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Time to Wake Up Walkthrough

Time to Wake Up

Time to Wake Up - Chapter 1 is another point and click room escape game. You wake up as Eddie, just like any other day. But after today nothing’s going to be the same again. There are three possible endings in the game. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Tosca]

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A life one - anyone playing??


Well - have some light and had a cup of coffee

Hi Annaby
strange game - got rid of the headache tried to use bulp and are suddenly somewhere else

a picture and an onion

im in too...loading

To dark. Can't even find the lamp. LOL

you can make a call after looking through the peephole
@SwissMiss - were you able to use the bulb?

@Treva - it's somewhere in the upper right part of the screen

creepy...im not in cansas anymore...

nvm - I'm outside the apartment now too

I used it on the lamp in the very first scene and was suddenly outside in a staircase
are in a new flat now
got key to fusebox - eat raw fish and onion (yuck)
and stuck

u need to pick up the letter in thelower left corner...open it and youll travel somewhere else...spooky

im now in a neverending corridor ?! strange game!

Thanks Annaby! I found it have pills, onion, bulb and photo now

got fuse from fusebox

missed the pills - were they in the apartment?

have fuse as well plus a puzzle piece from the garbage - was not nice

yes annaby headachepills - took them as well - don't think they are important
but stuck in this funny apartment

any1 knows where to use the key?


wheres the fusebox, please?

thanks @SwissMiss - got the fish but missed the puzzle piece

fusebox in in room to right of lobby

raw fish for breakfast??? I am not Japanese

Gave stale bread to rat and got markings on rats back.

THX annaby..missed that room completely - dont like the navigation!

where do you place the bread - tried many times and it wouldn't accept it

got it now - there are carving marks on the belly

I am going off this game soon

@SwissMiss - where does the bread go?

nvm - realized you have to click use everytime you want to put it somewhere

give puzzle piece to girl

I was moving right along until I saw that the rat had been mutilated. That's enough for me. Buh bye!

were is the key

Eternal corridor!

gave the person jigsaw piece. now stuck with box,and cant take from it ?????

same with me daz - doesn't seem to fit together

Got a few pieces of the thing in the box put together, but not all of it.

Where is the bread?

you have to put the machine together

the bread was in the apartment

bread was in apartment. Maybe the fish will work as well

you can use the fish if you didn't get the bread

put the machine together but needs power source
cannot pick it up yet

lol, great, can't get back into the apartment...

sad ending...

and I ate the fish! XD

have machine - where do you use it Jeremy

I put bulb in lamp. Now I need bulb for arm, maybe I must resart?

go to the endless corridor

still cant find the key i have clicked every were in the eternal corridor and still cant find it.

okay - off to look for power source

just try fitting them together - the long thing goes on the left - when it fits it sticks

@small just keep dragging the pieces together. they lock when in place

where to put the long curvy metal part to the machine?

key is in the office, i think

Annaby - check your inventory for power source

@cammy - the key wasn't in the corridor. I think the room off the lobby (with the hole in the wall)

@marie that goes on the left

@SwissMiss - thanks!

@jeremy: i tried that...is there a special point?i thought it needs to grip into something...?!

Thanks for the help with the machine, but I still don't get it, do the parts only have to stick together or do they have to be on a special place in the box to stay there or to stick with other parts?

What a weird game - not my taste!!

annaby were abouts in the office i just cant seem to find it.

small-tool - when they are placed in the right place they stick and you cannot take them off again, when you have the whole tool assembled you can pick it up
power source should be in your inventory

@marie the first part i put was the one on the bottom with the hole. it locks in when you put in the pin. then the curved piece

not a nice ending!

gotta go. good luck all!

@jeremy thanks a lot for your help, but i think im a way too stupid to build guns...i think i quit ;)

The first thing I got was the small thing with the hole in it. I did put it a bit above the bottom of the screen (and the left vertical side is in the middle). Then I did put the big thing with the hole under it (hole on hole) and did put the bolt on it and that did stick.

that was one very strange game

@small-tool - im exactly with you...

@small-tool and MarieInDaGame: me too. Tried everything but the last piece (curved one) won't fit. Any snapshot of the machine, pls?

the round button of the curved thing have to be beside the left brown round thing in front of these - pooh... what is the whole things name... you know, what i mean? it's difficult to describe...

eh... i've written the solution, i've seen it first, and now it isn't here any longer???

Go corridor again. In a room the girl "posts" you how make machine

now i see it again... ghost in my pc?
how can i insert a snapshot here?

At least, it seems a trumpet-arm

what is the power source?.. have pic of girl only and that's not it

you have the power source in your inventory.
i think i have to play again, that was a strange end. i've done anything wrong... haven't used the freaky thing...
have anyone the same problem as i: i don't see the whole picture... don't can read all that's written in the last scene...

got nothing in iventory put pic and can't exit the box with weapon to go look for power source...bug???


you have the key from the office and opened the fusebox? you have the fuse?

Ok tried two times with different endings (bum on a bench and electric chair).
Wonder how many there are..

wooooooooooow... turn the machine on and put it back in the inventory... then look in the endless corridor again... in the rooms...

hmpf.... same ending... how did you find the electric chair, peke? ok, i won't sit there, i prefer to wake up and all was a dream... i prefer the happy ending :o) but where is it??? and how to use the hints with numbers and arrows?

anyone there? am i alone?

Thanks to all for help for that weird machine but I'm givin' up. It was really an odd game :)

I ended up on a fishing boat with Frank, catching a big fish

@ idaho: how have you done this?

i've played it 4 times now (think i'm crazy), awake 2 times drunken, 2 times in the electric chair, i miss the fishing boat... but i won't play it again...

Got the ending where I wake up on fishing boat with Frank (? I guess). Cannot read the words at top left of screen at the end. Had trouble here and there with words on bottom throughout the game as well. All in all, I don't get it really...seemed rather pointless.

Uh, is there anyway to increase the size of the template frame for the game? There is some text I'm unable to read because it's cut off.

But this was an interesting game to play. Perhaps there will be more like it?

Right click...select 'show all'...this will let you see all parts of the visible area.

How do I get out of the room without usung the light bulb? I have everything!

could someone else post how to fit the curvy piece into the rest of the 'weapon'??? can't get it to fit anywhere!!

How do you get the happy ending?

How do I get around endless corridor and get all the pieces for machine. Message my yahoo. moogleh.moocow :[

Please some one do a walkthrough for this. PLEASE.

im stuck on making that darn machine gun thingy :(

fishing boat.....yawn!! :P

*grrr* this light-bulb-thingy is annoying, I can´t figure the hell out where this curved metalthingy fits -.-

Look at the bottom part of the machine.The one with the blue star like thing on it.On the left side of it you'll see two notches.The forked part of the curved metal attaches to that.The ball of the curved metal will be about an inch to the left of the tan colored spindel looking thing.

Going in to have a look at this game.

Out now. I only left one door open, the one where Frank helped out. But I never used the gun.
More endings?

"I prefer living my dream rather than dreaming my life."

Going to read the comments now.

Ok, I just read the description of the game. Three endings obviously. Seems like I'm going back in lol.

Is the photogragh the power source? If so where do you put it? HELP so stuck!

I give up! It took me ages to make the stupid machine (thanks Gabi :) ) Now I need a power source and I can't get out of this screen! The only thing in my inventory is a photo and I can't make it go anywhere! Everyone else has left to go fishing and they haven't left any clues!

@beebee, I didnt leave yet.

You need to get a fuse from the room to the right of where the girl was.
Use the key from the desk in the "space wall room" to open the fuse box.
Turn the switches like on the clue on the rat that you see if you click on the rat hole and give the rat some bread that you should bring from your kitchen.

Spoiler for switches:


I never turned the gun on, and only left the first door on the left open, but I got the drunken ending. I still can't get the dream ending.

Thanks Ellie :) I ended up on a park bench :(

lol @beebee, that's the ending I haven't got yet. I was executed when I didn't burn any eveidence, and left all doors open.

Then I tried to burn the evidence but leave the doors open, still got into that chair. Maybe I need to close the fireplace room? Or I forgot some evidence. Will try again, but please tell if you remember how you got to that bench.

how do you end up in the fishing boat?

@mandm8140, to get the good ending you need to find a knife and three photos in a safe behind the car painting in one of the rooms. The code is on the wall in another room.
I burnt the first picture of the girl from the apartment as well, don't know if that is necessary.

Then, only leave the first door to the left open. Or you might get it if you close that one as well... no idea.

@mandm8140, you need to turn the gun on to see the things in the rooms.

oh ok, thank you. I found them on my first playthrough, and thought it I went through it and never uncovered any evidence or flashes of the murder that it would work. It didn't lol

lol @mandm8140... you can't leave bloody things like that.

It seems you can feed anything to the rat. Onion works and probably fish as well. This time I won't eat that old raw fish.

Although I'm not sure I understand this game. Does closing the doors change reality, or simply what you remember? Either way, it's pretty disturbing.

@mandm8140... it seems like it only change what you remember. The reality is still there since you need to get rid of the evidence to have the "happy" ending.

That's what I thought. Except it's kind of shocking that memories of killing your girlfriend wouldn't keep you up night.

Finally got the bench as well!
I had to burn the evidence and close all of the doors.

So, you only end up on the fishing boat if you leave the "Frank helping door" open (and burn the evidence).

Not burning or burning and leaving all doors open will give you the execution end.

I'll start on a WT.

Yay Ellie! I'm waiting for your WT!

I'm totally lost here. Got bulb, picture, bread, onion. Ate pills, drank coffee (thank god! I can see now! I held on to them for awhile thinking that I'd need them somewhere, but they made a world of difference in how visible the game is). I've checked the peephole, called Frank, but there's nothing else to do. I can't open the door to leave, either.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

ok, I put the lightbulb in the broken lamp, and now I'm out of the apt. But dangitall, the headache is back and I can't see as well! Harumph!

You have to put the bulb in the empty socket. Save a piece of food though.

lol @zilifool, you're doing great! I'm having a hard time to figure out what you need to do for the different endings. The WT will take a long while still :)
But I'll be around for questions.

For the machine, there are 7 pieces:

Main Piece (it has the nubbed handle on top)
Spool of Thread-looking thingy
Curved Stethoscope-looking thingy
Small Circle
Corner Piece with Circle and Blue Star inside
Lightbulb Socket

- Lightbulb Socket goes on the right of the Main Piece, in the opening
- Lightbulb goes on the right end of the Lightbulb Socket
- Spool of Thread-looking thing goes on the left of the Main Piece, in the opening
- Corner Piece with Circle and Blue Star inside has a small hole that lines up with the small hole at the bottom of the Main Piece
- Small Circle goes in the small hole of both the Corner Piece and the Main Piece, and holds them together
- Curved Stethoscope thing hooks onto the bottom of the Main Piece, and the left of the Corner Piece; the two jagged prongs of the Curved piece line up with the two raised nubs on the left of the Corner Piece, left of the big circle with the blue star inside.

I hope that helps someone else!

I've read all the comments, so I know I need a key from the office. Of course, I can't find it anywhere... more specific hint, please?

POP! It's not a REAL key, it's a wind-up toy key. duh! I had it the whole time.

The really hard part of this game is the fact that the game itself doesn't seem to fit in its own frame. If I could actually see my inventory (instead of just the bottom few pixels of it) I might have realized earlier that I had the "Maintenance Key." And for anybody else who gets 'stuck' in the box with the machine, but doesn't have their power source, the 'back' button is in the very bottom left of your screen. Even if you can barely see it, click and it should bring you back out.

@zilifool, you can change the settings. If you use FireFox, click Ctrl and scroll with the mouse to zoom out. It might also work to right click and choose "show all".

The last touch of the WT will have to wait... new game out :)

Ellie, I love you! Right-click and Show All did the trick!

And I've got to say, now that I'm exploring the rooms, I'm really digging this game! It's very atmospheric, so I feel immersed in this poor guy's mind. Plus I love that there's a story to uncover, rather than just random codes.

So far, I've left every door open, thinking that what I leave open is what I'll 'remember' right? And now I'm staring at the furnace wondering if I should burn any evidence...

Darn, Ellie, there's THREE new games out! What to do... stay here? or catch a live one? Oh, the dilemma!

This game has three endings. The things written as ”optional” will not affect the endings in any way. You see the items in your inventory if you move the cursor to the upper part of the screen.

The first thing you need to do is to find the light.
Move your cursor around the upper right corner of the darkness.
Light breaks.
Find the blinds in the middle right side of the screen.

Living room
Take the photo from the left side of the desk.
Take the cup of coffee from the desk and drink it if you like. Not necessary but it will make the screen brighter.

Click on the down arrow.

Pick up a piece of bread and an onion but you don’t have to.
Eat the ”refreshing onion” if you like.

Click on the right down arrow.

Pick up the letter to Eddie, and open it to get a broken light bulb.
Click on the right door and take some pills from the shelves in the bathroom. Eat them or carry them with you.
Click on the peephole in the exit door. Use the phone after that to call Frank.

Click on the right down arrow.

Living room
Click on the light bulb in your inventory and select ”use”.
Click on the black empty ”light bulb holder” that hangs from the ceiling tothe right.
You are taken out of the apartment.

Outside the apartment
Click on the round trash door in the wall.
A bag falls down.
Go down the stairs.
Click down arrow if you want to return upstairs.
Click the arrow to move forward through the door to the right of the girl.

Space room
Take a key from the left side of the desk.
Leave again (arrow under the chair in the left corner).
Turn right.

Trash room
Click on the container in the corner to zoom inside.
It will be empty if you didn’t release the bag of trash upstairs.
Click on the Fashion Magazine to move it.
Take a piece of puzzle from under the magazine.
Take a piece of fish from the lower right corner.

Zoom out.
Click on the rat hole in the right wall by the floor and see eyes.
You need to feed the rat (but can’t do it if you don’t see the eyes).
Give it either fish, bread or onion.
Leave the scene and return to see the rat eating.
Click on the rat to see arrows (down, down, up).
Click on the key in the inventory and use it on the fuse box on the left wall.
Zoom on the open fuse box and turn the switches to the left to make the sparkling fuse fall down.
*Hint* rat arrows *Hint*
Pick up the fuse.
Turn left.

Girl view
Give the piece of puzzle to the girl.
Click ”continue” on the tect to read it.
You’ll get three choices of what to say to her.
The answer doesn’t matter, you’ll get a box on the desk.
Click on the box to see parts of a machine.
Assemble it and use the fuse as a power source.
Picture of how to assemble the machine parts
Picture of the finished machine and where to put the fuse
Click to turn it ON.
Move left.


Talk to the girl again.
Find out that you can explore the different rooms, and that they are memories.
You can choose to leave the doors open or closed (and also go in again if you change your mind).
Closing the doors will make you forget the memories from that room.
The choices you make will affect your endings.

First room to the right
The Projector Room.
Go here and talk to the girl to end the game (when you are finished).

First room to the left
You need to have the machine turned on to see anything in the room.
A picture that shows Frank helping.
Exit the room (arrow in lower left corner) and choose ”open” or ”close”.
Move forward.

Second room to the left
See a number on the wall.

Second room to the right
See your living room.
Click on the car picture.
Click again and enter the code.
*Hint* the left room *Hint*
Take the knife and the photos.
Move forward.

Third room to the left
If you click on the mirror, you see that the girl got killed here.

Third room to the right
A fire is burning.
Here is your possibility to get rid of the evidence that you killed the girl (use them in the fire).
Move forward.

Fourth room to the right
Read a note on the desk.

Go back to the first room to the right and talk to the girl.
Choose to hear what she’s got to say.

I didn’t figure out exactly what triggers the different endings. There are many ways to get them, and I got tired of going through the game more times. I’ll tell at least one way to get each ending:

Boat ending
Burn the knife, the three pictures from the safe and the photo from the living room.
Close all of the doors except for the first door to the left (Frank helping).
Burning all of the things, leaving the fire door open and the other doors closed should give you this ending as well.

Bench ending
Burn the knife and the three pictures from the safe, but NOT the photo from the living room.
Close all doors.

Chair ending
Enter the first room to the right (projector room) and leave.
Or, go through the rooms, don’t burn the evidence and leave all of the doors open.

Excellent walkthrough Ellie. Thanks for detailing the endings and especially for the incredibly helpful assembly pictures. Great job!

wow. the chair ending and the bench ending give at least some sort of personal responsibility and/or remorse, but the boat ending... well... it's just... wrong. Very disturbing.

Thanks @zilifool! And I agree that the boat ending is a bit too idyllic :)

I really liked this game though, because of all the different options. It should have a save feature though since it is really slow to go through the whole game (with all the comments) to try different endings.

finally... also out with boat ending... thank you all...
what a pitty that there's no ending awake from a dream of all and theresa is still living...

The game freezes everything up on my compyter:(

I'm sorry for not including the code in the walkthrough!

You get it if you look at the wall in the room next to the room with the safe.

Code: 1856

Good game. I like it!
Did anyone finish all 3 endings?
I just did 1. Not good ending.

Thank you very much @finnlydange for a great game! Thanks for the link to the walkthrough as well! I had to read it and then get back in to walk the 30 frames in the corridor lol.

Now I really know how to get the endings lol. I tried so many different things... burning/not burning evidence and photo... opening and closing different doors in different combinations.

I hope you don't mind if I post the true solutions to the endings here, using your Walkthrough.

* If you close the majority of doors in the corridor you will deny what happened and live a life in misery. (Bench ending).

* If you leave the majority of doors open you will suffer the consequences of your crime. (Chair ending).

* To trigger the third ending you have to close ALL the doors and destroy the knife, the pictures of Theresa’s corpse and the picture from your living room. Try it, there’s nothing more to say about it. (Boat ending).

ty ellie for the walkthrough. not a bad game it made me want more. too bad there isnt a part 2. the only thing i didnt like besides it being too short is the fact that if you accidentally close the window you have to start the game all over again as oppose to continuing where you left off

start out by finding lamp and blinds both on right side of room. pick up picture on desk to the left. go to entry way and open envelope to pick up light bulb. return to room and use light bulb on lamp. after awakening in outter hallway go downstairs. go into front room and pick up key off of desk. go right to basement and use key to open fuse panel. flip switches until fuse pops out. back out and pick up fuse. look in dumpster and get puzzle piece. go back to foyer and give puzzle piece to girl. after conversation look in box and assemble gun thing. one piece on each end, light bulb screws in to the right, square and little screw go on bottom hole, big metal arm goes on bottom left where 2 little notches stick out of gun. after assembled use the fuse as power source in top right hole of gun. turn gun on and go to long corridor. ending depends on actions from here. have fun!

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