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Arrival in Hell 2 Walkthrough

Arrival in Hell 2

Arrival in Hell II is a sequel of Arrival in Hell 1, scary point and click adventure game by Rusty Arcade. You must escape from your cell and out of the prison. Use tools and strategy to get out of there safely. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game includes bloody scenes and so it is not suitable for players, who are under the 18 years old!

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wow, many new ones today...
lets see ;)

Oooh, a gory game, let's play : )

Hmm, does a black screen mean I've arrived in Hell then lol

Okay, I'm in.

Oooh, potty mouth. haha

i dont like this one...too bloody and too boring...see u in the next one

hey rambler..r we the only ones in this ???

I reckon so Mariel. You're right though. I think I'll play it another time. There's a lot going on. I've been in loads of rooms and got a pile of stuff, but I can't be bothered to go on. See you later : )

I'm in here too.
I've got a lot of stuff, but stuck now.
How do you combine things in this game?

This kind of game is just not for me. I'll find something else to do. Have fun.

I'm stuck with;
- sticky paper
- crowbar
- caulking gun
- propane tank
- aluminimum powder
- wooden stick
- security pass
- empty bucket
- blue wire
- lighter
- burning shiv.

nothing seems to be happening small tool.all that stuff, what is it for? i ll see the map again.

did u give it up too, small too? It is creepy to be here on my own

I got all that stuff and an empty zip lock bag...my shift isn't burning, how did you do that? and how to get the sd from the basketball court?

I didn't give up yet.
But I can't find or do anything more.
By the way sorry for losing soccer.

ok then, i m going to the beach, bye.

beach is off, have u any progress?
soccer is not my cup of tea. only my man's.

george I didn't see a screwdriver in the basketball court.
And the shiv I don't know, suddenly it was like that. Maybe I used the lighter on it or I did put in some fire.
And where is the bag?

I'm sorry small-tool, I don't know where I got the bag...the sd is on the left side by the wall crack.

Ok I saw the screwdriver in the crack and suddenly I have the bag too.
How can we combine things?
Maybe the sticky paper on the stick to get the screwdriver.

Yes it did work.
Combine paper and stick and you get the screwdriver.
Combining you do in the inventory and not looking at the things.

ah...thx small-tool, didn't try that..

Now used the screwdriver to take the card reader from the A-section.

can t pick up the sd.

In your inventory put the blue wire in the card reader and then you can use it to replace the broken card reader next to the red door.

ohhhh i missed sticky paper, remember where to get it?

Combine the rat paper (from the kitchen) with the stick, then you can take the screwdriver with that.

I'm in another sector now, used the extinguisher on the fire in the kitchen..

me too.

found some "sticks like sh*t" in a drawer and loaded my caulking gun. Also put some iron oxide in the bag and got a greasy rag

I used both powders, the paint can and the rag to build a bomb

Did the same things and saw the beast.

sorry...didn't use the rag...just thought it could be useful as a fuse..

How did you use the powders george,
They won't combine?

Ok they did.
First aluminimum on iron and then on can.

I took the aluminum powder and put it in the bag with the iron oxide

hmm...tried to put the can in front of the wall crack in the court...not working. Did you find a place to use the caulking gun?

Yes, use the gun at the door.

Use caulking gun to seal door and window, use gaz, then rag and lighter and Boom, kill the monster :)

And on the air vent next to the door.

Yes, just did that, but thanks anyway naniboy.

oh...I sealed the door with the beast..

oops..you got it already

Used the knife on the stomach of the beast.

eeww...a saw in the belly of the beast

...and late again...lol

Use the crowbar on the secret door in the floor and then the circular saw.

I'm in a cell with a cursed gate now...very weird game

Very weird indeed, some ghost told me I'm a thief.

You can put blood on the cursed gate but I don't know why for

then on female badge...

New things I have are;
and a Badge.

combine badge with book and the gate opens

Thanks naniboy.

a Persian rug in a cell?

But I can't combine badge with book!?
How did you do it?

I used vodka on the trashcan

did you use the blood on the badge first, small-tool?

I did the blood on the gate.
Did you guys do something extra to combine book and badge?

Aha, thanks George.

and now I'm in the court again..

Does anybody remember where the insulin should be? Can't talk to the woman anymore.

Insuline is hidden behind the posters wall in room 664 (use burning shiv)

It should be in 64...somewhere behind the working area if I remember correctly

O wait a minute I wrote it down. It should be in the B section room 64. But where is that. Those cells was that the B-section?

thx again naniboy...I knew I should've written it down...back to the cells again...

Thanks again naniboy.

And again a new room.

And stuck with Magda's Love Letters and Jerrycan with GPS.

And Magda's radio.

I stole her radio...when inspecting it says locker 8...

You need to take the woman's radio, then the pilot's one. Then put the woman radio back and use the pilot radio. The woman go out and get attacked!

And a rope, but still stuck.

Thanks again naniboy, but where is the pilots radio?

the rope came down..

You get it by going to the rendez-vous (just in front of Magda's room

Selfish end and only found 1 secret item. Good game! Use rope and hook to get up the roof.

how do I get out of the first room ?

Combine the rope and the crowbar and use it in the first scene. You've got the "selfish end"

uff...strange ending...didn't know there were secret items to find...

Selfish end and no secret items found. But a good game indeed.

Kelly, what first room?

Oh and there are 3 endings?
Well, secrets and other endings maybe tomorrow.

The cruise tickets on the table were one of the secret items. Guess something will be in locker 8 but couldn´t open...also maybe rescue the other prisoner? And didn´t use the hint that the flying beast can only hear not see.

I tried to take everything...he wouldn't even take the secret stash :(
The only thing I got are the cruise tickets...

I'm in the first seen only have shiv . How do I get to the next room Please Help?!

I wouldn't rescue that other prisoner volker. That geezer was really crazy.

Hi Kelly, simply move your cursor in the bottom area and you should see "corridor" or so...click and you get to the next area.

Kelly, you can go down to the other part of the yard.

Thank U didnt see that

Good point small-tool. Selfish end is fine for me now anyways.

Romantic ending. Used blood on the blank paper before getting out.

I tried the test tube on the paper, Yvon...it didn't work for me..

Good find Yvon, but how is blood on paper romantic? Weirdo game maker.

I need some fresh air now...see you all in another game...bye!

Hy guys ! Can youh help ? I've got my propane tank on the sealed wall, but i can't light it with my lighter !!?? and i need a fuse for the thermite can... where is it ?

If you have sealed the door and the vent, then put the rag under the door and light it.

The fuse for the thermite you will get later.

Thank's small-tool for you reply. In fact, i don't have the rag ... where is it ? (in my inventory i've got screwdriver, rat stick, crowbar, burning shiv and map... and sorry for my english because i'm french ;-)

If I remember correctly; the rag was on the ground somewhere. I thought in the room with the dead beast, or a room nearby.

oh... i must have missed something then because i can't go in the room with the other beast(A sector ?) and i looked everywhere during a long time for the rag and i can't find it...
Ok, so i'm totally lost now...

Ok I played again.
The rag is on the floor in the room where you are now. It's pink, middle of the screen, half under the green/gray blocks.

found !!!! :-D
Thank you very much small-tool !!! especially for played again to help me ;)

Anybody found how to open locker 8? We see a key after a video at some point, in the vent, but i can't get it...

I can't found neither the zip lock bag nor the iron oxide ... help please

Must be bug - no sticky paper in my kitchen. Oh well, off to next game :(

zip lock bag is in the kitchen near the door

and iron oxide is on the circular table saw

combined aluminium and iron oxide in the paint can..but dont know which door to use it :(

@ daniel...sticky paper is under the fridge door in the kitchen( yellow stuff)

got it

@daniel stick paper under fridge

use lighter on blank paper and u got secret 2

another secret when you use the sd with the Insulin

still live?

anybody still listening here? I seem to have missed the fire extinguisher

If I remember correctly, the fire extinguisher was in the room with the woman.

thanks for answering small tool. I haven't found that room yet - is it the one beyond the broken code thingy? I can't find any electronic parts (except the blue wire) that this guy is willing to pick up to fix it

Do you have the screwdriver and red keycard dayamayii? They are required to get in...

That's right volker,
to get into that room you need the blue wire, the scredwriver (to take another codepanel) and the keycard.
By the way dayamayii,
In every screen, just hoover around with your mouse and it will turn into a little hand at hotspots. And often the important items (the ones you can get) are flickering.

This comment has been removed by the author.

what's the second secret item??? Does somebody know how to get it. tnx

Although gory it was actually a good game

I have rag and termite can, but cant get them together.

Anyone can help me?

I got Friendship Ending...good game, but the views were a little confusing.

where is security pass?

I can not find the fuse and I do not know which door to front the rag. sorry my english

Hello, is anyone still here? Need help, I can't find the security pass...

I read all of the above comments, where to find the keycard is not in there..

the security pass is in the office near kitchen. do you know where the put the rag and where is the fuse, please?

clueless are you there?

OMG thank you so much Mariposa! Unbelievable I didn't see the card there before.
I'm sorry, I don't even know where the rag and the fuse are..

ok got the rag after I put out the fire

ok, if you can go ahead leave a comment. here I am

After you sealed the door and sealed the vent and after you put the gas can on the vent you can put the rag at the bottom of the door.

I have the rag but I don't know which door to put in and I can't find the fuse for thermite can

ok I will. I'm looking for the iron oxide now

The door on the right side in the room where you found the rag.
And the fuse you can find later, you don't need the thermite can now.

thank you so much! i'm in the room with the dead beast now

Wow I keep getting stuck. I can't find the caulking gun and gas can. I've made the thermite can.

Mariposa r u still here?

Behind the watchtower is another place.
There is the gas can and in the bag the gun.

haha, I just found out there is a scene I haven't been yet, the alley behind the watchtower. So..found the caulking gun and gas can!

thank you small-tool for helping :)

Please help! I don't know how to open the melted door. Tryed it for hours, without success :(

I'm not sure anymore but I think you can find the fuse for the thermite in the plant (in the room where the lady is) after using the radio trick on the woman. Or maybe after giving her insulin.
And then you can use the thermite on the door.

I'm finally out with the selfish ending. Got only secret items 2 and 3. I liked this game!

You get the fuse from Mag after giving her the insulin.

friendship end

Nice Mariposa! what did you do extra to get the friendship end?

I brought out with me Chuppa (I also got a secret item -mucus statue- but I can't find the other: the ticket for example)

Ok thanks, gonna try bringing scary crazy sometime :)
Mag left the cruise tickets on her desk, after she gets eaten.
I grabbed them and then went straight through the vent into the warehouse room and to the starting point. From there I couldn't go to the other areas anymore so have to play game all over again for other endings.

mag has not eaten, continues to rummage under the table and on the table there are no tickets

Thank's a lot small-tool for your quick answer! I had to start a new game, the first time I played there was no iron oxide, so I wondered the whole time what to do with the aluminium powder and the empty bucket.
Now it worked! I could combine the things to got a thermite. I think the game is a little buggy. Got the selfish ending too and found two secret items. Does anyone disclosed the other secrets yet?

@ Mariposa, that's strange... did you take her walkie talkie when she's rummaging under the table? It's on the bookcase. Then you go out of the room to the rope and there's a scene with the pilot. After that you take the pilot's walkie talkie. Then you put Mag's walkie talkie back on the bookcase and you go outside of here room. Then there's another scene, where you use the pilot's walkie talkie to call her and she goes outside her room. Then the beast eats her.

After that I went back inside her room and the rest is in my previous comment.

ok thank you clueless. now i have selfish end, for romantic end -I read the previous comments- I put the blood on the white paper, but nothing happens. you did you do?

I tried to put blood on the white paper and also tried to light the paper. One of those things made the blanc paper show writing: 'Kalengo's Farewell'. That is secret item 3. However, I still got the selfish ending.

how to get the fuse , i can't take anything in Mag's Room

absurd! on white paper appeared a letter, but now I no longer use the grapping hood to get on the roof

I cannot find the wooden stick.

if you have also seen it, the man in the Tower winks with the eyes if you look long at the Porträit

i mean in the watchtower

where did you get the white paper?

to burn the paper is showing the writing

I made a walkthrough, my first, I hope it's usefull. I tried to post it, but I get some error. I will keep trying though!

This comment has been removed by the author.

WALKTHROUGH ‘Arrival in Hell 2’ PART I

- Starting point
Pick up shiv. Go to corridor. There’s a scene with a dog and beast. You get a lighter.

- First corridor
Pick up blue wire. Go right, to the alley. Click behind carcas to go to alley.

- Alley
Pick up small propane tank. Pick up caulking gun inside leather bag. Go back to first part of alley and go into watchtower.

- Watchtower
Pick up crowbar. Click grab tool and then search light, there’s a scene where you turn on light. Go back to alley and to the corridor. Now go through the fence into the basketball court.

- Basketball court
Notice wall crack on the left. There’s a corps holding a screw driver. You can’t pick it up yet. Go back through gate. Go to corridor on the left. Go through door to guard’s office.

- Guard’s office
Pick up security pass from table. Use shiv on mop to get wooden stick. Use crowbar on barricaded door. Go through kitchen door.

- Kitchen
Pick up zip lock bagg from drawer next to door. Pick up ratminator sticky paper from under fridge. Combine sticky paper with wooden stick to get a ratminator stick. Go back to guard office and back to second corridor.

- Second corridor
Use ratminator stick to get aluminium powder. Pick up empty paint bucket. Go back to first corridor and basketball court.

- Basketball court
Use ratminator stick to get screwdriver. Go back to second corridor.

- Second corridor
Use screwdriver on card reader next to main office door, get card reader. Go back to first corridor.

- First corridor
Combine blue wire with card reader, put ready card reader next to red security door. Use security pass on card reader en go into warden’s office.

- Warden’s office
Pick up fire extinguisher. Talk to woman named Mag, she is the warden’s wife. She asks you to bring her insuline which is in sector B, cell 64. Go back to first corridor and go to kitchen.

- Kitchen
Use fire extinguisher on fire in wall crack and go through to next room.

WALKTHROUGH ‘Arrival in Hell 2’ PART II

- Working area
Pick up purple greasy rag from under rocks. Use zip lock bag to pick up iron oxide powder from circular table saw. Add aluminium powder to bag to get thermite compound and put this in empty bucket to get thermite can. Pick up ‘sticks like sh*t adhesive’ from upper drawer and combine this with caulking gun. Inspect door to the right, there’s a scene with the beast. Use loaded caulking gun to seal the door and air vent. Put small propane tank at air vent and the greasy rag at bottom of door. Use lighter to light the greasy rag. The sealed wall gets blown up. Go through the wall crack.

- Nursing room
Use the shiv to cut open the beast’s stomach and get a circular saw. Use crowbar and then circular saw on secret door in floor and go through. Go through secret door on the other side of the hideout.

- Cell with sorcery scribes
Click on sorcery scribes, a ghost appears, opens up a secret passage (?) and disappears again. Pick up blank papers and blood test tube form shelf. Use lighter on blank papers, writing (a farewell letter from Kalengo to Alena) appears (secret item 3), notice the blonde tuft of hair. Pick up the NecroAlchemy book. Pick up female badge, notice name on it is Magdalena. Use blood test tube on badge and on gate. Combine cursed badge with book. Use alive necromancy book on cursed gate and go through.

- Sector B
Pick up trash can. Go through gate into cell 64. Pick up vodka. Use lighter on shiv and cut the wall with posters. Pick up insulin. Use screwdriver on insulin to see drugs (secret item 1). Use vodka on trashcan to light the area. Talk to Chuppa, he gives you a shovel and tells you the beast can only hear, not see. Use shovel on rocks, go through wall crack. Go to warden’s office.

- Warden’s office
Give Mag the ‘insuline’, you get a magnesium strip from her. She tells you to get fuel and a GPS from the warehouse for the pilot who’s waiting at the helipad on the roof. Go back to the first corridor, to the starting point.

- Starting point
Combine magnesium strip with thermite can to get thermite bomb, put this on the melted door, go through the hole.

- Warehouse
Pick up fuel jerrycan and GPS. Notice something is hidden in the vent, use screwdriver to open it and find Magda’s love letters. There’s a scene where you see Mag talking into a radio. She puts the walkie talkie in front of the vent, notice there’s also a key there. Go back to warden’s office.

- Warden’s office
Pick up Magda’s radio from the bookcase and go to the first corridor again.

- First corridor
Inspect the radio transmitter and notice a post-it with ‘Locker 8’ written on it. Click the rope. There’s a scene with the pilot, he drops his radiotransmitter. Pick up pilot’s radio, there’s a scene in which the pilot tries to communicate with Magda through channel 3, but you put the radio on channel 6. Go to section B.

WALKTHROUGH ‘Arrival in Hell 2’ PART III

- Section B
Talk to Chuppa, in the next scene you and Chuppa sneak past the beast to the starting point. Notice there’s a mucus statue (secret item 4) in your inventory. Go to warden’s office.

- Warden’s office
Put Magda’s radio back on the bookcase. Scene: you use the pilot’s radio to lure Magda out of the office, she get’s eaten by the beast, you flee back into the warden’s office. Pick up cruise tickets (secret item 2). Go through the vent, to the warehouse and to the starting point.

- Starting point
Combine the rope with the crowbar to get a grappling hook. Use this on the broken ladder. Chuppa has somehow disappeared... Scene: you make the pilot take you out of there with the helicopter, Chuppa is back at section B, panting...

You get the ‘selfish ending’ and you got all the secret items. You can click ‘secret room’ to see the timeline of events.

There are two more endings: ‘romantic ending’ and ‘friendship ending’. I don’t know how to get those, it might have something to do with opening locker 8 (I couldn’t get the key that you saw in the scene when you look through the vent in the warehouse and see Magda talking in the radio) and taking Chuppa with you in the helicopter.

Hope someone else can describe how to get the other two endings!

Thanks to everyone who posted hints that helped me get through the game!

Very good walkthrough Clueless.
Especially because it's your first one (congrats).
Can't imagine how excellent the next walkthroughs from you will be after such a great debut.

It's been said, you get friendship ending by talking to chuppa before you put the girl's walkie-talkie back in place. In fact, you mustn't do it. Once you get the pilot's and the rope, go back to chuppa and talk to him, than escape with the rope and crowbar combination. You get a mucus statue and the friendship ending.

I got the romantic ending once without paying attention and i didn't open locker 8 so these are two separate events i'd say.

To get the romantic ending just leave after you over hear what that chick was saying through the vent.

nice game. Hope for a third part.

Thank you small-tool! *blushing*

Thanks @J.D. and @Vampyra for explaining exactly how to get the other 2 endings, couldn't find that in any of the above posts.

The only question that remains is how to get the key from the vent to open locker 8...anyone?

I don't think you can get into locker #8.
But if you're trying to find all of the secret items then they are
The air plane tickets
the mucus statue
the coke in the insulin case(by using the screw driver on it)
and if you put the lighter up to the blank letters from Kalengo thats the last one.

I liked the series. I beat the first one with no help, but I had to use the walkthrough at a couple points for the second one.

Especially thanks for the other 2 endings, although I don't think I want to replay for them. lol

@Clueless excellent work! :)

i cant get out of the gate!!! i tried using the book it says it is ready to use but no luck with the gate!

Did you put blood on the gate.
Did you put blood on the badge
And did you combine badge and book?

Hi there.
I'm in the part after Magda gets attacked by the flying monster and i don't know what to do next.

Hi there.
I'm in the part after Magda gets attacked by the flying monster and i don't know what to do next.
I cannot find the white paper either the grapping hood.

I passed the game with the Selfish ending
But i heard that there are 3 endings (i'd like to see the other endings)
I know how to do the friendship ending but i like to see the 3rd ending
So if anyone knows hot do do it,PLEASE TELL ME
And there is more...
If anyone knows where to find the key to the locker 8 PLEASE TELL ME where to find it (and tell me where is locker 8 too,cause i don't know)
Sorry to bother you all but if anybody knows where is the white paper PLEASE TELL ME

I found the White Paper bue some people says to use the Ligther and others say to use the Blood
Wich one i use to make the Secret Item?

Romantic Ending:
Just combine the rope with the crowbar to make the grappling hook just after getting the pilot radio and then go away

Selfish Ending:
After getting the pilot radio go put Magda's radio in the place and after the scene where Magda gets attacked by the flying monster use the grappling hook and go away

Friendship ending:
After getting the pilot's radio go talk to Chuppa and then use the grappling hook to go away.

Secret 1:
when you got the insulin use the screwdriver on it.

Secret 2:
After putting Magda's radio back in the place pick the Cruise Tickets in her table after the scene where she get's attacked

Secret 3:
In the cell where you see the ghost telling you're a thief and use magic to go out the cell,there's a white/brown paper on the shelf,use lighter on it.

Secret 4:
After getting the pilot's radio go talk to Chuppa,when you're in the starting point you get the Mucus Statue (Secret 4)

Note:It's totally impossible to get the key to locker 8.

i cant put the propane in the airvent every time i hover over the airvent it says sealed door!>:( even having the propane out then click the airvent it still doesnt work!;(

I wonder what happened to chuppa when i got the selfish ending

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