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Imagia 1 - The Tower Walkthrough

Imagia 1 - The Tower

[REPLAY] Kayzerfish - Imagia Part 1: The Tower Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Kayzerfish. In this game, you try to use your point and click adventure and puzzle solving skills to figure out the mystery and escape the tower. Click objects with your mouse to pick them up. Navigate between rooms by clicking on doors and passages. Click on inventory objects for a closer look. Some inventory objects can be combined. Good luck and have fun!

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Imagia 1 Walkthrough
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hmm wow, im here all by myself :( well let's give this a try

ok, have two keys, a handles (used) rope, scrub brash, some round thing with red in it, a painting with black paint on it and stuck

I'll play with you bet! let me catch up!

did you grab the note on the trap door? and did you use your silver key?

Hi Trisana!!! yes, i got those, but not much more

do you have anything else?

ok. as far as I can tell, we need 4 pieces of paper, three types of paint, a paintbrush and something to plug that leak.

another piece of paper on the reverse of the grey skillet

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 6:44 PM  

Out and found 5/8 secrets

and if you shut the silver key door from the inside, another piece. And then you can use your rope on the s-hook. Use that on the plank of wood. :)

hmmm . . . it won't let me clean the canvas. >_<

ok put painting outside on isle and got some kind of pipe with rope on it?

oh so that round thing with red in it is paint?

it's a telescope. you can hang it from a candelabra.

el telescopio hay que colgarlo en las velas de abajo ultima puerta de la derecha

oooh found the last piece of paper, it's to the left behind hanging rug upstairs

tengo las tres pinturas, el cuadro negro que hay que ponerlo arriba, cuando subis con la cuerda, el cepillo mojado en el agua de abajo, se pone el tuvo y el agua corre hasta la pileta al lado de la escalera

k. me too. it STILL won't let me clean the canvas.

buenas noches, neoporey. prefiermos hablar ingles.

i dont kown, what do i do with the brush??

sorry but my english no is good! i try!

ok hung the telescope from the candles downstairs and now i can see stars that make a shape, but don't know what it is

i think we need to clean that black painting first. then we use the colors as shown in the note (from the 4 pieces)

but if i try clean the painting, it gonne at placee again

have you used the brown key yet? Neoporey, what 3 paintings? I think that what you said in spanish - lol

i know, that's the problem. . . >_<

the painting goes in the sink underneath the stairs, with the water!

and what is that thing that looks like a cigarrete? sorry im not much help

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:02 PM  

Went through again and got 8/8 secrets.

To clean the painting you need to go to the bottom and repair the water flow, get the brush wet, place the painting and clean.

sorry i have 3 colours, red blue and yellow

the painting goes in the sink underneath the stairs, with the water! later they clean with the brush they put and it in the lectern arrives and they paint later it like in the indicator with the numbers

sorry but me english

switch, every time i try that it goes back in my inventory.

oh, thanks Neoporye! put painting in sink, and put the tube thing so water can go in sink- yeah some progress!!!

oh. Muchas gracias, Neoporey. And your english isn't too bad. (I bet it's better than my spanish.)

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:06 PM  

Trisana - Make sure the "pipe" is in place and the water flows to the sink. Use the brush in the water and it turns blue. Take the brush back and place the painting. Clean painting.

my son is calling me, be right back

thanks! to my I learn it English alone! to read and the series of warnner! jajaj

ok back, now we need the blue paint, has anyone found it yet

paintings back of leg, next to the coffer

good for you Neoporey, give you alot of credit, muy bien

hmm cant take the painting behin the hanging rug

ok painted the canvas with the red and the yellow

bet that colour lack?

also there is something behind the door, but can't pick it up, and where the heck is the blue paint

Neoporey, did you get the paintbrush that is in the chest?

the blue painting this back of the legs of the writing-desk, next to the trunk, yellow key, trunk that tapeworm the brush

yes, i finish but 6/8 secrets, i play again

yea!!! out!!!!, the blue paint is behind the leg of the table upstairs to the left, just put the blue paint on it and wiala!!

you guys still here?

me too, only got 6/8 secrest

any way thanks guys, could not have done it with out you

sorry is behind no back leg!

where is blue paint?

sii encontre 8/8, before removing the telecoscopia from the candelabrum of above is necessary to watch after and to see the landscape, soon it extractions you take and it to the candelabrum of down, if headresses the end of ahead the telescope raises and low, first rises and you see stars, later in means sees the wall and soon for down the painting back underneath the door is seen where this I complete piece of the paper, 7/8 landscape and painting of wall down 8/8 it is understood what I put?

the blue paint is behind the leg of the table upstairs to the left

I found, thank you.
Now I am going to sleep, good night.

i LOVED this game----ty ty ty

you have to put the brush in the sink after you plug the leak then use it to clean the canvas

what canvas? cant find what to clean? help.

has anyone notice that your cursor changes when you put it on the chest bottom if you press the tab key it indicates the spot

i forgot to mention you have to open the chest first and get the brush

thank you Neoporey i understood your english well enough to get 8/8 ;>)

       Anonymous  7/16/10, 1:49 AM  

Yes this game is nice. Out... Now for the telescope ending...

       Anonymous  7/16/10, 1:53 AM  

pretty is that Vatican City in the telescope?

       Anonymous  7/16/10, 2:06 AM  

Nice then bring it down to the other candelabra downstairs where the water well is and look through the small window at the stars. Then at the painting. It tilts up and down if you press the tip of it. Thanks Neoporey - Ho capito!

Help! Cant find the yellow paint can anyone help me please?

@maggie, when you go up to the "roof" by attaching rope and hook, go to the right and move 3 paintings to find the yellow paint behind of them.

@ Edgar, Thank you so much I had missed a full screen lol

You're welcome @maggie.. we all miss one (or two) once in a while :-)

Thanks @Neoporey for help to find all of the secrets!

Remove the stones in the middle and take the dirty canvas.
Turn left (click on the door opening).
Take the key from the floor to the right.
Click on the chair to move it and then the carpet to see a trapdoor.
Click on the trapdoor and take the part of a note #1 before you go down.
Turn right.
Open the left side of the cupboard for a crank and the right side for red color.
Click on the right frying pan on the wall to turn it around and get part of a note #2.
Turn right.
Take the rope.
Use the key in the door (the right side of the key on the keyhole) and turn right.
Close the door and take the part of a note #3 from behind it.
Go left three times, then up.
Move right twice.
Take the hook from the stool.
Combine the rope and the hook in the inventory.
Place the crank in the round hole below the white globe.
Click on the crank to turn the globe and get a key.
Turn left and use the hook+rope on the wood between the roofs.

Click on the hook to move up.
Click on the easel to raise it.
Turn right.
Click to move the three canvases on the right and take the yellow color.
Turn left twice.
Take the blue color from the floor behind the left legs of the table.
Open the drawer in the table and take a pipe.
Use the key in the chest (the right side of the key on the keyhole) to get a paintbrush.
Click in the lower right corner of the wallhanging to get part of a note #4.
Click on the note in the inventory that is now complete.
See that you need to clean the canvas and then paint it.
Turn right, go down, turn left and go down the trapdoor.
Move right.
Put the pipe in the water, where there is a crack in the wall to make the water flow to the left.
Turn left.
Take the wet brush in the water (if you took the brush before, put it in the water to make it wet and take it back).
Put the dirty canvas in the water and use the wet brush on it.
Take the clean canvas back.
Go upstairs, to the right and up again (to the roof).
Place the canvas on the easel.
Paint it according to the instructions on the note.
(Dip the paintbrush in the blue color for the sky, yellow for round part and red for ground).
Click on the finished painting to escape.
BUT, you only found 4/8 secrets this way (unless you did something else than I told about).

#1-4: Take the 4 parts of the note (from the open trapdoor, the back of the frying pan, behind the door and behind the wall hanging).
#5: Click on the lower left corner of the wallhanging in the left room up on the roof. You’ll see a picture behind it.
#6: Click on the right side of the telescope on the roof to look at a distant painting. If you took it down earlier, you need to hang it back in the candelabrum first.
#7: Bring the telescope down the trap door and to the far right room. Hang it in the candelabrum and click on the right side of it to look at the stars.
#8: Put the telescope in the candelabrum downstairs and to the right. Click on the left side of it to lower the front part. Click again to lower it more, and then look into the lens on the right side to see the picture on the wall.
And… no, you’ll never be able to take the butcher’s knife from downstairs.

What a great game! I missed it earlier with the abundance of games this weekend...Bring on Part 2!!!!!!

Super W/T @Ellie! I really wanted that butcher's knife also!!! LOL

waaay too long and complicatet

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