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Speed Escape 3 Walkthrough

Speed Escape 3

[REPLAY] Speed Escape 3 is third episode of Speed Escape point and click room escape game series developed by Selfdefiant. There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Speed Escape 3 Walkthrough
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these were easy but fun before. :)

Hey kitkatfox, u done already?? I m in the second one now.

ahh wheres the seed!?

@kkf!!! So glad to see you again :D

I don't have enough time to play but I'll join you and Saima for a little while.

yay I am the master of escape. It was a good game to practice on after being away for a while. :)

What is the code for safe in the first? Dont understand

for the first code, make sure you put the numbers in the right order. The order is the colors on the safe.

I have the code from the tv for the first room but cant get it to open the safe?

boy comments are glitchy today. :/

@matt the seed is under the floor board. You need the crowbar.

Ok im dumb today thanks for the help

@Edgar (hugs!) sorry I have been gone for a bit. Everything was way too busy around here.

I think I have to put the iceblock into the microwave to get doorknob, but how can I move the block?

lol Lisa I have days were the easiest games stump me. I understand!

thank you!!

@Mel / Melly / Melanie bring the hot water to the block. Not the block to the microwave ;)

Escape the first room without using some stuff nor opening a couple of things... just the dustbin on the door was enough... maybe a glitch.

@kkf, hugs back. It's nice to see you around here again anyways.

@Edgar you are so good you can escape playing parts of the game lol :D

Cute game!

I m stuck in the third one, where is the seed?

Got it

@Saima, once you have the 2 left lockers open you can see the color code for the chest. Crowbar is there... use it to get another key.

This Master of Escape has to go now. Have fun!

@Saima under a floorboard. :)

bye Edgar. It was very nice to "see" you.

I'm still stuck in 2nd room!!! What do I do with the wrench?

@ skyjourney did you find the tub?

If not, click around the shower curtain some more.

is there a bug for the crowbar do you use it on the red box it will not work for me

@Atvcountry, dont use it on red box(drawer), use it on the wooden board just beside it.

Awesome little game

Room 1
Note the door is locked
Move the center pillow on the bed and get the silver key
Click it into an empty inventory box to empty your hand
Click the nightstand to move it
Now click the hidden red button to find a safe behind the picture
Turn right
Note the microwave
Note the cabinet to the left of the fridge doesn’t have a handle
Open the fridge door and move everything on the second shelf until you get the remote control
Open the second cabinet from the right and get the cord
Go right
Note the locked cabinet, the frozen block, and the door missing a handle
Go right
Use the cord on the TV for power
Use the remote on the powered TV to see a set of 3 colored numbers
Blue 9, green 7, and red 3
Go right
Use the silver key on the door by the bed and get the hanger
Use the numbers and hit enter to unlock the safe
Click the handle to open the safe door and get the black key
HINTcolors on safeHINT
Turn 2 times to the tall cabinet
Use the black key and take the dust pan
Go left
Use the hanger on the cabinet that is missing a handle and get the water
Put the water bottle in the microwave and get it back (it is now hot water and has a red lid)
Turn right
Use the hot water to melt the block
Use the door handle on the door
Click the handle
Use the dustpan to dig out the snow
Click out the door

wow I missed that Thank you so much Saima

where is the wrench??

Room 2
Click the clothes basket to knock it over -- note the screwed in vent cover behind it
Turn right
Note the light over the mirror is missing a bulb
Open the second cabinet door from the left and get the scissors
Go right
Click the empty toilet paper cardboard tube and get the screwdriver from inside the left side
Note the odd square pictures on the wall (you can click them to turn them)
Get the green book from the small stand by the toilet
After placing it in your inventory, you can click it for an about item view
Note the triangles/numbers hint
Note the small stand by the toilet was locked
Go right
Use the scissors on the rope tying the bottom doors of the cabinet shut
Open both of the doors
Note the black and white square hints
Behind the left door is a small square on the back of the cabinet (under the shelf)
Use the screwdriver to open it and get the silver key
Open the top left door of the cabinet and move the towels until you find a light bulb
Click the right side of the shower curtain
Now click the right side of the back shower curtain to see a hidden lock
Go right
Zoom in on the vent and use the screwdriver to remove all 4 screws
Click the cover to remove it and get the rusty key
Go right
Replace the missing blub and see the triangle clue
Go right
Turn the pictures on the wall and click the lightswitch to find a hidden safe
Hintblack and whiteHint
Enter the code into the safe
Click the switch on the safe by the numbers and get the blue key
Use the silver key on the small cabinet by the toilet and get the wrench (okay, my game said it was a strange stone so maybe it was a stone wench lol)
Go right
Use the rusty key in the shower lock to find the tub
Use the blue key on the side of the tub
Use the wrench on the pipe and get the gold key from the tub faucet
Go right
Use the gold key on the door and leave!

@mavale in the little cabinet by the toilet

Room 3
Click the bottom drawer of red tool chest to the left of the door and get the blue key
Note there is a loose floorboard to the left of the door
Go right
Get the light fixture, watering can, and soil
Move the 2 cardboard boxes to find the green key
Go right
Unlock the blue locker and get the bottle of plant vitamins
Note the colored circles at the top of the locker
Use the green key on the green locked and get the chain
Note the colored circles
Go right
Use the soil in the pot
Use the watering can on the faucet to fill it
Use the chain on the peg over the pot
Add the light to have a grow light
Note the chest needs 4 colors as a code
Enter the colors, click the switch, and get the pink key
Go left
Use the pink key and get the crowbar
Also get the brown book -- to read it, place it in your inventory and click it for an about item view. Learn about growing key plants
Turn 2 times to the door
Use the crowbar on the loose board
Find the red key (which doesn’t look red on my screen)
Turn 2 times and use the red key
Get the green seed
Go right
Plant the seed
Add water to it
Now add the fertilizer/vitamins
Get the gold key
Turn right
Use the gold key to become the Master of Escape!

where to use the wrench in 2nd room

@kitkatfox thanks :-)

Kaisa, have you found the blue key from the code box? If so, use that on the locked cupboard on the tub and you'll see where to use the wrench.

@Kitkatfox!!! It's so nice to see you again!
Thank you for the great walkthrough!

These are almost the only timed games that I really enjoy. Made it on my own, but the seed was hard to find!

I got a bug in my second game. The last key disappeared when I tried to put it in the inventory. I thought that I should look for it in the room, and did that twice. I didn't find it until I refreshed the game and it was back in the inventory.

@Ellie Hi! I missed playing with you all.

I think these are the only timed ones I like, too. Probably because they are ridiculously hard to do in the time given.

2Ellie my key did that at first to then i ran out of time so i restarted and got the key a second time. i think its just a glitch.

The first time I could use the light switch to remove the sunflower painting in the second room, but now he doesn't do that anymore! I got the small paintings in the right position though. Anyone else with the same problem? It's really frustrating!

O and I refreshed four times already. That doesn't seem to solve it.

okay someone help me i have tried doing the code for the safe in the 1st room and i hit the colors in the order and it appeared all green when i punched in the numbers can someone tell me the sequence to do it in

did you see the blue 9, green 7 and red 3 on the TV? Those are your numbers.
Are you pressing the colors and not the numbers? You should click on the numbers in the order of the colors below (BRG)
The code is 937.

Playing the second one for the second time my gold key disappeared. I went into the menu and restarted, to see all the items in the 3rd box revolving, kept clicking, and after ten attempts was able to lift the gold key out and escape. Maybe I didn't follow the order exactly, but I've never seen that before!
Good games, thanks SD!

I can't get past the 2nd room, everytime I grab the gold key from the spa faucet, it disappears, grrr

Bellee: click 'pauze' and then continue. Like Sandy says, a revolving box is show in menu. Quickly grab your golden key. Yup it's a bug!

Arrr this is so annoying I have done everything in the 2nd room but i Cant find the wrench!! I've opened the little door on the spa an it keeps saying the knob wont turn!

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