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SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: 9 Rooms Walkthrough

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: 9 Rooms

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: 9 Rooms is another new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz.com. Sneaky needs your help escaping from 9 different rooms! Find items and solve puzzles to escape each room. The faster you escape them all the higher your score will be! Good luck and have fun!

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still loading and loading and loading :(

hey meani, im with u !!!

i think the code for the black box has something to do with the files above ?!

oh goodie, a Sneaky game!

cannot figure it out though

tried 8 7 8 (number of 2. letter - number of 1. letter) doesnt work....

finally loading has finished now... so just starting

maybe the letters arent that important and its about the colours (pink, blue, green)?!

989 for black box

pink, blue, green?
I have (from left to right) Blue Green Red.

great...this one is called 9 rooms and i am soooo stuck in the first room already LOL

Great cece, but why?

@cece: HOW?

In second room found a battery under a picture

i think we need the remote to watch channel 172...

381 for a secondon door.

easy... code for door


In third room

had I known this was up, I would have left find the numbers earlier!

Use green candle in light and got another key

in 3. room only a candle so far...

3rd : take candle on shelf light desk lamp, put candle under it got key.

4 : corner under chair, unscrew painting got key.

why 381?

in 5. room now...

Stuck on color code.
381 : go on channel 172 you see error 381

dont get the shape code in the 5.

I would if I could find remote!

so where is the remote in 2nd room? have battery

Can't find screwdriver under chair in level 4.
And still wanna know how lelel 1 works!?

remote on the table...hard to see...

Small not screwdriver, but corner.


Color code : pink blue green yellow but don't know why ...

thanks! Wow, right there on the table in plain sight...

level 4 there is no sd: its a coin hidden behind the right courtain...click and use the coin to unscrew the painting

Room 6 : key is on door (right side) :)

MarieInDaGame thanks for the coin.

Don't understand riddle on room 7

that coin was a real pixel hunt

@drisana...stuck with u, LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

amount of sides on shapes?

does any1 have an idea about the lady in room 7???

pink,blue, green,yellow didn't work for me

@kenneth: have a look on the comment from drisana before...

This comment has been removed by the author.

nvrm - screwed up my colors

hmmm refreshed the wrong page ....

Great auto-save ;)

"Lovely flowers. MOM would love them" Hint ??

This comment has been removed by the author.

SPOILERMADAMSPOILER for lady in painting

what to do with the letters in room 8???

ty @Kenneth

any help on the scroll in room 8?

Painting is madame X by thomas becker 1884 ;)
not madam grrr :)
Thanks kenneth

part of it is: three hundred fifteen and twenty two - hven't worked out the erst yet

the code for door with scroll is:


dont know why though lol

Ceasar Cipher 18 for the code

Thx Marie ;)

last room is easy...
look behind black and white painting...see clue
press buttons on board (left to sofa) according to clue..and out ;)

thanks all. now off to Gazzyboy clocks!

also, 315-22=293

Out with you ;)

Thanks MarieInDaGame,
I was trying to put that strange painting into black and white grid.

And out! Nice game

I don't get the shape puzzle.
Anybody help?

ZA - turn the small black & white picture over


I can't find a small black and white picture in the room I'm at. I am lookin through the telscope and see some shapes.

Never mind.
I quit.
No logic at all.
I think is remarkable some people actualy can solve these escape games.
am I too blond???

@ZA - oh, okay. Click on the top of the bookshelf - I think towards the right and you'll find a box to input colors. The order is pink, blue, green, yellow (but I never figured out why)

This wasn't a very good SSG game, ZA.

Where is the black and white picture? Is in the room with the telescope?

@taippy - no, I think it's the last room

Thank you, annaby, but I hate when the games resolved the things like this. Why that order in the colours?

I don't know @taippy - someone figured it out, not me, lol

translation of caesar text (code = 8):
who would ask the sum of three hundred
fifteen and twenty two you ask? not me! i would ask the opposite!

order of colors: there are only yellow, green, blue and pink colors at the box... this colors in telescope are on patterns with different corners. order from less to more...

Ah I get it. You need the quarter to use the telescope!! It gives you the colors

where "exactly" is coin in room 4 please?

@evans - right curtain - I think near the bottom. It took a lot of blind clicking.

got it thanks and out now!


Room 1
Click the blue, green, and red file boxes on the right bookshelf
Note the letters on each.
Click the black and white box on top of the blue drawers.
Note the place for 3 numbers.
Use the file boxes to find the code.
Count from A-I and get nine letters. Count from J-Q (8 letters) and R-Z (9 letters).
Enter SPOILER989SPOILER in the box for the key
Turn either right or left and use the key on the door.

Room 2

Get the remote from the table next to the bowl with the white things in it
Click it in the inventory to see it is missing a battery
Click the TV guide book in the bottom shelf of the table
Note a channel number on it
Drag up the 3 small pictures on the wall next to the window. Find the battery
Click the battery and then the remote in your inventory to combine them
Use the remote on the TV for a close up view
Enter the channel numbers you found
Note the error code
Turn to the door and enter the code

Room 3
Get the bright green candle from the middle shelf on the left wall
Click it in the inventory to see the wick is missing
Click the lamp on the desk to turn it on
Place the candle under the lamp to melt it
Get the key
Use the key on the door

Room 4
Click the left painting to see it is screwed down
Look at the right curtain -- it has a double yellow stripe. One is fake. Click it to find a coin.
The coin will fall to the ground -- get it
Use the coin to unscrew all 4 picture frame screws
Click it to turn the picture over and get the key
Use the key on the door

Room 5
Click the telescope
Use the quarter on it (you still have the coin from the last room) :)
See the kaleidoscope image
Click the boxes on top of the bookshelf to see you need a color code -- yellow, pink, blue, and green are your options
Count the sides of the shapes in the telescope
Blue is 6, pink is 3, green is 8, and yellow is a lot (I can't count them all!)
The order is pink, blue, green, yellow
Get the key and use it on the door

Room 6
There may be great places to hide the key in the room, but the key isn't hidden
Turn to the door and see the key in the scroll work of the right window

Room 7
Click the painting of the lady
Now click the white scribbles in the bottom right corner
Learn you need to call her by the proper title
As Drisana pointed out, it is Madame X (but by John Singer Sargent, I think)
But the code word is Madam (oops!)
Enter the word and get the key
Turn and use it on the door

Room 8
Click the scroll on the table
See the cryptogram puzzle
You can solve it using the Cesar Shift Cipher
Go here for a decoder http://www.simonsingh.net/The_Black_Chamber/caesar.html

It is a shift of 8 letters.
To save you time, it says
who would ask the sum of three hundred fifteen and twenty two you ask? not me! i would ask the opposite.

The solution is

Room 9
Click the black square to the right of the lamp
See it is a puzzle box where you can turn squares white by clicking on them
Click the little black and white picture on the left side of the bottom wall shelf
Click the upper right corner of the frame to see the pattern
Enter the pattern and hit submit

The pattern with W being white and X being left black is

The pattern makes a key shape. Get the key and use it on the door to escape!

thanks for leaving hints and comments everyone! I missed the coin in the curtain and the password.

Hi @kitkatfox!!!! So good to see you around!! I missed you!! Thanks for the walkthrough! I didn't play the game yet so I'll avoid reading it, but it's good to know help is available when needed :D

Hi Ellie! I am back from the beach. I am taking off tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. I'll see you in a week! :D

I remember the 1st room:)

Kitkat...hi :) Wow have I missed a ton of games...haven't been on the computer for a few weeks...lousy migraines.... :P, but SSSG was here just waiting for me :) loved the game...not too difficult and actually very logical! Just wanted to say hello to one of my favorite people before you leave for the wedding...have a wonderful time :D I am sure you will be sporting an amazing, fashion forward *hat* ;)

For the last room, you have the pattern on the back of the strange draw ;)

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