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Little TV Escape Walkthrough

Little TV Escape

Little TV Escape is another new point and click type room escape gamefrom Ichwillspielen. In this game, you try to escape the game by finding items and solving puzzles to figure out the game. Good luck and fun!

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Let's go escapers! =)

Hi, I only have pliers

oh, and a white ...piece?

Hope you can read size 1 font numbers

Hi , i have code for the box, a spanner (used) a key (used) and frame.
isty, what white piece?

Out :)

white piece behind water, click left side

got hammer ? were to use it ?/

@ daz, there is a hotspot on the wall right from the bar

thanks isty, now i get the white piece (i think it's achalk) used it to get code for picture. got hammer.




Where do you use the chalk?

use the calk on the blackboard for last code... where do u use the string

what blackboard???

doh!! out

I'm feeling like I have missed a whole room, where is spanner, where is string, where is BLACKBOARD?

dump me, I didn't see, there are numbers on white bottles too, now let's go on, as everybosy seemed to have already left...

how can you see the numbers? Sooo tiny? someone please

the blackboard is in the bar. zoom on the left, use the spanner you get from the box to take the bolt.
sorry, i write slowly

out, like in real life ...last.

Completly stuck ! I found a pair of pliers and a piece of chalk (?), nothing else. I can see some wires on the plant, but the pliers don't work here !

And the numbers on the bottles are too small, I can't read them (on the black corks).

I'm giving up : there is even no way too zoom in or enlarge the window of the game. This is ridiculous.

can anyone give the numbers

Pascale, if you don't can zoom in... here is the code...


Where, exactly, do you use the hammer?

I can't find the spot to use the hammer :-(

Pascale look at the bottles behind the bar you see numbers on the tap this the code for the box

then zoom on the left of the bar, use the spanner you get from the box to take the bolt.

just starting

does anybody know, where to use the hammer and the pliers? i stuck... can see a small string in the plant but can't get it... help please...

use hammer on the wall right of the bar

there are also hotspots under the chairs... but... what to do there?

@sales... i've tried this before several times... don't work for me

ok... POP... found the hotspot ;-) thanks @sales

out... need anybody help?

use the hammer on the wall (right from the bar close to the arrow it's zoom when you click on the exact place

Thank you for your help !

combine pliers with string in inventory and use it on tv

well looks like you are not last itsy- last- last lol. A N D outta there!


Start at yellow door go right. Notice there is a small tv and brown box with a code. Moving along.

Go right to what looks like a cupboard/dartboard and a water dispenser. Click behind water disp. and get chalk. Hotspot(click above by water bottle).

Go right to what looks like a fancy marble dining set and a nice impressionist painting. Notice the painting needs a code also. Behind dining set(on floor along side wall) click for some pliers.

Go right to the bar area notice click behind bar and click on top of the bottles notice tiny numbers on top of them very hard to see, spoiler above. Use those numbers on little brown box. Get wrench.

Go back to bar and zoom in on the left side and notice a box with bolts use wrench here. Get little brass key.

Go back to cupboard water disp area and use key for chalkboard.

Use chalk on chalkboard get code for painting. Spoiler3**2**7**9*** get hammer

Use hammer just right of bar there is another brick wall just right and below of center get some wire.

Make an antenna for tv. Combine pliers and wire. Put antenna on TV for door key and presto

Hi everyone.
So water cooler and under chairs hotspots not necessary or did I miss a different ending?

WT compliments of bloggers above. sorry for the rush job. there may be some sad syntax and questionable grammatical structure.

Love a red herring on a Monday!

yeah I guess those are just extras Suziegirl64.

Not a bad game if you had a jeweler's loupe...LOL

Thanks for the W/T @JJ

out with help with the chalk. I always miss a hotspot in games like these.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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