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Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me Walkthrough

Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me

[REPLAY] Sabatoraseijin - Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Sabatoraseijin. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a big problem. There are five possible endings in this game. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me Walkthrough

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I have a lemon. Tried my other gems on the other animal statues, but no extra sounds. Dolphin makes sound, chicken gives egg.

Lemon comes from picture after placing gem in dolphin

oh yeaaaah thanks a lot Ninde, now I have lemon for my cheesecake :))
Suzie : tiger didn't get me the bucket too, so I can't get the blue key :(

I'm quitting, this game is no fun for me. I'm going to watch my DVD of Shutter Island and fold/iron some clothes

Good luck to everybody !!

I get nothing from any picture with orange pearl in turtle's eye

put brown ball in turtle eye - paint with red frame will be changed

I have 10 pearls but none is brown?

bugging again, it says I have 10 pearls but only 8 are in the inventory, don't know where the brown one has gone

Thanks Ninde

I put the brown ball in turtles eye. Now red framed picture has changed. I've placed the wooden horse on the tree stump. Went away and returned to collect honey.

Can anyone tell me how to access the cat statue on the right of the doors. Also the locked cupboard on the right?

to open right cupboard you need blue key which sholud be next to picture of evil rabbit


when a flying tiger comes to the ceiling,you have to choose third sentence.then it gives you the bucket.after go to the two windows wiev.check left side where a rabbit was.you will see a blue key.they key goes to the right side locker on door wiew.in the locker is a cat statue.use blue marble there.then go check paintings.you will see a cow

Thanks Ninde & Sishyphos

Unfortunately, I must have done the wrong thing with the flying tiger as he flew away without dropping the grey bucket or the blue key! I don't know what kind of ending I can get now. IF this game ever ends of course!

I think we need 2 more ingredients for the cheese cake.
I have the cheese lemon and egg.

Suzie did you try to open the lock by the wolf painting again so that the tiger returns?
Maybe it helps.

Now i also put the honey with the cheesecake ingredients.

tiger didn't returns , I have the same problem

you can save the game by clickin the japanese word in green at the text side at the bottom of game screen.then if you open gama in a new window you will find the flying tiger up.

@feminin 21

how to mix the ingredients?

Sishyphos if you enlarge the white bowl in your inventory and clik for example the eg and click it away with the x you will see the egg is highlighted and the bowl is still enlarged in you screen click inside the bowl and you have put it in the bowl.

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 7:07 AM  

Hi everyone!
i'm stuck too. No blue key, no grey bucket! The tiger's gone without doing anything.
I can't take the orange marple from the butterfly. It's getting boring without no real clue!
Can somebody help me?

I started again, did get the bucket, blue key and cat statue this time :)
I wanted to milk the cow but can't figure how?

Tropha read the previous post that Sishyphos wrote.

aaaand another bug: now I can't mix my ingredients...

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 7:13 AM  

@Feminin21 :
I've tried to save and reload the game but I'm starting all over again as if I never played at all.
This game is full of bugs!

After furious clicking I finally got lemon, honey and egg added to the bowl. I think I used the whisk in some point and then could add more ingredients.

and my flying tiger's back although I already have the unuseful bucket...

@tropha.at the beginning of game there are 4 words in japanese.i am saving.opening game in new tab.and when I click left bottom word it starts where i left

I can't use the whisk.

no chance with adding things in bowl :(

I can't find the turtle to put the last stack of books on... I tried Amelia's hint, but got nothing.

use the bucket which flying tiger gives in cheminee room where girl stands.hang it inside the left wall.then with brown bucket get milk from cow in one of the paintings.and pour milk in gray bucket.woods under bucket.

@Jen: u have to turn the key above the boy first.

@ Sishyphos: try the cheese first, then use the whisk and then ad egg, lemon and honey. I'm sure we need to make fire to curdle the milk to add as last ingredient to the bowl. Then we can use the oven above the milk. I think the square box is the cakeform.

check the caps for turtle.click on red circles place


       Anonymous  7/12/10, 7:30 AM  

Well, I did try as you said but nothing happens. The game doesn't even load!
Thank for the tip though

I hung the bucket but still can't get milk from the cow with the other bucket?
Also where did you get wood for the fire?

@Moka: place the bucket under the udders, then click the udder for milk. The wood is the branch from the tree in the bear picture, cut with axe and then cut again in about item.

Maybe the flying firebreath picture is really about the tiger?

the problem is.cheese and bowl are together.but my whisk is in the same item box with bowl and 7 other items.i cant select whisk separately.
god this game is killing.

Yes you can sishypos, open the bowl in about item, then select the whisk from the same pic and use it. Took me some effort but it does work.

Oh yes thanks Christina, after using the whisk I could finally add the other 3!!

you can add the green hay to the new fireplace

yippiii hurrayyyy thanks Christina:))finally at last i am gonna make the cake :D

Christina i have all the ingredients by the bowl put i can not use the whisk with it.

where do we put the purple and the orange or yellow pearl to get into the purple and orange/yellow pictures?
I think I've tried all the animals

You already have Feminin, or you wouldn't be able to place the egg etc. I happened to hear a pling, but otherwise I woudn't have noticed.

Looking for the same thing Moka, and looking for a combination for the green book and/or the blue box. And looking for a way to light a fire (trying desperatly to make a torch and let the tiger light it) and a way to take the orange pearl from the butterfly.

my tiger is back on ceiling.could not find what to do with it.and have to go.thanks for hints people

Ow now i understand my sound is off.

@Christina: Which boy?

@Jen the boy outside the window. You really need to go back and read comments if you haven't found the boy yet.

Hello everybody! Where is the cow? I placed the light blue marble in the cats eye and it gave a sound, but I can't find a picture with a cow.

it's the blue picture

@ friwi It's the blue picture that had the ladder.

Thank you Moka and Christine. I have placed the sheet on the hair and it now looks like a table.

I tried all marbles with the lama, nothing. Just that you don't waste time.

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 8:50 AM  

Hi guys!
may someone tell me how to take the orange marble from the butterfly? And where is the last marble?

what sheet friwi? The one with the butterfly? Have to eat now, but will be back.

I put black pearl to horse and light green to the fish. Opened the black painting. Got turtle and blanket from there..

Seems I could go out now...

It actually is a bed. I also added the cover I found in the black painting. The sheet was in the same group as the glass.

where is the horse ?

Horse is in the middle of the room where the stacks of books and a box were.

right , was forgotten

black on horse and lightgreen on fish does not work for me

Maybe you are already on different path to a different ending.. I just re-checked and it works for me. I'll reload and try to find other endings.

me neither for horse and fish :(

@moka: maybe we should do something first

has anyone opened the black cupboard next to the black picture?

I didn't. But I used it to tie a rope made from bedsheets and climbed down. That was the first ending I found. Now looking for a second. Made bed from those sheets instead of cutting them with scissors.

Ok it's a bug tosca, I reloaded the game and now there was a sound when I put the light green ball into fish's eye, and black picture changed :)

nooooz, this can't be the end of the comments!
I cut my sheet up into a rope long ago, so can't make a bed. haven't used the rope either, and can't mix ingredients in bowl. I only have egg. hony. lemon, and cheese in same picture as bowl. Milk is in bucket over wood. what have I missed?

Thanks Peke for the first ending :)

and what to do with turtle and box from black picture? tried to combine them (maybe it's a Box Turtle?) but no go

well, i just used the scissors on my blanket and made another rope, then tied it to the sheet-rope and tied that to the black table for Peke's ending.
Thank you @Peke!!!
i'll have to come back to this one later...

I did not make the cheesecake before getting out. I'm still rying to figure out the milk and how to use the rest of the stuff to get a different ending.


Thanks for all the help on this game it was needed . I just found out that you have to have all the gems back to place the Black and light green then it makes a noise to let you in the black picture :)

is anybody out other than climbing the rope?

I can't climb that rope with all the clues I didn't use yet , I need 2 more gems and make the cheesecake or life will suck today hehe

I found another way to get out, even without the stupid cake: place the butterfly thing on the bed. Its a cushion. You will then dream about a lama and get out.

Good find. I never thought that it would be a cushion. I still want that cheesecake though. Sadly I have run out of ideas.

what is the butterfly thing friwi? i missed it i guess

The people on a turkish board seem to be quite advanced, but I don't speak turkish. Moreover I lost my yellow marble. I'll leave with the lama dream. Have fun!

Sisyphos, it is a thing that looked like a glass for me. I found it quite in the beginning, but I don't remember where. It goes into the inventory left of the cake ingredients. I am sorry, I can't help.

as a summary .i got 10 marbles.the unused coloers are :dark blues,dark yellow,purple,light yellow.
the unused animals are :wolf,bird at right of door,lion,pidgeon next to lion.
i tried all unused marble chances on lion and pidgeon.nothing worked.same for wolf and bird.

i think i m gonna leave this with rope end.

good luck all

I'm having trouble finding the purple gem again wich means I can't milk the cow yet or claim the bedscheet (brown one). I wish someone would translate what the books say.

purple gem: under green prent

I know where it is tosca, just not what triggers it to be there.

I like this game. If only there wasn't the language barrier, it would be great. I've spent hours on this! I really enjoy gathering all the stuff, but this is just too much random shooting. Such a shame :(


talk to the boy again.that is the trigger for purple marble.or it worked for me

@ Sishyphos

Thank you, that was the trick. The game is a bit buggy, I didn't have to milk the cow this time. Still looking for fire and 2 other endings (and I like this game too, even if there is a language barrier. Shame the language is always on drawings so translators don't work.)

I got a lama-end by making a bed and go to sleep. XD

this is a very tough game even if you understand Japanese.
some clue are very vague and leap the logic, I think.

The save function is available. Click the green letters in message area.
Game menu is
1.New Game 2.Skip intro
3.Continue 4.Delete data
so click left bottom to continue.

for making fire; Hint:
Put the clan symbols(3eyes symbol on the blue book) on butterfly, wolf and lion.
you need patience to make cheese cake:D
raw cream from hot milk and put it to the bowl.
shake the raw cream to make butter, and put butter to the mold.
when you are found by the watch dog try to cut the cheese cake to pieces.

for the last orb; Hint
the clue says 何人? (You can see it after solving 1st puzzle of the green book)
this has dual meanings. "How many people? What are the colors of the people?"
Put some orbs on the green book.

for the door lock:
from the blue book and the clue from the ghost when you show him the orb.

make sure to put only correct orbs on animals/book.

Wow it made fire hehe but haven't been able to take the milk yet to make butter..so it was blue in the butterfly , brown in the lion , black in the wolf to make the fire . Still trying to make that cheesecake

Still not understanding I was able to change the books in the fire , but I can't get the milk and can't get that blue box to work I don't know what colors it needs . and placing gems in book isn't working . If someone gets it please post . And one other thing the making the fire didn't ding when gems were placed correctly.

Got the cream. Used the wooden pail/bucket on hot milk and scooped the cream from it with thermos cap.

I made butter thanks Peke lol

Well you helped me with the color combination.

As for the red book;
dip the book in the pond/burn the book, and you can see the clue for the flying cat, bear in the wood.
You guys have already done w/o noticing that:)
You can repair the book by putting burnt/dipped book on the tree stump.

The code for the blue box: red-black-green-purple. You have to solve Japanese mindtwisted riddle.

After passing the door you have to choose option "give his uncle a cheese cake?" Yes(left), No(right)

It's like christmas hehe I have the cake pan thanks Xenon ;)

Milked the cow again, boiled milk, scooped cream, added it to thermos and now I'm shaking thermos.

Thanks Xenon. I needed that pan to crush the biscuits with wooden stick :)

I got cake! Finally :) And now I see a dog.

I can't place the second thermos with the milk , I was able to shake but =nothing comes out

Use it on the rectangular box thingy. Then milk the cow again and add the milk to the box.

I think I just got 3rd ending by mistake. (Dog begging)

Strange I can keep putting the milk on the fire but it won't go into anything after that , I have the cookies crumbled and on extra spot in the bowl things but nothing is working *sad

The extra spot in bowl is for just plain cream. Scoop the cream in thermos cap and add it into bowl.

You'd better to save the game before baking cake.
the watch dog is a little irritating.
Keep trying to click cake and dog (and arrow?)for zooming up cake. and the use the knife on cake to give the dog a piece.

Thanks I have cheesecake now and saved , no hungry dog yet :)

I have been reading your comments for days. I am not patient enough for games that I don't understand, but I enjoy reading your progress. You all are doing an amazing job. :)

Just being your cheering section -- rah rah rah!

Yeah. I've cut the cake but can't give a piece to the dog..
I'll take that back. As I was writing this I tried to use the arrow and game didn't end. Onwards..

fed the dog now what ?? this game has no ending I think lol

It's OK. If you are found by his uncle you will get the 3rd ending.

Give the piece to the Ghost(It's not a girl but the ghost of uncle's father) and go ahead.
After that you can hear the clue for the door lock from the ghost.

BTW story-line is as follows.
You and your pet turtle are locked by his uncle because of some reason.
Your objective is to find your turtle and escape.
The boy outside the window is a servant of his uncle.
His uncle and uncle's father liked cheesecake.
So you need cheese cake for the true ending.

Got the third end awhile ago. Now I'm thinking about that green book puzzle.

See the tapestries on the wall and use the clue that I posted at 23:17.
You need only two orbs for the green book.

My brain is dead. Colors are swirling in my head. Maybe I need a long break..

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 7:21 PM  

How did you make fire?

The people are only black and white I've tried them in all the places must have missed one * the right one * lol

Fire was butterfly, wolf and lion, Blue,brown,black gems in the eyes

Now that you said that. White to the second place clockwise and black to fourth(down). Gives twelfth ball..

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 7:33 PM  

Clee thank you. But I try that and nothing happen.
I tried with light blue and dark blue... nothing happens.

try orange, not brown..

Let me rephrase that.
If top position is 0 then clockwise white=1 and black=3

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 7:45 PM  

Thanks Peke. Try that too. Tried every combination... Nothing. I don't wont to start the game again... after you put the gems what is supposed to happen? The wood under the milk starts to burn?

So you have put in place the kettle/pot, wood and kindling(?, green stuff) if so then the fire should start.

Yea!! I have pink now lol

Got out of the door finally..
Many thanks to all, especially Xenon and Clee who helped me so much in finding the door ending.
I am SO not gonna write a walkthrough..

wait Peke I can't give the ghost cake or open a door I have 12 gems now lol

Show the pink pearl to the ghost and then go back to first room and place the pearls in order that Xenon said. Well, I'll just put it in here:

Thanks so much you made my night good :)

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 8:17 PM  

Yeah I think I have everything
here's a SC

I think I now have all the 5 endings. Last two depend on what you answer to the question after opening the door.

I like the door ending gods children are free LOL weeee! I liked the game to bad I didn't know what was being said to me but I wanted to finish it ;)

Make sure that you've put only 3 orbs in the animals.
If you put other orbs it won't work.

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 8:25 PM  

I just did it.
dark Blue=butterfly

Seems OK to me.
Are you sure you inserted
orange pearl in the lion,
blue in the butterfly,
black in the wolf?
It should give a sound if it worked.

Too much colors in this game. People get confused. (dark/light blue and green, color perception differs quite much)

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 8:34 PM  

Thank you. It worked. I'm already milking the cow again.

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 9:09 PM  

How do I cut the cake and give it to the dog? I clicked on the window saw the dog and now can't get out of there...I keep clicking in the arrow but can't get out of there or do anything.


I can't get the cream from the milk. I know nobody is around, but I hope for POP!

It worked! You have to take the pearls out first.

Noe I have cream with the other ingredients in the bowl, butter in rectangular box and a third milk in the bucket. I can't get it into the butter, and I don't have a pan to crumble the cookies. Hope POP will help again.

Well, I somehow got the butter out of the thing. But still can't crumble cookies, nor mix everything together. I'll give up now and hope somebody passes by to let me know, how to finish.

I finally got the cake (by cheating on the box code). No watchdig appeared, can't cut cake and burnt several books.

Got the last pearl. Ghost did not want cake. I inserted the pers as Xenon said, but apparently you need ghosts hint before. And the perception of colors is totally different for me. Maybe somebody could post clue again with numbers instead of colors.

The color of the orb/ball/pearl in the inventory
1.black 2.blue 3.brown 4.green

5.orange 6.pink 7.purple 8.red

9.cyan(light blue) 10.white 11.yellow 12.yellowishgreen(light green)

Did you bake the cake-dough?
You have to put the dough into the box above the fire.

plese, help. I'm not able to mix the ingredients in the bowl (I think I have all of them: lemon, honey, milk cream, egg, cheese; I also have the pan with crushed biscuits and butter)


You have to do it in an order I think I used whisk first lol
Go with the cheese first then egg and I think it goes easy after that , if not try the darn whisk it's a job to make this cheesecake

Thanks Clee, but I already have all ingredients in the bowl (above it). I'm not able to make a dough with them and/or to put it in the pan. I tried in every way

I have put the dough in the square pan. I'm trying to bake it, but I can't put it into the box above the fire...

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 4:46 PM  

Anyone there? I have to finish this damn game... I cut the cake and gave it to the dog. I think I gave it... when i clicked in a piece of the cake and then the dog it made a sound... but nothing else happen. What do I do next? I tried playing with everything, but nothing happens.

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 4:48 PM  

Maria Angeles the pan for the cake is in the blue box and it's round.

That is a tricky part. I just clicked randomly at the dog, the cake and the yellow arrow(down/back), then I finally was able to cut the cake and gave a piece to the dog and backed out from the window view (arrow). There was no sound or anything to indicate success. I just got away from window..

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 5:48 PM  

Peke thanks.

What happen after you got away from the window?

I cut the cake before going to the widow scene where the dog is.

Initially I had 5 pieces of cake, after I clicked on the dog I end up with 4 and after I randomly clicked in other things and end up with 3 pieces of cake, but nothing happens.

Use the green book. Insert white and black pearls in their places. (If I remember correctly white= second place from top (clockwise) and black on the 5th from top (down).) You'll get a pink pearl.

Bad explanation
I'll try it this way:



       Anonymous  7/15/10, 6:20 PM  


Did that and got the pick gem. Now I'm going around again... What is supposed to happen next?

See my post at 14/7/10 05:09

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 6:37 PM  

Did that.. showed the pink gem to the woman ghost and put the other gems (used dark green and dark blue) and clicked on the door and there was a sound but nothing happen.

I'm trying to use other gems (light green and light blue)

Try clicking the door again if that helps.
(can't remember exactly)

Oh, and make sure you have just those 6 pearls in place and no others in somewhere else..

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 6:52 PM  

Nothing... can't get out :(

OK, I'll reload the game and try to figure what went wrong..

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:03 PM  

Did everything again

Gave the piece of cake to the dog
shown the woman ghost next to the fire the pink gem
Put the gems on the animals
Clicked on the door and there's a "click" sound on the door but it doesn't open.

Tried using the ax on the ladder in front of the door... nothing.

Never had so much trouble with a game before... it's irritating... by i need to finished it

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:05 PM  

Thank you Peke.

You have to find your pet turtle to escape.

Good idea Xenon that really could be it.
(And to find the turtle. Put black pearl on horse and light green(yellowish green) pearl to fish and click on black framed picture.)

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:35 PM  

where? My hand hurts from clicking... I've re-done everything again an clicked everywhere... nothing... It's so frustrating.

I wish i could just let it go... but now I have to finish it.

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:39 PM  

Found the turtle and a brown blanket is that it?

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:42 PM  

I'm Out! :D

Thank you Peke and Xenon! And everyone else for the tips.

       Anonymous  7/15/10, 7:50 PM  

I just did 2 of the endings. Getting out of the door and going to sleep on the bed.

This game would have been great if it wasn't for the language problem.

Thank you for everything.

Glad to be of help. This was a really difficult game, language barrier and all.

Can someone help me?
I have all the elements to make the cheesecake, but I didn't find any other container to crush the cookies and finish the cake.


use stick crush the cookies(left side of drawers)
cake mold in blue box

put crushed cookies and butter mix, than pour cheese cake filling into the mold

i upload walkthrough clip on youtube
seaching "Turtle and Cheesecake Escape with Me"

       Anonymous  2/17/18, 1:16 PM  

caught this one from the random section

now that's a toughie - as there's now written WT, I had to rely on the VWT, but e.g. no explanation for marbles for blue box

anyway, thx for creating this game, Sabatoraseijin ☺

This was probably the hardest game I've played in here. I sure wish I could've used Google translate app back then. Thankfully Xenon was there to translate for us.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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