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Mayan Escape

[REPLAY] Mayan Escape is another point and click room escape game from Coolbuddy. In this game, you are locked in a Mayan room and you try to escape the mayan room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you able to escape the mayan room? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Jack]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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yea!....new game!

And now I know how to count in Mayan?

hi @nokra

have you had any luck with the wall puzzzle?

could use red and green thing, for the pink one it says " it fits but unable to turn it" whhhyyyyy?

got 3 keys (2 used), stick (used 2x), mummys hand, number code and stuck with water puzzle

There's a puzzle on the table in the first screen if you move both lights on wall.

got stone from puzzle on table, put in snake eye

Hi Everyone! Yeah ,stuck with the puzzle...do you think it will work or do we need to find missing parts?

empty torches I should say. solved puzzle and got a stone.

I've got 2 colred things in the corners of the wall puzzle, upper right won't turn

I did the wall puzzle and the tablepuzzle so far...

stuck on table puzzle

just got some sort of orange hand, pryed up case between two statues with stick.

Wall puzzle done, need another key...v e r y slow moving game for me...

oh, have 2 connect all tubes to another, open snake door

Now i opened the stone door and i can see a garden

finally got table puzzle

i'm stuck on the door bit...did the wall puzzle with water pipes and the other puzzle with the stone, but now i dont know what to do with the stone door...

Used the stick to open grave and got a glove.

how did you get the door to stay open, zazie?

Used glove on the left fountain behind the stone door but now i need a code to go further.

did anyone see a number hint (for code to garden door)???

Put the stick into the door when it is open

yessss...did the wall puzzle and opened the snake door too

The number hint is on the flag.

prolly sth 2 do with the picture above mummy, but i dont get it?

What flag ?
All i have is a paper, but i don´t get the hint.

The flag above the thomb, between the two warriors.

tomb I mean.

aha, number codes on each side adds up to solution - and out in 18:00 :)

Don´t get the hint on the flag...

I don't either, zazie, I realize its number, metal, but which ones?

Left is three dots above two lines.
So right is...

there's six stones to change, there's no stone that allows that code, small-tool.

left adds up to (SP1OI2LER) an right to (SP1OIL5ER)


I have got it by chance, i still don´t understand why ?

That's better metallhue. I will delete my comment later because it's giving away too much.
But are you sure about the first one. If so then it's different every game.

got it!

Thanks @metalhue!

I had :

left side:
2 dots
1 dot over a line
1 line

right side:
2 lines
2 dots
3 dots

out with a lot of help - thanks all

maybe not, small, some of us get frustrated too soon.

You mean not deleting the comment.
If so then I won't.

oops, sorry, u r right small-tool I remembered incorrectly, left should have been one more dot; eg. one number higher :)

but then again, if all games are different, it wont matter :p

but then again, (now) it seems they are all the same.

That's what I meant, I personally don't know where the 13 & 15 came from the code on the flag, the 3 dots on top, but after that I couldn't make heads or tails.

I don't know how to open the stone door??

Ok...I finally see the 13 and 15.
On the flag (above the tomb) parts are highlighted.
One side has 3 dots, then two palm leaves underneath. Code shows this as 13.
Other side has 3 palm leaves. This is 15 on code sheet.

But I couldn't see it until someone told me it was 13 and 15.

Ha ha ha ha ha ...too funny...I took a lot of breaks, and it said I finished in 11 minutes... You can see I had the game open for 1 hour and 20 minutes! Slo-mo really helps in timed games! LOL

@pat...You use the mummy's hand on the right side after you get the code on the left...then do right code...Look at Zazie's comment...

Sorry @pat ...I was thinking exit door...LOL
You have to use stick to keep it open...many thing have to be done before...where are you?

A VERY quick hint-through!

find stuff
use found stuff to get other stuff
move things to activate puzzles
solve puzzles
use solved puzzled to open door
use found thing to keep it open
remember how to count in Mayan

And if all else fails look closely at all the clues as the answers are ALL there!

Great game everyone!!!

Ha, never let me bring back the hand like I promised. I wonder if I'm cursed now.

I like this game but I'm stuck : I solved the puzzle on the stone table and got a round stone that I used as an eye of a snake. I solved the puzzle on the wall where the red peg fits, but the purple one won't go here. I need also a green peg (?). I still can't raise the heavy stone door, even using the hand found in the tomb !

POP : I used the stick on the spider, found the green peg and could use it with the purple peg.

It was a nice game !

Wont let me play!

Wish I knew more about Mesoamerican Cultures - Through

• Click on the round STONE on the wall to open the pedestal below.
• Click on both of the top torch holders on the sides to give light to the pedestal and to activate the puzzle.
• Solve the puzzle by making the round stone go to the lit spot on the bottom right. Once there, collect this round stone eye; close the view.
Click here to see a solution for the sliding stones puzzle
• Click on the rubble in the bottom left and find a paper with the Mayan number system.
And it looks like an almost brand new paper, without a wrinkle. So, has someone else been in that tomb before? Not the one in the tomb, that’s for sure. Maybe someone put it there to help the dumb person who happens to fall down in there? Hmm, and guess who?

• Go right.
• Take the wooden pole from the floor.
• Click on the two pieces of the wall in the bottom right of the puzzle to make them out of the way.
• Solve the wall puzzle by clicking/rotating the tiles to connect all of the ‘paths’ without a lose end.
Click here to see the solved wall puzzle

• Go right.
• Use the wooden POLE on the spider in the top left, click on the cobwebs to remove them and get the green lever.

• Go right.
• Take the red and purple levers from the statues.
• Look at the depiction on the wall (with some emphasized parts on it)… this is your NUMERICAL CLUE.
• Use the POLE again on the tomb to open it and take a creepy hand from inside.

• Go twice to the right.
• Back at the wall puzzle, put your 3 levers on their respective places (see the hole colors) to have running water in the tomb. NOTE: You can start whether with the green or the red lever, but you’ll have to place the purple one last.

• Go right… and let’s call this view the Aztec Corner… (huh…?)
• Put the round STONE EYE on the statue of the Aztec feathered snake on the right.
• Click on (move) the stone switch left from the huge stone blocking the passage to open it.
• While still open, use the wooden POLE in the door to keep it from closing… now you can go through the Aztec Door (since it has the Aztec Calendar above…)

• Use the creepy HAND on the right set of stones to activate them.
• Click on each of the stones to set the correct Mayan numbers in them, using the CLUE from the depiction inside the tomb.
Click here to see a visual solution of the Mayan numbers puzzle
• Now you can escape. Congrats! ...and watch your step next time!

great WT Edgar. Was easy up until that math puzzle at the finish. Thanks. =)

Done in 6.45. Thx for the help folks :P

Done in 4.56 with no help

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