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Escape the Ship of Doom Walkthrough

Escape the Ship of Doom

[REPLAY] Escape the Ship of Doom is another addicting point and click type adventure game. Dr. Minstrel has caught you again - and trapped you on his boat! Use your best nautical skills to save your butt once again, lest you sleep with the fishes! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Escape the Ship of Doom

Escape the Ship of Doom Walkthrough

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oh gosh, i think this is a little too big for my screen. lol

zoom it out :) i have just drowned

i did :) i drowned too..

i need a number code, i guess it should be from the ceiling

Where is the water leaking from?

found sd under bed mattress and used it on the gray box thing. grabbed bottle and opened it with opener (found holding a picture)and used cork on hole :)

urban, where you see the gray box, to the right

ahh i am out finally

Click on bed, you get SD, use SD to open iron chest, there's a cork to prevent further leaking. It leaks from right of the iron chest.

was quite nice game

Egle, where did you use code?

on the torch

found the torch in the red chest

What to do with sextant? And how?

where is the key for the red chest?

@urban use it to get the code from ceiling, not exactly use, but look at pictures, to get numbers

@SwissMiss the key for chest is in safe behind picture in 1st scene, use hint from book to open it

thanks egle i figured it out later on. lol out now :) good game, they always get him in the end though!!

Got the oxygen wielder (or whatever it's called) to work, then drowned. I couldn't find out what to use it on in time.

Thanks Egle, but now can't remember where to find my swiming trunks.

@virginia sketchers use it on "wall" near canon

thanks Egle - missed that sceene completly - after that out no problem

Nvm, got it. That guy doesn't have luck.

swiming trunks was in the net, where u used weights

Urban, use the cannon balls to lift the thing (I thought balls 9, 5, 1).

Timed game : not for me.

@pascale not so timed after u put cork in the hole, after i did that i had enough time to finish

and out really easy no help needed

code? nothing works..

@millie code for what? torch or safe?

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Thank you Egle. I didn't have time to find the cork when I tried this game...

I retried the game and found the cork... but I couldn't put it into the hole !

FInally I did the game and saw that we cannot really get rid of the villains !

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Out after 4 drownings. Once you find an use for the cork everything is quite easy. I like these series... even if timed. Looking forward to the next one :)

fun series. Out (well, kind of) with no help and one drowning. I had a heck of a time with the weights.

I cannot plug the hole with the cork! What's the secret? It's so frustrating!

I can't seem to find on how can i plug the cork to the hole it just says "nothing happen

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Can't plug the cork neither...
But can plug it here :

very annoying game. cant get cork to go into hole, had 6 goes at it, finally gave up.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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