzzle at the wall (numbers)?

dideedi , where is the blank tile ? bottom right ?!

what to do with the wire? can't connect anywhere...

finally did the slider puzzle - that was hard work!

I am completely stuck after completing the slider. I got a power chord, which I assume is for the hair dryer, and a map/picture which I can't seem to do anything with.

have tried to squeeze lemon over old map and cottonbud, but no good. tried to use hairdryer on old map. no good. am a bit stuck here...and we haven't even discovered the 2 codes or the clock code yet! looks like a long game!

hi am struck with 10 coins, clock handle put on the clock, a cube, a block, a lemon and half blade..

@drisana, the blank tile should be bottom right

yes..slider goes well...almost got it!

Can someone post a picture of the finished puzzle please ?? i don't understand where i'm wrong..

Yay, finally solved the jigsaw!

@bettina, you first have to drag the wire to the hairdryer. once it's combined, you can drag the hairdryer to the outlet under the table (not zoomed i think).

@dideedi where is the cotton bud?

Where is the cube?

have tried the lemon to reveal code on the map, have tried to use map on codes behind painting, but nothing works. This escaping takes some skill!

the numbers puzzle under the pic seems daunting!

Woah! Picture on wall can move. Code stuff behind it that I can't figure out...

oh that was hair dryer.. but what is the round thing u r talking abt??? pl tel wher it is

hey i found a cotton bud smeared with lemonade under the bed, and a tile next to sofa.. cant movwe the tile though

the door behind the big picture on wall abov bed doesnt open.. help

what map wher is it

stuck with puzzle

Good morning all... I'll try to catch up :)

I have a question... my sawblade doesnt work on wardrobe's padlock, do I need to find another part of it?

I'm so stuck on this game after you can combine round thing, cube thing how do you put screw thing in and get the puzzle to move


I cant turn the blue square and put screw on it.

how did you turn blue box, mine not turn ??

@edgar, you need only drag the saw blade to the padlock for it to open

hi all
did anyone figure out the code for the chest under the bed? or the clock clue? or the closet behind the chair?
btw where is cotton bud?

Well, it seems I needed to drag the items to make them work. Thanks anyway.

Edgar, it should work as it is.
Does anybody know the four numbers code? Or what do to with the lemon?

@Edgar, there is no other part of saw, just drag it to the lock.

im stuck, I cannot put the blue square and circle together, I have the screw but it tells me I need more clues?

did you put it into the cube box?

@nolwen, cutton bud and another coin (I have 13 so far) is under matress. Click right from pillow in mirror view.

Nolwenn, just put each digit to the rainbowcolours.

ok never mind it worked now?

there's a round thing, a cube with circle in it an the cube box, these all you have to combine, afterwards you can add the screw

@nolwenn the cotton bud is under the right side of the pillow on the bed

Where is the cube box?

other stupid question, where is the slider puzzle?

Got the hairdryer already but no wire on it... any help there?

I also placed round object in the square one, and this one into the cube object, turned aruond and put screw.
Used by the slider puzzle and is functional now.

@sue27 what to do after putting each digit to the rainbowcolours.

sue was that a clue to the clock puzzle

solve the slider puzzle and you'll the wire and a picture

@sue27, what happens once you've put all the clock hands to the rainbow colours? Just did that, and nothing seemed to happen!

@Saima, cube box is in left side of white coach.

@Danielle, slider puzzle in top drawer next to bed

Thanx Edgar, got it

nothing happens when i put all clock hands on rainbows
and can't seem to use the cotton bud with the lemon or anything else (thx i'd never have found it)

For anyone who might need it, here's a snapshot og how the slider puzzle should look like.

thanks I found it.. Im not sure if it is me or its buggy because I swear I looked there before!

someone want to post a finished slider puzzle to peek at? don't love them!

Where I found 14 coins so far:
1. by cabinet (under mirror) right leg
2. in painting above bed
3. on know of right drawer on cabinet
4. by right leg bedsidetable
5 and 6 under the bed
7. above pillow
8. in window
9. in right deskdrawer
10. on floor under desk by outlet
11. on right top of coach (when zoomed to get lemon)
12. on wall when zommed in on sailboatpainting
13. on left wardrobedoor after opening it
14. under floorboard with hairdryer

ha! great timing

Edgar - have you looked at those figures behind the sailing-picture??

sorry i wanna ask stupid q: where's the screw??

I think I need some help here, it's taking long to read all of the comments so far.

In inventory I have the hairdryer (plugged though), lemon, cottonbud, picture and 14 coins.

My clock with hands in rainbows says 8:10,00 but i can't find anything to do there or to use it anywhere.

Any help please on what anyone has done after that?

@ bunga
screw is on desk ornament

guys, think i'm gonna have to give up on this one and leave it to the experts. can't logically think what to do next. will look back on the progress later though! good luck :)

I don't see a white cube anywhere, there is a white box type of thing, the blue one with the round hole where the blue 'coin' goes in and that is it. Been all over the place and can't progress any further because I can't crack codes. Some help please?

@bunga, screw is on lamp(?) on desk.

@SwissMiss, yes. I managed to put the picture aside but don't know how to figure it out... have you?

totally stuck with lemons, cotton bud, picture, hairdryer (placed but still in inventory) cable and clue behind picture

Edgar - have you looked at those figures behind sailing picture - knock it off the wall
you are good at math-puzzles

@SwissMiss... cable?

no Edgar - they don't make sense
where is Ellie!!!

Sorry, the hint with the rainbow colours was wrong.

@ edgar: here are some things to do:
- look behind ship picture on wall to find number puzzle. knock it off the wall by clicking on top corners a few times each corner
- don't know if clock with rainbow colours is leading us anywhere yet. did you find the third clock hand by the way?
- no idea what to do with lemon map and cottonbud
you've pretty much caught up!

this one is really buggy, i had to start a third time, this time the slide puzzle always says it won't be correct... BUT IT IS! :( (i solved it before)

@Elske & Edgar: u mean the table beside the couch? can't get any...

@thanks dideedi, it seems I have indeed, but I'm now stuck the same place as you.

@sue27, what's the real hint for clock if not rainbow?

@ bunga

there's a strange thing on the left corner of the desk, something like a lamp or candleholder. The screw is on that.

oh..and another thing, whats with the panel behind the poster behind the bed?

I think the clock puzzle should give us number for box under bed?!?

@Elske & Edgar: ugh..found it!!! Thank you...

@bunga, here's another snapshot... look for the screw here.

Edgar, I don't know either the clock code or the two number codes.

i'm getting crazy, has anybody else problems by solving the slide puzzle (always telling it wouldn't be correct)

I think we need a serious input here - we are all stuck

Well, at least we're having a good time... not!!

tried putting hands of clock to rainbows (cause it seemed like a great idea sue!) then using the length of the hands as a guide transferred them to numbers ie. 1228 or the other way around 8212. then put the numbers into case under bed BUT IT DIDN'T WORK. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!

This game is just going nowhere fast!

just checked nordinho and they seem to be at same place as us. found sneaksnake there though!!! ;)

problem with these games is... I can't just give up, I NEED TO finish it now! Ugh... byebye peace of mind for now!

dideedi - tried the same thing with all combination - also putting pink finger to pink number, etc.

we need help,help,help

Edgar - well at least it is a live one - at the beginning I thought it is just another hidden objects game

yes - sneaksnake wasn't so happy in EG24 anymore!!
we have to lure him back :))

....hey, just a thought...14 coins seems like such a strange number. do you think if we find coin number 15, we're given a new clue???? will check around for hidden coins one more time

yeah, @SS has been playing there for a while... don't know why though. He never was someone for that site, but here is where he belongs I think.

As for the numbers on wall, I think they should give the code for box under bed, but I cant find no math explanation or logic at all.

there's another page were they are talking about this game... but i can't unterstand turkish (or some similar language)

Another question for you guys:
Taking blue = hour, green = minutes and pink = seconds, my clock says 8:10.00 in rainbows... is it the same for you or do we have different times (and maybe codes) here?

whoever did this game - pls give us a HINT

I noticed that if you click on the crow bar after using it your score skyrockets - kinda buggy

same colours here

@edgar we all have the same time

it's a little bit annoying to get nowhere

OK thanks.

@Jeannie, lol! I'm not getting any further in the game, but at least I'm having my score going higher!!

is the picture code for the box under the bed?
is the clock code for the desk - there it says you need to find more clues!?

tried associating letters to the #s on the wall:def/mno/tuv/pqrs = 3687 for example.
used 1 letter from each and got a 4 (four). thought it was great until i tried the 8553 = tuv/jkl/jkl/def. Any other associations we can think of?

I can't read the name of the painting in my inventory could some one please tell me what is written on it?

I think the same @SwissMiss.
Somehow the central 4 digits on wall must give the code for box under bed, and setting the clock to a right time should give colors maybe for drawer.
So, 4 digits code should be our next... but how?

gotta go for a while, i'll check back on you later
i'll try brute forcing the chest code then if noone found the code
i think the wall clue is for the chest and the clock clue for the desk but we still need another clue for the order of colors or sthg

the last name is McCollough - the first I also cannot read!

I tryed +,-,*,/ - difference
not a clue
Edgar you are normally the "figure-head"

@SwissMiss thnx

But i need the first name maybe it's a clue...

apart from 0322 all can be divided by 3 ??

I found out that there is a photographer Ferrell McCollough. But what does it help?

Well, @SwissMiss. Not in my normality status I guess. Cant figure the thing out for the life of me!

not right - 6749 also not dividable by 3
my brain is smoking...

I am in touch with suicune - he will have a look perhaps he can solve it

Hm, I don't know why or what I did, but the hairdryer is no longer plugged in my game... bug?

my hairdryer is still plugged in in close view but I have it still in my inventory - same with the lead

how can i make the bud work on the map?????

I found a hidden place behind the picture with the woman click on down right of the picture.

plugged the hairdryer again and it's stuck there again. I wonder how that happened or if it's important.

Do we miss an item? have one place in inventory blank

Is it a bud or an eyedropper?

pic up or down? near the lamp mirror or hutch?

@stevec777 i think its a bud but how do we use it?

@mirka, as far as I know, noone has found a use for the bud.

Edgar - suicune is on messenger - he has a look at the game trying to catch up
the math-game is tickling his brain

im still missing 3 items: the positions 4,7,8 in the left column of inv items

General question: Does anyone have less than 3 empty spaces in inventory?

The four number lock ... There is always four times a zero at the start but the next number is not 1 and it changes.

Inv: free beside> map lemon and coins
3 blanks

@bernd1000, if you're around, what else do you have that we don't?

have also 3 slots left
left of lemon, left of picture and left of coins

@sue27, I've noticed that if you zoom back from the box, the numbers start from the next one you left it before... no big thing actually.

has anyone done anything with the green monster on the lounge?

@bernd1000, so you've used the hairdryer and the bud... where and how if so?

You guys are slacking. I did the school run, fed the kid, got delivery of my shopping and you still aren't out?! Shame on you! LOL Now about that cube that I asked a long time ago...?

Oops, sorry. Now i get you bernd. :P

stevec777 tried to make it suck lemon but doesn't work either

fem21: I find no hidden pixel

i think i stick this bud a thousand times in those lemons without result...uuurgh

I think, I have to give up, I never managed before to solve a slider right, and so it is this time :(

back again after picking up the kids...still going nowhere i see! really get frustrated by these kind of games

At least I found out how to start the slider puzzle, phew! How misleading can some people be talking about a cube. Back to school!

I did not say a hidden pixel.
I said, i found a hidden place behind the picture, but can't seem to open it.
If the picture is up you see the place.

oh! saw that, h o p i n g for progress!

something to lemon bud and dryer:
if u write with lemon juice and heat the paper with a flame or maybee a dryer.. the words become visible again.. for example

hello, just starting.. HELp cant use half saw on wardrobe. WHERE exactly do you click ???

have to go - wish you luck - shall check up on you later

@sue, you need to drag the items in this game.

dont click...drag the items directly to the desired position. highlighting doesnt work

TY @ Edgar :), saverd my (escapers-)life :))

@bernd1000, thats a good thinking, but bud on lemon, lemon on map or dryer on map wont work.
Maybe if we find a place to put the map first?

I think it's a fuse box behind picture.
currently no power to dryer.
drawer lock is probably color coded - related to clock.
but I can't figure out math problem.

hate this, but just spent a few minutes bruteforcing code on box under bed with numbers between 2000 - 2200. can't believe i did that! struggling to think logically with the numbers puzzle....

:( cant finish slider... any1 has a screenshot?? and I cant find CLOCKHAND...

pop found clockhand

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