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Treasure of Big Totem 9 Walkthrough

Treasure of Big Totem 9

Treasure of Big Totem 9 is the nineth episode of Treasure of Big Totem point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. Good luck and have fun!

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Treasure of Big Totem 9 Video Walkthrough
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Oooh goody, episode 9.

anyone here?

another live one - anyone here

got shovel, stick, piece of tool and bowl
one can make the clouds move and there is a blue thing in the trees - anyone figured it out yet

Got a shovel and dug a hole, a hammer, two diamond eyes for the skull, made a fly go to the plant and a bowl. Trying to find a feather now...

pickaxe, shovel,2 gems and a bowl

gems in the eyes of skull

got the water in the bowl - smokesignals don't help

Hmm, there's something shining on the right mountain top,

How did you get the water SwissMiss?

bowl and water from tree

@rambler - how did you get the fly??

feather on other side of tree

@Rambler - make the clouds move then you see water dripping from the tree - catch it with the bowl

I haven't actually captured the fly, just made it go to the plant in the stone who eats it.

Ah, okay thanks. Can't see any water on the tree yet though.

@muddlehead - how do you go to the other side of the tree to get feather??

right side in the leaves of the tree Rambler

in the leaves Swissmiss

Ahh, got the water now, thanks Swiss.

Got the feather, thanks muddlehead.

thanks muddlehead
has anyone done anything with hole and water?
I try to drown that plant to release the dead fly but doesn't work

It's on the left set of branches in the tree, give them a shake...

so we need the essence of the fly and the heart
tryed killing the girl for the heart - doesn't work either haha

just started.... will try to catch up

Made the cloud black, click on the back torch with the water bowl when the cloud is above it...

stuck with ax, shovel and bowl of water
need essence of fly and heart
anyone any idea???

hi Kim

I've pickaxed everything!

You can then make lightening over the blue thing. Not sure what I achieved though lol

@rambler - at the moment I look exactly like your Avatar

Hahaha, me too...

so stuck

I have pickaxed, shoveled and watered everything - and am clueless

What to do with the white "grain"?

@george which white grain???

has anyone noticed : on the top of the right mountain is a "sparkling" spot!

So, we have ahole in the ground, lightening over the blue orb, a fly for the plant, a bowl of water, a hammer and a shovel. Surely we can do SOMETHING with these....

stuck with you guys.....Hi Swiss

aha..let the fly come and then use the grain on it...the plant will spit something out

@SwissMiss, yes but I can't do anything with it. I thought the lightening might do something with it, but no : (

the grain is under the back torch

what white grain?

@george, what grain?

after giving the essence you get a jewel...place it in the hole and do the lightning

NVM got it, thanks george. Okay, got a ruby now.

And OUT!

give it to the flame on the right!

thanks George missed those bits

but how does the fly come - I am missing something here - I click the stone and the plant comes up from behind. So how do you sprinkel it?

ruby in hole

Excellent work george, how on earth did we miss the bloody grain : )

ahh thanks George.....was easy after that

make lightening

Swiss .....leaf on bottom right of screen to get fly

help I cannot use that grain!!

click the plant leaf to your lower right Swissmiss for the fly

sprinkle the grain on fly when it comes to the rock, click rock

ah I missed that fly
thanks and out

headache time!!

yes, give me two eyes to see with!!! That grain was so obvious afterwards, LOL

thanks all!!

@muddlehead - we did muddle a bit didn't we


Click on each of the torches to see that you need various items
Collect spade behind leaf at the bottom left
Collect bowl from ground on the left
Collect hammer head on bottom right
Collect hammer handle on top right and add it to the hammer head
Use the hammer on the diamonds on the top left and bottom left
Insert diamonds into skull eyes
Click on branches on left of tree a couple of times to get a feather
Click on branches on right hand side to see water and quickly use the bowl to collect water.
Make the cloud move over the back torch, and then use the water bowl on the torch to turn the cloud black
Collect grains by the back torch
Click on leaves on bottom right to make fly appear
When it gets to the stone, use the grains on it and click the stone to make the plant appear
It will spit out some ‘essence’ of fly, collect it
Use feather and essence on right hand torch
Whoah, where’s Axel gone?
See that there’s now a ruby in your inventory
Dig a hole with the shovel in the ground under the skull and add the ruby
Make the black cloud move over the blue orb and click on the orb
See the lightening hit the skull then the ruby
As if by magic, a skeleton hand appears with a scroll in it, take the scroll and You Did It : )

Note that you do don't have to stick to this order to complete the game, each of them can be done in any order except the lightening onto the ruby, that will always be the last thing you do. Enjoy...

nice wt rambler - thanks

Out! All by myself! Yeah!

So the heart and the eyes were the diamonds and the red jem? Silly me.

that was eazy!

Good game as always. I needed help to realise that the blue thing in the tree was water (I thought it was a shy bird) and to use the grains on the fly. Thanks!
Great Wt @Rambler!

i put the seeds on the fly, click the rock, plant spits nothing out!!! what am i missing???

@Rambler thanks! I didn't know what the blue in the tree was and what to do with the seeds

caught this one from the random section

thx Federico for all your creations ☺

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