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There is No Door Escape 3 Walkthrough

There is No Door Escape 3

There is No Door Escape Episode 3 is the third episode of There is No Door Escape 1 point and click room escape game from EscapeFever. In this game, you must get out from the room but there is no door. A little cleaner escape than in the first episode. Good luck and have fun!

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There Is No Door Escape 3 Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:10 AM  

Hello, I like this series, let´s go...

put cd's on cd player and got code for cupboard

where did that squirrel come from?


I've found just one cd under the table. Where dit you find the others?

I think I'm gonna be all played out after today lol

Now this is just crazy lol. I'm gonna be late for work

An anvil?

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:15 AM  

What the heck do we do with rhe anvil?

found another cd behind cupboard.

one on the left behind the cupboard and I think the other was under the front of the treadmill

Only 2 cd's, red and black nippers, an anvil and a squirrel!

combined red wire with red nippers and black ones too, but where to use?
squirrel goes in cupboard with food, gives you key in return

Yip, in front of the threadmill.

3rd CD is under treadmill

Got a wire from far side of treadmill.

sorry meant the right of the cupboard! Stuck with just an anvil now and wired up treadmill, tried pushing the buttons in the order above the lights but doesn't seem to work

I think the numbers above the light have something to do with the 5 buttons on the treadmill that light up when you touch them. I just can't figure out what or how. I've tried everything I can think of.

attach cables to nippers

Two nippers connected to separate wires now, make sure the squirrel gets his nuts ;o)

Throw the anvil to the squirrel.

NO .. just kidding!! :-)

Don't know what the anvil and the jumper cable thingy's are for.

Hm...have all three cds placed...two codes...left with red and black nippers anvil and squirrel. Tried 23514 hitting the buttons on the runner both in order straight and as the numbers run. NadA

@sarah, how did you wire up the treadmill. I've got the red nipper with wire, the black nipper with wire and an anvil.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:22 AM  

all left is the anvil, no idea where to put it

@crila16 - cables go on battery once you've placed it

aww.im late..

battery goes to left of treadmill

I've got the cables all hooked up to the battery next to the treadmill but can't find the spot for the anvil?!

CAN ONLY CONNECT ONE NIPPER, WHY? Oh with the code also tried hitting each one as many times as each number but no

Battery? Where?

You guys are too fast for me...what battery?

there is a battery behind the cd player, connect the wires to them then attach to the white panel on treadmill

Got battery with red and black cable, put near the treadmill. Remain only a anvil. Stuk

Where is battery please?

Hook up to the threadmill?

PLease explain?

I missed battery, thanks!

Anyway...Do we put the squirrel on the treadmill???

Battery is behind the cd player. Use red and black nippers on the same coloured cables, place battery next to treadmill and attach cables. :)

Got battery. Thanks

@Sarah4, thanks, I'd been trying to get behind there but could only do it after you posted lol

battery is behind the speakers


got it .. hooked up .. stuck.

ive got cd from under table n under treadmill whre is the third?

My red nipper will NOT connect

anyone??? where is the red wire?

Okay, the numbers don't work and I'm stuck with the anvil.

press buttons in order from numbers

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:29 AM  

just underneath the 1 and 4 of the code 23514 you can see like a small thin pink line, maybe a hint?

@EnJoy, there's one in the top cupboard and one behind the treadmill.

and out!

Nevermind.. forgot to open the cupboard with the key

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:31 AM  

Yes Truus well don!!e


what did you do with the anvil?

They don't work for me Truus.

And out!

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:31 AM  

Done!!, not don!!e.

Where to place the anvil Truus?

where do you click for the battery - I cannot go behind speakers!!



Click ABOVE the speakers .. a little bit to the right.

Anvil goes in walkmachine when it works

@Full, place anvil on treadmill once it's moving.

Please share!

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:33 AM  

Bye everybody, i´ll stick around for a spot for the anvil ;-)

Swissmiss, click behind the stereo when in the normal view (do not zoom in 1st)

@SwissMiss - in non-zoomed view, click space between right speaker and box

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:34 AM  

Thanks Ruff, i will. But first i must try and start it to move, haha

@Full, after entering the code the treadmill is working, place anvill on it and it makes a hole in the wall. And voila, all you have to do then is sneak out..

I press the order of numbers into the threadmill but nothing happens ...23514?

got it now

23514 is not working :o(

@za, 23514 is the order of the buttons to press. That is, press the 4th one first, then the 1st button etc.

Code isn't working for me either

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:36 AM  

I don´t believe it, how do i input the code? that thing doesn´t move at all!!

Me neither Rambler ... I really don't get it.

code is order of buttons

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:37 AM  

Ok Ruff, got it

Goodmorning Full!!

Nope, it doesn't work either way. Maybe I wired up the battery wrong!

where do you put the code?????


Nothing happens either. I don't understand why I have to start with the last number? It is so NOT logical to me.

click in this order: 41253

@rambler, after placing the battery by the machine, did you wire it up with your red and black nippers?

My Monday brain is not working...how exactly do I input the code?

guys, first of all. Do we have the same code? The code is written above the wall lights.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:40 AM  

Nice game, thanks all!!

( did i already mention once that i´m a terrible codebreaker?)

Thaks @cece - but I don't understand why

That did NOT make any sense to me! But I'm finally out...Thanks to Cece!

Nº 1 is in fourth place (4)and then, etc..

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 8:42 AM  

I´ll make a video walkthrough now, hope it´s added soon to be of some help

Yes Ruff I did, I thought I might have my wires crossed.
I'm out now thanks, it was the order of the numbers. Why were they different to the code?

finally out, still don't understand how to get the code though?? lol

still no clue which buttons to press and where to use code
battery wired up alright

Thanks @cece. Took quite a while to sink in.

yet ANOTHER game up folks

Ah, I understand now :o)

@SwissMiss. Check the code above your wall lights. That gives you the order of buttons (from left to right) on the treadmill to press.

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks -
but nothing happens
the big red one next to the arrow is this no 1 and the 4 little one 2,3,4,5

pressed 23514 and 41235 and nothing happens

@swissmiss, what's your code?

ah got it now mixed up the last two
thanks - Monday brain- sorrry

Bye guys! Hope to see you in another live game!

I'm out with help on where to find the battery. Thanks @Sarah4!


● Zoom in the right side of the cabinet and take CD #2. Also notice you need a key and a 3-digits code to open the cabinet.
● Zoom in the lamp on the right wall and take the red nippers and keep in mind the numbers on the wall (23514).
● Go left.
● Take the anvil from the floor.
● Zoom in the shoes and take the black nippers.
● Zoom in the hung shirt and take the squirrel.
● Go left.
● Zoom above the CD player to have a back view of it and to find a battery; take it.
● Zoom in the wooden table to find CD #2 hidden there below.
● Go left.
● On the treadmill view, zoom in the lower left corner of the right wall (above the treadmill platform) and take the black cable.
● Zoom in the lower right side of the treadmill to find the CD #3.
● Go back to the right.
● Zoom in the CD player and place your 3 CDs on the spots. Once done zoom once again on the lower display screen and see a time, standing as the 3-digits code for the cabinet.
● Zoom out twice and go left twice.
● Zoom in the lower doors of the cabinet and enter the code to open it. If done correctly you can see a bowl full of acorns. Place the SQUIRREL there and take the silver key.
● Zoom now in the upper part of cabinet and open the doors with the KEY to get the red cable.
● Go right.
● Place the battery on the left of the treadmill.
● In your inventory combine RED CABLE + RED NIPPERS and put them on the battery.
● Do the same now with BLACK CABLE + BLACK NIPPERS.
● Zoom in the treadmill panel and notice 5 clickable buttons to the right of the yellow arrow. Press them in the order depicted in the lamp clue (23514). The order is then: 4th,1st,2nd,5th,3rd buttons.
● Use the ANVIL on the moving band to open a hole on the wall.
● Click on the hole to make your “NOW-YOU-HAVE-A-DOOR ESCAPE”… Congratulations!

I had to back out of the close up screen to reset after putting in the wrong set of code. Then it worked.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 12:09 PM  

Edgar thank you for a very good walkthrough.
Couldn't have done with you.

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 12:11 PM  

How do you get 4,1,2,5,3 from the clue 23514 ?

Out with help to press the buttons in the order of the numbers, I only tried to press them the other way... the second button first and so on. Thanks @Truus!

@small-tool, the numbers on the wall doesn't show that you should start with the second button, it shows that the first button to press is the fourth one from the left.

Maybe it is easier if you call the buttons letters instead, so that from left to right the buttons are: A,B,C,D,E.
The numbers show the order of the letters to press. Number one to press is on the fourth letter: D-button. Then go on with letter A (because it has number 2 as order in the clue).

       Anonymous  5/3/10, 4:04 PM  

Edgar I meant to say I couldn't have done without you! Sorry!

lol @Apricotmomma, you're welcome... and no need to be sorry! I could have never noticed you were wrong :)

There's a squirrel in the shirt! I feel right at home.

great WT as always @Edgar. Like Ellie, I needed help with the order of the buttons. But unlike apricotmomma, I think I could have done it with you!

@Edgar...great walkthrough...got to the end and had tried inputting the numbers in the order you stated, but the treadmill didn't start...of course, after I read your instructions I put the numbers in again...*I think they were in the same order...lol* and of course POP wins the day again...haha!!!! I think these games *know* stuff...lol!!!! *runs to change tinfoil hat*

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