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2010 FIFA World Cup Escape Walkthrough

2010 FIFA World Cup Escape

2010 FIFA World Cup Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by PVCdzseki from Kongregate and author of Room Escape game. This is a simple escape game. It was inspired by 2010 FIFA World Cup. Good luck and have fun!

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2010 FIFA World Cup Escape Video Walkthrough

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ooh i have a ball..

broke a window, cant open a code box

you can break the window with the ball. Can't do anything else. And if the code is soccer-related, I'm done.

i thought it would be world cup winners from each of those years, but that doesnt seem to work

i broke the window.. stuck. what code box?

Shockingly, Suzie wanders into a live game. Wonders will never cease....

hiding behind fridge

i've tried the 2-letter and 3-letter code from the countries where the fifa world cup was held in the years, but that didn't work

oh well, gotta go eat, hopefully someone will figure out code

I think its where each of the world cups have been played

@mark, i've tried that already, but it doesn't seem to work

Broke the window. My Mum will KILL me!

The winners doesn't work, the losers of the finals doesnt work and the host-countries doesn't work. And you can't put in numbers for the results.

have you noticed that the comment is:
it's not worikng (instead of working)
I've also tried to mix up the letters, but that didn't work either

good luck - I'm going to eat dinner

dinner?? i'm going to bed, it is midnight here now. I wish i could finish this game before i went to sleep, now i'm going to have nightmares about it....

night, Ikke. I'll keep working on it, we'll get it figured out before you get up, i hope.

please tell me the # of beers in the 'fridge isn't significant!

The people on the Kongregate site haven't got any further

abbreviations of the winning teams doesn't work either ie 94 BRA, 98 FRA, 02 BRA, 06 ITA unless these abbreviations are wrong?

no, they're right, tried those.

Hmm . . . what else is there? the cities the final games were played in?

Tried BRZ instead of BRA - no luck

i'm still here trisana, cannot go to sleep before this riddle is solved......

how about the initials of the countries that losed the final?

does anyone know which they were?

Joana, tried those too, but didn't work.
Even tried for the first row the winner the second row the second place etc. didn't work either.

I'm really out of ideas....

tried first initial of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each of those years...but didn't work :(

!'ve tried to look for a clue but there seems to be nothing else until we solve this riddle...

this game was made for brazilians...we want to escape from this ridiculous team...2x1?1?hahahaha

i know. . . what are we missing????

Trisana what are we missing?
Did you find it and is that a hint or is it a real question?

i'm back from dinner and you guys still have not figured out the code box? arghhhh

it's a real question, Small-tool

i already tried winners, losers and host countries before I left

when we break the window he says he lost his "jabulani", how about the name of the official balls?

Does anyone know the names?

not a soccer fan, but are the #'s related to the player jersey's?

more specifically - something for the s.africa team.

the numbers are too large to be jersey numbers

No Kathy, all squad numbers go from 1 to 23. Good thought though,

no, numbers only go up to 23 on the s. africa squad.


94 = Questra
98 = Tricolore
02 = Fevernova
06 = Teamgeist

According to Wiki.

Doesn't work though :[

i tried the host cities for the finals (since we have a pic of johannesburg) but no luck

Thanks, couldn´t find the ones trom the first two years.

Has anyone tried the name of the mascots?

can´t find the one from 2006...

Loading game!

i give up ... good luck all

we can write only 3 letters....

i'll check back later - see if you've made some progress ;-)

and 3 letters rules out mascots - because of Stryker, the mascot of 94

Has anyone tried golden ball or shoe winners? (I'm busy elsewhere, so cannot try)

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 3:53 PM  

I tried BRA FRA GER ITA did not work

Hahaha, I think of zoz... whenever the description is "This is a simple escape game" it normally takes a really long time to get out :)

I'm just as stuck as you, have no clue, and will give it a rest for a while. Good luck!

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 3:56 PM  

2 x 1 is just the beginning! we HEXA!

JPN for Japan
Kor & PRK for Korean abbrevs.....still no luck

I'm off to bed, good luck all : )

the three letters DOES seem to imply a country . . . but what combination?

what about abbreviated continents?

maybe, mark. Didn't think of that.

that's usually 2 letters

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 4:12 PM  

94 estados unidos
98 frança
2002 japao/coreia do sul
2006 alemanha
but I do not know the acronyms or abbreviations

But that gave me a hint mark.
I tried less letters and the answer is stupid.
It is the winners but it is not the fifa abbreviatons, it is;

And out,
Stupid game.

oh. odd. good job, small-tool!

out. Thanks for that solution, Small-tool. . .

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 4:18 PM  

small, how absurd! Why is that??

If you make a game like this and the code pad is three letters you have to use the official 3-letter abbreviations of the FIFA.
So I'm going to bed, not glad but mad.

Br to distinguish from Bulgaria, I'd guess, then France = F, and Italia = I

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 4:23 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

That's Brasil, France, Brasil, Italy.
The world champions of those years.
And I tried B F B I first and then started to try different combinations till I found the right one.

F could be Finland too

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 4:31 PM  

tks, Small, I thought I had to have three letters!

all that for such a short game.....grrrr

Now that was just plain stupid code. I really expected 3 letter abbreviations and the longest was only two letters. Disappointing.

thanks small-tool

       Anonymous  6/15/10, 4:35 PM  

The codes for the box are probably the international license-plate codes for those countries.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh for goodness sake. WHat a waste of time. Stupid game.

I see that everyone was not thrilled with this game, but how do you get behind the fridge to put in the stupid code??? The only thing I can do with it is open and shut the door...
Guess that is why there are no real escape games ... World Cup!!!

I can´t believe this abreviation... my god...oh babalu I think u had a dream and now u must wake up...hexa with this team is almost impossible...where is neymar and ganso? I am from santos and wanted to see the whole santos team in this cup

Good job @small-tool! Thanks for the code! I agree that the game could have been much better with other letters (but it wouldn't have lasted as long lol).

@nokra, if you come back and didn't find the code box, click on the small grey triangle on the lower left side of the refrigerator.

Since I am NOT a futbol fan, this didn't bother me at all the box code...although I would have had to look up the answer. TY @ellie for help finding the box! And then it was kinda cute end...
I liked it! LOL

funny..how it ends...and thanks for the code!!!

Good morning to all my fellow escapers.
I haven't been around for quite some time, but I've been playing the games in this site for over a couple of years now, and regarding to recent comments and controversies, I'd like to express a personal opinion.

@small-tool - Thank you very much for taking the time to figure out this code, even when it wasn't pleasant for you and you've thought it was not worth the work after such a short and (in your words) stupid game. Personally, I also think the game, along with its code, were not worth all the time I see you all people spent here, fun and commenting amusement aside. I see in you a very clever person who often gets a little confused about the meaning or the sense in some other people's posts (I'm sorry, but the 'what are we missing???' situation was really hilarious) and about the so-called and unwritten 'rules' of what and when the help and walkthroughs are meant to be posted, as well as the reach of those; but I also see in you a potentially strong addition to the already existing and regular excellent players here in EG24.
And now I ask you, why did you do what you did here? And to make myself clear, now I quote you: "That's giving a lot away very soon. I think a hint is a lot of help too and gives much more satisfaction if you then find the answer on your own. And if the hint is not enough you can ask for another one. But now if you wanna look for a hint (or going to the comment page to ask for a hint) and not for the answer, you see the answer right away".
It's not the first time you give a direct answer to a code or to a puzzle, 'stealing' to others the chance to solve it 'satisfactorily' for themselves. I see no problem in that but, isn't it contradictory for you?
I'm trying to understand the reason of your abrupt reaction when Edgar posted a direct answer in the most recent Puzzle Room game when, differently to any other Room Escape type of a game, direct spoilers have not been questioned in such series. Straight spoilers like the one you yourself gave in a previous Puzzle Room episode!
Did you feel frustrated seeing how the opportunity of jumping out with the helping answer in the moment someone asks for it (like the 'modus operandi' you seem to have) was suddenly taken away from you? Instead of posting the 'more helpful' hint you apparently had since you already have solved that specific puzzle before? Maybe something was actually spoiled in there.
In short, what I see in you is an uncut diamond small-tool. Like I've said before, a potentially strong addition to the 'jewelry' of this site with one or two things still to be learnt. Enjoy your staying in the meantime.

Have a great day everyone.

       Anonymous  6/16/10, 12:57 AM  

@Rose - I take your point but in all fairness, smalltool did leave it a good couple of hours before posting the solution. I think that's reasonable enough if you are following in a live.

I thought this was quite fun, and nice and easy for thickkos like me :o)


What I did here was giving the code because the (short) game was already 90 minutes on (with a lot of comments) and everybody was getting frustrated, including me. And out of frustration I just wrote the answer down. And I wouldn't know how to hint that one. Maybe with giving it more thought but I just wanted to go to bed.

I can't remember I gave codes away in other games (maybe in some games where people asked for it straight away and hints were already given). But I doubt it because I don't think I ever solved a code first.

The reaction to Edgar was because there wasn't much comments on that game so when you open the comment page you couldn't avoid seeing the whole answer right away. And also it was guite early in the game so a lot of comments/conversations were taken away
Of course I wasn't frustrated my 'helping moment' was taken away. I don't care about that, It's not a 'modus operandi', I just like to help, but I don't need credits for that and I don't get off on that. But if you people don't want me to help directly when somebody asks, just say so and I won't.

And yes I give a straight answer when people ask for it, but when they ask for a hint I give a hint. And if I solved something I don't feel the need to give a hint until somebody asks for it or they say they got stuck (and like I said not to be some kind of hero who is immediately there when there is a cry for help, but just because I don't see any reason to post hints earlier when nobody is stuck or asks for something)

So I think my reaction to Edgar was polite and he saw my point (even deleted it his comment). But if this subject is causing all kind of comotions I will from now on just strictly post comments about the game and not give straight answers anymore.

F could not be Finland.
Finland got S for Suomi, the finnish name for their country.


@small tool, please....I dont have problems...I only read what I want to read..and I am glad..if needed you just gave the answer!

He...je bent altijd zeer beleefd...je helpt ons fantastisch!!!!

( sorry, translation for those who dont speak dutch. Here it comes: I told him , he is always really polite and a great helper!)
oh..and I almost forgot...the best english teacher! :DDD

@K..lol..now I see...a before comment..you are right. I didnt know small said that about finland =)

Sometimes the straight answers are needed, so small-tool, dont quit giving them, because not everyone is so smart to get them by themselves. And those who are, can read the comments after they finish the game, or never.
In this case the answer was 100% not too early.
In my opinion.

       Anonymous  6/16/10, 3:26 AM  

F could also be:

Faeroe Islands
Falkland Islands
Federated States of Micronesia
Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
French Guiana
French Polynesia



@small-tool - I'm always grateful for any hints or answers at any time - they can never come too soon for me !! If I really want to work something out (and I'm not very good at that !) then I don't look at the comments.

Anyway, this gives me a chance to say thank you to you and all the other regulars who help get me out of all these places, and particularly to Edgar and Ellie for their Peekture Throughs which have saved me hours of frustration !

@small-tool, I'm sure that the comment from rose wasn't meant to tell you to not post straight answers, but only mentioned that you sometimes contradict yourself.
Anyway, this is a site for to "share your hints, tips, walkthroughs and comments to help other gamers". All players don't think the same but there are more often annoyed comments about too little help than too much. You can't really tell by the amount of comments when it is too soon to help in a game either, because games such as Puzzle room (or numbers and alphabets) don't always get that many comments, not even after a long time.

We try to leave as much help as possible when we know the answers, and we also try to leave walkthroughs for as many games as possible to help later playes. There are so many players that never comment as well, and they might need the help they won't get if you wait for someone to ask before posting. Just go on and post straight answers whenever you want to and don't if you want to wait. Your help is always appreciated!

SF=Suomi Finland

lol @Full!
You're welcome @Twin2!

i really thank small-tool for sending the answer. why? first of all this game was not about solving puzzles but just wasting time on some country name. the game was not logical!
it wasnt about; who ever thinks harder can get the answer. no it was about fooling around with the letters......
second; if u dont send the answer , its like questioning other peoples intelligence.this is a escape game website. i am sure people who come here are smart enough to decide for themselves. some want a direct answer and some a hint. its their decision to make and not others.

@small-tool Just got into the game and read the comment. Please dont give up . I cant play these games without the answer.And besides it takes patients and time, people do appreiciate it. Just keep posting Im sure most of us are not too swift. I look forward for the answer. The same for the rest of you that posts the answer. Its nice of you guys to go out of your way to help us and most of us do appreciate.

@small tool..I think you are dancing from happiness..after all those nice words!!!

       Anonymous  6/16/10, 5:32 AM  

Just wait @Alkmar, i didn´t say anything about it yet.....

       Anonymous  6/16/10, 5:33 AM  

100, lol !!

@Full, ehm... your opinion is very interesting! (I'll try to decipher 100 to get what you really mean and I'm sure it will be crystal clear any minute ;))

100?????....lol...it is crystal clear@ellie!! full must be totally confused...I guess...

( psst full...wat bedoel je met 100 jôh?...verkeerde tijd,plaats....je hebt waarschijnlijk alle sterretjes gevonden..:P...'k zal 't niet verklappen hoor..dat je commentaar eigenlijk niet hier moest zijn, maar daar ---->>>)

by the way. thanks @ rose for sharing her opinion with us. just as much as people should feel free to write the answer at some point they should also write their opinions.

and I agree with @zania too!!!! =)

Yes of course you are right about
SF=Suomi Finland
and I was wrong.

And about Small writing "this or that", what is this...? He or she can write what ever he/she like in my oppinion. It is nothing wrong in that.

Oh sweet Lord, what happened here.

I only made my comment;
- To make clear that I didn't really contradict myself with my comment about Edgar and my own answer comment.
- To defend myself against the slight undertone in rose her comment ("did you feel frustated... ...maybe something was actually spoiled in there") about me getting a kick out of helping first. And telling me I still have to learn some things.
- But the main thing I said (or wanted to say) was I didn't wanna raise a commotion so I will act more in the background. And now the opposite has happened.

So please stop commenting about this or make it a serious discussion, not about me but about how we gonna post hints, answers and/or walk- picture- video-throughs.

I just came in for five minutes (have to go again) but now I wish I never posted that comment.

Well, all I can say about this matter is I'm one with the idea that there are a great number of games (hidden stuff, puzzles, riddles, etc.) different from the escape ones, and in these, a great variety also... short and long ones, easier or harder, logical and not so, with language barriers and the list goes on. And every single one of the games in that multiplicity can (and should) have a different approach as for the way the comments and help are posted, and as Ellie said, it's sometimes hard to come out with something that pleases everyone as for the extent of the help given.
@rose, just like you and the rest here, I'm also thankful with small-tool for the code in this game. I could have never come out with it even if I'd have tried harder than I really did; and, regardless the seemingly contradictory small-tool seems to be, he/she IS a valuable part of the site already.
@small-tool, you're doing great... keep on the good work. I hope rose's words won't keep you away from doing it since I feel she really doesn't meant that in her (also) valuable opinion.
@Twin2, get a "YW" from me too! :) And like you, I also think help is never to soon to give/get, specially in the Puzzle Room series... and going beyond, in a puzzle that requires a relatively considerable amount of patience and trial & error.

Now, when I posted a straight answer in that game I knew in advance some people would be annoyingly spoiled (whatever the time or the amount of comments) as well as there would be many who wouldn't! (it's always like that). I've got @small-tool's point considering the point of view of "half" of the people who would... I deleted my comment (not regretting of having posted it) mainly because of a sign of respect of that (divided) point of view... but at the end, as @K says (and @K says right) we all are free to write what we all like... respectfully and in order to keep civility among (imho) the greatest players community ever :)

Hahaha @small-tool, now you've posted again! Too late for that I'm afraid, lol!
BTW, congrats @Full for comment #100 :P
That's what you meant, isn't it?

@small-tool, it IS a serious discussion, and it isn't just about you. It is about how we gonna post hints, answers and/or walk- picture- video-throughs, and there are many valuable comments now. Please, don't take this as a bad thing, and you don't need to act more in the background unless that's what you want. Everybody's opinions and help in the games are valuable.

@K, yep... that's what we are trying to say.

I guess this is what happens when there not many new games are out...

OKay for the record I would like to state that there seems to be 2 roses, it kind of freaked me out for a second when I went to look at the comments for help and noticed I had posted which I hadn't remembered doing and noticing it wasn't me rose so, as I am new to posting here and would like to make the distinction between the 2 so I don't get involved in weird or heated discussions I'm not apart of. So, with that being said I will be happy to post myself as rose and add a #2 in the posts I do provide from now on so there isn't any confusion.

Thanks for reading and understanding,
Rose #2

Hmmmm rose(#2), I've just read your comment in the hidden objects game... geez, I don't get exactly what you mean. Hmm, you're not the same rose, that's been clearly stated. Is that what you would like ME to refer to?

#2 Yes, apparently it seems to have gotten heated between comments, etc. yesterday in here and I just wanted everyone too know that the rose that all of you were referring too before this morning (morning for me) isn't me so from now on I will just post a little #2 before my posts. I just don't want any confusion and definatly would not like to be mistaken for someone who seemed to have started stuff. I love coming here and me personally would have never said what the other rose said. I don't "hate" on others for what they contribute and I can assure you I wouldn't have made it through most of these escape games without the help of the posts, so hats off to you all for that. Again I just didn't want to be confused with someone else who I don't agree with their comments.

       Anonymous  6/16/10, 8:39 AM  

BTW, congrats @Full for comment #100 :P

Thank you Edgar!!! :-)

Listen guys , every year there is someone newbie who wants to set the rules on this site.
I found this site 5 years ago and I did not mind there were given solutions or hints.
The site is like it is.

You like it or you leave it!

No one must make rules here .
Except Yalcin, Suchun or Megipoland.

End of discussion.

Oh I forgot
I want to thank all the lovely people here who are collaborating on this site = whriting walkthroughs like zoz edgar full ellie and all the others. I wrote also WTs but the last time I am always to late.
Thank you all for the effort for the true sence of this site : walkthroughs.
For Rose : nordinho gives hints.
And people who dont do the effort to write a walkthrough, keep your rules for yourself.

Thanks @Tosca! :)

@Tosca, well said.


       Anonymous  6/16/10, 11:21 PM  


and now..let's sing all together!!!

       Anonymous  6/19/10, 7:21 AM  

I just finished reading all the above...Wow! All I want to say is:
@small tool: I, for one, really appreciate your efforts. You always contribute great hints and fantastic WT's! I hope to see you many, many more times in all the games, for I look forward to everything you have to say!
Tosca makes a good point about people who don't go to the effort of writing WT's to keep to themselves, and that is why I don't post too much. I have tried to do a couple of WT's, but it takes me so long that by the time I finish, someone else has posted one. Therefore, I stopped trying to write them. That is why I appreciate people like small tool! Keep it up guy!


lol nothing like walking into a discussion weeks after it is over. I hope any hurt feelings have been smoothed over.

@rose #2 -- I don't think I have seen you here before, so belated welcome :)

@smalltool -- thanks for the code. I don't think it came too early, and I sure needed it. I got the countries right, but couldn't get the abbreviations without you!

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