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The Tin Soldier Walkthrough

The Tin Soldier

The Tin Soldier is another new point and click type adventure game from Jay is Games. Try to help the one leg tin soldier find his place in the world. You will need to click on arrows many time to make him walk that way. Good luck and have fun!

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Am I alone?


James is gay?

does anyone get this? I have a domino and 2 coins and have no idea what the "dialog" means

i'm in - this looks fascinating

oh, okay - they're buttons and go in the bear's eyes

put domino under hanging girls feet, but i dont know why

Dices on robot: 2 3 4

got four screws from machine by monkey, but now need a banana to get past him

Hey Zoz!!

How´d you get the screws?

Got them, thought you were talking about the robot scene

Feed the screws to the frog

@Full i just clicked on them (i think 12 times for each screw)
now i'm stuck!

unscrew the box to see 2 cogs - you can turn one of them. I'm stuck here

Haha, give the screws to the "frog"

thx @Cinnamon!

Annaby, give the screws to the frog and he(she?) will give you the 3rd. cog

hmm, three blocks i can't do anything with and a box with a ?
need to find key to get girl out of cage

Stuck in the belly of a fish... pfff..

I'm in paper ship. Nice

Zoz, move the handle up and down ( Keep left mouse button pushed down)

What to do in the belly of the fish?

And out..

stuck in the fish also. See a butterfly after pulling 2 of the hooks

Hola Cece, ¿que tal?

What do you do with the 3 teeth etc?

Take the teeth of the fish and use one of them on the jellyfish.

Oh! Sad end!! Soldier and girl make a heart in fire!

Thank you Cinnamon :-)

I'm out of the fish - stuck between a bowl of something and a knife on a cliff

I burned the Jack in the Box.. :o)

attached tentacles to brain of fish, but still no luck taking the hook...

Same here Zoz

annaby how did you get out of the fish?

nvm - out. wow, that wasn't exctly cheerful, was it?

zoz.. Put the teeth back in the mouth of the fish

Put teeth again to fish it

already put the teeth back but i can only attach two of the three tentacles - the middle one seems to be a dud
still working on this!

@Feminin21 - I'm not really sure. I put his teeth back in and then I think I put the piece of whatever it was in my inventory in his mouth

POP! i had the teeth in the wrong order, lol

cece.. You got the real Hans Christian Andersen ending of the story. Kind of sad but again they formed the heart togeether

@Zoz - in the preceding screen, did you click both "conections" towards the top?

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so saaaaaaddd

I got a happy ending.. Found a key to the toymouse and it pushed the jack into the fire where he burned. And the soldier got the girl ♥

Cinnamon, i got happy ending too.
I restart to see what the bad ending is.

This game is crazy and amazing :)

You can get the bad ending by taking the button from under the hanging girl before placing the domino there.

ahh, for the fish, you have to put the teeth back after using, but in the correct order (from small to big, the biggest has to be next to the mouth.

I got the good ending^^

for a min there i thought i was the only one who got the good ending

What a really sweet game. It's pretty straight forward. I love the music and art direction. :)

I know I'm very late, here, but this game was truly fantastic. I remember when I heard this story when I was little, and loved it. The soldier was miserable because he only had one leg. When he melted in the fire he became "whole" again with his true love....

I loved this game...would love to see many more!! Very creative!

Wonderful game.

The box
Click the right side of the box and pull it all the way to the right
Click the one legged tin man and he will vibrate. Keep clicking until he exits the box
Go right (hold down your mouse button over the right arrow

The bear
Click the bear and learn he has no eyes because the evil jack in the box stole them
He will “ask” you to get his eyes. Click the check mark to say you will
Get the domino on the ground
Go left 2 times until you are at the hanging doll

The hanging doll
Get the button that she is not standing on
Click her to “talk” to her, and see jack-in-the-box has set it up to hang her if you take the second button
You have to choose here to get the good end or tragic end
If you want the tragic end, take the button and hang her.
The rest of the game will play the same until the very end.
If you want the good end, place the domino under her feet and THEN take the second button
Go right 2 times to the bear

The bear part 2
Place the 2 buttons as his eyes -- he will let you pass
Go right

The frog
Click the frog to learn he is hungry
Go right

The robot
Click the clown doll to learn he is mean and won’t let you pass
Click the robot’s belly and he will tell you that he is malfunctioning.
The arrows he shows you points out the code he will give you is wrong
Enter the corrected code
The arrows tell you to switch the middle and left dice numbers
The correct pattern is SPOILER234SPOILER
Once he is fixed, he will ask you if you want him to help with the clown doll, or just to wave bye
Click the clown doll image, and then click the clown doll
He will yank on the doll’s eye, and you can now pass (haha click the clown and see you have made the mean clown doll cry)
Go right

The monkey
Click the monkey to learn the clown doll is paying him in bananas to not let you pass (at least I think this is what he says)
Click each of the 4 screws of the music box to take them (you have to click them something like 12 times each)
See there is a missing gear in the music box
Go left 2 times to the frog

The frog part 2
Place the screws on the frog’s plate, and he will eat them (what did you think mechanical frogs ate?)
Get the gear from him
Go right 2 times

The monkey part 2
Place your new gear above and in between the other 2
Click the handle on the left of the music box. It will play and put the monkey to sleep
Go right 2 times

Girl in a cage
Talk to the girl doll in the cage, and she will tell you that the evil jack-in-the-box has the key
Go right

Click the handle of the jack-in-the-box. Hold the button and move the mouse up and down to release him
Click him to see all the mean things he did to your friends
He will toss you out the window
Well, that wasn’t a good plan!

Sail boat
As you drift in the sea, you will hit a rock
Move to the back of the boat to partially get by
When the back gets stuck, move to the front
Now you will hit a bottle
Wait until a log comes by (I moved around a bit before it showed up, but I don’t know if that was necessary)
Grab the stick on the log
Use the stick on the log to move the bottle
After a while, your paper boat will sink, and you are eaten by a fish
Really? Could this day get any worse?

In the fish
Over your head are the nerves of the fish
By your feet is a dead jellyfish. You can click the tentacles, but you can’t take them.
Go right
Boy! The fish has some sharp teeth! Take all three from the top of its mouth
Click the rightmost string hanging from the fish’s brain. You can use this to see out of his eyes (like a periscope). You can see a hook out there, but it is far away.
Go left
Use any one of the teeth to cut off tentacles from the dead jellyfish. Click to take them
Go right
Place the tentacles in the middle and left white circles in the fish’s brain
You can now control him
Click the leftmost one, and the fish will shake. That is because he isn’t fixed, yet.
Go left
Look at the nerves at the top of the fish. There are 2 circles (one about middle and one on the right). Click the right one to switch how the nerves are lined up. (Make sure the left one is closed)
Go right
Pull the left tentacle again. The fish can swim!
Pull the right tentacle thing (the one you didn’t add) and look out the eyes again. You can see the hook is much closer
Pull the middle tentacle, and the fish shudders again because he still isn’t quite right.
Add the teeth to it can bite the hook
Match the bottom teeth so smallest, middle, and largest from left to right
Pull the middle tentacle and he will bite the hook
You’re on the move again!

Kitchen table
The fish is a goner now.
Go left
Get the noodle that hangs off the plate
Go right 2 times
Click the knife to tilt it
Add the noodle and you can climb down (just go right)

Doll part 2
What you find will depend on if you chose the tragic end or the good

Showdown part 2:
Tragic end
If you chose the tragic end, the doll is dead from being hanged. Go right.
The evil jack-in-the-box will toss you into the fire along with your girlfriend. You will die, but become a heart with her.

Good end
If you chose the good end, talk to her.
She will tell you about the evil jack-in-the-box, the duck, and the fire. She will give you a metal key
Go right
Use the key on the hole in the duck’s back and click the key to wind him up
Ducky will move the jack-in-the-box to the fire
You and your true love are reunited!
Click the girl to see she loves you, too!

You can click the sailboat to replay from the beginning.

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