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Wogger Mini Chapter 131 Walkthrough

Wogger Mini Chapter 131

131th episode of point and click Wogger Mini adventure game series from makers of original Wogger game. Again you need to point and click on right places and do right things to help the little spaceman wogger. Good luck and have fun!

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my little Wogger is back...yay!!!

Wow, there hasn't been a Wogger in ages and it sure is a teeny one! I always need help with these, lol

       Anonymous  5/17/10, 4:51 PM  

I can't get past the giant faucet.

       Anonymous  5/17/10, 4:53 PM  

I take it back. Got past the faucet somehow, but this is one weird game.

All I can do is get the red one to stand on the raft, at least I think that's what it is

       Anonymous  5/17/10, 4:57 PM  

When you click on a button on the raft it will fly forward. It's a very short game.

Thanks Suzanne, now I am stuck at the faucet. I can click on the end of the drip and that is all I can find

how to get past faucet?

don't click near edge of raft.

to get past the faucet...turn the tap, then it will fall off and Wogger will fly to the deep dark sky...click on Wogger's head and a thought bubble will appear...there are two water drops in space...click on those and put inside the *thought* bubble, then press the button on the boat...now fighting with the car that carreens into me...lol!

im with you irishenigma, stupid space car.

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there must be a way to redirect the path.. i tried clicking on anchor but no luck :/

click on ship to the back right
chick red button on the ship 2 times he fly's off
click the red button the ship hits the tap
click right side of ship to the front wogger goes
forward click the tap handle and keep clicking don't stop
until it drops off you will see 2 green drops from the
tap will also drop
click red button wogger takes off again
click on wogger he opens up a bubble put the two
green drips in the bubble click the red button wogger takes off fast
just before he is going to hit the car click fast on the ship
back to the planet
click the music box and wogger fly home
click the middle of the planet between it hard to explain
but move you mouse around you find the hot spot
wogger then moves there click on him he opens up the
thought bubble

wow..thanks atvcountry, couldn't have gotten past that space car without tip.


- clicked on the radio because I felt like listening to some music...oh cool..Def Leppard...something about pour some honey on me...okay...Wogger needs to board his flying *craft*...using the term loosely here, because it would seem water is needed
- click the raft to invite Wogger to go flying...click on the button on the pole on raft and this *starts* the Woggermobile
- what a lovely night to fly into a .... EGAD! a giant faucet is hanging in space...all systems HALT!!!
- push the pole button..*I know...it isn't technical jargon but it works for me*...the Woggermobile docks at the faucet...click edge of Woggermobile and little Wogger walks to the edge...how do we get past this behemoth...
- after much mental deliberation...just turn the tap by clicking toward the top, then another click and ... oh geez...don't know my own strength...the tap just fell off... oops!
- well...shall we continue...another push of the *pole* button and off Wogger flies into the deep indigo night...oh good grief! halted again!
- click Wogger's little red head and a *thought* bubble appears...hmmm...well, we do need water...oh look...two water drops in space! click on the drop to the right of the Woggermobile and insert into *thought* bubble...one more water drop under the Woggermobile and insert that into *thought* bubble...pressing the *pole* button again Wogger begins to travel into.....WHOA!!!
- a car is careening toward the Woggermobile...quickly click on Woggermobile and if done in time...the out-of-control car will zoom underneath little Wogger, who is only trying to get home with the water...
- ahh...home planet...click on the radio and the music brings Wogger home plus this really cool star-like phenomenon rises from the radio
- click over by the well and Wogger will leave the Woggermobile...little baby Wogger is crying because he is thirsty...so, click on the radio again and that cool *star* suddenly sends rain to the planet
- all live happily until the next episode....

@atv...great walkthrough :) I love the Wogger series!

I must make one correction to my Woggerthrough...at the very end...don't forget to click on Wogger to get the *thought* bubble :) Thank you @atv...after I read your WT I realized it wasn't the radio but Wogger we need to click on ... lol!!! That's what happens when one tries to remember all details...haha!!!!

Well that was fun. I actually did it myself for once. Maybe I'll go play the other 130 wogger games until some more new games show up.


@atvcountry thanks for the walkthrough. I got a bit stuck with the tap. I kept dropping it. :)

@Irish what a hoot to read as always. Thanks for the laughs! :D

*singing Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love!*

@kitkat...lol...anytime for you ;) we used to have alot of those Wogger episodes posted...wish they could come a little more often but then...I'm not the poor creator working his/her tush off to give us addicts entertainment...lol! we are so demanding...aren't we...lolol!!!!

*twitches in the corner* what do you mean by addict? Really...I can quit anytime!

Wogger is alive! ALIVE!

@kitkat...uh huh...that's what I said 3 years ago...stop twitching and just give in ;)

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