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SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Jewel Heist Walkthrough

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Jewel Heist

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Jewel Heist is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz.com. Super Sneaky Spy Guy is on the trail of a suspect wanted for a recent jewel heist. Find a way into the hideout. Collect items, solve puzzles to retrieve the stolen jewels! Good luck and have fun!

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Geez...I can't even get in the front door. I'm guessing the key is in the light over the garage...but can't figure out how to break/open it.

Ah...there is another view when standing at the front door. Look right...feel like grilling?

And another view, going further right.

And there is a view up and you can get a key with the grill fork.

Code under the boots.
White peg on the board.
Red peg under the towels.

hi all

Going upstairs twice there is a blue peg and a rope.

Upstairs once and going right to the dining room, there is a screwdriver in the window.

oh thanks for that upstairs twice, didnt noticed that

have three pegs and abottle of water

Upstairs once and going left to the kitchen, there is a bottle and a green peg.

u can put out the fire in fireplace with water from kitchen

also a key and a screwdriver

So now i have Green, white, yellow, blue and red pegs, SD, lighter and rope

Use the screwdriver to open the washing machine.

8 pegs, rope and lighter

Where is the lighter?

and brown peg

forgot, let me check again

Nvm. found the lighter (used the key to get out of the kitchen door).
8 pegs roberto? How?

you ca go down the cliff outside to get case that can be opened with the hint from the boots

oh good small-tool, i also have black briefcase now

Only 5 pegs for me. The brown one is going outside the kitchen door and then going right.

now got a golden key

got gold kei from the case

Thanks oty.

not that there is a view down from kitchen

in room u opened with gold key u find wrench and quarter after lighting the fireplace

there´s a down view from the kitchen

also found a card under towel in new bathroom

In bedroom go right and there is a card.

opened new room with access card

Wait a minute. I haven't got a lighter. What I found was lighter fluid. Where is the lighter please?

and keycard right side

found chopsticks and hammer

@small-tool in the view DOWN from kitchen :)

another peg using hammer

Thank you so very much Egle. Never saw that view.

10 pegs now.

i cant lite the fire,where is lighter please?

used chopsticks on box in balcony to get block peg

found it

@oty lighter is in the view DOWN of the kitchen

used hammer on lamp outside

11 pegs from safe

but i have only 8 pegs, not 10

roberto, what hint did you use to open the safe?

hmmm ! sorry!!
Counted them wrong!
10 pegs.

Hint is the coin

only 9 peg.

Don´t know where to use the pegs!

Where is the safe?

Think is behind painting but how to move it?

Coin number doesn't work on my safe?

The safe is going down from the kitchen.

Safe is down the kitchen. Use wrench.

Flip it over

By the way the 9th peg you get by using the swimming trousers in the hot tub.

the ocde from the quortee dosent work,help please

Thanks roberto.

code from quorter sorry

thanks roberto

how do you get the trousers out of washing mashine?

Can´t find a way to move the painting. Anyone?

ok pop, SD

Use sd

where's the fluid for the lighter?

All I have left is the wrench, 10 pegs, lighter, coin and the suitcase.

the fluid is in the balcony, that u open using the black key

The lighter fluid is if you go outside the kitchen door.

i am at same point as small-tool

Gues fluid was in kitchen

how to get the painting off the wall

i lost my sd whet i took the shorts,how to take it back?

sorry! Thinh the lighter was in kitchen

@oty u dont need it back probably, we all lost it
@bigtank we dont know yet

In the bathroom (next to the bedroom) you can open a drawer and take a knife.

knife in bathroom draw up 2x stairs

and out

oh thanks @small-tool

Good game

Inventory disappears after you use it correctly. Though sometimes items disappear when you pick up somthing and you put it in inventory on top of another item.

I am stuck at the 4 digit safe code, quarter doesn't work, help pls

Why did we need the clue for the pegs when it's on the last safe as well?

thanks eagle,i missunderstood a previous post,i thought i neded it to get the painting off the wall,got it now

Andrea, look at the other side of the quarter.

out now

have 9 pegs only missing the purple one, does someone know where it the purple one is?

ty small tool!!

yay!!! Sneaky...love how frequently these games are now coming out...thank you Melting Mindz :)

Yeah and I could not figure out why the solution for the suitcase was right there on the suitcase as well as the boot, or why the suitcase shapes had numbers. Redherring I guess

Monique, The purple peg is in the room under the kitchen. Use the wrench on the safe and then the code from the backside of the coin.

thanks small-tool... was missing the wrench

and out.. thanks SD for this great game!!

cannot find the rope...have been looking all over...any hints please? thank you :)

You can go up two stairs and there is the rope.

I mean go upstairs to the living. And there are arrows again on top of the screen. Go there and then in the new room the rope is on the floor.

I have all the pegs...removed picture over bed...what next???

nokra, I think it was, zoom in on the place where the picture was and put in all the pegs (not sure though).

gah!!!! well *duh*...lol! thank you small-tool :) it isn't like I haven't played enough of these Sneaky games to know I need to look all areas for arrows...haha!!!! *runs to find brain*

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm still missing the purple peg...

I tried it and they don't go...tried it in the clue as well...what am I missing? Everything else went so smoothly. LOL

irishenigma, I think the brain is somehwere upstairs.

where is the wrench please?

nokra, they have to go in the little holes (not on the colors and do you have all 10?). Or maybe a bug. Sorry.

I think that my question should be : where is the wrench, please ?

now I am rockin and rollin ;) thank you again small-tool!

lolol @small-tool...yup...that is exactly where I found my brain...haha ;)

I got it, thanks to previous comments !

Well, I have got the wrench, but not the code !

TY!!!@small-tool!!! It is the black on black thing on my monitor...as usual...I couldn't see the holes ...And out!

I thought that the code should be 1884 (from the coin).

A coin has twwo faces !

i cant find the key for the door to the left of the kitchen

found the jewels and out! POP and thank you small-tool :)

found the key

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 12:22 PM  

is anyone still here I'm stuck, I can't find any keys

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 12:25 PM  

well except into the house lol

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 12:26 PM  

nvm I found one lol I think I'm talking to myself

the next key is in the fire place (I think) when you use the water bottle from the kitchen on it.

Sorry Stephanie Maxwell, missed your question.
If you're still here. I think the wrench was going up again (from the living) and then going right.

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 12:33 PM  

thanks small-tool I already got though (: hmm how do you get the picture that is glued to the wall off?

This comment has been removed by the author.

where is the orange peg

POP found it

and out! fun game!!

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 12:38 PM  

nvm figured it out (:

It's SO exciting to get these decent, real escape games from Melting-Mindz again!! I could go on forever playing these :D

Is anyone still here? Where is the coin??

You have to use the lighter (combined with lighter fluid) on the fire place in the bedroom on the top floor.

Best game of the week!

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 1:14 PM  

Loved it!!

where is the orange peg..? :P

nvmnd got itt!


- Go to the door, go RIGHT and take the GRILL FORK. Go RIGHT and go UP and take KEY #1 with the fork.
- Go BACK to the door and go in by using that key.

- Look at the soles of the BOOTS to see the CODE. Take the WHITE PEG.

- Take the GREEN PEG and the WATER BOTTLE.

- Take the YELLOW PEG and the LIGHTER.

- Use the water bottle on the fire and take KEY #2.

- Go UP (arrows) and UP; COMPUTER ROOM
- Take the ROPE and the BLUE PEG.

- Take the SCREWDRIVER and take a look at the clue on the wall.

- Use key #2 to go in. Take the LIGHTER FLUID.

- Take the BROWN PEG.
- Go OVER THE WALL (arrow on top of wall) and use the rope to take the SUITCASE.
- In the inventory; Use the code from the boots to open the suitcase and take KEY #3.

- Go DOWN, go LEFT (3x), go UP (2x), go RIGHT; TOP FLOOR BEDROOM
- Use key #3 to go in and take the WRENCH.
- In the inventory; combine the lighter fluid with the lighter and use that combi on the fireplace and take the COIN.

- Open the drawer and take the KNIFE. Move the towels and take the KEY CARD.

- Use the key card to go in and take the HAMMER.

- Take the CHOPSTICKS.

- Use the chopsticks on the little box on the table and take the BLACK PEG.

- Use the screwdriver to take the SWIMMING TROUSERS.
- Move the towels to take the RED PEG.

- Go LEFT (2x), Go DOWN (2x) OUSTIDE
- Use the hammer on the light and take the ORANGE PEG.

- Go to the DOOR, go RIGHT (2x), HOT TUB
- Use the swimming trousers in the hot tub and take the PINK PEG

- Go in the house again. GO UP, go LEFT, go DOWN; LITTLE TV ROOM
- Use the wrench on the bolt and zoom in and use the code (you can see in the inventory on the flip-side of the coin) 1792 and take the PURPLE PEG.

- Use the knife on the painting.
- Zoom in and put all the pegs in the holes according to the clue from the dining room.
- Clockwise (starting on the top);
- Open the safe and take the jewels. That's it.

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 2:32 PM  

Thanks to small-tool for the up the stairs twice hint.. That was one many of us missed I think :)

how rude, they are making me (a girl) go into the hottub with just swim trunks! lol

Thanks @Melting-Mindz! I love SSSG games! Out on my own :) I only had trouble getting into the house lol. Missed that view for a long time.

Now that's what I'm talking about! What a great game and I did it all myself. Thanks SSSG!

Yay! Except for the hammer on the lite and the card under the towel, I got thru on my own! Thanks.

all I missed was the flip side of the coin.
another great sssg game!

woooohoooo - That was the very first I solved without any help!! :))))

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