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The Dreamerz

[REPLAY] The Dreamerz is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Rob Donkin and RobotJam for BubbleBox. In this game, your aim is to repair the broken dream machine and restore peace to the world by relieving the dreamerz of their nightmares. Explore the planets to find items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!
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Loading as well..

Strange game, i am on another planet now, but no idea how i got there. Have a fising net, a bubble, a yellow bubble and a diary.
No idea what to do now.

@Zazie read the diary, that will clear things up.

Too many things.
I need 3 more inventories

yellow are orbits, are on the rocks

put the first into the rock and go to another place, there is another orbit, with the net fishing

read the diary

the bubble is on the ship

Solved color planet don´t know how! Clicking ramdonly.

Thx Christina, making some progress.

have to feed the whale thing that is in third place
the whale feeds the plants of the third place

Gave plant to the sitting guy and now he´s blowing pink bubbles.

Have so far:
Bubble, full yellow ballon, a branch, a shovel with dust, green bucket full of water, a card with colores triangles, and a colored ball I got from color planet.

@roberto, for the pink bubble...turn on fan, bubble goes into the green machine and (before put your transparent bubble below green machine) fills the big bubble with pink liquid.

Bubble with pink liquid goes onto the machine behind the sad man.

I've done just about everything, but it won't accept the lights for the telescope coords. Can anyone help?

Used shovel on the earth monument and bubble on the air monument, a part of the planet is filled, need bucket with water and some fire now.

Where did you find the bucket?

Bucket is on the life planet next to the brownish plant.

How do you play the music ? (what is the sequence ?)

playing the trumpet, if we number as 12345
play 3 4 5 3 2

       Anonymous  7/29/10, 9:42 AM  

@Zazie - use the sequence on the radio

Thank you Sisli !!!!!!!!!!!!

at the telescope using the three coords i have found I get this:
177,112 - book
44,235 - horn
38,337 - telescope

on the computer screen it looks like this:

The 'o' is where a large star was on the grid.
All of that and i get nothing from the computer. I even tried to invert the lights and still nothing.
i must be missing something.

Solved almost all. But still need last bubble and have 1 unused orb. Can´t find a place to use it!

Press red button after put stars.

oops!! i found my error!! im sooo nooblish

Put 5 bubbles in machine, Still need 1

I need 2 bubbles.
Where can i find some fire please ?

I`ve been everywhere and can´t find a place to use my last orb. How?

My 38,337 coords don't do anything on the computer. My grid looks like this:


Where X's are the stars. Anyone else having problems with this?

Grab the fire with branch from comet.

       Anonymous  7/29/10, 9:59 AM  

can't get the book code to work, though I tried both coordinates both ways.

@Dan - You need use them one at a time.

Got it !!
Use branch on komet which is flying around the planet.

       Anonymous  7/29/10, 10:00 AM  

nvm - power of posting lol

@Zazie - Have you got 5th bubble?
I`m stuck searching for the last.
You still have one orb in inventory?

@roberto - I am. Those are the stars ONLY for the coords that are on the telescope. The other two coords/star mappings work just fine. I may just start over in case something got messed up.

lol Dan. You found a lot of stars for just one object. You´re doing something wrong.

And Out. Nice game - I needed a bit of help but some things were confusing. I would have liked a sign letting me know that the gray thing beside the whale was a water pump, for instance.

Where´s the last bubble Siren?

Still need one bubble and i cannot find a place where to use my last orb.

The first number goes in the x axis and the second one goes in the y axis. Thge stars you are looking for are much bigger and brighter than the others. Then you enter each set into the machine separately and push the red button.

I hope that helps without giving too much away!

I`m giving up! Tired to search the place for my orb!

i still have one orb left and don't know where it goes.

       Anonymous  7/29/10, 10:11 AM  

Also have an (extra?) orb and need another bubble

You'll get one from the bubble machine, from the color planet, from the life planet (the brownish thing), the trumpet, the elements planet, and the asteroid.

I didn't use my last orb. I think it's used after you get all the bubbles (in the ship).

@Siren. Have you finished the game with one orb left?

@roberto - yes

Nevermind, I was putting the coords in backwards :P

hmmm.. Don´t know wich of them I`m missing

Evening all, just got in from work and I see that there are loads of new games again
Gonna have a shot at this one : )

Are you out yet Zazie?

last orb and bubble anyone? PLease?

Wellcome to space Rambler!

@grant - the 2 I got last were from the brown thing on the life planet and the color planet. Did you get one from each of those places?

Ok, finally finished. Nice game, although it made me a little dizzy with all the spinning around. :)

Guess I`m missing the bubble from life planet, but don´t know what to do.

@roberto, no still stuck missing one bubble and an orb where i don´t know how/where to use it.

Hi Rambler :)

Found the last bubble.

On life planet click the right long arm of purple plant.

But i cannot take it yet.

You get the bubble from Life Planet after give water to whale. Is it?

*************SPOILER ALERT************

check out the vines on the brown plant

@ Siren, It appears i have only 5
looking at the dream machine, bottom to top, I have I have the light orb, red liquid orb (bubble?), music orb, missing, blue orb (element?), and lastly the life orb (little, one eyed d0od inside)

Now i could take it !!!

ohhh man!!! Siren! thanks! i woul;d have never have clicked there hehehe

And out with a great fireworks :))

Great Zazie!!!

me too, Zazie, jejeeje
from top to bottom I'm missing the third bubble
and I have an orbit, jejee

The last orbit had no sense .....it disappeared when i put the last bubble

Thanks all of you.

this game was freaking awesome to look at! the sounds were great too!.

Kind of reminded me of Futurama a little bit with the way it all looked

@grant - I KNOW! It took me forever to see that. It was purely by accident that I found the vines could be clicked.

And the Hero went home...Aww

Thanks for the welcome all, this is quite good, got myself onto some new planets and now plotting co-ordinates. I think I'll take this at a leisurely pace and enjoy it for what it is.

I may peek now and again though lol

I liked
lost in the space!

I can't solve the colours planet and I don't see the bucket near the brown plant on the life planet.
Where is used the grey tentacle-branch (from the life planet) ?

Grey tentacle is used on the mouth of whale.
The bucket actually is a green plant, you have to fill it with water then you can take it.

The coloured diamonds have to be turned around until each is connected to the others, when all are connected together you will get a bubble.

Hi all! Use the vine with the wale. I don't get the colors either.

Thank you Zazie. I have no water for the moment.
About the colours planet, do we have to chose a specific colour for the "streetlamp"

you have to change the color of the central pole to the green, too

My colors are connected but I don't get any bubble. I suppose you have to connect them like in the diary.

change to GREEN :)

Thank you Sisli.

So I got the water, but can't get anything with the colours puzzle : all the cristals and the lamp are related by a coloured beam and nothing happens.

Pascale, you have to turn the post green and then turn the crystals until each makes a beam to the next. The one below the others has to be connected too. I am finally out. Nice game but I would not have manged without help. Thanks everybody!

Great, Friwi, that's it ! Thanks a lot !

I thought the game was over, but I'm still missing a bubble (the 3rd from the top).

I am still stuck on the coord's!!!!! I am so lost. Can anyone help??

Is anyone gonna post a walkthrough? I'm completely lost.....

I liked this game. I had a few problems with the colors (trying to use the primary colors out and the secondary ones converging in the middle gem, until I thought of switching places, LOL) and with how to get fire (Thanks @roberto & @Zazie for that)

I might try writing a WT for this one.

Sorry for not replying anymore Pascale, i had to leave for a while.
Hopefully you are all out....cu later.

could not find a walkthrough but have a walkthrough video
go to

there's also the "walkthrough" tab on the page, that takes u to a page where it tells u where to use items.

I enjoyed playing this game even if I was stuck at some points - I didn't understand to use the elements on the stones on that planet, and I needed help to make the plant release the ball.

Nice to see you again @Zazie!

Dreamerzzz – Walkthrough (Part One)

Take the Diary (most likely written by someone who had been there before you and with some clues left), place it in any box of your inventory, click on it to read it and learn about the glowing ORBS to give power to the transport systems and that you need to make the Dream Machine functional again by collecting (6) ‘Dream Balls.’ Also, notice the colors diagram in the last page and the ‘important coordinates’ 177,112.
Moving to the left, you should find a net, an empty crystal ball on a side of the Dream Machine and a glowing orb … take them all and place the ORB onto the round platform under the ‘TRANSPORT’ sign to give it power; click on the platform to go to another planet. You will need to do this every time you need to go to any other planet in the game.

Going around this planet you should find and get a key and another glowing orb (use the NET while on top of the ladder to get it).
Use the ORB on the platform with the ‘MUSIC’ sign and go there.

Use your KEY to open the chest and get another glowing orb; take also the yellow balloon and notice the numbers written on the giant ‘trumpet’ (44,235).
Go back.

Use your glowing ORB to activate the ‘ELEMENTS’ platform and go there.

From this planet, collect the shovel, the elements stone, the colors gem and yet another glowing orb.
Use this ORB to move to the…

Collect a radio and a glowing orb.
Click on the TELESCOPE and set the coordinates to the ones seen in the Diary (177,112) and notice the location of the bigger stars in the 5x5 grid; close the telescope view.
Go and click on the panel and light the squares on the grid where you saw the stars in the telescope, push the red button and see how the first of the bottom lights is on (the one with the drawing of a diary) and 2 more left (telescope and trumpet).
Click here for a spoiler of the telescope view and the panel.
Go back to the telescope and use the numbers written on it to set the new coordinates (38-235) and… well, since you’re already here, why don’t you use the numbers on the trumpet as well (44-235)?
Click here to see the ‘telescope’ and ‘trumpet’ star views
Now go to the panel once again and repeat the procedure to light all of the bottom lights on the panel and to get the dream ball #1.
(Did you notice the comet flying around?)
Go back to ELEMENTS and back to TRANSPORT.
‘Turn on your sound’ says the clue written in the centre of this planet. Well, click on the radio in your inventory, listen to the tune and play it on the big trumpet.
For those who might need it (and numbering the valves from left to right), here’s the SPOILER34532SPOILER.
Take the dream ball #2 and leave.

Brilliant game.

Dreamerzzz – Walkthrough (Part Two)

Moving to the right in this planet:
- click on the strange plant to collect a blue tentacle.
- from the dirt spots, collect the EARTH sample with the shovel.
- click on the purple tree to take a ’flower’.
- take the branch on the left side of the big tree.
- another glowing orb.

Place the empty BALL on the green machine in front of the giant and give the purple FLOWER to him.
Turn on the FAN at the giant’s feet.
Take now the dream ball #3 (pink liquid).
Give the blue TENTACLE (straw) to the wheal and click on the gray machine to feed our pal.
It’s time for a visit to a new planet.

Start by placing your colors GEM on the stick like the others around and notice these gems can be rotated, reflecting at times the light from the post. Also notice you can change the color of the light from the post by clicking on it.
Use the colors diagram in the final pages of the diary to make all the gems (and mainly the central one) to be lit by the reflected light.
Unfortunately, many possible ways are possible, depending on what light you start using from the post… well, know that you need GREEN there.
If you go to the gem to the right, you must rotate it in a way it has green on the left (the same color on that side) and it will have orange on the right.
If you go to the gem to the left of the post, rotate it to have green on the right and it will purple to the left.
Go to the remaining gem and rotate it according to the colors coming from the other gems and, if done correctly, you can now get dream ball #4.

Left from the ‘HOME’ transport platform there’s a pump. Use it to inflate your BALLOON (and put it back in inventory of course) to have the AIR sample.

By feeding the whale back at HOME planet, now there’s water in a green bucket-looking plant; take this WATER sample.
Click on the right tentacle of the big brown plant left from the ‘transport’ sign to get it opened, and again on the left tentacle to release the dream ball #5
Go back to Transport, to Elements and to Asteroid again.

Use the BRANCH on the passing by comet to have a FIRE sample.

Now that you have samples of the 4 Elements, use them on the stones with the corresponding symbol to finally get the dream ball #6.
Go to Transport and back to Home.

Place the 6 DREAM BALLS on the Dream Machine to make it work again… take your rocket back home…
Congrats! You’ve just saved the world :D

Great walkthrouhg, Edgar !

WOW what a great WT, thx Edgar.

And many hugs to Ellie :)

Edgar you are the best

Thanks all for the kind words :)

Hugs being delivered now @Zazie... thanks back!

That was such an enjoyable game. Really different. I managed about 90% by myself but huge thanks (as always) to everyone who contributed to a fab walkthrough!!

Ok to everyone who needs help the star scope is backwards so if you see 44,235 the bottom has to be 44 and the left side to 235
The alignments: x's are the stars or parts u must highlight
1st part |2nd part |3rd part
ooooo |oxooo |ooxoo
oooox |ooooo |ooooo
ooxoo |oooox |ooooo
ooooo |ooooo |oxooo
ooooo |oxooo |ooooo

Hope this helps you all out

Ok so I started with green on the post, and all of the gems are in the right order, and I still don't get the last dream ball?????

I also have an orb left over. Where should I have used that?

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:40 AM  

Uuuuuugh. My head hurts from the spinning. As some of you have said above, while I've completed it, I wouldn't have managed it without help.

Signs for the water pump would have definitely been useful, and yes, less spinning would have definitely helped me!!

finished the game... for those having problems with the coordinates... you have to put them one at a time.... from the book, big trumpet and the telescope... for the elements.... use the branch in the circling comet.. in the asteroid planet.. hope this helps!

Where do you get the air sample?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/5/18, 10:53 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for creating this game, Rob & RJ ☺
& thx Edgar for the WT

Still a great game, but a few random spots required the walkthrough. Needed to click on the right arm of the brown plant right next to the transport (then the left). And no idea how the color wheel in the diary was supposed to lead to the three outside colors having to be the three inside colors pointing to the middle gem. And the music box clue didn't even put out the same notes as the trumpet (and only used 4 of 5 notes, so trial and error was needed), would never never never have gotten that right in a hundred years. "Thanks" to all those that left clues before and to AΩ for re-posting.

That was so different I loved it. Please make another one.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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