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NinjaMotion - Yellow Room Escape Walkthrough

NinjaMotion - Yellow Room Escape

NinjaMotion - Yellow Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Ninja Motion. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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new game!!!!

found clicker in drawer


stuck already lol

Turned on light.. some kind of code on wall?

tried 114 and 330 in safe but nothing

how did you turn on light?

key on side of drawers!

tried all combos of 1, 0, 7 and safe and nothing


we need some good escapers in here to help us lol

count the white squares

tried that

826 do i need to play with the order?

yep 628

worked for me...switched the order and out

and out

out lol

What am I missing? All I have is a key that didn't seem to work and a red thing that doesn't do anything. Where did you get these numbers from and what light are you talking about?

Have to restart as I am unable to zoom out after getting key...bummer! A LITTLE BUGGY...

Nevermind. After clicking all over the danged place I finally found the light on the ceiling. Note to future players: click at the top center of the view with the purple chest of drawers.

Joined! Looks OK.

I $#@&^% hated that game!!!Waited all day for that?????

Hah! Too easy and out.

That was not difficult...I like to start the day like this..figure it out without help =)

Goodmorning..! Like @Alkmar said, nice game to start the day with :-)

where did u get the 2 and 8 from? what was the first key for? and last but not least what was the red thing for? ;>/


- From the openings scene, turn left

- Open the unlocked drwaer to find a remote inside

- Click at the top of the scene with the drawers to see a lamp at the ceiling

- Use the remote you found to turn the lamp on

- Go left (or right) twice to notice a figure with white and blue blocks, it looks you would need the 7 you see, but count the white ones

- Back to the scene with the drawers, click the left side of them and take a key from there.

- Use the key at the top drawer to see another two numbers ( 1 and 0 ) but once again ignore them and look at the white colored squares (8,2 )

- Turn left once to the scene to input the code which is a combination of the numbers you found, a logic way to insert them would be 8,2,6 or 6,8,2 but the only one working is 6,2,8

-Open the compartment and take the yellow key, turn right (or left) twice and use the key at the door

goodmorning @full...busy working? ;) glad you got the time for a WT!

Yes Alkmar, just arrived at work but i have already done what i need to do so i have the rest of the day at work to play games, write comments and make walkthroughs R.O.t.F.L.O.l.

BTW, where are you so early in the morning?

I am here..sitting for the comp :P

I got my work at home (kapsalon)soo..in free times I am here..or doing the homestuff? ( huishouding/kids)that's all..shortly said :))

You are a hairdresser? I didn´t know that..lol

this game is buggy! can't get out of scene after I get key from side of drawers. Not worth the aggravation!

I agree Evans, navigation in this game is a little anoying

@Full, you just arrived at work and did what you need to do for the day? How can I apply for a position?

@Ellie, you would need to move to Spain first, learn Spanish/Catalan and than leave your CV at my desk. Must tell you it´s a little boring though to refresh EG24 all day long from 8 to 5

@Full, to learn better spanish is already on my "to do list" but moving to Spain isn't. Hm... maybe I can work at a distance? I am good at refreshing this page (do I really need to add anything more than that to my CV?).

No, it´s actually all you need.. I´ll have a few nice words about you with my boss than, ok?

Great @Full! I'll email you my account code, and when your boss approves i'll wait for my first payment.

I needed way too much help in this game >,<

i have to ask... if anyone's still lookin.. why is the only logic way to insert is 826 or 628?

Rated one star for the white squares and entering the digits in the wrong order.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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