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World Cup Rescue

World Cup Rescue is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The World Cup it’s been stolen, without it the worldwide event won’t take place. The perpetrator of such ignominy is no other than Zeus, main god of the Greek pantheon, who’s offended by humans comparing some of the best football players to gods. Choose between Lio Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to play this adventure. Good luck and have fun!

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loading :)

not very happy with the language :(

I hope this isn't like the other world cup game...

@jen, I agree

is it slow loading for you guys? I'm only at 27%

um, okay...went to creta...found arrow and axe. Then found minotaur and died.

I am in the maze where the minotauris is (we need to take him a horn) but i cannot beat him....
I found two papers, a bone, an axe and an arrow, but nothing works on the beast.

the fact that i understand nothing makes it hard as hell

it is good to know that sb has already beaten minotaurus...

If you enter the room where minotaurus is from the right side he shows you the back and does nothing, you can click him but nothing happens.

wish I could help, but it wont load ...

somebody tell me, where do u guys find the recent games. i click on 'follow us' . but thats on updated. i am missing the games.... : (((((

Have been strangled by the bull twice. If you come in from the East side of room he doesn't see you, but don't know how to defeat him yet.

Trying to figure out how to make things out of what looks like molten steel now.

stuck in some building...have an anvil, two molds, a ladle, goggles, hammer...can't seem to place anything anywhere and can't leave location until I successfully do something...

@Sunshine, at exactly the same place (where he does not see you) i have line of blood now on the bottom and i can approach the toro until i reach the line, when i step over ke kills me.
Maybe i must do sth quickly....

The goggles are used to defeat Medusa, but you need also another item...
You can go wherever you want with the "map" in inventory.

I tried to offer the arrow to the centaure (sorry, I don't know the word in english) but it doesn't work.

In the Olymp i gave the bone to the dog he gave me a key and the woman gave me a mirror and another golden thing.

Where are the googles ?

I'm sorry, Zazie, I don't remember where the goggles were. Maybe in the Minotaurus maze ?

goggles are in the taller de hefesto

Used key on troyan horse, climed in and threw the stone on the door, a soldier came out and killed me.

I entered the trojan horse, and shut the trapdoor, but nothing more happens.

Thx Jen, but the boy won´t let me enter the house.

Let the horse door open and throw the stone on the door.

oye the language barrier...

BTW, the centaure needs a horseshoe, as far as I can understand.

@Zazie: you have to talk to him...I don't know the correct choices but I tried every option until he gave me the fire and let me in.

Great, Zazie, thanks a lot !

I got into the fortress.
Use stone on door and then quickly close the horse door.
Inside there is a spear

where is this stone you used?

Thx Jen i go back to talk to the boy :)

I'm always burnt to ashes by the dragon that keeps the Golden Fleece... and I can't get rid of the Minotaure.

Stone was outside of a white building beside a pillar. (Right of door)

Jen, I think that the stone was in front of the Medusa's residence. And this is not really a langage barrier, compared to Japanese games that we get always.

I am inside the house with boy, i found googles, an axe, horseshoe and laddle. (i used the 3rd answer and door opened)
I im off to give the horseshoe to the taurus.

Can't figure out how to kill the dragon or the Minotaur. I have a spear and a bow & arrow, isn't that good enough? Sheesh!

And in the house also was the mold and the eternal fire...

Also can't seem to figure out how to get the trident from Hades.

nevermind, got the trident :D

u guys should do another obama one where he has to hunt down BP owner lol

Fiver how did you get a bow and where ?
I just defeated medusa....but the guy won´t give me his bow.

i need this in english

Where did you find a horseshoe, Zazie ? In the forge, I found 2 moulds and a laddle, but no horseshoe. The boy gave me the eternal fire of Hephaistos, but I don't know where to use it (doesn't work on the furnace).

nevermind, got the trident :D

Pascale, you need to give him a horseshoe.

Pascale, cut the tree trunk with the axe so you have wood for the fire

You are right Pascale, it was only the mold of a horseshoe :(
We need to make the horseshoe ourselves, but how and where ?

Fiver, thank you very much, I was totally stuck !

No problem, now hurry up and help me figure out the dragon and minotaur, lol.

hi all :)..fever how did you get the trident??

sorry fiver :)

I'm afraid I'm not very helpful, Fiver ! (-:
I try to use the bow and arrow on the minotaur and on the dragon... in vain. I even try to aim at the Golden Fleece...

What tree trunk ?
And i cannot convince the man in the boat to let me in.

Nhiladred, you have to cross the river in the boat. To do so, you need to give the guy TWO coins, so go back and make another golden coin.

Zazie, the tree trunk is in the building you make the molds at I think.

ok i'm with hades now, thanx fiver and also thanx harry potter to let the three head puppy sleep :)..now how can i pass hades :S

btw, the trident doesn't seem to want to kill the dragon or minotaur either. I was all excited when I got it, but it's worthless, lol.

The spear is used to replace the trident !

Nhiladred, don't wake up Hades by taking his trident without replacing it with something else.

ohh thnx pascale didn't try that :)

Argg i cannot use the axe on the trunk, is it the trunk with the anvil on it ?

Zazie, you have to pick up the trunk first, then use the axe on it to get wood. Took me forever to figure that out

No luck with the trident either.
Nilhadred, Orpheus came "a little" before Harry Potter (o:

one of tha tasks is to get the golden palm tree in troya but ...i guess we have to turn the green palm into gold just don't know how

Okay Pascale and Nhiladred - now what? :S

Pop i got it now.

Oooooh!!! Thanks Nhiladred. I think I know what I'm going to try. :D

you have to get the palm LEAF from the tree...

let me know if you had any luck :)..still tryin to pass dragon and minotaur

Nhiladred, you are right ! And this is easy : use the bow with arrow on the palmtree !

thnx pascale!!! that worked :)

THANKS Pascale!!!

Where is bow ?
And tauros won´t take my horseshoe.

the horseshoe is for centaur in the medusa place he gives you the bow

Zazie, I don't remember where the bow was. But the horseshoe is for the horse-like creature, the centaure !

centaur will give you his bow if you give him a horseshoe

I don't know what to do with this golden palm. The only one I know is this one : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palme_d'Or

So, we still have to conquer the Golden Fleece and to steal a horn of the Minotaur... sigh...

I have put the anvil in the taurus room but i cannot do anything with horseshoe, neither with taurus nor on anvil.

haha pascale a great palm :)...back on the game still don't know how to pass the minotaur even tried the palm on him

I'm soooo stuck with the dragon and minotaur. Pascale, I wonder if the trident, collar, and palm leaf don't do anything and were just goals to achieve according to that list.

Oh ! put the anvil near the Minotaur !

zazie - who the heck is taurus??? You don't give the horseshoe to the bull, you give it to the half man, half horse guy where medusa is.

mmm zazie you have to use the ladle to pour liquid gold in the horseshoe mold, then use the hammer on mold so you get a golden horse shoe...

ahh ok !!! Thx Fiver ..i always tried the bull lol.

But what else ?...

Nhiladred, is it a lady???? Yikes! LOL I thought it was a dude with long hair.
Pascale, thanks for the anvil / minotaur tip, but I'm totally stuck again.

Fiver, you said :"I wonder if the trident, collar, and palm leaf don't do anything and were just goals to achieve according to that list."
I agree with you !

I am where you are, but nothing works on the anvil by bull

haha fiver not a lady but mm i guess i miss spelled laddle (if it is right) or mm cucharón (in spanish)

Dammit! Missed an Inkagame live!!! (and 3 more games) :(
Starting now...

oh and the long hair dude is lio messi, argentina soccer player

Stuck stuck stuck...

ROFL, oops.
I'm where Pascale is...stuck stuck stuck!!!!

edgar!! catch up as fast as you can we need you here..and also some mm greek mithology knowledge on how to kill dragons and minotaurs

I'm going to eat (dinner)...

ha! got past the dragon

hahaha @Nhiladred!! So it's still live!
I dont like to rush but I'll do what I can :P

There is a red cape behind the well near the dragon - guessing we need that for the minotaur... But can't grab it before getting burned... any ideas?

OMG JEN, tell us HOW Please!!!

jen share!! :).. and Edgar not rushing just FAST1!!! :)

wendy i noticed too but..i guess i'm not fast enough...

When you go to the island, you have to use the trident RIGHT AWAY on the WELL. It's pretty funny what happens.

Cooool Jen you are our hero :)

what to do whit the palm blad and how do i get past de drakon and bul

Off to the bullfight lol

Wow, I thought I had done that a thousand times but I guess not!!! Hooray, on to the minotaur!

done! yayyy!!

Thanks Jen!!

I defeated the bull and have horn now.

I really don't think I can make a catch-up... and I really like playing inkagames to rush trough. Hmm... I'll keep playing on my own for a while and I might come for help from the comments once in a while.
Good luck everyone, have fun!! I will :)

oops didn't mean to post twice...not THAT exciting. lol.

thanx Jen...now i got the horn but can't get the golden fur (don't know translation for vellocino)

oh no prob Edgar have fun...till now it is a funny game :)never thought that a trident could be use like that :)

Jump onto the dragon Nhiladred (took me some time to get that)

No glorious ending? Just fin?

i cant cat past de bul i have the red cape and how do i cat the golden cape

Uff i am out !
This was funny :)
Cool to play with you all thanks !

asjera, did you put the anvil on the bottom where bull is (right side by door)

Finally out! Thanks all! Good game. :)

Just for the record @Nhiladred, that's the Golden Fleece (Vellocino de Oro)

thnx christina it was hard to get him to jump but finally...thnx all for help...good luck :)

how do you get him to jump on the dragon?

Just click the highest point of his belly.

ah yes. thanks!

and out

Well, it was way fun! (I knew it would be!)
Thanks to @Zazie for the stone trick on Troy door and to @Jen for how to get past the dragon! :)

I might start a WT now, but I know it will take a long while... :(

You guys really missed a good one with basketball arena!!! What a great escape!!!!

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The dragon is defeated, but I can't reach the Golden Fleece.

It's high time to go to bed, I have to give up this game.

I love these games!! And I really enjoyed that it was in spanish :) Thanks @fiver for telling to use two coins for the boat and thanks @jen for help passing the dragon!

@Pascale, when you come back there will most likely be a WT but if not: to reach the golden fleece you need to find a spot on top of the belly of the dragon to jump up and then you'll get it.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

@Edgar, a fabulous story/walktthrough, that includes a free spanish lesson lol! Now I need to find a use for these words in normal life :) Thanks for writing!

You're welcome @Ellie... and thanks back! :)

Again, thanks to @zazie and @jen for the help given.

I can only finally add...

EDGAR !!! What a cool WT :)
I am overwhelmed really. That clear and straight forward, incedible.
Thank you so much !!
This makes me feel to replay it again tomorrow but much quicker lol.

Thanks @Zazie :)
I loved this game (I love most of inkagames) and when that happens I put all of my best in the WT, lol. I really feel lucky to have had the chance to do this one (that's why I left said I would do one) but unfortunately I'm neither a perfect person nor a WT writer, and a few (make that several) mistakes slipped out of my sight... bold instead of italics, inconsistency in the parenthesis, a few spaces where they shouldn't go into, and not to mention my typos (darn typos!)
Anyway, hope it can be useful like it is for someone else, and most of all, I hope it can help to enjoy the game as much as I did :)

Ellie and Edgar, thank you. I remember that I tried to climb on the dragon to reach the Golden Fleece, but I failed.


I think Inkagames made an extra objective.Get the golden apple in the forbidden garden.I see you guys don't have any problems about that and I don't see the solution on how to get the golden apple in Edgar's walkthrough.So I'll just tell you guys how to get it:

Use Neptune's trident on well.Take white horse.Use bucket on well.Go right.Use water on snake.Take gold apple.Put wings on horse to make him/her/it a Pegasus and once you've done all six goals,go to Mt. Olympus.Fin!

Finsihed the English one.
It's the same but there is one extra scene and there you have to take an extra thing; a golden apple.

So good to see you around! But it's no surprise to me... I KNOW you like Inkagames as much as I do :D
Well, you should know that when the game was first released/posted it was the Beta Version, only in Spanish and with only 5 objectives to get. Thanks for telling us about the extra objective and how to obtain it! :D
That makes my WT complete (complemented with your explanation) and NOT obsolete at all... after all!

take care nate

where's the bone in the stadium scene? I didn't see it and couldn't get the key from the dog.

Mr. Roof Broom,
In the English version some things are different, like the bone. In this version it is in the Forbidden Garden Scene.

It might work perfectly with those @small-tool, but still I'm considering to update the Walkthrough since, regardless the change of the bone's location, there are a few more items to collect.
BTW, since you said that in the English version some things are different, I'd like to make clear that the differences are NOT exclusive of the English version, but extensive to both languages in this (not Beta and complete) version.

World Cup Rescue – Spanglish•Through (Primera Parte)
At FIFA buildings in South Africa, the World Cup it’s been stolen, while Joseph Blatter and Pelé lament such cruel act… without the Cup, the worldwide event won’t take place.
The perpetrator of such ignominy is no other than Zeus, main god of the Greek pantheon, who’s offended by humans comparing some of the best football players with gods. The god Hermes persuades him to give the cup back to humans, since they posses such great skills and abilities perhaps by being inherited by the gods themselves! Zeus accepts to give the Cup back if Hermes can find a mortal who can go through 5 dangerous tasks.
Back on Earth, it’s Lionel Massi or Cristiano Ronaldo (the player you’ve chosen to play with) the one to fulfill Zeus’s tasks to make the World Cup 2010 take place. For such fearless quest, Hermes provides you with a MAPA TRANSPORTADOR (Teleporter Map), which will allow you to go to the different locations in the game selecting it anytime during the game, and a LISTA DE PRUEBAS (Tasks list), which include:
- Get a horn from the Minotaur of Crete.
- Take Medusa’s golden necklace.
- Get the Golden Fleece in Colchis Island.
- Take Poseidon’s trident back, stolen by the evil Hades.
- Get the Golden Palm Leaf from Troy Island.
- Get the Golden Apple from the Forbidden Garden.
Start here only to collect the hueso (bone) from behind the FUENTE (well) and the caballo blanco (white horse).
Go inside the temple and talk to Goddess Sofía, hija de Atenea (Athena’s daughter); go through the dialogues to know about her dog Fausto, keeper of the ‘key that opens everything,’ and which only shows when he is happy; you will also get some help from her in your quest by giving you an espejo (mirror), some alas mágicas (magic wings) and a lira mágica (magic lyre).
Give the dog the HUESO (to make him happy, of course) and get the llave (key).
Combine the ALAS with the CABALLO BLANCO to have a Pegaso (Pegasus).
ISLA DE CRETA Crete Island
Go inside the Minotaur’s Maze.
Moving alongside the maze, you’ll notice it’s actually a 3x3 series of chambers, with the Minotaur in the center of them. And the only way to be safe in the middle chamber is for you to enter it by the East door, but never move across the red line, otherwise you’ll die (for only a few seconds, lol). The only thing you must do here by the moment is to collect a flecha (arrow) and an hacha (axe), both items from the north-east and south-east chambers respectively.

World Cup Rescue – Spanglish•Through (Second Part)
TALLER DE HEFESTO Hephaestus’s workshop
Take the balde (bucket) from the right.
Talk to God Luis, hijo de Hefesto (Hephaestus’s son); go through the dialogues to get his help as well by getting el fuego eterno de Hefesto ( Hephaestus’s eternal flame); go inside the workshop.
Once inside, collect the lentes ahumados (sunglasses), un martillo (a hammer), both moldes (molds), a cucharón (ladle), the yunque (anvil) and the tronco (tree trunk).
In inventory, take the HACHA to the TRONCO to get some leña (wood).
Put the LEÑA inside the HORNO (oven) and use the FUEGO ETERNO DE HEFESTO to light it.
Wait a few seconds and see the yellow liquid in the cauldron starts to boil; it’s time to use the CUCHARÓN to get some oro líquido (liquid gold) in it to pour it (in inventory) in any of both your MOLDES. You will need to use the MARTILLO to take the items out from the MOLDES. Repeat this procedure until you have una herradura de oro (one golden horseshoe) and dos monedas de oro (two golden coins).
GUARIDA DE MEDUSA Medusa’s Hideout
First a warning: before going inside, take the piedra (stone) from behind the rightmost pillar and (important!) wear the LENTES AHUMADOS to avoid Medusa turns you into a stone statue.
Inside, Medusa asks you what brings you there; tell her you are VENDEDOR DE ARTÍCULOS PERSONALES (You sell personal Items) (3rd option). She will ask you now what items you have for her to buy; answer ESPEJOS (Mirrors) (3rd option). Medusa, victim of her own vanity, will be turned into stone under the effects of her own look and all of the other stone statues around will go back to life.
Take Medusa’s collar (necklace).
Talk to the Centaur to find out he has been practicing archery since he can no longer participate in running competitions since he lost one of his horseshoes… coincidentally enough, you have one in your inventory! Give the HERRADURA DORADA to the Centaur and get the arco mágico (magic bow) in exchange.
In inventory, combine the FLECHA with the ARCO.
Oh, and take off the LENTES AHUMADOS.
Outside the city’s walls, you won’t be able to open the Horse door without the LLAVE, so use it and get inside.
Before closing the door, take the PIEDRA and throw it to the city gates… close the horse’s door now (do this fast!!).
A Trojan soldier will come out to take the horse (and you) inside the city; open the horse’s door to come out.
Take the lanza (spear) from the background and move to the right.
Now you’re facing a palm tree with a golden leaf… that’s what you came here to. Use the ARCO CON FLECHA on the palmera dorada de Troya (Troy’s golden palm leaf) to get it.

World Cup Rescue – Spanglish•Through (Tercera And Last Parte)
Talk to Caronte (Charon) to realize the lousy job conditions down there! Give him the DOS MONEDAS DE ORO to get to the other side of the river and keep going to the right.
Un Cancerbero (Cerberus) is keeping you from going inside Hades place; use the LIRA MÁGICA to put the sweet little puppy to sleep. Go right.
Hades is holding Poseidon’s trident while he takes a nap. If you take it from him, he’ll wake up and… you don’t want that. Instead, take the LANZA to replace it with el tridente de Poseidón.
Now, you need to be pretty fast here… or the dragon will toast you up!!
As soon as you get in here, use the TRIDENTE DE POSEIDON on the well to shoot(?) a huge amount of water into the dragon’s mouth. Once he’s down, climb on top of him (click on the highest part of his belly) and take el Vellocino de Oro (Golden Fleece).
Don’t leave the island without taking the red capa (cape) from behind the well.
ISLA DE CRETA Crete Island
Once again inside the Minotaur’s Maze, go into the central chamber (East doorway, remember?)
Take the YUNQUE and put it ahead of you (still behind the red line).
Take the red CAPA, click on the MINOTAURO and do a little bullfighting with him to make him collide with the anvil.
You can move freely beyond the red line now, and free to collect the Minotaur’s cuerno (horn) from behind his foot.
Use the TRIDENTE DE POSEIDÓN on the well to have some AGUA (water) and fill the BALDE.
Go right and use the BALDE CON AGUA on the SERPIENTE (snake); collect the manzana de los dioses (apple of the Gods)
Your 6 task have been fully accomplished and it’s time to use the MAPA TRANSPORTADOR to visit Zeus… via PEGASO.
MONTE OLIMPO Mount Olympus
As promised, and once you have accomplished Zeus’s 6 tasks, he gives the World Cup back to mortals to keep on going with our little and insignificant childish event (from Zeus’s point of view, of course!)

thanks for the walkthrough, Edgar. I didn't realize we could use the task items.

Guys.. Please tell me how to give stuff to the Centaur? I click on the horse shoe and click on Centaur.. It shows an eye, A fist a Mouth.. How to give him stuff?

easy game

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