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The Dream Machine Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The Dream Machine Chapter 1

The Dream Machine Chapter One is another new point and click type adventure game. "The game has a very simple premise: guide the character through a series of rooms. Solve a mini-puzzles and interact with other characters to advence. Good luck and have fun!

Note: You must register to play this game by clicking BETA sign in button.

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Oh it's finally out!

Goodmorning Catalyste!

Made fire and put the rod at it´s place but can´t seem to find where exactly use the shovel, ikf i keep digging like i do the island will be gone in no-time.
Any idea Catalyst?

AH, ok, got the worm. Use the shovel a little left of the fire

Great it's more than the demo now.
I remember playing the island part a long time ago. The end was in the bedroom, but now you can leave the bedroom.
By the way, good morning all.

Tried to drawn the fish in the water before cooking it, didn´t work, lol
Kill it between the 2 palm trees

Morning Small-tool

Woke up dreaming, in the bedroom now

Morning Full and small-tool!

I'm trying to figure out how we're supposed to go back into the living room once we've entered the kitchen.

Yeah, you had to kill the fish with the rock....guess he wanted to kill it quick.

The navigation's not the greatest. lol

Living room is top left (almost on the box) in the kitchen.

What do you do in the bedroom ( apart of sleeping of course) It tells me to fix the lights before but where and how?

Ok, we have to play this game on Fullscreen in order to see the Game Menu, otherwise we're stuck seeing cutoff inventory and other options.

Thank goodness for Autosave. I had to refresh to change my settings.

Oh dear, just walked out of the bedroom and the demo is over?

Full, you have to log in to play chapter 1.
Then you can walk out the bedroom and do much more in other rooms.

Full, you have to click the Beta sign-up and create an account. That way your progress is save automatically when playing the full version.

You can also manually save at every point you like.

have unfolded the burned paper from the ashtray, but cannot read it

Ikke, talk to the wife for all kind of information.

Tháááánk you Small-tool / Catalyst. I´ll play again later by first logging in. i obviously only just clicked the "play demo" at the beginning.

The game looks nice though, reminds me a lot of the games of Federico Rutenberg.

I should have gone through the introduction by Megipoland; "Note: You must register to play this game by clicking BETA sign in button"

Full: it happens like that. Let's just say you were really looking forward to playing this and just skimmed over the part where you had to create an account. lol

I'm trying to piece the letter together...everything is right-side up...but man there are some words missing from the letter itself!

Troublesome...figures. :)

Catalyste, you have to heat the letter on the stove.

Yes Catalyst, you´re right. I saw the game was online and the first thing i did was clicking "PLAY" , my favorite button on the WWW, LOL

small, I know. I'm just saying to actually put it together is troublesome.


LOL, happens to me too! lol

i foolishly (well a bit accidentally) set the fishing rod before I had the worm and can't figure out how to get it back to bait it. Is it possible, or is it restart time?

oh. duh. Use worm with fishing rod:)

daya: just click the fishing rod, it should go back in you inventory. Then drag the worm to the fishing rod to bait it and place it back on the stick.

still waiting for the caretaker. has anyone found anything to lift up the floor boards yet

Letter is evil to piece back together! lol

how can you save the game small-tool? i have to go, but i want go on later

Ikke, top right of the screen is the game menu.

Ok, got it. Just place them in obvious order since there's only 6 pieces and then click out.

ok outside the apartment now and stuck

Haha, she's a good wife.

And out, really nice game

Here if you need help.

I'm stuck at the circuit-board.
Just with trial and order I almost got all the lights on but the red one on the top right bar is not on.
What's the method?

'trial and error' I meant of course

Now that was tricky, I bypassed all resister's, but it's still hard.

Ok, so the current musn't go through the resisters. Thanks, gonna try that.

Got it, but it burned the fuse.
Is that suppose to happen?

i burned the fuse too.now need a new one lol

Here's a circuit board solution (don't know if there are more and if this is the right one, but all the lights are on);
Circuit solution

How do I use the items?? I can examine the items, but not use them..?

Yes the fuse does burn out, you need something stronger to take the current now.

At K, click and drag the items to what you want to use them for.

Ah, use the key as fuse, thanks Chukkles.

and out nice game

Thank you :-)

And out.
Wow great game.

hi all can u please tell me how u put the letter together i can't figure it out

Flory, cna you read the letters yet, need some heat.
Even when you can read the letters it won't fit together perfectly.

thank you

Even in full screen my inventory is partly off screen to the left. I picked up the worm, (I know 'cause I replayed it 3 times) but I can't reach the inventory spot where it is at. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Otherwise I can't even fish. :(

Sorry, don't know about that, sounds like you have to do something with the sreen of your pc, or maybe try something in the game menu. If I remember correctly there are some options there for the quality.
Good luck.

Try pressing F11, may or may not work.

My fish won't cook..or it is taking forever to cook. What am I doing wrong? I've caught the fish, I've killed the fish, I've placed it over the fire. Now, what do I do. Everyone is talking about bedrooms and other rooms...I'm still stuck on an island. Help! Thanks

The fish takes a minute to cook, if any longer, restart.

Ah...I guess my fire needs to be actually burning in order to cook the fish!. Thanks chukkles for the tip on how long it takes to cook.

Haha, I got busy doing other things, but I finally finished this chapter.

Guys, it seems the developer of the game needs to resize the screen to actually fit the Inventory and the Game Menu. I had to give up giving clues here to try to finish this game on Fullscreen.

Yes, I tried the F11 approach, but for some reason couldn't do it unless I activated it from the Settings option of the game itself.

Sort of sucks in my opinion.

Stuck with the sofa in the doorway. I have the crowbar but can't do anything with it. Should I just abandon it for now and go up and use the crowbar on the floorboards?

Mary, that's exactly what you're supposed to do. :)

Catalyste...where exactly to use crowbar please? :)

pleaaaaaaaaaaaase help i can't pick up any thing!!! what should i do??!!!

The crowbar is to be used on the floorboard in the bedroom.

Read the letter when all the words are on it, the middle part explains that you're supposed to check out the floorboard under the lightswitch in the bedroom.

imen, exactly what's happening? Is it that you can access the Inventory?

@catalyste i can't pick up the shovel for exemple my inventory is empty it's only show me msg at the bottom of the screen ''pick up shovel''

my game seems buggy i can't see the guy!!! i'll try later

Iman...you drag the items to the screen to use

stuck after playing with the circuitboard..what next??????

I hope that chapter 2 will be issued soon !

figured out..aaaaand..to be continued :((((
agree Pascale :))

Thank you @Catalyste, and also @small-tool for the circuit board screenshot. Made it into the office.. and now have to wait to be continued. Drat!

@imen - I couldn't see anything in my inventory until I clicked along where it should be, up the top left of screen. Then items will light up and you can drag them to use.

where is the crowbar please!

nice game!

Can't wait..Gimme more!LOL
That was fantastic, I hope chapter 2 comes out soon.
Even the circuit puzzle was logical.
Definitely need more more of this caliber games

Anyone out there? I can't find the address...any hints please?

Ok, duh, found it on my mail.

Please help...where do I put the phone?

never mind lol

In the hallway, bottom left of the exit door there is an outlet.

How do I get into the landlords office?

Jen - there is a coat-hanger somewhere on the 'stuck' sofa. You can use it to jemmy open the office window.

how the heck do you call the caretaker??

found the phone

stuck on island - eaten the fish - what comes next?

You get a paper from that fish when you've eaten it. It shows you where to dig. Dig and enter and you're in the bedroom.


Where do I find his address?1

darn thing will not load past the intro credits.

It pops up a load meter, bar thingy and then goes nowhere. :(

where is the caretaker's phone number?

the game froze...Victor disappeared and I can't do anything....too buggy for me. I quit

Cool Game But the Circuit puzzle was redonkulous hard.

get the caretakers number by calling the agency who's card you found and tell them your address.
every time you're stuck talk to your wife she helps out a lot.

The crowbar is for once you solve the paper puzzle
(keep asking your wife: she helps!)

now stuck looking for conductor; he wouldnt take guitar strings(
anyone help??

ok got it ty for the "harder metal" hint above

Made it. Thought the moving man would never leave so I could pick up the coat hanger.

i can't open the floorboard....how u all opn it???

I need help. I have discovered the camera behind the picture, what do i do next. And where do i use the coathanger. Ive tried it everywhere and nothing happens. And am i supposed to go in to the landlords apartment, and how do i do that?

help. i am in the landlord's office, but am unable to work out the scrawl on the wall. it must link in with the gramaphone to open the secret door. anyone ??

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