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Find the Red Button 2 Walkthrough

Find the Red Button 2

Find the Red Button 2 is sequel of Find the Red Button 1 addicting Button Hunt point and click type puzzle game series. Try to find Red button and click on it to advance next level. Can you find all the Red Buttons (and the secrets)? Good luck and have fun!

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I think I did okay on the first one,let's see how this one is...

already stuck on level 8...



no idea what to do on level 9...

whats level 8 please

It's missing my mochi ads. :/

how bout a clue on 8, before we deal with 9!?

level 8 copy and paste :)

good idea

You can click and drag on some screens

for 9 make 6 in both squares

stuck on 15
level 8 was that Gravity? can't remember..

for 15 : move your mouse around the field to find letters. don't know the word yet though

Cookie to the first one (Gramexer)

Oh...I remember, was it the Gravity?, #8...I left and came back cause my screen froze...

TY @ceko, I thought I had tried that...apparently not LOL

WHAT ABOUT 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lvl 12 somewhere in down left circle

14 has me stumped...which red one do I click as it moved around the circle?

I can't figure out 15, got: L p r S 1 Four on the screen.

so many of these are kinda blind clicking for me so I don't always remember...15? anyone?

You are missing 1 hint

that's what I have too Fiver. still stuck at 15!
I'm terrible at riddles

got it

Oh never mind xP I can't read today, it seems

not sure for 14, think it was on right side, near centrum (excuse my bad english)

I am Henrin? Geez, I thought I clicked on every pixel, DOH!

Fiver: Nonono you got them all, i missed that "Four" in your post

Did you get past 15 Henrin?

Ofcourse compleated the game many times..

Well spit it out then, LOL. What do we do on 15??

so...what IS 15 please?

Why :P You can make 1 word of those hints.

And by the way, no more hints :ppp And also.. I'm creator of this game :D (Gramexer)

Maybe Henrin is not telling the truth, and has no idea, LOL

You can not make one word with those hints!!! Impossible! What is your native language?

Ahhh thanks for hint...@henrin..thanks for making the game as well...

It's possible and it's English word. My native language is Finnish


Ok, here is another hint

Hi all,
I don't get the hint in 15. And how to make a word without vowels? Am I missing something? Have P,L,S, 1, four and r...

Hmmmmm, but there is a number in there, the number 1. ???
And btw, thanks from me too Henrin.

1337 speak anyone ?

there are vowels in four...I don't have it though...

is it 1 or is it an L

WHAT??? Spiral? Rainbow? 1337 speak??
You've got me soooo confused and feeling like an idiot right now Henrin.

Hey! You got the answern! Grats!

I googled 1337 speak, lol. Now maybe I can translate this leet into english.

WAIT? Huh? Who got the answer??

Damn this is fun.. If i remember correctly 1337 was secret in that level

I am as lost as you are @fiver and you got the answer?????

Fiver: you got it :p

#15 is Spiral. Capital S.

Ok, well I got through 15 but I still don't quite get it.

# is Spiral ... anyone help me on 16 please?

oh jeez - and I tried spiral as one of my first words ...

Fiver: You said the password of level 15! Now type it into box and destroy the world!

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:00 PM  

Level 16 anyone?

Oh well

Darn, I tried spiral without capital S before!!
Thanks Ella

and I don't get how that's the answer anyway - it just uses a lot of the letters

spiral worked for me.

Clicking like mad on 16, but nothing... Help please!

Ella, do you understand why Spiral is the answer, or did you just get it from Henrin's url hint?

4 = a 1 = i

@Fiver: the letters I could see were S,p,r,L and the number 1. I just thought it looked like spiral, but I hadn't been using the capital S. It's also in a circular pattern, but no... the real logic here escapes me. And I'm still stuck on 16.

I am just not bright enough for this game and the clues are going right over my head!LOL

I take it that's 1337 speak Henrin?

Ok, clicking and clicking on 16. Henrin, this is fun but oooh soooooooo maddening, LOL.

for 16 right click :)

I don't see where anyone got Level 8 ... help anyone?

@nokra - it's not you, lol. I cna't make any snse of the clues either

Are you serious, zoom in and click play??? It works, but did we just cheat on level 16 or is that the answer?

Glue where :O Mmmmmm Glue 8)

I meant "right click and click play" - I'm getting a headache.

That was the answer, lol :DD I hope that you didn't break your mouse :(

need hint for 19

I'm sure my mouse is, at the very least, wounded.
How many levels in this game Henrin?

where do you click play I dont see it

Only 20 :< and 7 secrets, but those are too hard. :( Maybe i will make FtrB3 some day

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:11 PM  

@ceko a455 if you highlight after the question mark. entered that in and i get a 5 at the bottom of the screen. Now stuck.

19: number code from level with dice and cards.
20 anyone?

right click zoom, play didn't work for me

@diane - when you right click, play should be on the list below zoom in/out, etc

ceko, try to remember back to the level that had the dice and hearts in it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

diane - right mouse button

right click play doesnt work either!

there is no way to remember those dices :)

tks Annaby

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:17 PM  


Level 20 anyone?

so stuck on the last level!!!!

thanks abbazabba34 level 20 looks evil :)

All I know is that the red button is draggable, marafin. I'm stuck there as well.

whats this on bottom left screen?

Well, I'm done. Some of these levels were tedious, and others just plain old no logic ... Level 20 will just have to go w/o me.

17 is given me a headache

It looks like the Kongregate logo thingy, ceko - I tried dragging the red button to it. ????

bottom button - KONGREGATE

I'm with marafin - good luck all

Typing Kongragate gives number in Secret-line. Still no clue how to get past that level

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:25 PM  

I now have a 5 and a 6 in the secret line. Are we missing some from other levels?

This comment has been removed by the author.

trying to hide red button for no reason and now can`t leave it. end for me :)

how about 17 guy's

There is 7 secrets

Calling it a day, too. Seems as if noone has any clue...

I don't remember which one was #17 diane. Anyway, I have to go, so I guess #20 will just have to wait.
Thanks Henrin! Good luck everyone.

tks fiver

On 20 I have the 6 too, but how did you get the 5

what did level 17 look like?
Then I try to remember it.

i believe there is no level 17

all little green dots

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:34 PM  

@diane red dot is in the 9th column from the right a little more than halfway from the top

oh it was 9 or 10 column from right to left

Ok that was 17.
abbazabba34 is right, it's one of the little dots somewhere right and a bit down. Move your mouse over them and it turns red.

How did you get the 5 on level 20?


       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:41 PM  

small-tool, on the level where it talks about losing the code at the casino (level 15 i think), I used my cursor to highlight after the question mark and it said a455 so i typed that in before typing the 1511 code and got a 5 in the secret line. I would assume that means that there are four more secrets before that level.

Ok thanks, so the 5 and the 6 are just secrets and have nothing to do with the solution to 20.

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:45 PM  

oops its actually level 19. I don't think they have anything to do with the solution to 20 unless we have to have all of the secrets before we can solve level 20.

I finally found 20.

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:47 PM  

Nice! What is it?

I'm not sure anymore about all the steps, but I think I did put the red button on abc and then typed abc and then the red button on 200 and clicked 200 times on that button.
Anyway I didn't fill in a password.

By the way thanks for this game Henrin (If I understood it right,you made it isn't it?), it's a good one.

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 1:53 PM  

Yep. That worked for me too. Thanks.

Yep I made this piece of junk xD (a.k.a Gramexer @ Kongregate and other places)

Thanks for the game @Henrin! I just played it and needed help with 15 and 20. Thanks @Fiver and @small-tool! I only found four secrets:

3: click on 5 in lvl 11 after moving all of the heart cards first
5: highlight the area after the ? in level 19 and type what you see as an answer (thanks @abbazabba34!)
6: type Kongregate in level 20 (the text in the lower left corner)
7: click on the circle behind the "But did you find all the secrets (7)? : " that you get after level 20.

Missing 1,2 and 4 but will not look for them right now.

Cant do no.8 at all. Tried copy/paste and noting happens.

@Kayser, for level 8 just write what you see: a big G and small letters after "ravity".

Hi, stuck on level 4! Please help!

Stuck on lvl 9, any ideas?

@Allie23... you just need to press the red button. I think I needed to do it several times, but I probably just missclicked at first.

In lvl 4,u have to click the swinging button.

@Saima, you need to set both numbers to 6.
(first the lower one then the top one).

Click below the numbers but within the squares to change them.

I did that but nothing happened.

Ok weird, now the button appeared, thanx.

@Saima, that happened to mee the first time as well. Try to reset it and do it again... and again. It finally worked.

Ah! thank you


@chriscnnr, when you get it right you automatically jump to the next level, keep trying.

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 5:23 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  6/22/10, 5:45 PM  

Level 15?

@JJ, Ella has mentioned above, the word is Spiral.

For level 15 you need to randomly click some hotspots to get S,L,Four,1,p,r... make the Four (4) an "A" and the 1 an "i" to unscramble them into the word "Spiral" (yes, capital S included)... and, illogical as it seems.

Well, a medium game for my taste with some good and some bad levels. I only got to level 19 and just by knowing how to beat level 20 made it enough for me... I won't click that circle 200 times!

Thanks for the while though @Henrin, but it's my feeling: a game that can't stand on its own without the helping hints of its creator (not to mention the "logical" way to discover the secrets) doesn't make it a great one.

made it to 17...but found it increasingly annoying...good luck everyone!

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 6:36 PM  

Thanks @Saima & @Edgar, whew thought I was going to pull some hair out there. I was trying to find the logic there but I guess your right Edgar. Lol.

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 6:59 PM  

Did anyone play the level 18 @Kongregate? I tried, then just skipped it. whew tired from level 20m but got it thought thanks for the tips everyone.

       Anonymous  6/22/10, 8:40 PM  

level 16 - i had to right click and select "forward"

HELP...anyone still there?? lvl 12....the fast moving circles where background color changes ...What to do.. the little green circles move so fast????

@sue, you need to be fast and find the right button to click. It is somewhere around 5-6 o'clock.

       Anonymous  6/23/10, 6:14 AM  

Im stuck on level 7. how do you get through it?

out with help from the commenters. I never would have clicked 200 times or figured out the leet speak term.

@kitkadoo911 just in case you come back, drag the middle red dot in the second row from the right to find the hidden one.

and the level 18?????

This comment has been removed by the author.

How do you pass lvl 18?

You can drag the buttons in level 20

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