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Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me Walkthrough

Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me

[REPLAY] Sabatoraseijin - Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Sabatoraseijin. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a big problem. There are five possible endings in this game. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me Walkthrough

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lets play!

Hi all...anyone else in the room? Five possible endings AND a language barrier! Oh well, here goes...

i found alot of stuff.. a hatchet? rocking horse eye straw? coin(s?) whisk rod knife round brown thing a towel npink floral ring thing book and key. i took the eye out of one statue and put it in another. completly stuck!!

well i have a lot of items but i dont know what i have to do

Also not a clue! I think maybe we're meant to collect coloured beads (jewels?) which get placed on the green book. I've only found a blue one though! @Sweeti - where did you find a key?


loading ...

No idea what to do. Used the blue pearl/bead on the rooster above fireplace but that's all.

I'll take that back. It can be used on dolphin also and who knows what else. Does not do anything though.

i have ax, horse, green food, coins, 3 wood items, 2 white things, 1 green book, 1 key ...

Does anyone speak Japanese? It might help. I'm totally lost - nothing seems to do anything and nothing seems to be able to combine with anything else.

Bottom right corner under left of two windows is a weird clue. Fire breathing rabbit with wings and a fish tail.

not me, fiver

@ peke, I saw that and expected it to help me greatly, but no ...

Peke, I saw that. But like all the other pictures and statues in this damn game, it doesn't help. Even the key doesn't seem to want work! Grrrr, 'bout to give up.

little bolt on bottom left of blue painting between windows

There's also a view of a nail (?) on the bottom left of one of the pictures (and me without my hammer). You can also view a round ceiling with what looks like something you need, but the stick doesn't work to reach it.

SuzieGirl, how do you know there are five possible endings (that's a lot!) ?

on sheep view, if you click bottom of screen, you see desk with stack of books, you can get a purple book plus a stack

Ok what do we have?

A knife
A wooden bowl (bucket?)
A wooden stick
A whisk
A hatchet
A wooden horse
Green grass (hay?)
A white towel (or sheet?)
A pink object with flowers and butterfly on (what is it?!)
A blue bead or jewel
A key with a red stone in
A green book

Anyone have anything else?

You can look up at the ceiling and see something out of reach

There is a locked cupboard to the left of fireplace

There is a weird drawing of a fire-breathing rabbit/dragon/dolphin creature

The blue bead goes on several things including the book but doesn't seem to do anything.

I've tried feeding the llama/sheep thing with the grass. I've tried putting all the objects on all the pictures but nothing!!

Anyone got any thoughts? We need help that is for certain!!

@suzie, i do not have knife, but I have more books (see my post above)

Found a knife! On the left side of the half horse half fish picture

oops, guess you have the knife already, LOL

Found key with blue stome in purple book

nvm, i found knife ,,,duh

@suzie, good find in purple book

Where Suzie? I have the purple book with the horse on front, but just a bunch of Japanese writing inside.

This key doesn't actually work either! Do you think we're meant to get the stones out of the keys? I keep trying but nothing!

@mayberry - good finding the books!

@ Fiver - I just went through the book a couple of times and there it was!

That inventory is a pain to use.

ooh! Click on the fireplace while highlighting the stack of books! Lets explore!

A mouse
a butterfly picture
a coded box
a pink book
a white bowl
a cupboard with a wire or something hanging in there....

@suzie, did it get you anywhere?

oh, i'm with you now ...

I don't think it's the books but unlocking the left side of fireplace with purple key that opens the fireplace..

jewels will go in box in cabinet when we get 4 of them and code

Now I have a girl in the fireplace room!

still no luck finding key in horse/fish book! :(
There must be a trick to it.

i just met her too, suzie, after i left and re-entered fireplace room

The mouse gave me some cheese!

im late ok catch up!

@fiver, i think i flipped through it until i saw a pink margin on right, clicked it, then went backwards to first page and key was there

POP - don't give up after 10 tries on the book, LOL.

Using logic I gave the mouse some of my wooden coins, there was a dinging noise, I backed out, zoomed in to the mouse again, and got some cheese.

Ah! Very logical indeed Ella. WTF!?

good find, ella

Maybe the "coins" are biscuits (cookies) for the cheesecake base?

The cheese goes into the bowl for some reason.

I had the idea we should use the wooden bucket for milking the sheep after giving it the grass to eat. It didn't work but THAT was logic!! ha ha!

@peke, i cant figure out what else to add

You know how some of the items are grouped together in the inventory? I think we're meant to combine the cheesecake ingredients in one inventory group. When zoomed in on my bowl I tried to add the cheese and it joined that group along with the whisk, knife, round wooden frame and the stick. I am in the process of attempting to add the remaining coin/cookie to the mix.

i'm sure the girl told me something in Japanese that I really needed to know ...

My cheese is hovering above my white bowl. Not sure if it's stuck or that's what is meant to happen. I guess we're making cheesecake.

combined barrel with beater and cup with folded cloth

@mayberry - yes, a cheesecake recipe!

@susan, how did you combine?

@ Susan - How? I've tried every combination and nothing works. Is there a knack I'm missing here?

ya know cant really say.... think i was clicking like crazy in my inventory

might have had this or that enlarged then used
one or the other....sorry

they are grouped.... have to open one then click on other for it to show in inventory... dont know what it means yet

OK I've had enough! I am off to bed and look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour tomorrow! Good luck and night night!

oh, i have 5 of them together

maybe its automatic cause only so many spaces in inventory =(

night, suzie

is that stick or a cigar or w h a t?

ok, i have a new angle - each time you go back to the desk of books (bottom of sheep view) you can take a new stack and leave it somewhere else in the room ... this will lead to a yellow key that wont work anywhere ...

and now i have a little boy outside a window and a locked box above the window

Thanks @mayberrygunslingers. I was losing hope..

@peke ... but now i'm stuck

Good find Mayberry... Where did you put the stacks? I put the 2nd book stack in the pigeon alcove but can't find a place for the 3rd.

most of them go on bookshelf in room behind fireplace

i'm down to the final stack, but can't find a place for it

Did you find the place for the last stack?

nope, stuck

I have placed all but the last stack, but no key, no locked box, no boy. What am I missing?

@ella, the key was under one of the stacks, dont you have a yellow one in your inventory now?

boy is outside window by sheep, i dont know how i opened it

I cannot shake that weird drawing off my mind. Could it represent elements? Fire(fire)-Earth(rabbit)-Wind(wings)-Water(fish)
Not that it would help anything at this point..

Oh, okay, thanks. I think I picked that up with the first stack. I have 3 keys total. Will take a look around for this boy! I have tried and failed to combine EVERYTHING. I thought maybe the empty table we got the books from was supposed to be where we made the cake, but no luck.

@peke, that sounds way too logical for this game

Ah, the yellow key is what you use to open the window by the sheep.

if you say so, ella - my brain cant remember anything at this point

@mayberry I think you are right.

well, boys and girls, its bedtime here in the U.S. - happy hunting!

And above the window is a place for the other unused key.

I tried to chop down the door with the hatchet. Seemed logical to me. Didn't work. :(

I heard a click when I did that Peke, but nothing happened.

I thought the same things Ella about using the empty table to make the cheesecake, but no luck. I'm also not having luck combining things in inventory either.

I can't pick up the stack of books ?? and no purple key for me anyone know the secret handshake in Japanese to do it ??

It's not about a handshake Clee. You gotta hold your tongue just right. I still have one stack of books that will not go anywhere.

I give up. Bad timing for a live game for me. It's 7:00 AM here and I'm dead tired. Good luck for everyone :)

I found a box with a lock above the window with the boy but can't get in that either

@Clee... I don't have a purple key. If I did, I don't remember, and it must be gone now. I do have yellow, red, and blue keys.

Yes I have the colors you do but must be a thing you do to pick up the books wish I knew it ..I think I saw purple gets you in the fireplace and then you can do things lol

Am so stuck.

Do you have 3 individual books?: a reddish one with a horse on it, a green one with some circles on it; and a pink one with a flower on it?

I wonder if we find a turtle if it would help us? (The title of the game). LOL!

I think it was the blue key you use just to the left of the fireplace base. Then you can go into the fireplace.

I put the blue stone in the lion and was able to get a stack of books lol

I was able to put the stack of books with the pigeon

Yeah! One stack of books goes on top of fireplace, to left. Four stacks go in fireplace room. One stack goes by the pigeon. Still cannot find place for last stack of books.

There is also an orange stone/gem on the butterfly in fireplace room, but can't get that out either.

I'm done... can't do anything else.

I have all the books now one stack i can't find a place for thanks Anita :)

i am thinking the arrow going clockwise in green book has something to do with the direction of where to put the blue stone for something..... working on that. pffffffffffff

anybody figure out what button on bottom left of of blue frame pic does yet?

I think I've caught up with everyone and now as lost as you all.LOL
what to do with books and empty table?

Locked door above window with boy.
Non of my keys seem to work

no body still playng?

need 2 more marbles for box in fireplace room and code .

Any one still playing?

RYGB possible code for box (woman's hair color)
but need red and blue marble.

still here.........still no luck....pic of blue dress lady with red hair... the hair dings but no ideas

cant get red marble from butterfly

me either. I give for now... try again in am. niters

sweet dreams

Almost 2AM I need some sleep too.
Try this again in the morning.
Good night and good luck to anyone still playing .

I found the turtle, with a green key and another ball (click between purple and green pictures on the wall)

i put the last group of books near the turtle. after I took the desk (where the books were) and found scissors, horse and orange book. with scissors I cut the towel and made a rope

I want to provide some clues. U_U
Find the green key!
And the green pearl with the turtle!

It's in the box to the black girl with rainbow hair ... you click on the left down on the frame.
The latest books are put on the turtle:)

I have scissors, box or table and orange book. The found in the library ... hahaha ... well I went to see if he could roll the dough (?) on the table and I could take, below it a small square with scissors, orange book and a drawing of a horse.
Using scissors and peel off the flame looks beautiful!
I seized the wool .. for what?
I put the box on the screen where there are two windows ... the left side and I got to see the box .. I found a metal bar or auger.
There is a picture of a fish.
With the auger remove the nail in the blue box, in the two windows,,, and he found the back of a ladder.
Place the ladder at the door and I went up with the picture of the wolf .. Hence there is a book that gave me a map ... and a lock ... I opened with the green key.
and gave the map to the boy in the window ...
And I appeared a winged tiger on the roof, where the gray pot that we can not.
Tiger I under the gray bucket ...
And I found a blue key ... no pearl, but simple. (Next to the rabbit with wings)
I opened the cabinet by the door and found a kind of thermos or container with lid. And a statue of a cat ..
I stayed there ... I'm going to sleep.
Sorry to come and leave clues .. but I often have come to read to finish my games.
Thanks and Bye
Greetings to Edgar.

Sorry I'm using a translator ... not English. : (

cannot find the turtle...dont know whats the exact point on the frame to click :((((

Amelia you are amazing! I"ll try play and add something usefull now :-)

The eye of the shaved lama is a brown/orange marble. And you can open the green book using any of the marbles in the middle pocket. I think we need the marbles as eyes as well later on.

You have to open thing first Delight, I think use one of the keys on the box above window with boy.

I found the purple ball near the fire (sx)

Where exactly Sylvia?

at the left of fireplace (near the locking door)

Nothing there yet, so I need to do something else first I think.

where are the scissors?
And i can not see the eye of the lama.
the hint through is not logic to me.

The scissors are under the table that held all the stacks of books. Amelia is perfectly logic if you take your time and go step by step.

Got the scissors!
After you took all the books from the table and put them in al over the room you can take the table.
Underneath the table there is a picture with a horse click on it and there are the scissors and the orange book.
Now i am stuck.

Ah, after unlocking the foxlock I can zoom into the left grey doorholder on the floor. Cannot do anything with it yet.

shear the sheep and the eye is another ball. before to find the purple one I only used green key on the ladder and red key on the window with child

Put the table in front of the left window (in the scene with the two windows and a blue picture in the middle) got a crowbar now.

I can't find the "simple blue key" near the rabbit, neither the purple ball near the fireplace, nor get the bucket where the tiger was ?

Sylvia where is the ladder?

you can get bals from keys - use nail

I can't find the purple ball eather.

got the purple ball :)

The simple blue key falls out of the bucket the tiger knocks down. Ladder is behind blue pic after you use crowbar on nail.

the ladder is behind the blue picture, when you get the nail off

Boy came back, tells me something (no idea) dinged the first time I clicked but not again.
Looking for something that may have changed

Thnx Christina i put the ladder at the big doors and went up the ladder i only see a picture with a wolf.
Is there something to take on that view?
Moka where did you found the purple ball?

When I use the key with the green marble on the wolf (above door) I hear a click, but nothing happens. No purple marble for me either next to fireplace. I'm wondering what we have to do with black cat statue. LOL, I tried to axe almost everything in the room, but no luck.

@ Feminin Use the stick, afther that there is another view.

using the green key a tiger appear under the roof

Christina i did that, but i don't get another view.
Is there a certain spot i have to click with the stick?

Under the snout of the tiger perhaps. It has been a while, but there is a hotspot in the lower left corner.

The lock is on bottom left corner on the wolf view.
I don't know how the purple ball appeared, I went back and it was hear.
The tiger is gone but didn't push the bucket nor give me a key.
The black cat view is available from the beginning, there was a token by it.

Aha purple marble suddenly appeared!
No idea what marbles should go in book and what marbles should go under fireplace.

I think somehow you took a different path that leeds to a different ending Moka. My tiger didn't disappear, the tokens were in my inventory from the start and I wasn"t able to see the black cat (restarted to make sure)

Thnx Christina!
Got it now.
i got a blue book a normal key and a pan?? or something like that, but still no purple marble.

Christina the same here the tokens were already in my inventory.

Let me be sure the purple marble can be found on the left side of the fireplace with the view of the door with the lock?

OK, thanks, that's why Amelia's key was near the rabbit and yours was under the bucket... I have to find where it's hidden in my version :)

It was near the rabbit, but it fell out of the bucket Moka. Perhaps for the purple marble the tiger needs to leave. and for that the boy needs different answers I think.

Does anybody else's lama get their hair back again and again?

Yes Christina.

I have to stop now, thunderstorm approaching so I need to get my animals inside and rescue some plants. Be back later.

I have 5 colored marbles, and it looks like we need a lot more judging by all the empty spaces.

Could someone combine the wooden bucket and the beater, as the earlier players managed to ?

Black pearl. So now I have 10. Probably need 2 more.

i had the 4 marbles, and tried it on the blue box, and now 3 marbles,cant get it back , but when i look in about item, there is 4 marbles. Did anybody have this problem

only have 9 pearls, where did you get the black one please?

I finally got the purple marble by clicking on the boy and back out again.
I clicked on that boy more then a hundred times.

and now i tried the marlbes on the green book and a marble is gone,but in about item it shows 4 , but can take only 2. Dont understand this game

I put the wool under the picture between two windows and clicked on it. There was the black pearl.

Moka i couldn't combine the wooden bucket and the beater.
Peke where is the black pearl?

By the way i only have 5 marbles how did you get 10???

Thanks Peke, got the black one!!
Feminin try to read Amelia's post, there are a lot of hints!

Moka i did, but only found 6 marbles,

I only have black, bronze, cyan, yellow, purple and light green marbles, what and where are the others, please.

Ok never mind!
I didn't know i could take the marbles from the keys with the nail.
Now i have also 10 marbles

Knotaklu read my previous post.

I thought we had to put the color of the pearls for the book like the colour of the pictures in the room, roundclock as one of the book said, but it doesn't work for me

I have 10 marbles too, but where to put them (book + blue box in fireplace, but don't know what order)

Thank you Feminin.

Hmm we need two more marbles from looking at inventory
I have black, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, red, light blue, yellow, light green.

Still seems like we need 12

Anyone knows what to do with the rope? (cut blanket with scissors)

the blue box is the one I lost my pearl, but what color , dont know the last hole cant take it or put a marlbe there , but still have my pearls in the about item.. with the one I cnt get back would make it only 7, but shows 8 in inventory

I think we have to find some more books.
There are 6 paintings with the same color of the books and we only have 5.
I think we missing the black book.

9 shades (From pink to purple) in rainbow hair?

I had the same bug, sherry12, but with the orange book and the orange pearl, stuck on the book but still in my inventory...

cant pick up the wool, does anyone remember what you use to pick it up please before my hair turns white

tried to hang myself with the rope or strangle the llama or one of the kids, didn't work :(

On the bottom of the screen of the game i see a green word in Japanese is that a save button?

The Blog has crashed 3 times on me so far

@moka thanks, for letting me know, because I didnt want to start over again. I thought I did something wrong

Sherry12, i had to cut the lama's hair a couple of times before i could take it.

sherry12 cut lama 3 times

@Sherry I couldn't take it immediately either. I had to do some other things first(don't remember what).

@Moka: this game makes us do crazy things ;-)

I'm getting bored because of lack of "good" clues. Maybe the clues are in Japanese, too bad I don't understand it.

I used blue marble on cat statue at the right side of door.and dark orange marble on turtle .this gave me a bear and a cow on some paintings.used bucket with cow,got milk.used axe ath the bear painting.cut wood.got homey jar.placed the bucket from the monster on ceiling to the girls room at left wall.put milk in it.ad wood under bucker.and the green thing on wood.

LOL@Moka, been doing the same, plus whacking everything with the ax.
Doesn't do anything but I feel a little better.

woaw, put the red eye in the rooster, and when I got back there was an egg!

mine must be bugged, because i did it 8 or 9 times, still cant pick it up

I can't zoom on the right cat

- egg goes with bowl and cheese
- dark green pearl in dolphin's eye make a sound

I have 9 coloured gems now. Looks like I need 3 more.

Purple marble only appeared after I clicked on the boy at the window (the 2nd time he appears after getting the map)

My tiger flew away and didn't knock the grey bucket down!

I didn't get the blue book, a normal key or a pan!

Has anyone else found the lion picture? You get it by clicking in the right hand window in the 2 windows view. Can't remember now if I found any goodies there or not.

Moka if it makes sound go and click on green painting near the fireplace

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