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Dolls Mystery

[REPLAY] Dolls Mystery Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Abroy. It's a house owned by the voodoo master. You can find wooden dolls and wooden doll symbols all over the place. Creepy enough to escape as fast as you can. But don't hope for easy ways out. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Dolls Mystery Walkthrough
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I hope this game doesn't make my brain hurt as much as most of the recent escape ones have!

Hope so too kkf. Just a rubber (nope, not that one) and a doll so far.

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 10:55 AM  

first live gamee(:

Hi @kitkatfox - how is your dog today?
I see the last game was pretty tough - hope this one makes sense

And we need an sd, at least that is straihtforward :-)

got a pencil, used rubber

@annaby she is fine now. The swelling is completely gone. yay!

@ttee137 welcome :)

not much to click on in here that I can find.

I have "dolls" clue, doll I can't put on the
shelf with its friends, and pencil.

I tried clicking the frame in the dolls pattern, but it didn't work.

Hello @ttee137!

View into living room, but stuck with doll and pencil. Intersting doorhandles next to fruit.

Besides doll, erazer (use on desk) and pencil I can't find anything.
By the way there is a special view when you click the middle window above the dolls, but nothing there as well.

@Christina I see the Degas in the living room now. Thanks

An abc in middle picture

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:05 AM  

Hey all... Clicking the small little middle window gives a view to a bedroom

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:05 AM  

Stuck with pencil and doll. Used eraser on paper on desk to get a clue that says "dolls". Now I'm stuck.

How cece? I see the middlepic has different corners...

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:06 AM  

Pop Small-tool


Hello everyone,

I hope you like our first game.
Please don't hesitate to give us feedback that we can reckon with our next games.

Good luck!

ABC in middle picture!?
Where cece?

@Abroy nice game so far :)

Ah flag sign letters.
How did you find which corners to click cece?

Looks great Abroy :-)

No clicking (from the dolls arms?) gives any result so far, going to turn sound on.

oh no...too late???
Hi everybody ;)

@cece how did you get the pattern?

On the cupboard is the code for that painting,
but thanks anyway cece.

@MarieInDaGame you can catch up. We haven't done much yet.

A pencil and 2 dolls now

after seeing abc you can open left door of cupboard and get another doll

Hmm, I'm doing something wrong, nothing clicks....

I've got another doll from the top left cupboard.

Play with dolls

The new doll you can place between the others.

after putting doll on shelf, I think we need to spell "dolls". but they dont exactly match the abc and I can't find out how to move their arms

hey KKF, thx a lot ;)

i only have a pencil, rubber (used) and a doll...did you already figure out the code on the shelf with the triangles???

You have to make the word dolls with the dolls to get a key.

And got a key

@MarieInDaGame cece did. It goes with the middle painting.

got key, sd and am in other room now

Key opens right cupboard door and there is the screwdriver.

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:15 AM  

Found the screwdriver ( use the key at the "5" cupboard

To use screwdriver you have to put the tip exactly on the screws

Can someone help with the middle pic please? I can only color the corners by multi-clicking but for the rest nothing changes.

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:17 AM  

Wow, another room

New room now.
Thank God it wasn't a slider puzzle.

I've got LLS but can't get DO

In new room use pencil on yellow paper.

in the new room I used pencil, doll, got key for chest. got a valce, t-shirt and a new code (don't know where to use it though)

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:19 AM  

So far (SPOILER)

1. Get eraser from 1st painting
2. Use eraser on drawing on desk to get word.
3. Collect one of the pencils from desk.
4. Collect one of the dolls off the shelf.
5. Notice corner clicking code on left most cupboard.
6. Use corner clicking code on corners of middle of 3 wall paintings.
7. Collect doll from corner clicking code cupboard.
8. Use dolls to spell out the word written on desk by clicking them into order and using the one you collected from the cupboard.

oh - nvm - got it at some point and didn't see the key

cece gave the solution for the middle painting (a few comments up).

please? how did you click those corners?

I know small-tool, but that doesn't work. just clicking in the right order does nothing....so how did you click?

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:20 AM  

Where´d you find the key for the chest , florianmeyer61?

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:22 AM  

In the 2nd. room is a codebox on the floor. Click between the couch and the cupboard where you used the pencil.

@Christina I just pressed them once. You can't always see them move

Restarting twice did it, just one click now and it worked.

stuck with shirt and valve. tried to dress the white doll with shirt...didn't work

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:22 AM  



bottom right
upper left
bottom right
bottom left
upper right
bottom left

then go to cupboard and collect doll :)

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:23 AM  

gonna make dinner now, have fun all.

@Full for the key place the doll on the valve stand like the yellow note

A valve and a t-shirt. And stuck!

For the key you have to place the doll and put its arm and legs in the position your pencil made on the paper.

thx Full.
tying now to solve the code with color-clue in chest and numbers on table

Where is the shirt?

A box for code in chest

hey small-tool: where to place the doll?

@small-tool click right of the door with the degas on it in the living room (you are facing the chest)

@small-tool: shirt is next to door in 2nd room. click left of plant

@MarieInDaGame place doll on the stand in the living room where you find the valve

Doll on the shelfs in the tall cupboard

Thanks florianmeyer61

Hope it's going to be bugfree now. Anywhere left to put a code?

T-shirt near exit door

and thanks kitkatfox.

and thanks cece.

can some one tell me how to spell dolls with the dolls I cant figure it out :s

Stuck with code box. Anyone?

lol got it

@Dogg - look at the picture - each doll position is a letter of the alphabet

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:33 AM  

@Dogg after you place the 5th doll you click on them to rearrange them to spell out DOLLS per the abc chart on middle pic

Seems like the code should be red square, green circle, and blue triangle, but I guess that is too easy lol


thx every body, now stuck with the code...
tried many combinations, but nope...

@ Dogg without pictures it's Arms up and down, next doll arm in front of belly, then 2 times the windmill and the last puppet is the one left. You just click and change places

stuck at box too.

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:34 AM  

@Dogg. Each doll represents a letter because of its arm and leg placement. After you pull up the decoder information on the middle painting it tells you what each position represents as a letter. Then you put your doll you collected from the CUPBOARD up with the other letter dolls. Then you move them into position so they spell out the word you found on the desk using your eraser.

And numbers in book?

Isn't it just a note in the chest cece?

same here cece, tried bruteforcing with red square, green circle and blue triangle...didn't work

where do i use the first doll you get? im in the second room used the pencil on the paper . i assume i have to pose the doll i have that way but cant figure out how to do so.

@Sweeti place it on the shelf on the stand where the valve is (or was if you got the valve already)

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:37 AM  

I cannot figure out the box. I don't know if the number code in the book is suppose to somehow coincide with the color and shape code in the chest or what. Any ideas?

i think we only have the book for a hint...little ;)

@Sweeti - doll goes on stand on the shelf

@sweeti put it where you took the valve. on the shelf

What box? I'm stuck with a tshirt and valve

@ Dana click around the right arm of the couch for a hotspot. Box is down there

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:40 AM  

red circle, blue triangle, green square... don't know why :)

@Dana - click on the wall between the sofa and the bureau where you used the pencis

yay @naniboy!

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:42 AM  

Thanks naniboy!!!! That was getting frustrating!

Thank you. I missed that area, obviously:)

So on to next room (garden)

ok...other idea: if one number has the meaning of the shape and the others r coulours, does that ring something???
im just guessing around...

thanks @naniboy!

ok.. stand.. shelf...valve... im more lost then i thought!..lol

t-shirt goes in hole in fountain

from there on it's real easy, out

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:44 AM  

Okay, put valve on pipe behind door to outside. Turned water on. Put shirt in drain in fountain. Flooded it. Water has flowed out and surrounded a brick under the bench. But I can't do anything with the brick.

put the shirt into bassin...

and out.

Now we have to figure out the code lol

@Blitzen look for a chisel near where you placed the valve

TY nani!

spade is hidden in leaves to the left of where the valve goes

good lord.. i missed an entire view in the second room..lol

@Sweeti are you out of the bedroom?

stuck with a water hint..but dont have anything left in my inventory :(

I can see why green is a square and red is a circle. But I cannot see the blue triangle or the order.

lol chisel not spade

and out! thanks to nani!

Find chisel in valve scene Mariel

and out - good game

Out! Nice game, but I dont understand code box

Where goes the new key?

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 11:47 AM  

To tell the truth I only tried one and it was the good one !

TY naniboy for code!

Door near t-shirt small tool

To use key.
Same place where the t-shirt was.
Somehow I keep forgetting to click there.

Still don't understand the box code. or if there was any use for the numbers in the book

Abroy? Are you still here? Can you give a hint on the box code? Did we miss a hint?

look at the color of picture (where you see cupboard) there is solution for the color

nice one

and out.. fun game.
thanks for the help!

I'm already out, so I don't remember. Can you explain a bit more about the shapes and color code.

I cannot see it Dogg

I clicked all over the drawing on the desk with my pencil, but can't get a word :(

@Dögg, do you mean the red, blue and green pictures?

I don't see how that ties to the shapes.

my shapes in the box dont change colors I click on them and nothing happens

You have to use your eraser.

Do you have the right box diane? The one between couch and dresser? I had a nasty bug, so maybe you have to restart as well.

Small-tool the only thing that i got is a pencil with a eraser but it doesn't want to work.

I replayed and I see the color order hint, but nothing for the shapes

The eraser is on top of the left painting.

@Feminin21 - did you get the eraser from the top of the left picture?

@Feminin21 eraser is on top of the left picture in the bedroom

I'm replaying too, but I don't see colors?

I came in late, caught up and this is how the code works:

2131 These are coordinates.

32=circle 23=red; red circle
13=triangle 22=blue; blue triangle
21=square 31=green; green square

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 12:06 PM  

numbers in book are coordinates for color/shape code...
3,2=circle/ 2,3= Red
1,3=triangle/ 2,2= blue
2,1=square/ 3,1=green

yes its the good one with 3 blue square but nothing moves

Thnx Kitkatfox!
I missed that.

great job Edgar and Budda!

@diane have you looked at the book and opened the chest? Maybe you have to do those first.

shall I do a walkthrough?

Great minds @Budda! ;-)


TY @Edgar and @Budda - now I'll sleep tonight,lol
(I never would have put that together - too bad at codes)

Hmmm, you shall kkf :P
I have a PT unfinished I'd like to post.

oke, I think I have it. The code comes from the book and the grid.

Cut the code in the book lenghtwise, so you have 3-2,1-3,2-1 for shapes and 2-3, 2-2, 3-1 for colors.

Then 3th shape 2nd place (triangle) 1th shape 3th place (square) 2nd shape 1th place.

For colors line one 2nd color (green) 3th place, line 2 2nd color (blue) 2nd place, line 3 3th color (red) first place.

Did you open the other chest and did you look in the book. Maybe you have to see the clues first before you can change the colors and shapes.

@diane - did you set up the doll and get the key for the chest? If not, you may not be able to do anything with the box

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 12:12 PM  

Hello, just came back from dinner and finished. That was a nice game, i liked it, although with the sound turned off though, lol

Code is only solvable in hindsight, so not a good one. Rest of the game is good and logical.

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 12:13 PM  

yea @Edgar... haha... I was stuck with everyone else, got busy with actual work, and then was restarting to try again to see if I missed something, and it just "clicked" before I got to that point, so had to hurry thru to that point to see if it was right. lol

forgot about the chest I did the dolls ,going back tks

I dont have the key for the chest

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 12:17 PM  

Christina, the code is purely coordinates (totally solvable in foresight) just didn't catch it prior... I think Edgar DID get it in foresight

this game still live??

I think Edgar and Budda solved the code, so not really hindsight, so a good code I think.

the key that the dolls gave me was for the cupboard ,where is the other one

BTW, if clicking on the left side of the doll on the shelf, its head turns to a side... maybe a hint for us to find the door to the outside?
That doll sure knows left is the right way to look at!

Place your doll and put his arms and legs in the position you made on the yellow paper with your pencil. That gives you the key.

There are equally good results from the same code and a really good code has but one solution, that is why I don't think it is a good code. (f.i. red triangle, green circle, blue square is just as plausible from the same hints)

Edgar, Budda, kitkatfox and everyone else who made it, good job!:)

@diane - you have to put the doll on the stand on the cupboard shelf and position the arms and legs

ok got it forgot about the other doll in the living room tks

lol @Edgar - just saw your comment about knowing the left way to look


1. Zoom on the cupboard on the left. Look at the triangles on left door and back out again
2. Turn left and get rubber from the left picture (top of frame). back out and
3. Zoom in on middle picture and click the corners in order of the left door SPOILERDR,UL,DR,DL,UR,DLSPOILER
4. see alphabet, back out, turn left and zoom table. Use rubber between the two heads to reveal "doll" and take the pencil
5. turn left. the left drawer with triangles can now be opened. Take doll.
6. Zoom on shelf above desk and take another doll on the very left.
7. Place 1st doll in empty space between the others.
8. Comebine the hint from desk and the abc from middle picture with the order of dolls. SPOILERchange4thdollwith5thand1stwith5thSPOILER
9. Get key and open with it the right door on cupboard. Get SD.
10. Unscrew the cover of door and solve the picture-puzzle. If it's too hard for you, you wanna take a look through the center window above the shelf.
11. 2nd room: click on the cabinet in the back of the room and use pencil on note pad. Remeber the doll, back out and turn left.
12. click on big cupboard and take valve next to statue.
13. Put doll on the stick and arrange arms and legs like seen on the note pad. Take key and zoom out.
14. Zoom in on the chest, open it with key and see code hint. Zoom out.
15. click on table to see a number code. Turn right and take a short look at the colors of the paintings on the wall.
16. Click area between sofa and cabinet. On the right is a box. click it and see it needs a code.
17. To be honest I don't really get the code, THANKS to naniboy anyway it's SPOILERredcircle,bluetriangle,greensquareSPOILER
18. Take key, back out and turn left. Click between plant and door. Take shirt of right side and open door.
19. go forward twice and when facing the door to the 2nd room again, click area between plants and door on the left side.
20. Take chisel from lower left side and place velve on the lower knob of pipe.
21. Zoom out and face well. Place the shirt on the hole on the ground.
22. Zoom out once and look at bench. Use chisel on stone, get key.
23. Click door at the rear left corner and you're out!

Thanks to Edgar & Budda for explaning color/shape code at 21:06 h!

Great Game!!!!! Only needed a little help with order of shapes and colors on box. Would sure like to know how we were supposed to arrive at the correct order.

Out ,thank you Kitkatfox and Annaby ,see you in another game

bah! I clicked an ad and had to restart the game X(

@diane it was fun playing with you :)

Tks glad you where there ,fun playing with you to

goin on the other one ,hope to see you all :)

you're welcome diane.

Maybe it's an idea to use the word 'eraser' in the future.
"Use rubber between the two heads" sounds a bit...
well you know.

Zoom in on the shelf over the desk -- get the leftmost doll
Click on top of the desk and note the picture -- get the pencil
Click the middle window at the ceiling to climb on the desk and look out -- note the Degas painting (thanks, Christina!)
Click on the cupboard on the left wall
Note the keyhole in the right door (looks a bit like a 5) and the triangles on the left door
Turn left
Click the leftmost painting -- get the eraser
Zoom on the middle painting and press the corners in order (they don’t always look like they move, but just press them one time in the right order (if you mess up, back up and zoom in again)
An alphabet of dolls will appear and the left cupboard door will unlock
Turn right
Zoom in on the cupboard and open the upper left door -- get the second doll
Zoom on the table and use the eraser on the blotch between the middle and rightmost heads
Zoom on the shelf and place the second doll where one is missing
Note their arm positions
Click a doll and it will turn light -- click a second one, and they will switch places
Solve the code
Get the key that appears from the shelf
Zoom on the cabinet and use the key to unlock the right door -- get the screwdriver
Zoom on the door and unscrew the panel (note the screwdriver tip goes over the screws)
Click the squares on the door to re-create the picture from the living room (ballerina fixing her shoe)
Make sure you remember to click the bottom right corner square to turn it, too
Click to enter the living room

Click the book on the table and see the number clues
Zoom on the cabinet in the corner with the lamp on it
Use the pencil on the notepad to see the shape
Click above the right arm of the couch -- click the wooden box on the right edge of the screen
Turn left
Click just right of the open door with the Degas puzzle on it to see behind it
Get the tee-shirt and note the locked door
Back up
Zoom on the tall cabinet’s shelves
Get the valve from the stand by the statue
Replace it with the doll you have
Position the doll correctly to get the key from the stand’s base
Use the key on the chest to the left of the tall cabinet
Note the colors/shapes clue
Combine this with another clue to solve the shapes box by the couch
(you seem to need to find both clues before you can change the shapes)
Get the key
Go to the door hidden behind the bedroom door (click right of the Degas door) and use the key

Enter the courtyard
Click the black pipe in the right side of your screen
Place the valve on the lower peg to turn on the fountain
While still zoomed in here, get the chisel from the bottom left side
Zoom on the fountain and add the tee-shirt to clog the drain
The water will spill over
Click under the bench
Use the chisel where the water surrounds the brick to get the last key
Use this key on the door at the back left side of the courtyard to exit


Here be spoilers!!!!

Picture frame puzzle (Thanks, cece!)
The arrows on the left cabinet door tell you which corner to push. Down right, up left, down right, down left, up right, and down left

Dolls puzzle
The original doll positions have the arms straight left/down right, up left/over belly, down left/up right, up/down, down left/up right. Use the alphabet picture to translate that into letters. S, O, L, D, L. If you unscramble it, it spells dolls. Switch the dolls to spell this word. Up/down, up left/across belly, down left/up right, down left/up right, and straight left/down right.

Positioning the doll
Left upper arm straight left and hand down right to hip
Left upper leg straight left and lower leg straight down
Right upper leg straight right and foot down left
Right upper arm straight right and hand straight up

Solving the shapes box (congrats to naniboy for bruteforcing it, and to Edgar, Budda, and Christina for solving it correctly)
The book clue is

The paper in the chest is
Blue, square, green
Red, blue, circle
Triangle, red, green

Each pair of numbers from the book tells you what row and column to look in. Each row will give you both the shape and the color. The first row was 3223.
3,2 tells you the circle is first (third column, second row)
The 2,3 tells you the color is red (second column, bottom row)
1322 is triangle, blue
2131 is square, green

So the order is red circle, blue triangle, green square

your welcome @diane

2 great WTs!!

@Abroy excellent game! Thank you very much :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great game.
Exquisite walkthroughs!
Too bad I missed it since starting.
@Abroy, really looking forward to more from you guys, Thanks!!

*typos! hehe*

I saw that, Edgar ;)

A really nice game!! I needed a hint to click on the corner of the paintings and to find the box in the second room. Thanks for the help!
Hope to see more games from you @Abroy!

Great walkthroughs @Daoud and @kitkatfox!

what am i doing wrong, cannont get the dolls to move anything?

@reddc, did you see the alphabet on the painting? Did you use the erasor?
Did you get the second doll and placed it on the shelf among the other dolls?
Then they should switch places if you click on two adjacent dolls.

       Anonymous  6/8/10, 8:30 PM  

That was a great game! Awesome graphics, challenging puzzles, but not entirely painful, and plenty of variety!

yesss..cant wait to play!!!! only..I have to wait...got regular stuff to do.. :D

playing...and yes!! figured out the picture corners...really..my brain works fine in the morning :D

yihaaa...opened the door!! oohh..I like this game( hahha..I like games when I figured things out by myself :))..okay next room...

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