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Templar Secret Walkthrough

Templar Secret

[REPLAY] Templer Secret Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Arboy. Being locked up in the Knight Templar's cellar is very frustrating, show them that you are familiar with their secrets and find the way out! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Templar Secret Walkthrough
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It was just like making a wish :)
And what did I get?? An Abroy!!! Great! :D

Joining you.

Hi @Yvon, not doing much. Only got 2 bars and 2 plates.

One of my bars went in the middle of the floor tiles.

Hi Edgar!
Where do you found second bar?

Have 2 plates, 1 bar (used) and a lens

can only pick up the left bar.

POP found second bar

Copy the pattern of the floor tiles in the grids on both lateral walls. One takes the black tiles and the other uses the white ones. Use the shield as orientation... heard a click.

Hmmm, now I could take my bar back, but I'm thinking it was supposed to be one only... bug maybe.

Now, what I unlocked with the floor tiles is a compartment on the left wall, from the gates zoomed view. Got lens.

Yes vou're right Edgar: my second bar is "gone" on same place like first

Used the bar in the open compartment, as a lever, and pulled it down.

for the other wall, click on the white tile (upside down)

Gate open.

In the new room: a SWORD and 2 more PLATES.

I'm in second room now

Yes, @Stu. Bad news for Abroy's guys :(
Now my bar is stuck with the lens in the same inventory box... and need lots of clues here inside! LOL.

5 plates now, sword, telescope (?) and lens

Any use for the sword or the lens?

@Stu, 2 plates from the 1st corridor and 2 in the new room, where's your 5th one?

Sword used as key

I opend the colour code safe got 6th plate and key that goes in altar

Aha! Used the sword on the left little window. Got the 5th plate and an unknown item... looks like a telescope to me.

Combine new item with lens = TELESCOPE alright! LOL.

telescope + lens

Thanks @Stu, I've got the POOP!
Now, go back to the first corridor and use the telescope on the shield above the gates to see strange shapes.

count coloured windows for code. Found key and plate.

Yes have that too edgar!
But where to use?
Key in altar seems to do nothing

opened altar now with clue from shield

Ah found place to use telescope!

I'm behind you Edgar, lol
I'm downstairs now

The 6-digits code "window" has red, green, yellow and blue... the same colors in the 3 vitrals on the opposite wall. Count the colors in those to get the code to open it... get KEY and 6th PLATE.

hi all, juat starting. I only get one bae (from torch holder) and can't take it back from floor tiles. where was second bar?

i mean "just" and "bar"

wowwow, help on the altar please?

finally caught up. I would think the shapes on the altar would be how they're turned on the shield, but it isn't working

Dear Edgar and Stu,

Could you describe your problem with lens and bar?
There should be only one bar that you can use in two places (as I guess you did) - :)

Good luck, you are moving in the right direction!

@zoz, I think you only need 1 bar only. Placing it on the floor tiles makes you able to open the lateral grids.

mix the shapes one from left with one from right, i drew them on paper one on other, and got the code

nvm - got it... Joining you downstairs!

Aha! Used my key to open the altar. Going down now!

Yes and out
Good game!!!!

Help please.What did yall get for the color code?Mines not working lol

and after u put the correct shapes on altar use the key

I'll be glad to explain my experience once I'm out @Abroy... and thanks for this game! :D

nice game, i am out too

Sorry Edgar - don't see you question - thought you were downstairs before I was there (sorry for my englisch :))

uh oh - locked myself in the basement. have a new key from the chest

count the colours in windows (in all 3 windows!)

@Abroy: Thank you for such a good game!!!!

@lisa count the colour shapes from windows.
3red shapes, 4green, 4 yellow, 1 blue and also note that there are 3 windows, so count it

Ive counted the colored windows and still cant get the color code right.Help Please.

oh, well, maybe i'll catch the next one live.
meanwhile, there are those four other endings for the turtle and cheesecake game to find...

Solving a puzzle with 9 plates reveals a chest to open with your key. Get another (gray key) and a clue.

@miles1 go around the room, and u will see where to use that key

ill try to catch up.

I'm trapped in here. Used my sword to take the upper plate back.

btw, in case anyone else is as dense as i am, you have to close both wall panels to get the bar back!

Edgar are you out? I'm still stuck with the gray key

Thanks for the help,I guess I had it right but just didnt click on the right spot to open it.

out - thanks for the plate hint!

@Abroy, I took the upper plate (the one with the 2 knights heads) out from the puzzle, zoomed in the 2 right "windows" and tried to used there, but it got stuck in my cursor and couldn't do anything until i zoomed back when i tried to place it in inventory and now it's gone forever... I can't see it anywhere, and i think i need it to escape. Maybe I think to restart. Sorry guys, this one was a bit glitchy.

Edgar - I think you do need to restart. you need to put that plate in the window with the clue on the bottom.

bar: you can take it again after placed it on flor, but you can't used the second bar as lever. So you have first to close the wall paneels and take first bar back.

My fears exactly, @Miles1. I'm restarting already.

stuck with the grey key

Sorry Edgar!! I hate when that happens!

OK, played again, used the plate in the right place and escaped. Great game altogether, despite the bugs I got. Thanks again @Abroy!

Edgar, sorry to hear, we are testing it.

@Delight, use the sword to take the upper plate back from the puzzle and place it on the pedestal with the "2 is the answer" clue.

thanks Edgar...I was turning around and around :)))

i liked it. no help needed!

how do you change the figures on the altar?

@Ikke: you have first to use the telescope

it was all straightforward and logical for me (no glitches) once I figured out how to get the bar back, lol.
Thx @Arboy!

i have already used the telescope (with the lens)

@Ikke, I think you should see the shield with the telescope first... and maybe to use the "pentagon key" in the "pentagon lock" in order to change the shapes.

i've tried everything, also the key, but nothing works. Cannot change the altar, trying for several minutes now. Figured everything els out on my own, but now i'm really stuck

@Ikke, sorry to hear that... I know the feeling.
Maybe if restarting?

can't find the bar, the only thing i found was the plate that was up against the wall and that's all i found help plz

i've started all over again, but i'm stuck on the same place, at the altar. I think i'm missing something, but what?

I can't make the bar work as a handle...used it to activate the wall grid puzzles then found another and it won't work in the wall to open the door...I will restart and try to take it back and see if it works that way...

sigh. I knew if I did a walkthrough then I would miss a new game coming out. Well, here goes playing anyway.

michelle, you can turn around and if you click the door, you see a bar on the left in a torch holder

i only found one rod.

sweeti, you only need one rod (you use it twice)

second bar is a bug and wont work!
You have to close both wall panell and take the first bar back from the flour. Then you can use it as a lever.

This game is not working for me....Later!

Thanks! @ stu...got it! now, onward and upward... LOL

I posted the walkthrough for you guys!

Good luck!:)

and out. Nice game! :)

No glitches for me, but I had a hard time seeing the plates puzzle on the wall. They were a touch blurry. I got them by squinting to see when the circle looked right.

Sooo, aside from the occasional bug, to throw you off, it was a good game!LOL

Thank You lkke

HALP! how do you get out of the last room? i'm pretty sure I got everything. is it a glitch or is there something I have to do? thanks!

Templar Secret - Walkthrough

 Room 1
• You are in the some kind of hallway. You can see shield above the grate and two pictures on the sides. Zoom grate, than left column, and you can see round picture on the wall. Go back and back.
• Pick up plate 1/9 on the right side.
• Go right. Zoom door. Pickup plate 2/9 on the right. Pick up bar from the left torch holder.
• Go back. Go left.
• Zoom floor. Put bar into the hole. Go back.
• Zoom picture on left wall. Move picture. Put code: (BLACK tiles on the floor looking to the shield.)

• Move picture back on place. Go back.
• Zoom picture on right wall. Move picture. Put code (WHITE tiles when the shield is on your back):

• Move picture back on place. Go back.
• Zoom floor. Pick up bar (note that you can’t pull out bar if you didn’t put both pictures from the walls one their places). Go back.
• Zoom the grate. Zoom left column. Now you see that round picture is up and you can see some kind of hole. Pick up lens. Put the bar into the hole, pull it. Go back.
• Grate is now open. Go in the other room.

 Room 2
• Zoom right window. Pick up plate 3/9. Go back.
• Go right. Zoom armor. Pick up plate 4/9. Pick up short sword. Go back.
• Go right. Zoom left door in the wall. Open it with sword. Pick up plate 5/9 and the “tube”. Go back.
• Put lens on tube. Now you got telescope.
• Go left twice. You see three widows. There are 9 red, 12 green, 12 yellow and 3 blue glasses.
• Go right twice. Zoom right door on the wall. Put color code: 912123. Open the door. Pick up key and the plate 6/9. Go back.
•Go back in the previous room. Go right. Zoom shield with the telescope. You can see symbols. If you combine left with right symbols, you got code: "cross", "rose", "six points star". Go back.
• Go out. Go left. Zoom sarcophagus. Put the key into the keyhole. Put the code "cross","rose","six points star" (note that you can’t change tiles if you didn’t look at the symbols on the shield.
• Pick up key. Sarcophagus moves. Go down.

 Room 3
• Go right. Zoom the wall. Pick up 2 plates 7,8/9 from the niche. Go back.
• Go right. Pick up plate 9/9. Now you have 9 plates.
• Go left twice. Put plates on the center of the wall. You got puzzle. Solve the puzzle. Suddenly, grid under the exit is closed, and you are captured, bit some secret panel is now open.
• Go left. Zoom niche on the wall. Pick up key. You see "two is answer". Go back.
• Go right. From wall puzzle pick up second plate (with two heads on it) with sword.
• Go right twice. Zoom the niche on the right wall.
• Open the casket with the key. Pick up new key. Go back.
• Go right. Zoom niche again. Put the plate into the pedestal. Now, grid is removed, so you can go out.
• Go to the first room. Zoom door, open it with key. You are out!

This comment has been removed by the author.

DISCLAIMER: The above Walkthrough is NOT mine, but Abroy's. I copied, gave it a few personal touches and pasted it here, but always respecting the integrity of the original text.
I hope Abroy won't mind it, but I thought it would be fine to have it in this site as well.

A very nice game as usual! Thanks @Abroy! I got stuck in the very last part. Didn't use the sword on the solved puzzle even if I thought that piece looked really strange lol. Thanks @Edgar!

for some reason i can't fine plate 9 no matter what i do, any help?

I can't fine the 9th plate any help?

@William, it's hard to know what plate is 9th for you if you picked them up in a different order. They all are numbered in the walkthrough, so if it helps, I'd suggest you to go all the way back revisiting the previous rooms and checking the WT for your missing plate.

Wow, what a great game!!
Needed help on getting out of the basement though, but found all codes by myself :))

@Truus cute smiling sun avatar!

And I agree, the basement was hard. I didn't think to use the sword.

Great game!

thanks @kitkatfox.
Wishing everyone a Wonderfull Summer!!

i dun understand d shield code..

For all those having trouble at the altar puzzle with the key, like I did, eventhough I used the magnifying glass: it seems to be very pixel sensitive and it took me several clicks in the approximate area of the lock to get it open. Keep clicking in that approximate area seems to usually do the trick.

nice game :)

Even thought this is a replay... still thought it would pass the time lol. Took ages to get the bar back, had to do them wall puzzles about 10 times each! Then my key disappeared that I was meant to use on the alter.... Can't be bothered to start again, but I think I remember playing it before and it was good :)

I remember this one too - still a good game. Luckily I didn't have any of Jo's problems.

That's the first time one of these games actually showed me the outside that I was escaping to. Yay!

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