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Rotate and Roll Walkthrough

Rotate and Roll

Rotate & Roll is another addicting and challenging physics based puzzle game from PlayedOnline. "Rotate your way through 40 challenging levels. Roll the balls to the bubble to progress. Use arrow keys to rotate the screen." Good luck and have fun!

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I'll try this, but I suspect it will make me dizzy.

actually, it is cute. ^_^ I'm on level 14 now.

28 now, but it's not easy at all.

I'm taking a break on 16 for a while.

31 is pure hell.

lol @Small-tool. If that's true, I bet I give up by then.

You're right! This is a really nice game, but I'm only on lvl 20 and it's getting harder already.

36 is impossible, or I', way too slow.
Anyway I think this is my Waterloo.

Yes I did 36.
You have to be very fast.

I give up.
Whoever succeeds in 37 is a real fast finger hero.

Yes, 37 was really hard! Stuck on 38 now, it's not that easy either :)

Yay! managed with 38, only two levels to go.

39 is evil! At least I've got an idea what to do now. Need a break though.

Oh, I tried some more times and with luck I did 37. But for 39 I can't get my smiley in the middle part. And even if I get there I will fail there often so now (although only two levels to go) I really stop.

Yes!! Managed 39! I had to practice a lot on the middle part before i even went for the star, just to know what to do there. After you get the star and go back to the small platform upside down, then go quickly counterclockwise (left arrow) until you are on top. Let the ball fall down, but do a quick move with your right arrow to trap it on the left side (and then go the other way to move it to the right).

I could load this game when it just came out and had the chance to play it while I was "busy" somewhere else, lol.

Level 40 has a shortcut.
- Move a bit to the right... ball rolls gently.
- At middle way move a little to the left to make the ball rolls up but enough to reach the edge and fall.
- See the opening at the top right of the box? Think of it like a "mouth" that will "eat" the ball when it starts falling, moving fast to the right.

If you time it right, you'll be just a move away from the star.

I am stuck on level 23!!

Lucy O'Connell,
I saw your comment quite late and then it took me a while to go to level 23, but if you're still here;
Hold your right arrow till the picture is turned 90 degrees. After that it's easy to get the coin. Then hold you arrow till the picture is turned a bit less then 90 degrees and after that it's simple.

The second part is the left arrow.

       Anonymous  8/15/10, 1:29 PM  

so i'm stuck on 35, i don't know what to do, help?

@sarahbaby2604, sorry, it took me a while to get to lvl 35.
If you are still stuck... I managed by going slowly to the right to get the star, then go slowly all the way to the left to get inside the opening.

There seems to be another way too, that I almost managed... go to the left with just the right speed to get the star, jump over the small stopper, but don't have too much speed so you will fall inside instead of falling out.

omg i cant get passed lvl 23 :P
some1 help me plz!!

@Amaira, small-tool posted help for level 23 in a comment above (from 4/7/10 01:31, and 4/7/10 01:33).

i got it now :D but thx anyways but now im stuck on 27 but i kno how to do it but its just really hard :P haha

well.... i just got passed it haha right when i posted that!! :P

Im having trouble on lv 16 Any help?????

With one hand click retry and with the other go right right away and then left so the thingy bounces on the left wooden ball and falls down on the big blue ball.

       Anonymous  9/22/10, 2:19 PM  

Level 34: Any help? lol. :)

Sorry wrenchick812 for the very late answer.
It took me a lot of time to go back (to play) to this level again and by the time I got there your comment wasn't on recent comments anymore and I already closed this page and couldn't find it back with the search button on EG24!?

Anyway; What I did to beat this level was clicking left and right very quickly so the ball bounced about a bit, but stayed up and then I let it go a bit and smashed it to one side and then quickly clicked the other arrow to let it go down on the exit thing.

agghh im stuck on lvl14 can any1 help?!?!?!

@Zoe, hit the right arrow as soon as the level starts... and I mean IMMEDIATELY!

Can't get passed level 37...IM GOING CRAZY!

For level 37:
As soon as the bad guy disappears, hit your left arrow (to make the ball go right to the star) and don't release it but until almost having turned it 360º
Do a quick (and similar) turn to the other side to take it out.

       Anonymous  10/12/10, 1:36 PM  

passed all of it...YES!!!

good gosh you guys are good im only on 14 i cant do it

       Anonymous  10/22/10, 8:15 PM  

im stuck on 35 can any body help

       Anonymous  11/6/10, 3:08 AM  


How do you do level 20? Pleasee

This comment has been removed by the author.

level 39 is so hard i cant even finish it someone tell me a cheat to pass that level ive tried for days and days.

help it is so hard to pass i know how to do it but it wont work so help me as fast as you can

I am Only on level 14 and im going Crazy I Caan not do it some one pleaase help me !

level 40 any help?? tried the shortcut and the top of the page thingy kept eating my kind of lol but i have been stuck on it for at least an hour...

       Anonymous  11/24/10, 7:56 PM  


This comment has been removed by the author.

plz someone HELP ME!!!! 34 is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND i forgot to say that im new!is that ok?

i need help w/ 35! D:

ITS SO HARD IM GONA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NM now i need help with 37!

I'm stuck on 37!! Some help me???

i passed the whole game and im only 7 years old andu guys cant wow

OMG, I'm so stuck on 37... bad timing... the bad ball just blinks! How can you get past it? HELP!

       Anonymous  12/18/10, 2:02 PM  

Level 34 is a real a*s! GGRRR...

#39--there are three steps, right?
1) Get the star.
2) Get from this|__| wood thing to another point.
3) Go to the finish bubble.
I can't figure out #2. How do I do it?

I need help with 20!!!! wtf

Hi. I've finished but the hardest level is 39 but i got it 3rd time lucky! If youv'e finished go to rotate and roll 2. its even harder than the others and i'm stuck on level 34 on rotate and roll 2! i need a break!!!!

stuck on lvl 14 please help

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 9:50 AM  

im stuck on level 20 its so freaking hard

Any help on lvl 30 its really hard lol :(

i know how o do lvl 20...you just have to do it slow as going past over the walls soz it is soo late abbie lanes ;)

ohhh GOD lvl 37 please could some kind person help meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  3/21/11, 8:50 PM  


level 37 need help

How do u pass level 38 its so annoying i don't like the thing that goes really fast!!!

can someone help me for level 24 please ?

i'm soo stuck on 12 it's hard :'(

YES id did 12 i just had to go slooooowly

How do yo do level 29 im stuck

Video w/t if you get stuck.


       Anonymous  7/12/11, 5:46 AM  

im stuck on level 31 ):

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