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Another Bathroom Escape 2 Walkthrough

Another Bathroom Escape 2

Another Bathroom Escape 2 is a new escape the room game sponsored by CafeCafeGames. Again, you are trapped in a bathroom and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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1 clue from the tissue box

Found a SD

hi roberto, drag many kleenex to get a code...
how to turn off music... :-(

Hope ellie turned off her computer before she saw this, lol

where's the sd? i know where to screw...

hmmm...I need to stop getting locked in bathrooms!

found color clue at towerrail

bowls in kitchen have numbers

with color code i get another code hint

Use numbers on photo frame

I have four clues and am stuck

lol @annaby, I can't turn my computer off!! But I won't play this now :( Just going here every now and then to check whats going on :)

       Anonymous  8/2/10, 9:48 AM  

another one!

waiting for it to load. :)

where is that SD?

okay @Ellie :D

@annaby solve the photo frame for the sd

hi all

emergency box combined with pictures at wall (circles, triangles, squares) hint: color

how many kleenex do we have to move???

@kkf - which set of numbers is used for the picture frame?

annaby - check the bowls along the left wall.

@annaby the ones in the bowls

@Trisana only a few and a paper will land on the edge of the box

lighter behind towel for candles... 5th tissue

I've been using those numbers - haven't hit the right order yet, I guess

ah. thanks. didn't realize that wasn't there earlier. >_<

any idea for door code? how to combine with colors...

@annaby I thought the 8 was a 3 for a bit. Make sure you have them right!

       Anonymous  8/2/10, 10:01 AM  

I can't find lighter behind towel Sabine?

@Sabine thanks for the fire. I missed it!

@Luin click about in the bottom left corner of the game screen

sabine - they look like binary, and if we mix the colors on either side we get the colors for the door.

I seem to be missing the clue for purple. I only have 4

there are 5 colors, 5 hints and 6 numbers...

nevermind. Brain died for a second there -__-

sabine - one could be a double digit one. . .

you know, i don't think i'd mind being locked in this bathroom for a while. It's a really nice one!

yes Trisana, but how do you get the number? only 1 and 0...

I have only 4 paper clues. where´s 5th?

Can´t find lighter

any help with the purple clue would be appreciated...thanks for help so far...

binary maybe

I tried converting the numbers from binary to decimal and I come up with 2 of the numbers being double digits so that can't be right lol....I got 4, 13, 9,0, 10 (if you do it in order of the combined colors on the paper in order of the colors on the wall)

sabine - binary code? i'm playing with that, but it won't work. . . >_<

roberto: behind the towel

and yes, I'm a dork for knowing how to convert binary to decimal :)

I'm in. Is this still live?

for the lighter -- click the bottom left corner of the game screen

For the purple code -- look at the left towel ring. Use the colors on the side of the table.

Found it Sabine. Thanks!

Plus there's 6 numbers but only 5 colors....just realized that :P

Kim, since I do too, no. You're a nerd, maybe, tho. :P

@Kimpossible we love dorks in these games ;)

@Trisana no that just means you're a dork too :D

whats with the +1?

@kim - no, because I'm a NERD, not a DORK.

towel ring has what looks like a color code for end of counter...but I can't make it work...

binary doesn't work, because there would be 2 double digits

       Anonymous  8/2/10, 10:15 AM  

I have open red x box. did the picture code, lite the candles and pulled tissue, am I missing one?

oh snap I figured it out......

Luin, did u use the screwdriver on the soap dispenser?

Kim? care to share?

@Luin did you get the color code yet? It is for the blue/red paper

got it the counter open finally...I'm no help with binary code...or making 5 colors work in six slots...hmmm

Take that binary code and convert it all together..... so convert 01001101100100001010 to decimal

@dcva1948 it should work. Did you get the colors right?




i tried the binary with blue = 0, so i've get 10 for the last 2 digits, also tried +1 for the 1 at second digit = 2 and tried +1 for 13 = 14... nothing works

And obviously the second number in the 6 digit number you come up with add 1 to it

thanks kitkatfox...I thought pink was purple...didn't realize there was pink on the counter at first.... i must not be very observant today...

@Kimpossible: that works !!!!!! thank you :-)

       Anonymous  8/2/10, 10:20 AM  

it's the color code on the counter I am missing. sorry so dense today.

oh. got it. thanks, kim. :)

@kimpossible Thanks for the code!

Out with lots of help.

Here is a converter for those who need it

@Luin zoom in on the ring holding the left towel (left wall). The colors are reflected on it

Neat game! and @Kimpossible and Trisana, Nerd or Dork, I'm thankful for you both!

and now I must go fish...

Never would have gotten it without you guys. A) I didn't think that the picture frame had clickable numbers in the corners, B) I never would have seen the towel ring rainbow, C) that thing looks nothing like a lighter.

Many thanks to the great neurons in the collective brain.

Zoom in on the towel ring on the left wall -- note the colors
Zoom in at the bottom of that towel (click in the bottom left of the game screen) -- get the matches? Lighter? (thanks, @Sabine. I missed that!)
Zoom on the bowls to the left of the bathtub
Note the numbers
Zoom in on the soap dispenser at the very bottom of the screen (below the bath water) -- note the screws
Zoom in on the first aid box (with the + sign on it) -- note the shapes
Zoom in on the Shelf with the sink on the back wall (under the mirror)
Use the lighter/matches to light the 3 candles to the left of the sink -- get the paper (white and black).
Zoom in on the tissue box on the table to the right of the bath
Click the tissues (around 5 tissues) until a note appear -- get that paper (red and yellow)
While still zoomed in on the tissues, enter the code into the picture frame
Push the purple button and get the screwdriver
Zoom in on the end of the table by the bath (on the purple buttons)
Zoom in and enter the code
Push the purple button and get the paper (blue and red)
Zoom in on the soap dispenser at the bottom of the screen
Use the screwdriver and get the paper (blue and yellow)
Zoom in on the first aid box
Enter the code
Push the red button and get the paper (blue and white)
When you are not zoomed in on anything, turn around by clicking the bottom right corner of the screen
You are facing the door
Enter the code and escape!
SOLUTION (thanks to Kimpossible) BELOW

Picture frame
Code is the numbers from the bowls. Enter 9 top left, 5 top right, 8 bottom left, 2 bottom right

Color code
Colors were reflected on the towel ring on the left wall. SPOILER Pink green blue red yellow whiteSPOILER

First aid box
Look at the pictures on the right wall. Green triangles, red circles, and blue squares.

Door code
The colors by the door are combinations from the paper -- red and blue clue is for purple etc. So the order is red/blue (purple), red/yellow (orange), blue/yellow (green), blue/white (light blue) and white/black (gray). The numbers from each paper are
0100 1101 1001 0000 1010. You may recognize that sets of numbers like that are binary. Put all of them together into a long number (remove the spaces from between them) and you get 01001101100100001010. Convert those from binary and get a decimal number (here is a converter if you need it).

The solution is 317706. HOWEVER!, the hint by the door tells you to add 1 to the second number. So the code is SPOILER327706SPOILER

       Anonymous  8/2/10, 10:48 AM  

Thanks for the rainbow on the towel rack hint.. I sure did miss that one.. DOH.. and I put in the converted binary code 4 times. same number each time and not til the 4th try did the door open. Thought I lost my one functioning brain cell:)

Great Walkthrough!!!

any one playing? just started...

and out.....that was was a great game....thanks for the help...(read comments)

Short and not to easy, LOL
I needed help to find the matches. Thanks @commenters!

I'm very glad you liked the game.
Expect a sequel soon, we have many bathrooms :)

The game won't load...the link is broken, I think. Reported that yesterday night, but it's still broken... :- (

It loads perfectly for me in Internet Explorer 8.

@Cafe_Cafe I look forward to getting stuck in all of them. And thanks for making them so clean!

How to decode the photo frame and soap dispenser..??

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