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Theatre Escape

123Bee Theatre Escape is another point and click room escape game from 123bee. It's Project Time in The School of Happy Doe's. Every kid is asked to make a project of whatever they like. Your best friend decides to make a game of traps. He decides to make a model of a theatre. He also challenges you to win his game. So play the game and win the challenge.Good luck and have fun!

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Theatre Escape Video Walkthrough
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new game! thanks shuchun...I'll play it later. Good luck escapers!

Goeiemorgen @Alkmar

have knife, 2eggs and 2 arrows

hi all, btw

Interesting, we must "enter" the "exit" lol

yeah, hehe used the arrows, got the battery

Hallo @ all

3 eggs ... Battery, 3 Numbers, cheese, a knife, 3 wodden planks ... get 2 Keys

Use the arrows at the clock to get to the stage and find a battery

And after play with the curtains to get a key

You´re good iamimmortal, where´d you find all of that'

3 eggs, 2 needles and a knife

What´s with the Donkey- Honkey at the stairs?

opened box on stairs to get a lighter

Ok, the 4-digit code for the stairs are actually right in front of our noses, just realized it now




P:S: Sorry 4 my englisch :-(


where is the 3rd egg?


@full, what's the order of the numbers?

on one of the seats first scene left

Lol iamimmortal, where´s the birdnest?

Now stuck with knife and spray

urban, i think it was:



Hmm - what to do with the wooden planks and the three spokes in the locker?

oh thnx

@full, yes, it's the right order


the bird nest, top right on first screen

Stu, not sure what spray you mean, but the knife can be used on one of the seats

Thank you @iamimmortal, totally missed that view

the planks go back in the right order where you found them, gives cloth

stuck with battery, spray, cloth, knife and puzzlepiece

Thanks Christina

Haha, i liked that part where you use the key from the birdnest, lol

ok set the ladder and used the spray but spray seems nothing to do. Left in inventory: 3 wooden planck and knife.

FULL: u are welcome :-) but now i stuck, too

have 4 numbers uns no use, battery and planks

where's the spray?

Planks, cloth? I am stuck with spray now.
Puzzlepiece goes to rotating thing, after you put the battery in.

Also no idea what the thing with 3 holders is next to dog-clown-candle

no spray, cloth, and puzzlepiece

battery goes in the stand-alone poster - open both slots on bottom

Christina: Me too, what I should do with 3 holders and dog-clown-candle

Ah thank for the hint with the clothes Christina!!!
Have now a lot of numbers: red 2 from curtain, 45 from mouse, 01 from ceiling and maybe 3 from poster (silver surfer???)

@collie: left drawer after you play the game

put battery in sign by screen then put puzzle piece


@iamimmortal, light candle with lighter from stairs, logical steps give you the spray

3 from frontchair and knife. missed the one on the ceiling

what to do with bone?

@Jerry, give it to dog

give bone to dog

plnks: put theme in right order back ...

there is a switch at the stand with the word "movie" in fromnt of the stage, don´t know what it opens though.
where´s the puzzle piece??

give to dog, then balls to clown

thanks lol

@ Stu, ladder?

@anyone: where are the planks and cloth and ladder?

Christina: I have no lighter :-(

I think the puzzle piece was behind the planks

logical steps for spray???

What to insert at the Donkey-honkey code pads??

3 from front chair and knife??? I tried that but doesn't work!
Do you mean the chair where egg was?

just joining..

yeah and what's up with the "ok" in blood?

@full, the numbers are on the stairs in the right order, on the yellow edge (0112)

try left donkey and right honkey :)

planks are under stage on right - click on some of the numbered ones. replace them in right order to get cloth. Still can't find spray?

@ Stu, I don't know wich chair, but in the frontrow the back of the chair. What ladder did you mean and where dit you use the spray?

@collie: spray is from behind left keyhole, from candle etc. (see previous comments if that is not enough)

Where I can put ladder?

battery and puzzle pieces go to the "movie" thing in front of the stage.
If i would only have a puzzle piece.. Lol

oh then click "ok"

got a ladder

WHERE IS THE LADDER??? excuse me for shouting but I've been asking 3 times already

Have you placed the puzzle pieces, got the pens and placed them? Then you can click on paneel under "The incredibles" (left from paneel you opend with key)

Stu, the donkey-honkey hint you gave doesn´t work for me there. what do i do after'

No, missing second (top) puzzle piece

OK: You gave me the tip :-) light candel, feet doog, balls to clown tham click next these 3 gays on the wood (I think you must zoome back, tadaaa ladder
sorry 4 my english

have 3 pens now

Can't find the seat where I can use the knife.

No ladder and not a single puzzle piece here, i guess i´m overseeing something here

Puzzle pieces: The clown holds both pieces!!!!

The game is very buggy, no ladder so started again, simple. Pfff....

Can't place the ladder...

Have you light the candle, gave the bone to the dog, gave the balls to the clown??? Then you get spray in left hand and 2 puzzle pieces in right hand of the clown!

@stu in front view right first seat

3 Gays??

Lol, thanks Stu. i thought i was finished already with the clown. Thanks... :-)

what order to put #'s . . . hmmm

CHRISTINA: oh wait I forgot something:

Take the puzzelpieces use them on the lonly poster, get the pencils and use them with the 3 wodden thing

TNX Stu, found the ladder!


3 gays = the dog the clown and the candkle :-)

on stairs with ok (where ladder might be ?!) you can input code on left and right seats. Ideas anyone ?

got spray, cloth and ladder, any hints?

no way!!!


I know where I've gone wrong - I've put the balls elsewhere!! Start again I think

Have you put in the words on the back of the seats and is the light on? Then there is an arrow up now there, so you can look at the ceiling. Then you are able to put the ladder on stairs.

where to put the ladder please?????

pop ! just input what you see :)

left: donky, right honky :)
Still stuck with the knife!
Any help???

what words did u enter? donkey? and honkey? doesnt work for me

lol, donky not donkey, silly me

chair where you found the egg stu, same view but up on top of the back on top of the vague eggshape

Thx Stu !! didn't see that arrow :)


U must slit the chair where you found the third egg

out too. Simple exit code :)

And third start, server threw me out.

45 2 3 and 01, wondering in what order should i put them

Egle from 0 to 5 :)

pff got it

thank you Christina - I was on the wrong side.
Now that I found the "3" the code-number works and I'm out!!!

don´t know what to do with the ladder, spray and cloth

didnt though of such easy way, heh

stu: u are out with 4 numbers?

@iamimmortal did u entered donky honky thing?

NÓÓÓ!! refeshed the game page instead of the comment page, Ggggrrrrrhhhh

Where should the spray and cloth be used?

STU: What? I think no....

I'm ok now, but where to put ladder?

go up first wanderer, then put the ladder. use spray use cloth.

on the stairs of second view, left and right seats

Btw, had problems with the donkey/honkey codes. Nothing happened after inserting donkey at the left and honkey at the right.

You have to find all numbers:
01 from ceiling
2 from right curtain
3 from seat
45 from mouse.

what neans "wanderer"

@full its donky not donkey, and honky, click OK after that

its donky and honky not donkey and honkey
(Sorry I think it was my fault)

Thanks @Christina

got a lighter, 3 numbered planks, 2 eggs, knife, and found a mechanical switch.

ok wanderer is a NAME :-(

JJ: put the planks in the right order back where you got theme

still can't work out where to put ladder???

no idea what to do with that mousehole. I have nothing, done everything else, just need the numbers to get out.

@dayamayii use the cheese on mouse hole, find one in dustbin


Colliewobbles - zoom back to the view with the ok on the stairs - you can put the ladder there.

@colliewobles after u use donky honky code, press the arrow up in same view


dayamayii: Did you have cheese?

Thanks Egle/Stu....

Feeling so silly here now, why in heavens name did i try donkey/honkey if it´s says very clear that it´s donky honky
( and it´s not even Monday today!)

@iamimmortal thanks

Thanks Egle, don't know how I missed the cheese when I picked everything else up. Glad you told me!

@full dunno, but i was trying donkey and honkey as well :D

order of numbers for the door:from littlest to biggest

a walkthrough for gods sake..pleaseeeee


AND OUT!!!!!!

113 points, bad

how can I see the number on the ceiling please?


clean the ceiling

@delight do you have spray, ladder and cloth?

WT please...can't seem to find some things

Delight is not ansering, I think he was fallen from the ladder :-)

yes I have egle, just stuck with those...and iamimmortal, how?

JJ What are you missing?

just started playing again after i lost the game before and out in 2 minutes, thanks @Stu/@Egle

you see the ceiling? use spray than cloth

@ iamimmortal...lol..no I am still here, was trying to figure it out myself..and by the way I am she :)))

@delight zoom in the stairs in second view, enter donky to the left seat, honky to the right, cilck OK, than press the arrow up, it appears in same view, place the ladder there, and see the dirty ceiling, u will know what to do there

ok, sorry

you have the honky-tonky puzzel
lights are on
than use the ladder
click the new arrow (up) button
use spray
use clothes


finally got time to play..I see a lot off posts...sure I'll need them. Thanks from now!:))

YEESSSS..got the view to put the ladder at the end....:)))))))))

( comment to full: het was al middag, meneer..op het moment van jouw entree) :D

DELIGHT: ok you are a SHE, sorry, i did know that nice fact:-)


and out...thanks for your help iamimmortal and egle..love you all :))))

Delight, love you, too .... :-)

@delight you are welcome :)

LOl Alkmar, not in spain though. here it´s morning till 14.00/15.00 Hrs ( more or less)

wow this was the first game that I was stuck that long....( its normal after that hidden numbers ottawa ) :P

I have no see that you must type the words honky and donky ... stuck for 15 Minuts

ohh..do I have to restart..I left the bird on the moment he dropped the key..and now it is gone...grrr..

lol..full..I had to know that!! When I lived in Greece..it was the same! ( should I introduce it in Holland?)

(loading..waiting..and restart)

got key...:))

Lol Alkmar, having problems with a cute indefensive little bird? raotflol :-)

Ah, it gave you the key now, good .-)

what to do with the knife...somebody here..or do I have to scroll up?

use the knife on bird, Full?

You are mean Alkmar, don´t let Zoz see this...

@alkmar use knife on one of the seats

Use knife on one of the front seats

on the right one if i remmeber corectly in first row, first on right from the middle

@full, I'll explain to zoz :))....egle and full thanks for tips!

welcome my friend.

I got here really late, but I'm out now, thanks to the comments. I missed the puzzle pieces totally, and didn't know where to put my battery. Good luck @alkmar!

Tadaaaaa..out :)) !! and the bird is still alive !!!!

glad I was told what to do with knife...

@ellie, I leave the luck here...for other escapers) But thanks anyway =)

Hello ! Please could you help me....
Where is the cloth ?


- Zoom in on the planks under the stage. Zoom in further on the right planks. The 3 right ones are not in the right order. Take them and put them back in the right order and take the CLOTH. Back up 2x.
- Zoom in on the right front chair of the left group of chairs. Take EGG #1. Back up.
- Zoom in on the poster on the stand and take EGG #2. Back up.
- Zoom in on the stairs between the chairs and put in the code (it's using the numbers you see clockwise from the bottom left) and take the LIGHTER. Back up.

- Zoom in on the projector and take the TWO CLOCK HANDS. Back up.
- Zoom in on the bin and take EGG #3, the CHEESE and the KNIFE. Back up.
- Zoom in on the mouse hole on the right. Give the cheese and see number 45. Back up.

- Zoom in two times on the clock on the left and put the clock hands.
- Zoom in on the stage and take the BATTERY. Back up.
- Zoom in on the left curtains and close and open them. Take KEY #1. Back up.
- Zoom in on the right curtains and close and open them and see the number 2.
- Zoom in on the black hole above the exit door and give the 3 eggs and get KEY #2. Back up.
- Zoom in on the clock (1x) and zoom in on the left keyhole. Use key #2 and light the candle. Take the BONE and give it to the dog. Take the 3 BALLS. Back up.
- Zoom in on the right keyhole and use key #1. Put the 3 balls in and back up.
- Zoom in on the left keyhole place again and take the SPRAY and 2 PUZZLE PIECES from the clown. Back up (2x).
- Zoom in on the poster on the stand and open the two panels at the bottom of it. Put the battery in the left one and click the lever of the right one. Put the puzzle pieces in their places and take the 3 PENS. Back up.
- Zoom in on the right keyhole place and put the pens in ande take the LADDER. Back up.
- Zoom in on the left front chair of the right group of chairs. Use the knife on it and see the number 3. Back up.

- Zoom in on the stairs between the chairs. Type in the left box donky and in the right box honky and click ok. Go up and place the ladder.
- Use the spray and then the cloth and see the number 01. Back up.
- Go the exit door and put in all the numbers you saw from low to high. 012345 and finished.

Still stuck here...have a key that won't work,have pens, have spray and cloth, have a spotlight on ceiling, NO LADDER!
I cannot find in hints where the ladder came from...anyone, please?

Lol Small tool!! good WT!!

Lol? why?

Thanks @small-tool...we posted at the same time...

Rofl!! small tool!!! good WT!

( dont understand the lol from full) :P

my problem was that I didn't see the keyhole in proper view and kept trying it in the view under the poster...lol

Well, that's just great. Now everybody is laughing and I still don't get it.
Anyway who laughs last...

awesome thanks small-tool

out!! # 34,,,not bad but not great either :\

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