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🖳 Agent 079

[REPLAY] Agent079 is another point and click room escape games by AtomicCicada. Dr. Nemesis has trapped anent 079 inside his diabolical infinity chamber, with a maze of 8 rooms that stack, shift, shuffle and move. Players must gain control of the rooms to connect them to each other in a myriad of ways to solve all of the puzzles and escape to Freedom! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Tosca]

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this looks intriguing and I'd love to play it live, but I think I need sleep now.

Is this live!?!?!@?

good morning,anyone playing?

Im here!! I am at the organ... cant figure order,. tried 1-7 not right..

morning all. Any idea how I can put things I picked up away again?

I think you just reclick them to the inventory space..

Millie, that did not work. But I found that you need to click the hand to drop them back.

click at hand.have gold sth (used),2 metal tiles, glass(used)and a code that says incorrect

Oh, you are right. I am sorry! Yes, it is more like switching back to hand and cursor. :)

@NEW hold onto that code, when the password switches to russian, it works, :)

please how it switches to russian?

In the room to the right of the furnace. It switches. But you must get the fire key to open that room. I am stuck stuck. lol. Catch up!! :)


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So far I've only been able to get into two rooms.
Got glass of water (used), half a horse statue that I can not put together with the other half.
2 tiles and a gold statue.
I managed to set all colored pipes to full and now I am stuck.

You used the water!>!? I didn't. Ok, turn on furnace and use other horse half to fuel the flame. poor horsey :)IF all the pipes are to the RED line, press the lever and the furnace will turn on. If not, you will reset to the start of the colored oil puzzle.

sorry my pc was freezing for the last comment so any progress so far am stuck at that furnace or whatever its holding to pieces of tiles and thats it !! any progress !

OH POP! Right! I used the water. Obviously you don't NEED the water to get the key. I did it without. lol

I have used two keys (gold and fire) the horse half, and the water. opened the room to right of furnace, (turned on furnace, obviously) and have granted access to floor 2. nothing else though. STUCK on organ pipes.

millie, i played with the switces right room ,its not glowing and no green light but nothing else

NEW- put both levers to the right. The optics will glow on the right tube (yellow) now go to the computer room/service desk area and see that the computer is switched to russian

well, I really am going to bed now. I think I got farther than you all (I got all the tiles in place) so I'll stick around a couple of minutes.
Hint: to set the organ so that you can play notes, you need to go through the door to the right of the furnace (unlock it with, I think, the gold key). Then go right and set the light and go back and there should be a code on the picture by the door.

once you get the organ set right, you'll have the power to open all the statues in that room.

where is all these stuff ur talkin about guys hell am really stuck feelin like i cant get anythin rite and just stuck with these coloured tubes :S

Just get the tubes equal to the red line. once that is done, then u can move on easily.

@zoz, did u put the red infared thing on the light in the right of the furnace room??

millie thanks and i admit i dont remember how i fixed the coloured tubes

@SiLveR_iCe, try to adjust the tubes so that the liquid in each one comes to the red line. I think I started with the green one in the middle, then moved left to the yellow. Once they're all at the red line, pull the lever on the left.

@Millie, do you mean the red filter? I know I used it at some point, but i don't remember if it was necessary to get the code for the organ.

im stuck with that green tube its the only 1 i cant get rite :S damn

Silver, notice how each one effects the others, and try to start over in case you get mixed up.

ZOZ- yes, you mustve put it there. Only way the circles picture could tell you----


Once the furnace is working, you can put anything metal in it to make more keys. Also, pay attention to any Russian writing and try everything out as a passcode. You'll get access to other floors and also to rotation. I haven't gotten to vertical rotation yet. That's for tomorrow. I'm glad there's a save feature!

You're definitely moving along on the right track, @Millie, so I'm going to bed. Have fun!

I guess we are going to have to play the organ according to the notes on the left and the right.
Thing is: I have no idea which keys are which notes. I know the most left one must be C, but then ??? Anyone?

Lol/ I'll be behind you then.. bc I am stuck, the notes don't work over and over i try. stupid piano. I can't seem to time the notes right. I guess. Maybe I need sleep too!

Cool, I posted a spoiler, but if you don't want that, put the red filter thing on the light switch thingy. Sorry dunno the names. lol

Oh silly me, when you click above the keys it gives information.

OMG< ZOZ sorry... pop. I got it. I didn't know to click the pedestal to get the stuff. whoops!

Millie I already found that on my own. Have the pipes in the correct order. But ... I am no good at playing the piano. Let alone organ. I mean ... I can't even whistle.

It is just the alphabet if that helps... click on the yellow placard right above the keys, it tells you exactly what letter is which spot. Hope that helps.

at last i did this furnace thing it took long time to get it but i did at last :/

hell now what :S i opened the furnace ok and then :S

if u try the word cage first,with the code next to the organ its great help,then try combinatios with the word badge

Use tongs in furnace

Refreshed the wrong window and had to start over again :(
Back at the organ now. Guess I will have to activate the sound.

where is those tongs i cant find anything im startin to become nervous never been stuck like this :S

Silver, there are no tongs that I know of.
If you are to pick up the gold key, you need to cool it down first. Use the water.

where is the water u cant understand that i cant find anythin am just stuck in a room with a furnace !! thats it i cant move to other rooms and nothin at all i can find

im sorry guyz but im really nervous i ve never been stuck like that im startin to feel there is something wrong with my browser

Silver, leave the room and go to the room opposite. It's an office. There is some stuff you can pick up there.

ohh damn i didnt see that room :S ugh

Tongs are in platinum drawer. with platinum key

I got all kinds of pics now. Off to make me some keys and a diamond.

think pictures go to the main room under the diamond but in what order,tried but nothing happens

Millie, do you know if the pics go in the wall in a specific order?

ok im stuck again !! i opened that unlocked room with the fire key! placed the 2 tiles and i found something looks like it need a diamond and thats !! so whats next anythin else i cant see !!

Silver, you need to get a password for the access control in the office.
First heat up the fire by giving it something to burn. Then play with the light switch and look for the password.

placed diamond in the "machine' right room and maybe is the order

Never mind Millie, found the color code.

i know im trying i already did that and that laser optic showed some letters and i switched the laser and now the keyboard is in russian and nothin works !!!

silver, millie helped earlier with that,go to the room with the pc language has changed.i have rotation and a gear

Silver, in the room with the switches, you can change power to either the left, the main, or the right room. Do that and see what happens to the keyboard in the office when you change power.

i did all that from before im not that stupid!!! it became russian i tried the letters in russian it doesnt work !!

New, I am at the same place you are. Can't remember having seen any place where a gear could be used. Have you?

try to find a spot,maybe we try that other russian words as password

ok i unlocked it i thought i had to translate the password to russian letters !

New, when I look at the room control map on the devide, I can see a gear room on the second level. But we can't get there. We need more access I guess.
Then there's the ice room. I think we have to melt the ice by changing the rooms on level one in such an order that the wind blows in the right direction. That would melt the ice and get us some statue. Which will make a new key ... I think.

No wait, there are pipes in the furnace room that blow warm air up. We have to rotate that room untill it is right under the ice room probably. I'm gonna try that.

YES ... that worked. On my way again.

Got another gear.
Now need to find a way to enter the former ice room.

very clever thank u and now 2 gears? also miss 1 metal tile

enter ice room,placed gears,got tile,fixed puzzle but code isnt working

Same problem with the code.
Think we are missing something. There was still something in ice in the gear room. Gonna try and place the hot pipes under there, see what I can get.

got an epoxy hardener. smth with the wind..

damn, refreshed the wrong window again. Have to start over ... again :(

guyz how did u solve the piano thing i went to have my breakfast and drank a cup of tea missed alot i guess !! anyway i adjusted the piano but cant make that rythem or whatever rite !! any suggestions !

for the other code like the 1st the chinese flag must glow same as the russian one!! the question is how ur gonna glow it !!

oh!maybe its better for u because im confused and cant remember anything. Anyway have to leave in a few min.

i opened the cage and found a zanzibar red colobus its a painting i think ok then wat !!! any ideas !!

my last comment was for Cool. Silver perhaps u look at former comments,click at white peds if i understood your problem.

silver,click all the names of the statues one by one and u get pictures

after u get that painting from the cage next to that piano in level 2 what to do next am stuck with the ice room and i cant melt it cuz still dont have access for rotation control then what shall i do !

I forgot where I found the 4th tile.
Let me find that and I am at the same spot again as you are Silver.

yea yea i got it now ok and now i shud go to the office room and place the paintings but is there a sequence !

take a diamond with tongs from furnace,put it in "machine" in right room and code for order of pictures.im really leaving now,good luck and Cool if u are still here thank u

okay, so when the ice room is filled with steam you can fill your glass again with hot water. Now need to find a place to use it.
Still missing the 4th tile. But ... I got the code already in the previous attempt.

i got the right sequence from the diamond yea didnt look over here but thanks for tellin anyways new i got time key and note said room control takes time shall i enter time as a password !!

damn i dunno wat to do with that time key !!

ok i unlocked that padlock thing and found russian again this time with english any hints for this !!

In the furnace room, then you go to the left there is some text behind a fence. That one needs the time key.

ok i got it i entered the password and now i got control

the thing is how do i turn the the rooms!! i wanna make the furnace room under the ice 1 so i make the ice melts!! how do u know

In the gear room we need wind.

damn i got it again lol

now i entered the ice room and feel like im in a new game !!

When the ice has melted you can not go further in the room, cause the water is too hot.
Make sure the furnace room is no longer under the ice room and you can go on.
We need wind in the room to the right to make the wind device turn.
And we need warm air coming from the vent on the left of the ice room to make the ice melt that holds some dort of a plug.
We need vertical control, but the password from the tiles do not work.

i placed the 2 gears and took the tile and placed it back and then dunno wat to do :S but wait i noticed something in the gear room infront of the elevator there is a writings on the floor in russian did u notice them cool

where is the last tile i placed 3 only do i have to search for 1 more where is it ??

Yes I did, the English translation is beneath it -> Search for wind in the field.
Which means that we need wind in the gear room, so that the wind device will work.

Tiles, let me see if I remember:
1 in the bottom right drawer, which is not locked.
1 somewhere beside a door.
1 (I believe) from the picture thing in the office.

This game is both annoying and challenging and I am not about to give up before I am out.
If I could only stop refreshing the wrong windows :D

lol sorry cool i was drinking some water i wont give up as well i hate that lol so where are you so far did u solve the winds thing

hey btw beside that broken tank there is ac!!! maybe that wud be the source of warm wind!!!

yeah but we need epoxy first and I can't find that.

okay what have we got ..
From furnace room hot air pipes are running to the room above it and to the rooms to the left and to the right.
From the wind room air is blowing to the room to the left and the room to the right.
To the left of the wind room is the gear room.
To the right of the wind room is the diamond room, where we can not enter right now.

i think!! the key is to search how to make the rooms goes vertical so we can set the furnace room under the ice room and we can access the gear room through the elevator!! but wait i placed the 3 tiles there is 1 place missing and i dunno where is the 4th tile or how to make the tiles rite

Now ... from the ice room we can get into the gear room.
If we put the furnace room under the ice room, it's too hot to go in.

You need 4.
Have you used the tongle to get something out of the furnace?

yea the diamond!!! shall i use it to bring out something else

In the gear room we need:
running water for the water clock
air for the wind device
sand or something for the hourglass
some sort of pointer for the sunclock
and power for the electric clock
oh, and two more gears.

In the ice room we need
epoxy to fix the container
warm air from the vent ot get the ice to melt and pull the plug

I have a code from the tiles but it does not work and I don't seem to be able to light the right power in the office anymore.

the diamond goes in the light switch and gives you the color code for the pictures in the office.

yea i know that hey where did u find the 4th tile!! i only found 3 1 inside the elevator when u first entered the game and the 2nd outside the elevator and the 3rd from the gears when i switched them together where is the 4th !!!

there is one in the bottom drawer to the left in the office.

okay, if in the office you fill in one of the russian words in the password field (BeTpa) you get that translation. Let me see if the room is open now.

Hi !
I'm playing it right now, and what a good game !!
Good luck for making a walkthrough ;)

Nope, it's not. As far as I can see nothing changed :(

are u sure u made the tile rite!!!

I sure hope so. Did you get access?

hey i entered the word from the tile it gave me something ill type it in english it said you live you learn!! here is the word in russian УЦИСБ

any ideas!! cuz i run out of ideas now !!! and dresana ur still starting the game!!

Hah ... you were right. I had what looks like C4 on the left side, but it can also go on the right side.
But this time got another saying: You live you learn. No changes in access though.

Drisana* sorry focusing for like 4 hours now on this endless game!! lol cool btw there is still a 3rd floor we didnt even made through yet!!

YES got vertical access now.
That russian word got translated > LEARN
Switch the power to none (you can do that on the same desk) and when you have the english keyboard just type LEARN as the password.

i got it !!! switch the keyboard to english and enter the word learn it said english proverb not russian this time!!! we will get access now to vertical switch yeeey

lol it seems we are on the same track then lol

i took a pile of sand from the diamond room!! and there is that frequency whatever its!! any ideas!

I know, i'm playing too and in the same pplace !! :)
Got the english proverb too

Okay, now when you leave the office and are in the elevator you can flip rooms from above to below and back.
If you put the gear room down next to the furnace room the sunclock works, but still missing a part.
Gonna play with this a bit.
We WILL get out.

We need to get the rooms in a logical order on the down floor.
Gear room needs to be right of gear room for the wind.
But you can enter gear room from ice room, so ice room needs to be by a door. I think ....

ohhh god im soo tired im feeling i lost focusing!!

got sand from diamond room

i placed the gear between the ice floor and the furnace both water clock and the sunclock worked!! but still something missing

and now the piano room must be above the gear room the giant fans in the piano room will pump wind in the gear room !!

All clocks working but sand clock (need something) and gear clock (need 2 gears). also have a cup of mud ...

and 3rd gear from furnace room
Silver we need to get all missing parts for the clocks first.
Sand from diamond room.
Gear from furnace room.
I bet the last gear is on the floor in the ice room under the water.

no it didnt do anything!!! ughhhhh i feel am in the middle of nowhere

there is a gear in the furnace room where is that!!

My brain gonna explode soon...

I think this game worth a submachine !!

Drisana, my brain is boiling too.
I got the wind going by putting the furnace room next to the wind room somehow. That has cooled down the burning pot next to the furnace. You can take a tile there.
When you put the diamond room somewhere near a door you can get in and get some sand from the pile. Use that on the hourglass in the gear room.

Basicalle I just flipped rooms and see what happens. My brain is too tired to do the logical work which I am sure is there somewhere.

cool where are you so far i have 10 mins left then ill go really my mind wont take anymore i got alot of solutions in my mind and when i try something i doesnt workout 100% damn im gonna explode but ill get out with any cost

I'm now stuck with mud and epoxy. Tried to put the light room rigt of clock room to "light" the sun clock but it's not working...

there is a pipe over the sand pile coming from the ice room. I have the right half of the ice room melted. think if I can get that room left of the diamond room ...??? Maybe...

ok now i got the gear from the furnace and there is another thing when the ice room melting fill ur cup with water and i dunno wat to do with it but for sure there is some usage

Okay that worked, only it's connected to the part of the room that is still frozen, so there's ice coming out. Need to defrost the other part of the room first now.

Drisana, is that epoxy or epoxy hardener you have?

with fire room right of clock room there is fix light above sundial but still miss something

cool epoxy hardener and glass of mud :)

hooo !! Putlight room left of woiond room (make sure the switch in light room is pointing to the right !)

For a moment there I was ver happy, cause we need epoxy too. :(

now got epoxy, use it with hardener and put it on tank.need to put water in it, but my glass is full of mud grrr

guys ill be out for like an hour hope when i come back there is a progress!! catch you after an hour guyz

Yeahhhhh !!! got the 4th gear ! i'm so happy !! :)

you have to put fire room left of ice room and clock room right of ice room. you need to enter the clocl room, then go left by door and the thing on the floor melted and it'a a gear ! (you can't enter the room when the fice is melted by you can by entering by the clock room door). I hope you understand the explanation !!!

Drisana, from the bottom of my heart -> thank you

Now the sundial and this !%$§ mud.Anyone else got mud ??

I got now water instaed of mud hummm.. it says that we have to heat more the ice room to get water in the tank.

Okay, I have the container fixed with the epoxy and the waterpump is running.
I can not pull the plug because I can't get there.

got a scale basket for the sand room i think. After getting the gear, put the fire room behind the ice room and push the red button.

Yeah I did that once. Somehow you have to heat the pipes on the left of the room.

And mug is for basket, and i HAVE the sundial part !!!
I think the 3rd floor is the exit :)

I think you are right. But did not get the gear, nor the basket, nor the part for the sunclock.
But ... we are making progress here.

And now a chinese proverb...it's driving me nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool to get the gear, put clock room right of ice, and fire left of ice. then enter the clock room and go trough the left door. go left and here is the gear !

Thanks, have the gear now.
I need to get water in the sandroom, otherwise it's no mud.

meleted ice room on left of sand you get mud :)

and now a chinese proverb and a russian together.... i gonna cry :(

by the way, make sure to WRITE down chinese characters, you'll need them...

Well it seems that the office thing translated proverbs to other languages. You can try ....
Do not have basket or sun part yet. But do have mud.
I guess the basket filled with mud will raise the arm and you can get what is hanging down?

i don't get the last passsword !!!!! (well i think it's the last). Calm drisana calm..... !!

Drisana ... tae a deep breath ... think it's only a game, it's only a game.
And don't dare to leave before you helped me out :D
Can't get basket.

yep cool, you get sundial part filling basket with mud; I'm getting nervous on the final pass : you have to use 2 proverbs, the russian with wind and the chinese with wind also, but don't get it. For the basket, put fire room behind (1stfloor) ice room, enter ice room and push red button

turn rudder what does that mean ???

I did that, but I keep getting a message that something must be wrong with the wires behind the tank. So there must be some other connection.

PS. did you check the times you have to set on the clocks?

Ah, there is no water in the tank yet. That's the problem.
How does one get water there.

--> PS. did you check the times you have to set on the clocks? <--
Huh ??

cool is your tank filled ? it seems to me i've done that part years ago !!! :)

In the sand room on the right there is a basin which reflect symbols.
Those symbols are also on the pedestals for the clocks.
If you click them you can shoose times. I guess those will have to match the symbols in the basin.

need a little break. I'll go back in 5 mn

Dridana "rudder" is something like "steer" or "wheel" or "valve".

cool i traduce this word :) but don't know "how" to use this. i already use the clock times to activate all clocks. it gives you a black filter to use in light room. then you got chinese code. you enter it in control room and after that i'm stuck :(

don't know how to "combine" the 2 proverbs. i'm waiting for you in control room cool !!! :)

well I still do not have the basket
I now have a melted iceroom
top left iceroom
top right clockroom
bottom left fire
bottom right empty

What to do?

Someletters for "wind" in chinese, russian and english are in the sameplace on the keyboard...gonna try that

Drisana wind in Russian = betep

In chinese something like feng

I need to get water in the tank we fixed.

i remember that orange pipes were on fire, and i push the button. trying to remember but so sorry... i'm not gonna replay to see what i've done :p :))))

got a scale basket for the sand room i think. After getting the gear, put the fire room behind the ice room and push the red button.
30/7/10 12:22

i think that's all i've done. when you enter the room, you can see that the tank is filled, but you don't need it. you just push the button near the elevator.

i'm not moving until i'm out... i got a lot of things to do, but it doesn't matter !!

It will not work. I keep getting a message that the ropes behind the tank are not good.

hey guys whats ur progress now!!

i got a very deep problem that i have to start all i acomplished in this game :/ ughhhh

when i type "wind" in the english keyboard, nothing happen; i mean it doesn't say "code not recognised"

Silver there is a "save button" ;)

cool, is the tank filled ? can you see fire in orange pipes in the ice room (pipes in the middle) ?

hmmm 13H40 time to eat isn't it ? :) taking the comp in the kitchen ;)

No that's my problem .. I can't get the tank filled somehow.

yea i know i just didnt save the game :S:S

ok let me think.... it was just after getting the last gear. All i remember i that i just put the fire behind the ice...

Drisana, you somehow managed to get rid of the mud and used the glass to put water in the tank I believe. Well .. guess what?
I have a glass of mud I can't get rid of.

if only i could find the last pass i would restart to help you :(

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