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Angel Escape

123Bee Angel Escape is another new point and click escape the room game developed by 123bee. "Bedtime Stories are always pleasant. Imagine how it would be, if you become a part in the fairy tale while just reading it! To get out of that illusionary world, to reality, you have to release the fairies in that tale. Have a thrilling Journey." Good luck and have fun!

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hi,anyone playing this?

got 2 rocks, tube, 3 flowers

hi. let´s give it a try

Yes i am iv'e got 2 stones,3 flowers and a test tube so far,don't know what to do with them yet though

press on tube then drag 2 stones to screen and the flowers

Aww sweet lol

where´s that tube?

on the house

on the roof i mean

I've create a second fish, got a water drop, watered the plant, used fluid again to transform the butterfly and so end chapter one

thx found it

And managed chapter 2 and found the sencond angel

i am in chapter 3 now, but a bit lost. found 3 fireflies, cloth, and used 3 stones to get pearl

What do you do with the bee with the nectar then

place in on the baby thing right side of screen in trees

In chapter 3 I find the stone with star on roof but can't take it??
Have 2 perls and a cloth, saw a golden egg but can't take it too.

Duh totally missed that thankyou Egle

@stu how did u get the 2nd pearl, did u used fireflies?

still in second chapter and just don´t know what to do with the golden apple, the hole i digged or the magical flowers. and i have a bee.
can someone help please

In chapter 2, i have two flowers, bee, shovel(used) and apple ..what to do next ?

ah found a stick used it on wall of house and got a golden star.
@Egle: You can put the fireflys in one of the wooden cage to get a pearl

im in too...the other one drove me nuts, hope this one is better ;)

Used golden star to get blue star, used blue star to get pink star, placed the two perls.
@Meani and Zazie: you can break the apple on one of the stones

Progress, i found a stone right side on the tree, used it on apple and got a part of it and a seed, put seed in hole and used shovel again.

@stu where did found that stick, and in what cage? :D i think i clicked on everything already

got the stick already, missed one view

ahh used fireflies as well, thnx @ stu

thx zazie, that´s what i missed

used stick on the right side of the path, got the 3rd pearl

In chapter 3 i have two fireflies, no idea what for and a cloth, and in put one perl. Where are the other pearls ?

still missing 2 pearls...

@Egle: where exactly do you use the stick right from path?

got cloth and pink star, placed 3 pearls. Help needed

NVM POP worked

@stu zoom in at the right bottom part of screen and then on the middle stone

Same here Egle - stuck with cloth and pink star

Found one by putting flies in the base of house on the left.

fourth pearl is on the right side, use stick on path.

how do u turn the blue star into a pink one?
Hepl, please

Stick is used in the middle of path left of wooden plate

Where is pink and golden star ?

@marieInDaGame place the blue star somewhere on the roof, there is a star shaped place

and out

@zazie: how many flies did u put in the cage? I only had two and theres no pearl...

@zazie use the stick on left side of house, on star shaped thing

THX Egle, now i feel really dumb LOL

3 flies and other pearl use cloth on posts with balls on

@jan: fourth pearl??? Where got you the other three from? Have you used cloth and pink star?
@Mariel: on roof
@Zazie: use stick on wall of house

What am I missing in lvl2? I have 2 magic flowers, half of an apple, tiny plant and a bee. Can't do nothing

Marie, i had 3 flies, one was on the very left side, zoom on roof.

Ah thank you sales - got the 4. perl!!!

@urban zoom in left bottom side of screen and place half of apple on rock looking thing in the middle

Thank you i found the golden star

urban put half apple on stone on left

@urban, there is a stone at bottom left, use the apple on it

I am out, thx everybody for the help !

@sales Thanks, i ve used the cloth here millions of times, but on first stick with ball, not the last :D out now too

@sales..thanks for the hint for using cloth ...and out

@zazie i got that one and the one from the lower right of the screen...where is the 3. one?

anyone need help before i go

Urban put the apple piece on the stone to the left (zoomed in) and then put plant in water.

Yes out too - good game - I enjoyed it!
Thanks for help!!!

Marie one is on the roof of the house at the back of screen

@zazie: THX i missed that view completely LOL

I still have the stones where do you them please

where to use the pink star please

Pink star is used above the golden eggs (after putting eggs where the other egg is - in the tree trunk.)

Stones are put on the round wood thingies, there are the same shapes on them as on the stones.

Thanks Zazie didn't even see the symbols on them

cant find the last pearl

its not my day...stuck with the cloth and the pink star and have placed 3 pearls on the trunks...missing one pearl (got the ones from flies, path and shapes..)

which ones do you have?
one is from the shapes stones, one from the path by using stick on it, one was on the sticks with balls by using the cloth on it and one you get by putting fireflies into cage

I have magical flowers, pink flower and bee in level 2. What i have to do next?

thanks, meani, now im out too!
Thanks for all your help ;)

@MarieInDaGame you need the one on the sticks (near the door of the house in front) had problems to find them too

Where abouts are the sticks with balls on please?

@PitEr click on one of the flowers. they should open in a new window and u can use the bee on them

thanks Meani :)

sorry meant posts with balls on iv'e clicked all round and haven't found it

@Kitty they are near the door of the house in front

Out too now thanks good game

Where is the apple?

Anyone still here? I'm still stuck on Level 2. I can't find an apple OR a pink flower that I can pick up. Heellpp please?!

       Anonymous  6/28/10, 5:54 AM  

so stupid today: dunno howto get the water into the tube in 1st scene

@ ClubMan: You have to click on the test tube, in that window, place the flowers between rocks, they will put the potion in the test tube.

If you've already given it to the guard, then you have a fish, which you put in the fish bowl, then they will raise a heart to the top of the bowl, which you click on w/ the test tube.

       Anonymous  6/28/10, 6:06 AM  

thx marafin, tried that thousand times, but never worked for me - until now. and howto water the plant? do i need some tool?

3rd chapter, I still can't find the 3rd fly...I think I tried everywhere

       Anonymous  6/28/10, 6:37 AM  

@andra.albota 1 fly is on the sign on the right side of the path, 2 is on the house in the background, you have to zoom in to get it, and 3 i believe was on the left of the screen on the pipe coming out of the tree

Also, where is this stick everyone keeps talking about?!

Thanks silverfairy77...I'm out...can't wait for the story to continue.

just started... where do i dig the hole in chapter 2???

Stuck in th second level, with a bee, half apple, tiny plant and magical flower, anyone can help???

Catherine, right side at the end of the scene.

thanks diana, use half aapple on stone by left of screen

lvl 2: golden apple, a bee, 2 flowers a shovel and I stuck

i cant get the rocks to do anything with the test tube

one stone is by the roof and the other left ny the flowers.

drag and drop theme over the tube, thats all

ahaa: take the half apple, drag and drop him over the stone left front
(sorry 4 my englisch)

than take the flower, click one flower and drop the bee

and spit it over the baby bee, fine!

where is apple..?? plz tell mee

@ina: feed the bird with the weath ... than u got the apple

sorry Hina .. not ina

and out!

Chapter 2: Where do I dig a hole for the seed?

click back into the area because you can dig the hole

       Anonymous  6/28/10, 10:06 AM  

nice one

I've tried to dig every pixel on second level... Can someone please steer me in the right direction???

need help with cloth and pink star please?

anyone still playing? where is the other golden egg in lvl 3?

hi anyone still here? For the life of me I can not find the stick, clicked and clicked....... help!!!!

Where are the 4 pearls exactly. I have only 2, from the firfly cage and under the plate.

I'm stuck on L2, the shovel is floating but i can't find the digging place. have seed and apple piece

looks like you're all long gone. oh well. trying to find the mysterious stick in 3.

Ah, POP. The roof view!

Angel Escape - Walkthrough

Click on the book on the bed; click on it again to open it and on the picture to start.
Zoom in the top of the house’s roof and take the test tube.
Zoom in the rightmost purple flower and take the lower small rock.
Take (zoom in) the night flower right from the house.
Take (zoom in) another night flower left from the house (the third one from left of the upper ones).
Zoom in the first couple of flowers (upper left row) and take another small rock.
Zoom in the lower night flowers and take the bigger one. Now you have 3 of them.
Click on the TEST TUBE to see it in the main screen, drag and drop the ROCKS above and do the same with the 3 FLOWERS (one at a time) to collect the magical potion… close the view.
Use the POTION on the DRAGON Guard; take the gold fish it becomes into.
Click on the door to enter the house.
Zoom in the fish bowl and put the gold FISH inside; take the water droplet.
Zoom in the dry flowers and use the DROPLET on it; a butterfly appears on the top flower.
Use the magical potion on the butterfly; it will transform into the BLUE FAIRY.

Zoom in between the right trees and take the wheat and the shovel.
Zoom in the flowers below the sleepy creature and take the stone from the bottom right side of the screen.
Zoom in the blue bird on the left and give the WHEAT to it; take the Golden Apple.
Click on the APPLE in inventory to have a view of it and smash it with the STONE; take the seed and the right apple piece.
Zoom in the bees and take the one in the right and the (right) blue magical flower.
Zoom in the rightmost upper purple flower (left from the trees) and use the SHOVEL to dig a hole on the ground; put the SEED in the hole and use the shovel again to cover it; take the tiny plant.
Zoom in the bottom left flowers; take the yellow magical flower and use the APPLE PIECE on the rock; put the tiny PLANT in the magical pond and take the right magical flower… now you have 3 of them.
Click on any flower to have a view of them and use the BEE to collect the pollen; close the view.
Zoom in the sleepy creature and drag the BEE on it; the “thing” will fly and it will become the YELLOW FAIRY… but unexplainable enough we see it sleeping again.

Zoom in the right part of the roof and take a stick (third from left).
Zoom in the bottom part of the road and use the STICK to remove a stone; take pearl #1
Zoom in the flowers on the roof and take the cloth.
Zoom in the platform with the triangle shape on it (right from the house) and use the CLOTH on the third post to get Pearl #2

Zoom in the farthest house; take a firefly.
Zoom in the wooden sign at the right side of the stone road; take firefly 2.
Zoom in the top chimney coming out from the tree and get firefly 3.
Zoom in the base of the house, put the 3 fireflies there and collect Pearl #3.
Zoom in (and take) the ”square” stone under the wooden sign.
Also collect (by zooming) the ”cross stone” from the left side of the road.
Zoom in the middle of the road and get the ”triangle” stone.
Zoom in the platforms with the corresponding shapes to place the stones on them; collect pearl #4
Zoom in the bottom left side of the house and use the STICK on the bricks to collect the gold star.
Zoom in the wooden platform right from the road and place the gold STAR on it; take the (now) blue star.
Zoom in the very top of the roof (you should see a blue brick with the shape of a star on it); place the blue star there and get back as a pink star.
Zoom in the 4 poles below the house; place the 4 pearls on top of each pole (they will become golden eggs) and take them back.
Zoom in the nest inside the left tree and place the 4 golden eggs with the one already there; put the pink star above the eggs and see how the pink eggs become the PINK FAIRY.


nice game. Thanks @Edgar - I needed a couple hints in chapter 3

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