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Uncle's Old Times Walkthrough

Uncle's Old Times

Uncle's Old Times is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Wow a Sakura & then a Minoto...Friday doesn't get any better than this!

what a grimm looking sun

well that was easy

another very easy one - but I do like the language

I am very glad that the poor uncle got relieved!!

@sassenach: exactly what I thought when I've seen Minoto!

Easy but always satisfying! Love the "ESP" guy! LMAO!

A clown blowing up a tank with a baseball...

Time for another 'Freud-through' from zoz, I would say!

And now Minoto! That PT will never be done!

Give the spoon to Neo. "There is no spoon." Hahaha


As disturbing and fraught with innuendo as ever. @escapism, even Freud might be upset by this one!

@Edgar, seems your SSSG invaded the Minoto game in disguise as ESP guy

Nice and easy game! Can't wait to read Zoz's lyrics.

"The uncle who was able to collect the forgotten thing was relieved." hahaha they might mean revealed!

Loved the Neo reference, but don't get what ESP stands for.

And why scored 0 on the test???

@Edgar: ESP = Extra Sensory Perception, like a clairvoyant or someone who reads minds

Well, got a happy uncle ending here and heading to my unfinished PT to have "auntie" happy as well ;)


This comment has been removed by the author.

@zoz, love your lyrics/poems!

@Ruff thanks! I'm running out of songs that everyone will know, though

It doesn't have to be lyrics. A Minoto poem would be cool!

@zoz, it's nice to meet you in a live game. I've gotta go. Hope to see you soon.

SingALong Minoto Tribute
to the tune of "Maria" from West Side Story

The most beautiful sound I ever heard:
Minoto, Minoto, Minoto, Minoto...
All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word:
Minoto, Minoto, Minoto, Minoto...

Mi No To!
I've just played a game by Minoto!
No other escape game
Could ever mean the same
To me!

It's the game that we all love playing
It's a word that I just can't stop saying

I'll never stop playing Minoto!

still to come: Uncle Old Times analysis
(I just couldn't stop singing Minoto!)

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo - and now I cannot get that melody out of my head

your WT/comments are certainly better than the game :))

looking for the experts dissection l0l

have to go now - but shall check tomorrow
thanks zoz - always good for a laugh

@zoz...perfect..great!! you did it again!!! :D :D

oh..that was a very easy minoto game..but I loved it!!!

       Anonymous  5/7/10, 8:38 AM  

Zoz: you're a crack-up! Soooo funny!

If you really love Minoto clap ur hands
If you like to feed the panda clap ur hands
If you like things made of dough ,and seeds you have to sow,
If you really love Minoto clap ur hands....huray!

It's been a long time since we've seen the bear in the tub in the stream -- like an old friend.

@Zennor, I love it! And so happy to meet another "Z"!

Thanks @zoz! Now I can't stop singing Minoto either (but I don't mind at all) lol. I'm eagerly waiting for Uncle Old Times analysis :)

A great song @Zennor! Thank you for your contribution to the Happy Minoto Songs!

I was so worried about that squirrel! He was lucky that "a part of parts of the tank became these shape by chance" lol!

"Soup of smart beauty"... maybe something for Sakura to give us next week?

And... I think I need an ESP on my own to help me collect forgotten things.

Uncle Old Time: Not A BedTime Story

What to make of a funny small man
Whose hair is done in a comb-over
A small man who nonetheless can
Cause roaring waterfalls to hover
Water hanging right there in mid-air?

This Uncle Old Time has misplaced
An elusive and forgotten thing,
Seems his memory has been erased
As he ages to Autumn from Spring
We should try helping him, if we dare

The squirrels are hiding, they're two,
Behind an enormous grey stone
The panda is in the scene, too
Although he is sitting alone
Awaiting his next scrumptious meal

The Sun has some scary big teeth
(Maybe he needs to visit a doc!)
Shining down upon Stonehenge beneath
SSSG stands guard by a rock
Like this really is just no big deal

We can pick up the small nut of toy
Although it’s not ok to eat
It’s wooden, but still can bring joy
To the squirrels who think it can’t be beat
(Oh, those squirrels really know how to play!)

But, Oh No! When the squirrel gets the nut
He finds himself caught in a trap
With ruggedness and it is shut
Now holding the squirrel with no gap
To enable him to run away

But squirrel number two has a plan
To help his companion be free
He fetches the ball ‘cuz he can
Recall hiding it up in the tree
In the nestbox that dwells way up high

Now this ball can be used by the clown
To throw straight at the big army tank
His fierce fastball destroys with no sound
Vaporizing the tank and we’re thank -
Ful coulrophobia passed us by!

Because that clown was scary as hell!
Now, merely by chance parts of the
Tank that the explosion flung pell mell
Became shaped into tension rod we
Then can use to let squirrel go free!

This enables us to give the Sun
The trap to use as dentures instead
Of the corn teeth with which he was done,
Since they rattled around in his head
And his food had to be pea puree!

Now the teeth the Sun has makes him look
Like the Nightmare on Elm Street’s bad guy
Or that weird Hannibal Lecter crook
From that movie where good people die
But we digress, so let’s look ahead

We put corn in the heavy stone mill
Which was turned and it shattered and Maize
Flour resulted and chef showed his skill
Turning flour into soup that amazed,
With smart beauty, the panda it fed .

Though the panda could learn better manners
He drank the thin corn soup with glee
And, instead of making us find spanners,
Gave spoon that was bent by ESP
Into curved spoon by SSSG.

Uncle Old Time took curved spoon in hand
And unlocked the box under the falls
And now forgotten thing is in hand
And relief is felt by one and all.
After test end what’s next, no one knows.

For you doubters who think this is strange
Or that things like this never occur
I submit that, although it’s deranged,
Even Doc Freud would likely concur
In Minoto’s world anything goes!

@zoz, love both the "Uncle Old Time: Not A BedTime Story" and the lyrics for Maria. Thank you for your great work.

Amazing @zoz!!! Thank you for doing it again!! Now this friday is complete :D
I'm happy that I'm not going to bed for a while, so that I can keep reading the story a few more times. I even learnt a new useful word - coulrophobia lol.

That's a hell of an arm you've got, clown. Now get some control before you kill somebody.


Click on the waterfall and go right(Oh my gosh!That's the ugliest sun I've ever seen in my entire life!).Take the acorn and go left.Put acorn on the bear trap and take squirrel.Go right twice and put the squirrel on the tree.Take baseball and go right.Give the clown looking pitcher the baseball(OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!DID HE JUST DESTROY A TANK BY THROWING A BASEBALL AT IT!?).Take the remaining part of the tank(R.I.P.)and go back to the first area and put the tension rod from the tank(R.I.P.)and take the bear trap(Oh man!I wanna say R.I.P. to the squirrel too!).Go right and give the sun the bear trap.Take corn(the sun was using it as teeth!No wonder he's/she's/it's ugly!)and go right twice and put the corn in the.....heavy stone mill or whatever!Go left and give the chef the maize flour.You can give him the tray or the cup but whatever you gave him,there's only one method.
Giving him the tray will make tacos(yay!)and the cup will make corn soup.Now once you got the taco/corn soup,go left twice and give the taco/soup to the panda.Take spoon/fork and go right and give it to the man in black(cool!)WHOA!HE BENT IT!!!!!!HOW DID HE DO THAT!!!???Take the bent spoon/fork and go left and give man the bent fork/spoon.

The uncle who was able to collect the forgotten thing was relieved.

Test end
only one method

I HATE DONT-TOUCH-MY-MUFFIN,BLACKMOLOTOV,MISSINGUSERNAME AND CHRISTIAN676 ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!And..........the uncle got a 0 on a test!!!!!If I were him I'd rip that thing into pieces because I got a 0!!!!!!LOL!!!!!

Oh!So when you use the bent fork,he will get a 100!!!!!Then that's a REAL treasure!!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@hot_shot, I can only say "choose your battles" (i.e., whoever it is on Newgrounds who is irritating you, they are just not worth it! Repeat after me "they are only a worm")
And as to how ESP guy bent the spoon, just Google Yuri Geller (for example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uri_Geller)


@zoz,I spammed one of them!And the others are trolling me!Once I figure out how to troll other trolls,I'll troll 'em back!And I do choose my battles!I choose them for VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!I know revenge is bad!!!!!BUT I WANT TO RUB IT IN THEIR FACE!!!!!!!!And Google is taking too long to respond so I'll try it on Wikipedia

OH MY GOSH!!!!YURI GELLER HAS AWESOME TELEKINETIC POWERS(i got awesome telekinetic powers and BeRzErKeR from Pico School!It was so violent!And the final boss is nasty because of it's "weak point")!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is Prid anyway?And Dissa,when you said woah you mean.........

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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